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fiod Angele* States 



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sions, too, he said. 

Safeway said it plans to print information about the 
campaign and the Sept. 20 special on 90-million shop- 
ping bags that will be distributed in its stores during 
September. The Six Flags amusement parks in Valencia, 
Calif., (Magic Mountain), Texas and New Jersey also 
will promote the campaign, and the Dallas Times Herald 
is planning to publish special supplements about it. 

Crosby, chairman of the "Get High on Yourself Foun- 
dation," said other newspapers and businesses will be 
asked to lend their support, too. 

The actress, who testified before the House Select 
Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control in Wash- 
ington, D.C., last September, said she has talked to 
thousands of young people about drugs during the last 

Cathy Lee Crosby is chief executive of 
"Get High on Yourself Foundation." 

several years and found there were two principal rea- 
sons given for using them. The kids were either bored or 
there was "so much peer pressure to do drugs that they 
had no other choice if they wanted to be cool," she said. 
The intent of the "Get High on Yourself" campaign is 
not to lecture on what's wrong with drugs but rather to 
stress that "you can be somebody just being yourself," 

Crosby said. 

Evans said the point of building the image of the 
"drug-free American hero" is to give young people the 
message that, "Hey, it ain't bad being like us." 

That idea also is expressed in the "Get High on Your- 
self" theme song, written by Steve Karman. It says in 
part, "You can say no and you won't be alone." 

A spokesman for the campaign said Crosby got Evans 
involved by calling him after reading of the terms of his 
probation. Evans, who is involved in producing the en- 
tire campaign in addition to the one-hour special, said 
he has become obsessed with it and hopes to produce 
other programs for it. 

Tartikoff said Evans was working for free on the 
Sept. 20 show. 

The public -service commericals will be exclusive to 
NBC for the campaign week but after that will be of- 
fered to all TV stations. 


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"In the first two weeks, 100 soldiers 
pulling up the plants, stacking them 
to dry and then burning them were 
able to cover only 500 acres," the 
army officer said. 

"At that rate, it will take us two 
years to finish the job in this one area 
alone. We're trying to get help from 
the agriculture department— it's not a 
soldier's job to dig up plants." 

The root of the enforcement prob- 
lem is money— the dollars and pesos 
that convince farmers to run the risk 
of raising the illegal crop and that 
tempt ill -paid police, soldiers and 
even judges to collaborate with the 
drug traffic. 

La Guajira has long been known in 
Colombia as an economically de- 
pressed area where dealing in contra- 
band is considered a normal way of 
life. The local populace welcomes 
outsiders with the same open-hearted 
warmth that Tennessee mountaineers 
reserve for internal revenue officers. 

The level of violence has risen as 
rival gangs fight for marijuana profits, 
which have transformed the economy 
of an area stretching along the Carib- 

bean coast from the historic port of 
Cartagena through Barranquilla, San- 
ta Marta and Riohacha to the tradi- 
tional smuggling town of Maicao near 
the Venezuelan border. 

At Santa Marta, the country's third 
biggest port and one of its popular 
tourist resorts, whole neighborhoods 
of new houses are said to be occupied 
by the drug kingpins and their pros- 
perous subordinates. Shootouts by ri- 
val gangs are common. 

"This used to be the safest place on 
earth, but the drug mafia has changed 
all that," said a storekeeper in Santa 
Marta. "Now, when you walk out the 
door of your house, you never know if 
you're coming back. You walk out, 
but they might carry you back." 

In Barranquilla, a local newsman 
lowered his voice when talking about 
the "marimberos," the marijuana dea- 

"The corruption is unbelievable," 
he said. "Nobody can resist the 
amounts of dollars the marimberos 
offer— nobody. But don't say I told 
you that. I don't want to turn up 

• The marijuana, dried and wrapped 
in "bultos" (bales) or in "pacas" 
(tightly compressed bricks made in 
portable presses), is taken by mule 
train and trucks to any of the 100 or 
so clandestine airstrips that dot the 
peninsula or to countless anchorages 
along 300 miles of coastline. 

"It's easy to make a landing strip in 
a few hours almost anywhere in La 
Guajira," said an American source 
who follows the drug business in Bar- 
ranquilla. "You bulldoze the brush 
out of the way, pack down the sandy 
soil and you're ready for business. Of 
course, there are no lights for night 
landings and it's very risky." 

The trucks that bring the marijuana 
line up and shine their headlights to 
illuminate the airstrip. 

"That's where the army patrols 
have helped foul up the shipments," 
the source said. "They hold up a 
truck convoy at a checkpoint and 
maybe it's only long enough for 
somebody to slip 200 pesos ($5) to 
some sergeant, but it's enough to 
throw the timing off. When the plane 
shows up, the lights aren't there. 

That's one reason there are so many 

The U.S. government has provided 
several million dollars in the form of 
helicopters, communications equip- 
ment and training to help Colombian 
authorities in their uphill battle 
against the traffic. 

Some Colombians think the effort is 
not worth the trouble in the face of 
what they consider widespread toler- 
ance in the United States for mari- 
juana use. 

"The powerful chains of traffickers 
in the United States continue to oper- 
ate," said Ernesto Samper, president 
of a national federation of Colombian 
financial institutions. 

"They take 80% of the profits, 
leaving us with 20% of the pie and 
100% of the bad image," Samper said 
at a seminar devoted to a discussion 
of legalizing marijuana production. 

Samper estimated that 150,000 Co- 
lombians depend on marijuana for a 
living and said nearly all are small 
farmers and their families or low-lev- 
el drug runners. If Colombia had le- 
galized production, he said, it could 
have collected nearly $146 million in 
taxes last year instead of spending a 
comparable amount on enforcement 








(213) 272-0091 ■ 274-9951 

April 30, 1979 


c/o Timothy Leary 

P.O. Box 69250 

Los Angeles, California 90069 

Services rendered in the month of April, 1979 


N? 3834 

A2 Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Wednesday, November 4, 1981 

•AGE 2 

By Jeff Silverman 

Taylor made? 

an you imagine the tale that's 
currently touring? They say it's 
dripped directly off Liz Taylor's lips 
and everything. Here it is: La Liz, say 
those who know, has been telling pals 
that in those first post-Reagan- 
assassination-attempt moments, she was bracing 
to personally take out an ad extolling the virtues of 
gun control. "No go," growled hubby John 
Warner, the Virginia senator; for him, it would be, 
well, politically impractical. And that was that. As 
tales go, insists a Warner press aide, "I think it's 
groundless." Besides, she adds, "We don't speak 
for Mrs. Warner." However, one who does speak 
for her makes it clear that nothing like the tale 
happened at all. Understand, though, La Liz has a 
history in this: Following the killing of RFK. she 
indeed invested her own cash in a public gun- 
control statement. You know, blood may be thicker 
than water, pilgrims, but politics can get so thick it 
gets positively gooey in its consistency . . . ■ 

While AvcoEmbassy gently weeps 

Meanwhile, don't think for one second that 
former Beatle George Harrison's yen not to tour 
The Colonies in the name of "Time Bandits," the 
Avco pic he co-exec produced and scripted a few 
tunes for, has anything to do with the pic itself. 
(George, you should know, gladly swooped in for a 
rare "Today" show appearance — taped from The 
Mother Country.) Still, his decision to remain Over 
There is purely personal: "The low profile I 
maintain in the U.S.," he maintains, "is why I'm 
alive today." Hmmm . . . ■ 

Tangle alert 

Reach for your journals and prepare to jot: 
What follows are the final Tangle Towns, numbers 
46-50 (don't forget, the Whaleistas get a little 
tricky with these; for each number, there are 
actually t wo burgs intermingled): 46. Julian/ 
Gorman; 47. Fresno/Mendocino; 48. Buellton/ 
Yucaipa; 49. Pomona /Coacrella; and «i 

Santa Monica Boulevard the other night for a 
rehearsal of "An Almost Perfect Person" at the 
Pan-Andreas Theater. She was feeling severely 
tip-top. (Marcia's not only starring in the play, set 
to preview Friday, she's also anted up the dough 
and is co-producing.) Well. Suddenly, a tap on the 
shoulder. Oh, how wonderful, she mused, another 
fan. It wasn't. "It was your basic hooker," Marcia 
told us. " 'Honey,' she counseled me, 'you're 
never gonna turn any tricks if you're dressed like 
that.' " Oh dear. Some days, no matter what you 
do, the Life Force just rears back and sticks it to 
you . . . ■ 

Woody's ark 

Here's what's so weird about Woody Allen's 
reaching into his pocket and dealing out $3 million 
for that Southampton, Long Island, estate, the one 
which we all know biblically as The Ark: Woody's 
had this thing for years about privacy. He's also 
had this thing about the relative superiority of the 
city to the beach. (You can't have already 
forgotten the woes he professed when he filmed 
"Interiors" out on Long Island, can you?) Well. The 
Word is Woody's having every stitch of the beach 
grass around The Ark snipped at the stalk. (In a 
two-by-two pattern, we trust.) It's the exact same 
beach grass responsible for providing the tres 
intime nature of the joint — you know, by filtering 
the rest of the universe out. Keep watching that 
space — until either the grass rejuvenates or the 
deluge hits, whichever comes first .. . ■ 

Bermuda shorts 

hat a hoot on KMPC's Ashman File 
yesterday. Chuck Ashman, the File's 
keeper, was braced to interview state 
Sen. John Garamendi (D-San Joaquin 
Valley). At the appointed hour, Garamendi had yet 
to materialize. No problem. Ashman did the 
interview anyway: He asked the questions — just 
like he normally would — and then whirled around 
and dished the responses. After the third question, 
Garamendi zipped in. And here's the Fun Part: You 
couldn't even tell the difference . . . The best act 
at the White House lately: National Security 
Adviser Richard Allen's now notorious Richard 
Nixon, complete with double-V salute, and jowls a- 
flutter. Naturally, we wouldn't begin even trying to 
describe his Al Haig . . . Tim Leary Himself on the 
bond that ties him to Watergater G. Gordon Liddy 
(the pair, don't forget, are dropping in from place 
to place for High Debate around the nation): "Of 
all the people who went to jail in the 1960s, there 
are only two who absolutely were not rehabilitated. 
He'd do it again, but he'd probably watch the tape 
around the door. I'd dc > it^~— : ~ although I wouldn't 
let them plant thp ^^ thtray." S 

oh . . . Annnnnd.* »ss who's flu'istim 


Qo§ Armeies flftmce 

ABBOTT: Lionized Writer to Return in Shackles 

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critic of the New York Times Book 
Review called it "awesome, brilli- 
ant, perversely ingenuous . . . 
completely compelling.** Vogue de- 
clared It "one of the most important 
| books of our age." A writer in the 
... Nation pronounced Abbott "a stun- 
ning writer and tenacious thinker." 

iob as Researcher 

On July 18. the chorus of praise 
abruptly stopped. Random House, 
the book's publisher, quietly sus- 
pended its advertising, according to 
publishing sources. And Abbott's 
literary sponsors attempted in a 
gingerly way to distance them- 
• selves from their protege. Mailer— 
who had given Abbott a job as a re- 
searcher at $160 a week, guided the 
book through publication and (su- 
pervised much of its publicity cam - 
paign— refused to say anything 
more about him. 

The two editors who also wrote to 
Abbott's parole board. Robert Sil- 
vers of the New York Review of 
Books and Errol McDonald of Ran- 
dom House, said that they had rec- 
ommended him on the strength of 
his writing, and had made no Judg- 
ment on his character 

"Norman and other people who 

wrote letters to the parole board 

based their recommendations on his 

Jiterary talentst they never knew 

him as a person." said Scott Mere- 

k dlth. the agent for both Mailer and 

■l Abbott. "The parole board knew 

^hlm as a person, they evaluated him 

as a person, and released him. If 
anyone is guilty, it's the parole 

Abbott's lawyer, Fisher, said 
Thursday that none of Abbott's 
literary friends had contacted him 
to propose a defense committee for 
the ex-convict— and said he did not 
want one. "This is going to be han- 
dled as a criminal defense, not as a 
media event," he said. 

In perhaps the unklndest cut of 
all. after July 18 the tenor of the 
book's press notices swiftly 
changed; it was no longer described 
as brilliant literature but Instead as 
a kind of painful curiosity, a piece of 
intellectual pathology. Abbott, a 
post-July 18 article in the New Re- 
public $ald, "resembles nothing so 
much its a precocious child regurgi- 
tating— with a dash of self-con- 
scious panache— the tired old 
cliches he has learned will charm 
his elders." 

A second article in the New York 
Times Book Review skirted the 
issue of the book's merit but said 
Mailer and friends had surrendered 
to "the fervently held belief that 
talent somehow redeems, that art 
confers respectability, that the act 
of writing can somehow transform a 
violent man into a philosopher of 
violence ." 

"You don't see positive things be- 
ing said about the book after the 
murder occurred." said Abbie Hoff- 
man, the one-time radical activist, 
who wrote a favorable review ear- 
lier for a New York weekly, the 

Soho News. "But it was a piece of 
remarkable writing .... If people 
are backing away from it, I can un- 
derstand that. 1 don't know exactly 
what else they ought to be doing." 

On the Other hand, Anatole Broy- 
ard, a reviewer for the New York 
Times who took the view from the 
start that Abbott's book was less 
than a masterpiece, charged that his 
fellow critics have not been 
straightforward enough about the 
case. "I thought the book was most- 
ly junk." he said. "But nobody 
seems to want to admit they were 
wrong. I think the whole thing was 
a scandal." 

"In the Belly of the Beast" de- 
scribes Abbott's years in prison in 
sharp and angry detail. Abbott 
wrote that he had spent all but 
about 13 years of his life in some 
kind of detention, much of it in iso- 
lation cells where, he said, prisoners 
ate cockroaches to survive. 

His maximum -security prison 
career began in 1983 when, at the 
age of 19, he was given a five-year 
sentence for passing bad checks in 
Utah. In 1966. while serving that 
term, he stabbed another inmate to 
death in a fight and received a con- 
current sentence of three to 20 
years. He escaped from prison in 
1971. held up a bank in Denver, was 
recaptured and sentenced to 19 
years for armed robbery. 

In 1980. he was granted parole by 
federal authorities on his bank rob- 
bery sentence, but still had several 
years to serve in the Utah prison 

Associated Ptvm 

Abbott In New Orleans Thursday 


* It was then that Mailer wrote the 
Utah parole board, promising to hire 
Abbott as a literary assistant and 
suggesting that his talent for writ - 
ing could "solve (his) relation to 
other people and society." 

Abbott may earn as much as 
$250,000 from his book, which is 
selling well and is now in its third 
printing, a spokesman for Meredith 


— - 

Drug Guru Seeks 
'Total Disrespect' 

Dr. Timothy Leary, famed 
for his drug advocacy in the 
196Qs\ said Wednesday his bas- 
ic role in life is to "encourage 
total disrespect for authority." 

Dr. Leary made his remarks 
at a press conference at the 
University of Buffalo prior to 
delivering a talk there. 

Dr,Xeary, told of Tuesday's 
drujplncident involving stu- 
dents at Williamsville East 
High School, said he "de- 
plored" such a situation. 

He said he was still "basical- 
ly pro drugs" but that taking 
tranquilizing drugs and trying 
to participate in activities was 

Asked if he still used drugs, 
Dr. Leary commented that he 
was "on probation until 1985 so 
I don't do anything illegal or 

Former Harvard Psychologist 

Dr. Leary spent 42 months in 
a federal prison on drug-relat- 
ed charges. He is a former 
Harvard psychologist known 
for experiments with LSD and 
other hallucinogenic drugs. 

Beside his mission of preach- 
ing disrespect for authority, 
Dr. Leary said he wants to 
"neutralize the guilt built up 
over the last 2,000 years by the 
Judeao-Christian ethic." 

He said he tries to "inject 
individual self-confidence" in 
young people. 

Dr. leary said young people 
today are "100 times more so- 
phisticated than 10 years ago." 

But he said he would urge 

young people "to know what 
you are doing when you take 

Sacred Cows 

He added, "drugs are to the 
brain what other vehicles' of 
transportation are to the outer 

Dr. Leary said he wants to 
"roast all the sacred cows of 
American Society" and to sti- 
mulate "self-confidence, self- 
respect, self-indulgence and 

Dr. Leary said the media, 
especially television, dictates 
reality. He cited the current 
presidential primary battles as 
a media event much like a 
sports playoff. 

He said the media are play- 
ing up the presidential primar- 
ies because they want to nar- 
row down the large flock of 

Dr. Leary said even the FBI 
"is media now" with "every 
agent needing two cameramen 
and a soundman." 

Youth Drug Abuse 
Topic of Program 

A three-session program to 
increase community awareness 
and action concerning drug and 
alcohol abuse in young people 
will begin at 7 : 30 this evening in 
the Maryvale School District 
Administration Building, 1050 
Maryvale Drive, Cheektowaga. 

Other sessions will be held on 
March 13 and 20. The free 
programs are open to all. 



Timothy Leary emphasizes a point during talk to UB stndents 

. . derides society's "sacred cows" 

Rev. A. Gaunt To Preach 

The Rev. Arthur Gaunt is 
presenting an evangelistic cru- 
sade nightly through Saturday 
at 7:30 each evening in the 
Kenmore Alliance Church, 66 
Somerton Ave.. Kenmore. 

The Rev. Gaunt, of Fort 

Wayne, Ind., is founder ot 
evangelistic endeavors of the 
Christian and Missionary Al- 

He will also speak at the 
Sunday church service at 11< 

LEARY: Drugs provide access to brains 

Continued from page 1C 

"I never advocated LSD," he said. "I 
never advocated anything except 
individual freedom. I was not 
interested in drugs per se. I was 
interested in personal growth and 
the brain. My personal philosophy is 
the Emersonian belief that higher 
intelligence is within, and it's the 
challenge and duty of the individual 
to go within and develop it. Drugs 
only take us where we want to go, 
and many of us only want to go 
deeper into our brains. The brain is 
the last undiscovered frontier." 

Leary still adamantly maintains that 
his approach is proper. The only 
mistake he may have made was 

"I was a premature baby-boomer," 
he said. "I wish 1 were a member of 
the Steven Spielberg and E.T. 
generation. But I was brought up in a 
time of extreme ignorance. Still, it's 
cind of fun to be ahead of things, to 
oe on the cutting edge, and from my 
earliest days I've been a free 

It was his propensity for free 
thinking — or, more accurately, for 
telling others what he was freely 
thinking — that landed him in 
prison. He figures it was the price he 
had to pay. 

"The role of the philosopher is to 
stimulate and facilitate change," he 
said. "And you always get in trouble 
when you do that. I knew it was 
likely I would end up in prison 
because most of the philosophers I 
tended to like — Thoreau, Emerson 
— had been put in prison ... I don't 
regret going to prison because I went 
to prison for ideals. Freedom can't 
be stopped." 

Even in prison he remained 
philosophical. "Prison, like youth, is 
wasted on those who don't 
appreciate it," he wrote. In an 
interview he added, "It's a 
wonderful opportunity to learn about 
yourself. And what better place is 
there for a psychologist to study 

(One of the inmates at Folsom 

Timothy Leary and his former 
wife, Rosemary, in 1969. 

Prison with Leary was Charles 
Manson, "an interesting person but 
not someone you would want to 
spend a lot of time with.") 

Leary still is using drugs to explore 
his consciousness, only now he uses 
what he calls "alegar drugs, 
compounds that haven't been 
classified as illegal by the 
government because the government 
doesn't know they exist. And he still 
is urging others to join him. 

"I vigorously oppose laws prohibiting 
American citizens from altering 
their nervous systems," he wrote. 

"Still 100 percent in favor of the 
intelligent, moderate use of drugs, I 
am increasingly convinced that the 
individual's right of access to his or 
her own brain has become the most 
significant political, economic and 
cultural issue in America today." 

"I'm not talking about hard drugs," 
he expounds in interviews. "I've 
never advocated heroin or cocaine. 
And I've always believed in 
moderation. Don't abuse any drug. 
And don't use street drugs because 
you don't know what's in them." 

As far as he's concerned, the worst 
drug is the only one that is legal: 

"I have had considerable experience 
with every well-known brain-change 
substance. Of these, alcohol has 
caused the most damaging incidents 
in my life. Booze ruined my father's 
life, smashed his marriage, eroded 
the lives of four uncles. Marianne's 
(his first wife's) suicide and thus the 
endless sorrows of my children were 
due to booze. Most of my fractured 
friendships have unraveled under 
the influence of liquor. Ninety 
percent of the eruptions of vulgarity, 
insensitivity or aggression in my 
history have been triggered by mild 
to moderate doses of booze. 

"(But) in the last 20 years, I have 
ingested enormous quantities of 
psychedelic drugs ... I have never 
done anything I regret while under 
the influence of these substances." 

Eventually, he says, history will 
prove him right and he will be 
remembered as the Christopher 
Columbus of consciousness 

"In 20 or 30 years, the notion that we 
should have access to our brains will 

be seen as a breakthrough," he said. 
"Drugs will be seen like boats that 
we can use to take exploratory trips. 
And I'll be seen like Columbus, a 
primitive navigator, but a man who 
went from court to court fighting for 
what he believed in because he was 
a man with a vision." 

As for his naivete, he hopes that he 
always retains at least some of it. 

"I like that gee-whiz approach to the 
universe," he said. "If we lose that 
we're all going to die of terminal 


Rocky Mountain News 


D. 321.693 S. 346.886 


NOV 4 1983 


Drug use cuts police recruit class in half 


Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer 

Copyright 1983. Denver Publishing Co. 

Denver's police academy will gradu- 
ate only 16 officers Friday because 
about half of the recruits were rejected 
after they admitted previous drug use. 

Civil Service Commission Secretary 
Craig Soja said about 50 percent of the 
recruits who qualified for the academy 
last summer were rejected, mainly be- 
cause they admitted to using drugs 
such as marijuana or cocaine in the 
past year. The confessions came durin 

polygraph tests. 

And the pattern of drug disclosures 
apparently has not slackened. About 
half of the candidates who are undergo- 
ing polygraph tests to qualify for the 
academy in 1984 are being scuttled 
because of drug use, Soja said. 

Statistics indicate that the percent- 
age of drug users may be higher since 
dozens of candidates voluntarily drop 
out rather than submit to polygraphs. 

"We've seen some (polite) candidates 
whose drug habits would put Timothy 
L garv to shame," said Soja, referring to 
the LSD guru of the 1960s. 

he meager number of academy 

graduates comes at a time when police 
officials complain the department al- 
ready is 55 officers short. 

However, Soja said he is confident 
the next police academy class will be 
much larger because his office re- 
ceived more applications for police 
work — more than 1,500 — this sum- 
mer than he's ever seen in his four 
years with the commission. 

"I would guess that 120 to 150 re- 
cruits will be eligible for appointment 
to the academy out of the current pool 
(of candidates)," he said. 

The five civil service commissioners 
who supervise the testing are much 

more selective about police recruits 
then past commissioners and will not 
tolerate recent drug use, Soja said. If a 
recruit admits he or she took drugs in 
earlier years, the commissioners per- 
sonally review the situations and con- 
sider them on a "case-by-case basis," 
he said. 

Of the 624 candidates who passed the 
preliminary civil service test given 
Sept. 17, more than 200 have had their 
polygraphs reviewed by commission- 
ers; about half flunked. Soja said the 
"overwhelming" question that disquali- 
fied them was about drug us 

See ACADEMY, page 9 

Rocky Mountain News 


D. 321.693 S. 346.886 

NOV 4 1983 


Academy: City aims to recruit 'more aggressively' 

Continued from page 1 

The remaining recruits either must still 
undergo polygraph exams or have taken 
tests that haven't been reviewed by the 

City Council President Ted Hackworth 
and Councilman Bill Scheitler met with 
Police Chief Thomas E. Coogan on Thurs- 
day to discuss the problem. 

"The civil service standards are proper: 
If somebody used drugs the past year, 

that's unacceptable," Coogan said after the 
meeting. "The problem is not the selection 
process. The problem historically has been 
that the (candidate) list is never long 

Hackworth agreed, saying he plans to 
meet with the civil service commissioners 
to come with ideas to recruit more aggres- 
sively so the city can draw from a much 
larger candidate pool. 

"We don't want to lower the standards, 
we just think there should be more candi- 

dates so you end up with 50 (academy) 
graduates instead of 16," Hackworth said. 

Said Coogan: "We'd like to be even more 
selective than we are now and we need a 
bigger pool to draw from to do so. . . . We 
want to minimize the risk of an unqualified 
officer getting through." 

The 16 recruits scheduled to graduate 
from the academy Friday afternoon after 
four months of training were pared down 
from a field of 98 academy candidates last 

Soja said 22 of the 98 recruits dropped 
out before the polygraph exams and anoth- 
er 39 were disqualified by the tests. Nearl 
all of the 39 were disqualified after admit 
ting using drugs — usually marijuana or 
cocaine — within the past year. 

Of the 1,500 applicants, 950 showed up 
in September to take a written aptitude 
test. The 624 recruits who passed the ini- 
tial test are undergoing polygraph exams 
that will not be completed until the end of 
the year, Soja sai 




Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Thursday, August 11, 1983 

AGE 2 

By Frank Swertlow 


age 2 loves a good deal. And so it 
goes that anchorwoman Christine 
Craft's tale of hiring and firing in the 
Midwest will become a TV movie 
sometime soon, thanks to some fast 
working by a couple of young 
entrepreneurs, Susan Kay Williams, the secretary 
of producer Marty Ransohoff, and Eric 
Ellenbogen, a manager/producer. Williams 
wanted to get into the movie biz and away from 
typing and answering phones. The way in. she 
thought, just might be Craft, whose firing by KMBC 
and subsequent lawsuit has been making 
headlines. Williams and Craft met a few months 
back in Santa Barbara — when there were no 
headlines — and Craft signed an option to sell 
Williams the rights to her life story. If the option 
was exercised Craft would receive somewhere 
between $25,000 and $50,000, for the flick, which 
is the industry standard. 

Williams and Ellenbogen then made their deal 
to co-produce the movie, and everybody waited for 
the outcome of the trial. Karen Valentine 
reportedly may play Christine. Will she? She's in 
the running, says Eric, who used to manage her. 
And she even chatted with Craft a while back. But 
no. no final decision has been made, he says, 
adding that other actresses are being considered. 
And. of course, the network that buys the flick will 
have a say or two. 

There is a touch of irony in all this. Craft is in 
debt and will spend more that a year in appeals 
court before realizing any of the $500,000 she 
won. Is she getting a low ball from the two 
producers? No. says Ellenbogen, adding: "Nobody 
knew the outcome when we made the deal. 
Nobody knew about all the publicity she would get. 
It all could have died an ugly death." He's right. ■ 

Bhcoasting ... 

Well, are you? A Bi-Coastal, that is? Here's an 
JQ test from the Bi-Coastal Handbook by a couple 
of red-eyed lawyers, Judy Katten and Gail Ellis. 
How much of a real New Yorker are you? How 
much of a real are you? Let's see how you 
answer some of the questions. New Yorkers first. 

1. Who makes the three-ring sign? a) Leo 
Durocher; b) Mel Allen; c) Hermann Hesse; d) 
Mario the Magician. 

2. What did Dugan's truck carry? a) gas; b) 
fruit; c) convicted criminals; d) cupcakes. 

3. Who didn't manage a New York baseball 
team? a) The Old Perfesser; b) Hymie the 
German; c) Leo the Lip; d) The Major. 

4. What's ring-a-levio? a) a cupcake; b) a head| 
of the Brooklyn rackets; c) a game of tag; d) an 
ingredient in pizza. 

Answers: b; d; b; c. 

Here's the LA. IQ test. Are you a real West 
Coastie or are you dragging your sandals? If 
you're stumped, take a drive up the coast — the 
Pacific, that is. 

1. Miserlou was: a) Napoleons greatest 
military defeat; b) a hit by Dick and the Del Tones; 

c) hot springs outside Apple Valley; d) the first 
chairlift at Mammoth. 

2. The Wedge is: a) a famous manage-a-trois; 
b) a ride at Magic Mountain; c) a popular body- 
surfing area; d) a gay bar in Santa Monica.' 

3. Cilantro is: a) a perfect wave in Baja; b) a 
woody with a Porsche engine; c) a Mexican herb; 

d) a San Diego sailor's hangout. 

4. Huaraches are: a) a group of Mexican 
minstrels; b) zingers at Don the Beachcomber's; c) 
what surfers wear on their feet (when they're not 
surfing); d. Mexican matzoh balls. 

Answers: b; c; c; c. m 

Johnny T-shirting 

Just what you really wanted to see. John 
Travolta hits the nightclub trail in October — to 
test his talents as a rocker, reports Marilyn Beck. 
It will be part of his preparation for "Fire," the 
Keith Barish film in which Johnny T-Shirt stars as 
a rock singer-dancer whose obsession with fame 
and success takes him down the path toward self- 
destruction. Sounds like his life story. By the by, 
one of his stops could be LA. ■ 

Movers and shakers 

Twiggy returned to her starring role in the 
Broadway musical "My One and Only" at 
yesterday's matinee, bouncing back from a 
mishap Tuesday night that stopped her 
performance. The show ended when, nearly 10 
minutes after the opening curtain, a huge, pink 
seat in the shape of a crescent moon tipped over 
on her. The Twig was shaken but not broken. ... 

Two-time Emmy winner Dorothy Lyman will 
leave her role as Opal Gardner in ABC's daytime 
serial "All My Children" to make movies and other 
programs for NBC ... Former KNXT managing 
editor Karl Fleming's official title at CBS News will 
be planning editor. CBS Morning News. ... Former 
Channel 2 news director Jay Feldman joins the 
syndicated news service Newscope as executive 
editor. He also becomes a vice president with the 
parent company, Telepictures. ... Channel 2's 
Terry Murphy says there's no deal in the works 
for her to return to Chicago. "I am not negotiating 
nor is my agent," says Murph. She says she did 
chat with Dennis Swanson, the boss of WLS in 
Chicago, but that was to squelch a story in the 
Chicago Trib. "Like Thomas Wolfe said, you can't 
go home again." says Terry, who will marry David 
Timsit, a men's sportswear executive, Sept. 5. ... 

Page 2 couldn't help chuckling when we saw 
Timothy Leary driving his green Mercedes 450 SE 
down Wilshire Boulevard. While stopped 
lights, the good doctor swigged coffee oi 
giant glass beaker. Or was it herb tea?« 

e saw 
s 450 SE 
t red 
of a 

PO Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Sunday, June 5, 1983 1 

AGE 2 

Edited by David Barton 

Nix on the whole thing 

t this point in time, it's hard to 
make a book about Richard Nixon 
perfectly clear, which may or may 
not explain the press release 
touting Seymour Hersh's latest, 
"The Price of Power." Either 
there's an 18-page gap in the published version of 
the tome or the release writer has a better 
imagination than the Tricky One himself. 

The blurb accompanying the book claimed, for 
example, that Dick was "apparently drunk" when 
he ordered the bombing of PLO forces in Jordan. 
Hersh did write that Nixon issued such an order 
(ignored by all the president's men) but the book 
doesn't mention the drinking part. 

The release also described Al Haig, then a 
White House aide, as taking over a National 
Security Council meeting in late 1972 by saying he 
was "in control now/'TeCatfing Big Al's infamous 
comment to reporters at the White House just after 
the attempted assassination of President Reagan 
in 1981. But that's not in print, either. 

An unimpeachable source at Summit Books 
says the mistakes resulted from a misunderstood 
telephone conversation with Hersh. Heh-heh.« 

In the beginning, it was, like, far-out 

"Flashbacks," the just-out autobiography of 
acid casualty Timothy Leary, will be a real mind- 
blower, too. even to those who disapprove of the 
pro-drug stance of this seminal '60s figure. (The 
most fascinating part of it all, says Liz Smith, are 
Tim's adventures in some 38 different jails and 
prisons during his up-the-Establishment years.) 

Typically trippy is a story of meeting Aldous 
Huxley, the great English author, who was also for 
mind-changing drug use. Huxley told Leary: "Your 
role is quite simple. Become a cheerleader for 
evolution. That's what I did and my grandfather 
before me. These brain-drugs, mass-produced in 
the laboratories, will bring about vast changes in 
society. This will happen with or without you or me. 
All we can do is spread the word. The obstacle to 
this evolution, Timothy, is the Bible." 

But Al, Tim says he said, I don't recall any 
brain-change drugs mentioned in the Good Book. 
To which Huxley exclaimed acidly, "Have you 
forgotten the very first chapters of Genesis? 
Jehovah says to Adam and Eve, 'I've built you 

this wonderful resort eastward of Eden. You can 
do anything you want, except you are forbidden to 
eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.' " So it's 
"the first controlled substance," deduced Leary. 
"Exactly," Hux howled. "The Bible begins with 
Food and Drug prohibitions." Oh, deduced Tim, 
"so the Fall and Original Sin were caused by the 
taking of illegal drugs." Ah, so. Now it's turning 
perfectly clear. Better stay tuned — in or out. ■ 

Tell a friend — Somers ending ... 

By now, Suzanne Somers' hubby/manager 
Alan Hamel is used to playing the heavy in her 
continually-controversial career. He took the rap 
for the outrageous salary demands that aced her 
right out of her choice "Three's Company" role. 
Well, now the word in Vegas is that Suzanne's 
contract will not be picked up by the Hilton's 
"Moulin Rouge" show in which she's now starring, 
Again, Al wants too much money and everything 
else to keep Suz in the SRO show. So when June 
ends, so does her job. Lost Wages, indeed! ■ 

... but not the heat 

Meanwhile, other trauma in another city of sin. 
Expect fireworks July 4 when "Hollywood on 
Ronald Reagan: Friends and Enemies Discuss 
Our President." is unleashed. Its by Doug 
McClelland, author of Hollywood hot sauce like 
"Susan Hayward: The Divine Bitch." and "The 
Unkindest Cuts." (Everyone dishes dirt to Dougie, 
nudges Diana McLellan, just a wee bit enviously.) 
Jane Bryan Dart, pal of The First Nancy, dates 
Ronzo's ripening as an egghead to the time he 
began to read editorials. Dame Judith Anderson, 
who co-starred in "King's Row" with Himself, 
unfortunately can't remember working with him at 
all. But Bob Cummings, another co-star, recalls 
quite enough for two, thank you. In fact, his 
memories of Jane Wyman critically discussing 
RR's mucho private performances have been cut 
out completely by Faber and Faber's tasteful 
editors. Curse those standardsl ■ 

The times that try men's fingers 

Admit it, you've been practicing the old 
thumbs-in-the-ears finger wiggle in the 
Reagan mode. You didn't know it's 
passe already, in favor of yet another 
nouveau GOP gesture. Fun-loving RNC Chair 
Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. was asked, at the National 
Press Club, if he had a message for donkey 
counterpart Charles Manatt. "Yes, I do!" he cried 
merrily, sticking thumb to nose and letting loose a 
wee wave. "Where will this digital escalation 
lead?" fretted a waggish party pro. "A rebirth of 
the Rockefinger?" Hot dog! Ain't politics grand?* 

floe Angeiee States 


Brain Study Contentious, Controversial 


Sex and the Brain by Jo Durden- Smith and Diane deSimone ( Arbor 
House-. $16.95) 

Are the differences between men and women only in 
jeans or also in genes? Are there inborn distinctions in 
the abilities and character traits of the sexes, and if so, 
do they make it more natural for women to perform 
certain social functions, men to perform others? 
Hidebound conservatives shout yea, knee-jerk liberals 
shout nay, while thoughtful persons of either persuasion 
know a problem when they see one. 

"Sea the Brain"— a polemical work based on 

interviews with many scientists— makes a bold attempt 
to cut the knot by affirming the inevitability of such 
differences. Combining controversial brain research and 
speculative evolutionary theory, the authors— a hus- 
band-wife team who first published portions of this 
book in Playboy— take the position that biology is 

"The brain . is who you are. There is no controlling 
ghost or master puppeteer poised above the skull or c' 
scattered, loose as metaphor, throughout the whole 
human organism. Instead there is only body and brain, 
male and female, an interdependent whole. In your 
brain . .lies every feeling and every failing. And in 
this chemistry . . . lies your ability, however gained, to 
play snooker, baseball, the great lover, Chopin or 
Shakespeare. " 

Men, they tell us, have better visual -spatial ability, 
women better verbal ability. Women are more sensitive 
to touch and they have better fine -motor coordination. 
Men are more rule-bound, more single-minded, and 
more persevering. Women are communicators and men 
are takers of action. Men are more likely to be sexual 
deviants and psychopaths, while women are more likely 
to be attacked by phobias and depression. Finally, there 
are more males at both ends of the intellectual 
spectrum— more retardates but also more geniuses. In 
the authors' opinion, tendencies in these directions are 
present in the male and female brain and reinforced by 
differences in hormonal balance. 

Theirs is a controversial position that flies in the face 
of anthropological evidence and prevailing psychologi- 
cal views. They support it by quoting liberally from 
such researchers as Jerre Levy, Diane McGuinness, 
Jeannette McGlone, Doreen Kimura, Bob Goy and 
Gunter Dorner. The data supplied by these people is 
often provocative, but the authors present it in a flashy 
manner that seems designed to carry implications to the 
end of the rainbow and back. 

"Slowly at first, but now with gathering speed, brain 
science is marching into the modern era, side by side 
with a new science of evolution. And all the little 
backwaters of both these disciplines have begun to 
come together into a broad Stream that is flooding the 
orthodoxy's defenses and damaging beyond repair . . . 
the idea of psychological states as products of mind, the 
idea of the separation of mind and body and the idea that 
gender is not inborn but is learned and can be changed." 

While the notion of mind as a tabula rasa has long 
been outmoded, evidence from all our sciences consid- 
ered together suggests that it is better conceived as a 
tabula plastica than a slate with indelible sexual 
imprints. Constitutional sexual differences may well be 
real, but so is the amazing variability of the human 
animal. Men find satisfaction in playing maternal roles, 
not to mention excelling in verbal fields such as drama 
and literature, whereas women succeed in positions of 
leadership requiring both perseverance and single - 

We may all be controlled to some extent by our brains 
and hormones, but we are also the offspring of our 
parents, members of our families, products of our 
culture, and the results of our own decisions. The 
problem is to forge a view that recognizes the 
contributions of all our formative agents, not one that 
supports the seductive simplicity of (and this from a 
male reviewer) single -mindedness. 

Mindess is the director of the graduate psychology 
program at Antioch University West. 





« «' 






m *z 




f fT- 



V* ^1 


Cleaver Trying New Tactics 

The import of Black Panther El- 
dridge Cleaver's remarks Is that he 
is doing the United States of America 
a favor by deciding to return here 
after seven years of self-imposed 
exile abroad. 

He is saying that the United States 
has changed enough in that time so 
he can accept the thought of living 
here again, correcting our remaining 
errors by working through existing 

That is a mighty generous conces- 
sion for one of the foremost militants 
of the 1960s, a self admitted rapist, a 
founder of the Black Panthers and a 
felon who fled the United States to 
avoid prosecution on murder 
charges. So far as we can remember, 
his most notable contribution while 
abroad was the designing of trousers 


that can only be considered porno- 

Cleaver could have returned to the 
U.S. in the same fashion as he left — 
anonymously through the radical un- 
derground. That he chose a legal 
means, well laced with the glare 
of publicity and patriotic statements, 
is a clue to the tactics that we can 
continue to expect as Cleaver seeks 
to wriggle free of the net that he has 
woven around himself. 

Cleaver says that he has learned 
that the U.S. is the freest country in 
the world. In due time he will also 
learn that the country has not 
changed in the last seven years. He 
has, and it is a lesson that came late 
in life, as it has for so many other 

Pleasures Spread In Middle-Age 

Scientists keep dangling this carrot in 
front of our noses: one of these days, 
they say, they'll look into a test tube and 
there will be the secret of stopping our 
biological clocks. 

What's getting them all excited is 
research that indicates we have a time- 
clock in our cells that programs them to 
divide from 40 to 60 times and then stop. 

Once the gerontologists figure out how 
this affects the human chassis, then all 
they have to do is concoct some way to 
throw a medical monkeywrench in the 
works and we stop getting older. 

If they do manage to stop the clock, 
what age would you pick? 

Young adulthood is tempting. That's 
when we danced a lot and started ca- 
reers and families and built new homes 
and kept in the best shape of our lives 
with tennis and skiing and swimming. 

Most folks would probably stop the 
clock right there, before the sagging and 
bagging set in. When young couples 
found more exciting things to do after 
dinner than stare at the boob tube. 

As for me, I'd vote for middle-age. 
That's when we know which dreams 
made it and which ones never will. We 
know the kids turned out fine ... we get 
to enjoy the grandchildren without com- 
plications . . . and we don't ever have to 
ski down Suicide Gulch again. 

The mortgage is almost paid for, and 
the bank balance doesn't have to stretch 
to cover braces and summer camp and 
coUege. We can even take off to see a bit 
of the world now and then. 

Creaks and aU, it's the best kind of 
living there is. (As long as you learn to 
keep away from the mirrors.) But those 
scientists had better get a move on. 


July 30, 1981 * 


Times Staff Writer 

NBC announced plans Wed- 
nesday for a weeklong anti- 
drug campaign in Septem- 
ber that officials said would harness 
the full range of its television and 
radio operations to urge young peo- 
ple to "Get High on Yourself." 

The goal, organizers said, is to of- 
fer kids a "positive alternative" to 
drugs by stressing their individual 
worth and potential and by trying to 
present "drug-free heroes" with 
whom to identify. 

The organizers expressed hope 
that NBC's on -air efforts will mark 
the start of a coordinated, continu- 
ing effort by private businesses and 
concerned individuals to fight the 
growing use of drugs by young peo- 
ple. Already enlisted to join the 
campaign are Safeway markets, the 
Six Flags amusement parks and the 

floe Angeles Slimes 

Robert Evans 

Dallas Times Herald. 

A foundation headed by actress 
Cathy Lee Crosby, co-host of 
"That's Incredible!," sparked NBC's 
campaign with a public -service 
commercial it produced featuring 
celebrities and young people sing- 
ing an original song entitled "Get 
High on Yourself." 

That spot and about 40 variations 
of it will play a prominent role in 
the NBC campaign, which will run 
from Sept. 20 to Sept. 27. Among the 
celebrities appearing in the spot are 
performers Paul Newman, Bob 
Hope, Carol Burnett, Kate Jackson, 
Cheryl Ladd and Henry Winkler 
and sports figures Muhammad Ali, 
Magic Johnson, Rod Carew and Ju- 
lius Irving. 

Kicking off the "Get High on 
Yourself" campaign will be a one- 
hour network special that will be 
produced by Robert Evans, a suc- 
cessful motion picture producer 
whose involvement in the project 
initially stemmed from having 
pleaded guilty last year to posses- 
sion of five ounces of cocaine. 

A federal judge in New York said 

he would expunge the record if 
Evans would use his talents to aid in 
anti-drug education efforts. The 
judge admonished Evans, his broth- 
er and another man before imposing 
a one -year probation sentence be- 
cause their "matter-of-fact dab- 
bling in cocaine . . . tells the whole 
world it is all right to use it." 

Evans, a former production chief 
at Paramount whose credits include 
"Popeye," "Chinatown" and "Black 
Sunday," said he hopes the "Get 
High on Yourself" campaign will 
grow to become "the March of 
Dimes of the '80s"— referring to the 
campaign that helped fund the re- 
search to eliminate polio. 

Brandon Tartikoff, president of 
NBC's entertainment division, said 
that in addition to the one -hour 
special Sept. 20, every prime- time 
show that week will be preceded by 
a special message promoting the 
anti-drug theme. The subject will 
be covered in other parts of the TV 
network's programming schedule, 
including news and sports, and in 
the NBC radio and TV station divi- 

Please see NBC CAMPAIGN, Page 



Hansen Seeking Senate GOP Secretary 

ACDTTD U7„« /TTr>T\ Awbui r«J«„^l U J. *%_ *, . 

CASPER, Wyo. (UPI) — 
Sen. Cliff Hansen, R-Wyo., 
Wednesday announced his 
candidacy for secretary of the 
Senate Republican Conference, 
one of five leadership posts 
among GOP senators. 

The five Republican Senate 
leadership positions are 
minority leader, assistant 
minority leader or whip, GOP 
policy committee chairman, 
and chairman and secretary of 
the Republican Conference. 

If elected, Hansen said he 
hopes to instill in Congress the 
conservative philosophy of re- 


LOVELL, Wyo. (UPI) - 
Inclement weather forced the 
Public Service Commission to 

nostnnnp a hpaririD srhpHulpH 

ducing federal spending and 
influence over the lives of 

"I would try to see that such 
a philosophy is communicated 
to others in the Congress and to 
President Carter," he said. 

On another topic, Hansen 
urged Congress to lift federal 
price controls on domestic oil 
and gas. He said money would 
be saved because domestic 
supply would increase and 
dependence on foreign oil 

would be reduced. 

"The price of domestically 

produced oil has been rolled f , 

back by the federal govern- ' r n °! 

ment to an average of $7.88 per * 

barrel, while imported foreign gro 

Poet Karl Shapiro to Speak at UW 

Pulitzer Price-winning poet 
Karl Shapiro will present a 
combined lecture and reading 
of his poetry, "Karl Shapiro's 
America", today, Thursday, at 
4:10 p.m. in the Commerce and 
Industry auditorium. 

The lecture is open to the 
public without charge and a 
reception will follow in the C&I 

Shapiro's appearance is the 

third and final presentation in 
the 30th annual public lecture 
program sponsored by the UW 
English department. 

Shapiro was born in 
Baltimore, Md. and received 
his education at the University 
of Virginia, Johns Hopkins 
University and the Pratt 
Library School in Baltimore. 
After service with the U.S. 
Army during World War II he 

received a Guggenheim 
Fellowship in 1944. He was 
awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 

A professor of English at the 
University of California, Davis 
since 1968 Shapiro has also 
taught at Johns Hopkins, 
Loyola and the universities of 
Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois 
and Nebraska. He has 
authored 14 books of verse, a 
play, and various other works. 

Commission Plannina 




D. 718,221 SUN. 699.943 

SEP 2 1 1967 %f*» 

—Associated Pre<s Wlrephot' 


Artist Robert Dattolo applies brush to model, Brig- contest in San Francisco's hippie land, Haight 
itte Vacek, 24, during psychedelic body-painting bury. Contest was a promotion for a movie on LSD. 



1 I ' 955 S. 152.301 



Peter Max b ack to celebrity status 

Associated Press 

BEVERLY HILLS - At a posh 
Rodeo Drive gallery, a paint- 
spattered Peter Max, the art icon of 
the flower-power '60s, was furiously 
at work — on video, at least. 

To recorded music by a trendy 
rock band, Max wielded brushes on 
12 identical television screens. 
Dozens of his brilliantly hued, 
cartoony graphics flashed on the 
video, interspersed with equally 

colorful but brushier, more abstract 
contemporary works. 

A few steps away, the real Max 
held court, dark-suited and 
distinguished, with the faintest 
dusting of silver in his black hair 
and walrus mustache. He and 
Timothy Leary, another '60s 
luminary, were as much of a draw 
as the exhibit they were opening. 

You can't buy his work on 
ashtrays and bedsheets these days 

but at 46, Max is definitely returned to the status 
of celebrity artist. 

"I have an opening like this every two or three 
weeks someplace in the country," Max said 
during a preshow interview on a recent evening. 
"Since March of '81, I've had over 85 TV shows." 

But for almost 10 years, through the 1970s, 
Max shunned the press and the adoring public. 


China Acts to Reduce 
Teen -Age 'Decadence' 


AiMClaftd Ptms 

BEIJING— Young couples who 
swayed and gyrated in parks last 
summer and attended private danc- 
ing parties are finding this summer 
that such dancing is considered too 
sexy, too disruptive and virtually 

Officially sanctioned dances of 
the more staid and fox -trot type are 
still permitted, and the public se- 
curity office in Beijing said no ban 
has been imposed officially on pri- 
vate dancing here in the capital- 
just a warning. 

In China, however, such warn- 
ings from the police often have the 
effect of law. Many young people 
who once danced with abandon 
have abandoned the practice. 

Reports from several other cities 
—Chongqing, Kunming and Wuhan 

—indicate that dancing in parks has 
been banned. 

Last summer it was common for 
young people to take tape recorders 
to parks and to play music of West- 
ern countries, Hong Kong and Tai- 
wan for listening and dancing. 

The Peking Public Security 
Bureau said last summer that 
throngs of dancers were disrupting 
normal activities in the park. The 
press has recently been full of com- 
plaints about unseemly behavior in 
public parks and at dances by young 

A recent letter to Shanghai's 
Wen Hui Bao newspaper com- 
plained that in Zhongshang Park 
people were "humming arias full of 
feudal dross from the old theatrical 
works and unhealthy songs with 

Dob Angeles (Ames 1) 

Wed., Aug. 20. 1 980 -Pi ft I - 

frivolous tones." 

"You could see men dancing tfcrA 
the singing of women, their move--*" 
ments being intolerable to the eye," 
complained reader Li Zhengqi. 

Other Shanghai readers com- 
plained that excessive dancing 
harms work and study. Some young 
people who danced until midnight 
went to work tired and listless, 
wrote Wang Yingshu. 

Another report said worker Hu 
Zhenyun of the Shanghai micro 
bearing factory used to hold "family 
balls" at home. The guests were 
said to have switched off the lights, 
and lighted a single candle for 
"dancing-in-the-dark" parties. 

Hu was detained for 10 days, and 
police confiscated his tape recorder 
and tapes. 

Dancing music, too, has come un- 
der attack for being "decadent." 
Wrote reader Yuan Ding Hua of 
Shanghai: "Indiscriminate pursuit 
of pleasant music . . . regardless of 
whether it is decadent or sexy will 
wear down one's morale and eat 
into the soul." 

Please Torn to Page 12, Col. 1 



0. 18,000 

; SEP 16 1983 

Series offers variety of noted speakers 

despite constraints of ASASU budget 

By M.K. Reinhart that we have. I don't think we would be acting responsibly if 

Staff writer we spent $20,000 on one speaker,' * he said. 

The Associated Students' Lecture Series, while striving to Groves said he would like to see speakers such as Walter 

provide students with a wide range of quality speakers, is Cronkite, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger and Carl Sagan 

working with a budget that is "way below average" com- come to ASU, but he does not think it is feasible at this point. 

pared to universities of equal size, according to the activities Next year, Groves hopes to see the honorarium budget in- 

vice president. creased to at least $50,000. 

Ted Groves said this year's budget was increased by about « 0ut of a budget of nearly $800,000, 1 don't think that it's a 

$5,000 over last year. Although he had requested a much i ot to ask " he said. "It burns me that the money cannot be 

larger increase, the one received was still substantial when f oun( j to bring in these speakers, while other schools get them 

compared with other ASASU departments. a t the drop of a hat. ' ' 

u V% !f^ ! erieS ' f H? t 8p f al l er ' {0T ^ pn ? ident u ! Quality speakers bring attention to the University, Groves 

hopeful John Anderson, will speak at 8 p.m. Wednesday in the Mid adding that lec turers rarely turn down invitations from 

MU Arizona Room. ^cy 

"Flashback: An Evening With T imothy Leary ," former "They are appreciative of the fact that they get to come out 

Harvard professor and psychedelic guru, will be presented here and speak before a large group of young, intellectual 

on Oct. 4, and on Oct. 25, ERA opponent Phyllis Schlafly will students," Groves said. 

debate Sara Weddington, the lawyer who won the landmark One of the lecturers refusing to speak at the University was 

1973 abortion case Roe vs. Wade. economist John Kenneth Galbraith who, according to 

"We have to work within certain budget constraints that Groves, did not consider ASU to be "academically suitable." 

we'd rather not have to," Groves said. Selecting speakers is accomplished in part by circulating 

"Good speakers are necessary for the kind of recognition surveys and contacting student leaders "in order to read the 

and national attention that ASU needs. Without it . . . our pulse of the campus "Groves said 

degrees won't mean as much, " he said. Qther ^^ ^ eyents ^ semester indude the Rey 

With top-notch speakers asking for $20,000 (plus expenses) Jerry Falwell, appearing in Gammage Center on Nov. 29, as 

per lecture, an honorarium budget of slightly under $28,000 well as other upcoming speakers to be announced later this 

forces the series directors to plan carefully, Groves said. fall. Falwell's lecture will cost $2 with an ASU I.D., but all 

"We are obligated to try to get the most with the money other series events are free to ASU students. 

>**<>te~+ m ~2**-~-<^ ****** *«S-r*rr 

t NEW TORI* Wj«f 

Liddy and leary 
Return' on film 


THE conjunction of G. 
Gordon Liddy, the jail- 
bird of Watergate break- 
in* fame, and Timothy 
Leary, the ex-Harvard 
advocate of drug thera- 
pies for youth with a 
slogan of "tune in, turn 
on, and drop out," is 
found at the Embassy 72d 
St. v in Return Engage- 
ment. It's a documentary, 
of one of their many de- 
bates, this one in a Los 
Angeles theater, with 
added footage from 
Liddy on a motorcycle 
with Hells Angels, Liddy 
with Eselan converts, 
Liddy on a firing range, 
and both men with their 
wives at lunch. 
The man in the street Is 

given an oportunity to state 
his impression of the men, 
and some students have 
their own opinions. 

Carole Hemingway 

steps in as moderator of 
the debate, and director 
Alan Rudolph keeps the 
picture varied and in 

Surprisingly, to those 
who have followed both 
careers in their most su- 
perficial aspects, the men 
emerge aa civilized, intel- 
ligent people, albeit dia- 
metrically opposed in 
their life philosophies. 

Liddy is the man of ac- 
tion and rigid principle, 
ready and able to kill in 
defense of his country. 

Leary is the philoso- 
pher who sees life in 
terms of freedom for the 
individual to live, learn and 

expand knowledge and 
feelings, with the assist- 
ance of drugs used wisely. 

Their contentions are 
not without humor, and 
needless to say, neither 
one convinces the other 
to the point of conversion. 
Still, they don't come to 
blows, or anywhere near 
them. One can under- 
stand why the lectures 
have been near the top of 
the list in popularity. A 
lively Intelligence is 
given full play by both 
men, becoming both a 
revelation to the unin- 
formed, and as entertain- 
ment to the general public 
willing to listen to both 
sides of an argument 

Island Pictures release. Produced 
by Carolyn Pfelffer. Directed by 
Alan Rudolph Cast. Q. Gordon 
Liddy and Timothy Leary. 


Collective Energy 


\s**fi*Ks*»*>2*>«v\CosnijQ Qjpcus? >s "" fi * xs " fi * > * s '" fi * v 

by Larry Cole 

In keeping with the spirit of the inn 
sity of Hollywood, some of the following is 
factual, some is fantasy and some 
blend of both. Like the University itself, 
the essence is true — the form and 
substance are up for grabs. 

It was Founders Day at the 
Univeristy of Hollywood and the 
faculty gathered to celebrate. 
On this particular Sunday, the Univer- 
sity was high above Malibu in the moun- 
tains that form Topanga Canyon. A llama, 
balanced on a precipice e\en higher than 
the celebrants, watched impassive!) as a 
parachute tilled the sky and Stephan de 
onzac, University <>l Hollywood Pro- 
-or of Aerospace and holder of the 
Id's hang-gliding altitude record, trail- 
out red, white and blue ribbons of 
smoke as he fell. 

A stunt pilot busted the crowd, all ol 
whom were faculty members ol the 
UnL Hollywood, many of whom 

d his facuJ 'ring the 

brown, | > I green University colors 

blazoned on the University si al on his 

It's shit brown, pussy pink 

was heard to 


Timothy I. ear ! smiling while a 

woman playing what looked like a hybrid 
violi provided musical enter* 

tainrne a band-. From the I 

mid Bee from 
Tranca ;st L.A. tually 

greater than thi ol the 

University ol 

Hollywood Vice IV wis Beach 

Marvin HI explain thi ion ol the 

I Diversity to tip ibled academi 

And we must learn to live in 
with tli 
Tin- llama d unimpressed. 

The other I its \ n« President, 

Michael HoIHngshead, tried to get the at- 
tention of the assemln bile 
matntainin mi. but 
it was of i The President himself 

i the Alma 
Mater whil pulled himself up 

in great g tic form onto the rings 

that hung above the stage. Two little girls 
danced to the playing of the school song 
a jazz group. A cake bearing the 
University seal and the motto — 
"Navigare necesse est" ("It is necessary 
to navigate") — was cut and consumed in 
a matter of seconds by a small cadre of 
militant professoi 

IV John Lilly spoke in Dolphin 

to Professor of Heresy Paul Krassner, who 

ied to understand him. Music Pro- 

>r Chuck Berry did the duck walk 

without his guitar, while Pr Oscar 

Joniger blanched at being publicly 

reminded that he had given mescalini 
Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beau\oir 
in I he I^SOs. Roy Walford, University 
Professor of Immortality and Professor of 
Consciousness Ed Elkin pondered Pro- 
or Leary's smile. Professor of Chess 
Lena Grumette was the women's cam 
Since the only other woman professor (and 
nding governor), Laura Huxley, was 

The faculty numbers grew as the day 
went on, then dwindled, then grew again. 
The music changed from soft jazz to hard 
rock. Then, just as suddenly as this pi 
had filled with people — all delivered at 
great personal risk over rutted mouni 
roads by limos. trucks and busses — it 
was quiet again. The champagne bottles 

were empty; empty plastic glasses where 
everywhere. The charred ends of many 
hand-rolled cigarettes dotted the dirt. A 
bell rang in the distance. 

The llama stood, still impassively, and 
looked at the scene below. 

The University ol Hollywood Founders 
Day was history. A University-of-the-mind 
had become a University-of-the-spirit. 
One step closer to reality, but not close at 
all to the llama. 

• * • 

The idea of a University of 
Hollywood, bringing together 
much ot the collet ted genius that 
I with the great minds and 
talents that have long called California 
e. ma) be one whose time >me. 

Or; then again, it may be a nostalgi< 
tort to recapture the days of the Merry 
Pranksters, Free Universities and 
psychedelic superstars. 

If you ask no\clisl and screenwriter 
Thorn Keves. he will assure you that the 
last thing the University wants is to be 
seen as is an "anti or hippie university," 
He will tell you he's very seric but 

also having a lot <>t tun. He will tell you 
that L.A. is the place to make a fusion of 
energy like the University of Hollywood 
happen. He will also tell you that he's the 
President of the Universii 

"L.A. is ideal lor a universitv of 'pure 
intent.' It's a wondeHand." he sa 

"Everyone comes t<> this town one way 
or another. People have to get here to 
look around, whether it's Khursche\ going 
to Disneyland or King Tut. Whoever il 
we want to at least get lb 
Thi^ is tbr hot I ... a 

preview ol the lulu: 

Keyes can look and sound \< 

presidential when he d the 

University. When asked if fie antii 

a large student body he responded. "Not 

really. Students always ruin a universitv, I 


Is il po tO blend the powerful 

forces nl ideas and talent w ith tl 
humor that puts an opening d i»ra- 

on top of a nearly in ible 

mountaintop? Can a gr< 

irdinate ami inter 
way without actively pulling 
the loos.- fabric thai i- supposed to hold 
them togethei 

• * • 

It's really lik thing," Sfl 

writer Michael Hollingshead about the 
I m\« Hollingshead, wh 

autobiography [fan W on 

the H nrltl describee hi- introduction ol 
LSI) in the earl) Harvard j 

<r Timothy Learv and his subsequent 
- through the psyd ex- 

ioii that followed i how m 

practical than Keves in the 

"Like McDonald's," he continues. "A 

professor comes and says. T want to get 
some embroidered t-shirts and sell them 
and give a percentage to the University. 
Can I use the seal?' Or. 'I'd like to take 16 
people under the auspices of the Universi- 
ty to Katmandu to study Buddhist 
iconography.' People can develop their 
own ideas. Then they find a w on- 

tribute some of what they make into a 
central fund for things like a Xerox 850 
Word Processor or any of the things you 
really need to run a universitv." 

How does one get on the faculty? 

"If you profess to be tl 
Hollingshead, "then that's what fOU are. A 

"Were only going to be giving Phi 1 

photos by Dennis Keeley b Ben Kitey 

Thru March 28, 1982 

The Great Debate 

Meets Jazz 

Boiling & Laws 
At Town Hall 



At The 

Magic Pan 


Nijinsky: The 

Man And 
The Legend 

Leary Vs. Liddy 
At the Beacon 


Hot Flashes: 

Subject Of Study 

At Columbia 

page 4 

page 6 

page 8 

Former Black Panther leader Eldridgp 
Cleaver arrives here accompanied by 
federal prison officials. He was booked in 

— Stoff Photo bv Jot Flynn 

Metropolitan Correctional Center pend- 
ing transfer to state authorities to face 

Ex-Fugitive Eldridge Cleaver 
Imprisoned At Center Here 

Editorial - Page B-8 

Sister interviewed — A- 14 


Former fugitive Black 
Panther information direc- 
tor Eldridge Cleaver was 
booked into the federal Met- 
ropolitan Correctional Cen- 
ter here yesterday on a 
charge of unlawful flight to 
avoid prosecution. 

Cleaver's stay at the de- 
tention facility is expected to 
be brief as state and Alame- 
da County authorities pre- 
pared to take custody of him 
to face parole violation, at- 
tempted murder and assault 
with a deadly weapon 

Cleaver, 39, surrendered 
to federal authorities in New 
York Tuesday night ending 
seven years of self-imposed 
exile as a fugitive in Cuba, 
Algeria and France. 

He arrived here aboard 
American Airlines Flight 55 
from New York via Wash- 



Billy Graham D-8 

Classified Ads F-6tol6 

Comics C-28 

Crossword A-20 

Editorials B-8 

Financial D-lto6 

Frank Rhoades B-2 

Goren on Bridge A-16 

Horoscope D-8 

Ufe&Uving F-lto4 

Obituaries E-8 

Sports E-lto7 

Theaters C-31,32 

TV-Radio C-30 

Weather D-7 

ington, D. C, and was 
whisked away by a federal 
Bureau of Prisons car that 
pulled alongside the aircraft. 
Other passengers re- 
mained aboard as Cleaver 
stepped out, wearing a Navy 
blue suit, white-knit turt- 
leneck shirt and carrying a 
dark overcoat and an at- 
tache case stuffed with pa- 
pers in his left hand and a 
small luggage bag in his 
right hand. 

He wore no handcuffs — a 
condition of his agreeing to 
return to California — and 
walked briskly down the 
ramp to the waiting car fol- 
lowed by prison officials who 
came with him. 

One person aboard the 
flight said passengers were 
not aware of Cleaver's pres- 

Inside the American Air- 
lines waiting room, news- 
men and television camera- 
men crushed up against the 
thick glass panes. 


Among them was Miss 
Wilhelmina Cleaver, 48, 
Cleaver's older sister who 
flew here from Los Angeles 
in hopes of greeting him. 

Federal and airlines offi- 
cials dashed her hopes by 
refusing to allow her onto 
the airport apron. 

As Cleaver stepped out of 
the aircraft, Miss Cleaver 
broke into sobs. 

After regaining her com- 
posure, Misi Cleaver caught 
a cab to the correctional 
center, where her brother 
was booked at 2:35 p.m. 

Warden J. D. Williams 
said Cleaver was assigned to 
a fifth-floor security room 



overlooking San Diego Bay. 
He said Cleaver will be 
treated like any other 

"I'm not sure how long he 
will be here or what time he 
will be turned over to the 
state," Williams said. 

State officials and Alame- 
da County officials also were 
unsure when they might ar- 
range for his removal to 
Northern California. 

U. S. Department of Jus- 
tice officials in Washington, 
D. C, said Cleaver was 
being housed here because it 
was the only federal deten- 
tion facility in the state. 

However, others said fear 
for Cleaver's life was the 
reason for the extremely 
tight security. 

Delay Soug 

The White House and the 
Central Intelligence Agency 
began an eleventh-hour ef- 
fort yesterday to block or 
delay today's scheduled re- 
lease of the Senate Intelli- 
gence Committee's report on 

CIA Director William E. 
Colby wrote a letter to Sen- 
ate Armed Services Chair- 
man John Stennis, asking 
him to persuade the Senate 
to reject all sections of the 
report except the recom- 
mendations, or at least 
strike out all names men- 
tioned in the report, a Senate 
aide said. 

Weekend guide to leisure and entertainment 
Week lug, 18-24 

rr in i*i* ui^/Mint 

If you're a walking encyclopedia of rock n' roll trivia, 
try your hand at the North Coast Publishers/Licorice 
Pizza weekly record giveaway contest. Rock trivia ques- 
tions appear at the end of the Soundtrack column. Drop 
your answer off at Licorice Pizza in Carlsbad and you 
may win. For question and rules, see page B-2. 

The Pied Piper's back in town 

Timothy Leary, 'guru of psychedelia/ espouses hedonism 
as the hope of the future, Southern California as the center 
of the universe — and you can catch his act at the La Paloma 


"I'm a scientist and I'm com- 
municating the most up to date 
scientific breakthroughs in the 
most effect iu le." 

That is how Dr . Timothy Lear> 
defines his position as the in- 
ternational champion of personal 
freedom; an intellectual leader 
who has been called the Pied Piper 
of consciousness raising. 

Timothy Leary, 58, now a 
Beverly Hills, will 
speak tonight at La Paloma theater 
about the evolution of mankind, 
an evolution of civilization he says 
will occur in spite of the threaten- 
ing "total collapse of civilization." 

Leary, is convinced that the 
culture of Southern California is 
the key to survival in the '80s. 
Hoping to "activate the nervous 
systems of his listeners," Leary 
will use slides of outer space scenes 
and Southern California art to 
underline his three-prong plan, 
which he sees as an important part 
of the world's evolutionary pro- 

"I want to promote evolution 
through space migration, increase 
in intelligence, and life extension. " 
Leary said in an interview. Long 
recognized as the "guru of 
psychedelia," Leary still regards 
hedonism and self indulgence as 
part of his doctrine. 

i want to help the cause of 
evolution by glorifying the 
California culture," he continued. 

'Intelligent, creative people are 
literati; inning to Southern 
California, and where it used to be 
the case that the East Coast in- 
tellectual establishment was the 
focal point of change, now it's the 
West <"<>;, st. 

"Where it used to be Harvard, 
Princeton and Yale were the 
catalysts of change through in- 
tellectual leadership, now it's the 
creators and scientific researchers 
of Southern California that are the 
nose cone oi the rocketship. . the 

ner BBs 

Leary was an integral part of 
that eastern intellectual establish- 
ment of the late 50s and early '60s. 
After receiving his Ph.D. in clinical 
psychology from UC Berkeley in 
0, he became director of 
etiology research at the Kaiser 
Foundation in Oakland. In 1959, he 
accepted an appointment as lec- 
turer in clinical psychology at 
Harvard University. 

After his first psychedelic ex- 
perience in 1960, he returned to 
Harvard to head the Psychedelic 
Research Project at the Center for 
the Study of Personality. It was 
there that he initiated the 
celebrated Concord Prison Project 
that used psilocybin as part of a 
prisoner rehabilitation program. 

Leary was offered tenure at 
Harvard three times on the con- 
dition that he abandon his pro- 
chemical stance on mind ex- 
pansion and improvement. 
Following a well-publicized 1965 
arrest for transporting less than an 
ounce of marijuana across the 

U.S. -Mexican border, the rilt 
between Leary and the educational 
and governmental establishment 
began to widen. 

He testified in 1966 before a 
congressional subcommith 
urging that qualified professionals 
be allowed to administer 
psychedelic drugs to clinical 
patients. His recommendation was 
not accepted, and the mood of the 
country began to grow hostile 
toward his cause as countless reels 
of film and pages of literal up 
the dangers oi began to 

inundate the public. 

Leary counter-attacked with a 
barrage of books released in the 
mid- (ii)s. and with record albums 
that hammered home the catch- 
phrase "turn on, tune in. drop out" 

After unsuccessfully running for 
governor of California in 1968, 
Leary went to jail following his 
arrest on charges of marijuana 
possession. He escaped from th$ 
San Luis Obispo State Prison, 
where he was being held, and fled 
the country, first to Algeria, then to 
Switzerland. It was in Afghanistan, 
in 1973, that he was arrested and 
returned to the United States. He: 
was imprisoned for the next three 
years in San Diego's Metropolitan 
Correctional Center, until his 
release in 1976. 

It was while he was in jail in San 
Diego that he met long-time San 
Diego disc- jockey Gabriel Wisdom. 
Wisdom first became aware of 
Leary's plight through a a law 
teacher who used the case of the 
"People vs. Timothy Leary ' a s 
part of his curriculum. 

Il was from that meeting that 
Wisdom became friends with 
Leary, and became intellectually 
stimulated by his philosophies. 
Together, they launched 
"Brainstorm.*" a syndicated radio 
program that is heard in 32 major 
markets in the United States. 

It is fitting that Wisdom will 
introduce Leary tonight. Leary has 

ted the La Paloma before \A 
Wisdom has emceed such La 
Paloma concerts as John Cale and 
Roeer ldcGuinn 

• He (Leary) is rubbing elbows 
with the Hollywood types, people 
like Andy Warhol. Charlie Gieger 
(from the movie 'Alien "). and 
Robin Williams." said Wisdom of 
Leary's immersion in the South- 
ern California media scene. 

Leary is aligning himself these 
days with the creative types of 
Hollywood image makers, movie 
makers, graphic artists, television 
actors and writers, and record 

•Woody Allen. Ralph Nader and 
Neil Simon will put down the 
California culture."' says Leary. 
•'But while they are saying that, 
the rest of the world is adopting 
that culture " 

Leary often uses the word 
"hedonism" to define the 
California culture. "Hedonism 
means self-confidence, self- 
direction. Self-indulgence is the 
key to the future. 

in the Soviet Union, for in- 
stance, there is only one person 
with 20 automobiles . . . Leonid 
Breznev. Most of the other citizens 

Timothy Leary 

do not ever get a chance to even 
think about owning an automobile. 
Think about it. continues 
Leary. "Entertainment and leisure 
are big business, falling third 
behind General Motors and Exxon 
in the gross national product. And 
Southern California is the trend- 
setter for all those industries. In- 
dustries like cosmetics, grooming, 
travel, media, movies, records, hot 


•Eight million United States 
dollars go to Columbia each year 

for marijuana. That is twice the 
U.S. coffee trade to that country. 
Think what would happen to our 
trade deficit if we could keep that 
money in this country. 

"All this self-indulgence helps 
the process of evolution. Walt 
Disney was the greatest evolu- 
tionary force in the world." 

Leary will further expound on his 
concept of fun as a solution to the 
worlds problems tonight at 8 and 
11 p.m. Tickets for those shows are 
$7.50 and $5.50 at the door. 

JuIvS 1979 


CHICAGO. ILL. (I.N.S.) In n 
months the cold war between the socialist 
■ i ins <>i East America and Western 
America has stepped -up from cultural 
competition to a full scale Hot-Air War. 
Ever since World War II the monolithic 
propaganda bureaucracies of the Eastern 
Zone have heaped ridicule on the western 
free states— with California selected for 
special scorn. The grim, socialist spol- 
men of the Atlantic states consistently 
deride the Pacific Society for its emphasis 
on individual freedom, its change ability, 
rootless mobility and intolerable cheerful- 

At the same time East Zone moralists 
denounce innovation and hedonism they 
are reluctantly forced to follow western 
innovations in technology, dress, music 
and entertainment. While California is 
attacked for being culture-less its culture 
is being co-opted by Old World com 
cial enterprises. 

East American states consistently dis- 
courage their citizens from visiting 
California with lurid tales of earthquakes, 
Manson cults, smog and moral degen- 
eracy. "She hates California, it's cold and 
it's damp" goes one popular eastern 

At the same time the migratio 
westward has continued unabated. 
spite of the national press and highly 
censored book .nonopolies, the word-of- 
mouth flows back to the Atlantic states. 
The west is free. 

A new phase of anti-western propagan- 
da emerged recently when a Chicago 
columnist Mihail Ryko suggested that a 
wall be built around California to prevent 
the subversive culture from spreading to 
the settled East. The barrier would 
presumably run along the Arizona border 
to the Oregon State line. The construction 
of the wall and the nature of its policing 
was not specified by the Mid-western 

The erection of such a culture barrier is, 
of course, the traditional technique of 
eastern bureaucrats to prevent their 
citizens from migrating to the free-west. 
There has never in history been a case of 
westerners voluntarily migrating east. All 
the great xenophobic walls are designed 
to keep collectivized easterners from 
exposure to the free-swinging west. 

The reaction of Pacificans to the Ryko 
proposal has been wildly enthusiastic. 
Talk of secession was heard openly from 
the cloak-rooms of Sacramento to the 
barrios of L.A. A bipartisan committee of 
state legislators immediately announced 
hearings for separatism statutes. Pointing 
to the increasing tendency on the part of 
western Canadian states to sever rela- 
tions with the bumpy, backward-looking, 
European-leaning Ottawa government, 
the Pacific Coast is buzzing with inde- 
pendence talk. 

One state senator proposed that a 
special visa be required for Snow Belters 
wishing to visit California. Laws banning 
further migration to the free Pacific states 
by easterners were also being studied. 

On the other side of the great cultural 
divide committees of officials from Boston, 
Washington and New York were planning 
to visit Berlin to confer with East German 
officials who have been dealing with the 
same problem for the last three decades. 

First of an occasional column from 
the controversial and original mind 
of Dr. Timothy Leary. An indepth 
profile of Leary, by Michael Cregar, 
will appear in an upcoming issue of 
the Messenger. JC 

CjOB Allflctee (SimtB Thun. June 14. 1979-Pirt IV 



A Void Home 9 : Grace in Space 


A growing number of scientists, humanists and just plain tists. We're going to leave them behind. Thafs the punB^ 
people see space's endless frontier as the only alternative of the trip. We're going to go up there using their snips. 

to an earth of dwindling natural resources. 

These "space optimists"— interviewed in a USC school 
of journalism television documentary. "A Void Home"— 
view the energy crisis as a natural part of our evolutionary 
process and the negative nudge we need to begin building 
solar power satellites, and eventually space colonies. 

Peter Vajk. author of "Doomsday Has Been Canceled." 
and an authority on space colonies interviewed in the doc- 
umentary, envisions huge earth -orbiting solar power sat- 
ellites, each capable of providing the energy needs of a city 
the size of Los Angeles. 

"It's the trajectory of evolution." insists Timothy Leary. 
Leary. a frequent lecturer on space, discusses the evolu- 
tionary aspects of space in the documentary. "We were 
under water, and climbed to the shoreline. The DNA code 
has been working for 3.5 million years to get organisms to 
move faster, fly higher and become more diverse." 

The 30 -minute video project, which* screened recently at 
USC. couldn't have been better timed. While the nation 
suffers from its dependence on oil and reexamines its com- 
mitment to nuclear power. "A Void Home" explores a new 
source of energy— solar power satellites. 

Solar-powered satellites could convert the sun's energy 
into electrical potential via solar cells and transmit that 
energy by microwave beams to ground -based receiving 
stations, which would convert the microwaves back into 
electrical energy. 

"A Void Home" points out that the technology exists. 
but that motivation and money are lacking. Cost estimates 
range from an opponent's claim of $1.5 trillion to a pro- 
ponent's estimate of $100 billion over a 20 -year period. 

One possible answer to the prohibitive costs of building 
satellites on the ground and then shooting them into space, 
the documentary suggests, is to build them in space. The 
establishment of a colony on the moon would enable that 
planet's resources to be used to build satellites. Metal could 
be mined and processed on the moon, and because there is 
little gravity to hamper construction, there would be no 
limit to the size of the satellites. 

Tom Heppenheimer. author of "Colonies in Space," and a 
planetary scientist interviewed in "A Void Home." claims 
there would be a 20 to 1 return on the investment in the 
form of new services, new products and new energy. 

Besides the scientific and industrial aspects of space, the 

but the purpose and the style and, above all. the freedom 
necessary is not going to come from civil servants and entf 
gineers. but from men and women like us as we move h 
high orbit." 
One of the groups actively promoting space colonie#di 


-' v. 

IN SPACE— NASA projection of space 
colony, featured in "A Void Home." 


I 6i 

the International L5 space society (named for a staWe 
point in space proposed as a space colony site). The 2,400- 
member group is only slightly larger than the Flat Earth 
Society, whose members today still wonder why Colu 
didn't fall off the edge. 

The L5 Society points out, and scientists interviewed 
"A Void Home" agree, that next to energy, space recrea 
tion and tourism will be space's second -biggest business. 

Even more important to some than the prospects of gi 
ant vacation resorts and zero-gravity honeymoon hotelsl 

fed inj 

documentary also examines the cultural ramifications of is the benefit to the handicapped. 

moving into space. ^^ "People who are handicapped here on earth, who. ar 

Leary says that space migration and space colonies are ltied to a wheelchair, will be able to rent a condominium a 

the only alternatives to a "dead-end consciousness" on |zero-point-2G's, and live there in comparative freedom 

earth. I and great comfort." says Krafft Ehrick. a designer of rockl 

"People like Heppenheimer are going to tell you that it's I ets and space settlements and a former member of WVnj 

got to be a serious business, that it s going to be unpleasant | her von Braun's rocket team. 

—it means they want to control it. as they control every- 
thing. And the reason we are going, is to get far away from 
the bureaucrats in city hall and German -sounding scien- 

The documentary was 

started in a USC 
Please Turn to Page 

school of 
24, Col. fc 

Diiririr rurATorc 



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i Portrait or the dioilliead 
a* a Young Dog) 

KHiiiHn mtimgr* 

of the Fart 

median, right? He's been 
trying to get in touch with peo- 
ple for years and he's not hav- 
ing much luclc. So he figures, why not give 
television a shot?— that's the way God 
works, sort of trial and error. 

Anyway, he comes down to earth, and 
naturally, being God, he's the best fucking 
comedian you can imagine. He's got the 
moves, the mind, the insight, and he writes 
his own material— the down-to-earth 
humor of life. Gods point is to show peo- 
ple the cosmic connection between the 
three Hs— honesty, humor and humanity— 
a corny sounding idea, but that's the way 
God thinks. Big cliches. God feels if peo- 
ple learn this truth, they'll be able to sur- 
vive life, and maybe even enjoy it. 

So God takes a meeting with the top 
guys at NBC, Fred Silverman and his 
associates, and pitches a special. He wants 
to do his act on prime time. Silverman 
asks God what kind of material he's got, 
and God hits him with one of his favorite 
routines. He calls it "the Human Ani- 
mal," and it goes something like this: 

"Despite their intelligence, which is 
superior to any other living thing, despite 
their most profound works of art, litera- 
ture, science and technology ... men and 
women still fuck, shit, piss and fart like 
dogs. That's right, Bach, Einstein, 
Madame Curie—" 

Okay, okay, God," says Silverman. "I 
think we got it. Its. uh. it's good stuff, 
good stuff. But, um . . . it'll never get on. 
It's too dirty." 
"Too dirty! 

"Right. Standards and Practices will 
never go for it." 

God is fuming. "I'll tell you what's 
dirty— you want to talk dirty? Censoring 
God is dirty. Censoring the human bodies 
that I created is dirty. Censoring the way 
human beings normally talk and have fun 
is dirty." 

"Aw, God. get serious," snaps Silver- 
man. "It's not a question of censoring you. 
It's a question of answering to all the 
decency fanatics and the politicians and 
the I ( ' 

God looks Silverman in the eye. "And 
the sponsors?" he asks. 

Silverman stares at the ground and 
shuffles his feet. "Yeah, the sponsors... 
but they'll go for anything that sells, you 
know that. Look. God, personally I agree 
with you. My job would be a lot more fun 
without the censors and fanan 

Faith and morals editor David Felton wrote 
Pryor's biography m RS 171. 

"Don't worry about them" says God. 
I know how to handle these people." 

Silverman smiles wanly. "You sur. 

"Trust me," says God. "You take care 
of the sponsors, /'// take care of the nuts. 
Get me an hour on prime time and I 
promise you'll never have to worry about 
censorship again." 

Silverman shrugs and says he'll do his 
best. They shake hands, God takes off and 
Silverman hits the intercom. 

"Tell security to keep that trouble- 
maker off the premises." 

Thoroughly confused, the associates 

never had to read thai 
kind of bullshit. But I'd 
fully prepared myself for 
it on the afternoon of November 10th, 
1977, after a local radio station reported the 
news of Pryor's death. The day before, 
Pryor had been rushed to the Peoria hospi- 
tal and placed in a coronary unit. Naturally, 
the rumor took hold that he'd suffered a 
heart attack, and since he was only thirty- 
six, with a turbulent history of self-abuse, 
indulgence and destruction, there were 
other rumors as well. 

His New Film 
Alliirk* flie Heart, 

CilSls On I Past 

Demon* anil Foils 

the Censors 

stare at Silverman and each other. 

"Look, fellas," he says, "God means 
well, he's an idealist, right? But the bottom 
line is. Standards and Practices will never 
buy it. If we let God say 'fuck' on national 
television, these people are out of a job for 
life. In fact, we'll all be looking for work. 

"And besides," he continues, lightings 
cigar, "if you ask me, the guy lacks 



PEORIA, ILL. (UPI)-Black Comk 
Ruhard Pryor, whose violent temper and 
obscenity- laced tpoofi of black society kept him 
at loggerhead^ with television censors and the 

Ian, died here todai after being admitted to 
Methodist Medical Center for what don 
termed "cxhaustn <n and pi ioi n / 

Prvor, a former Pcona natn. !edl\ 

collapsed while attending a birthday party for his 
grandmother, Mrs. Mane Bryant, also /?/. 

II i deeply regret the passing of a promising 

young talent" said an SH( executive who 

refused to he identified. "Ruhard Pryor had a 
bright moid. Had he solved some of his personal 
problt ms, he might hove been another (arlnt 01 

Newhart, using humor as a tool to fight social 

ills." He added that although hed never met 
Pryor personally, he had heard the comedian was 
known to use narcotics while engaging m inter- 
racial U X 

It's not good for a nation to lose its 
funniest people, I pontificated that evening 
to some fellow moody brooders. We'd 
already had our fill of comic martyrs- 
Lenny Bruce, Lord Buckley, Freddie 
Prinze and Ernie Kovacs— and to me Pryor 
was way beyond those guys, an authentic 
American humorist on the order of Mark 
Twain, with a vision of truth and human 
beauty that bordered on the spiritual. 

And even when we learned that the 
broadcast was wrong, that Pryor was alive 
(a hospital spokesman reported that "when 
he came in, he was a very sick man," com- 
plaining of chest pains), my fears did not 
subside. I often suspected the poor bastard 
might pull a Lenny, making the Big Exit 
before most people— due to the canned 
morality of network television— would have 
a chance to catch his act in its pure form. 

That is no longer a problem, thanks to 
his new film, Richard Pryor Lire in Concert, 
an uncensored documentary of a stage per- 
formance last December at the Terrace 
Theatre in Long Beach, California. Irs 
more than a movie, really, it's an event. On 
February 2nd it opened in forty-one the- 
aters. Within two months it was playing in 
150 theaters and has already grossed $12 
million. Which means that millions of peo- 
ple for the first time are viewing the essen- 
tial Pryor. As he himself put it, they "get to 
see what I do." 

Those familiar with Pryor's previous 
stage work are also surprised by the film. 

His material— all seventy-eight minutes of 
it— is brand-new, conceived and assembled 
in the previous five months. And his per- 
formance is more unified and more per- 
sonal, the best example yet of his ability to 
see and convey the humor in pain. 

The difference is that, in the past, much 
of his material was inspired by the pain 
around him— the pimps, drunks, cons and 
junkies of the street, members of his family 
and his circle of friends. In Richard Pr 
Live mi . the pain seems pretty much 

his own, particularly the pain of this last 
year. Maybe that's how he survived it. 

1977 was a rough year for 
Pryor. He appeared in two 
movies. Greased Lightning and 
Si/ver Streak, and was working on three 
others. W Inch Way Is Up?, Blue ( ollar and 
The Wiz. In May Pryor turned to the 
battleground of television, starring in his 
own prime-time special for NBC He 
created a number of new and imaginative? 
characters, and the show was a critical suc- 

In late summer, he made a deal with 
NBC to do a weekly series of four one- 
hour shows. The network, desperate for 
ratings, scheduled him opposite ABC's 
Happy Days. From the start there were 
nasty censorship hassles. Pryor planned to 
open the first show with the ludicrous 
announcement that the network had 
allowed him to be himself. The camera 
would pull back and show Pryor stark 
naked... without genitals! The bit was taped 
and shown to a studio audience, who 
laughed hysterically. NBC killed it. 

Pryor retaliated with a maneuver that 
should earn him a place in the Guirm 
Book of Poetic Justice. He gave NBC four 
hours that were so bizarre and puzzling that 
the network had no way of censoring them, 
because no one knew what the fuck was 
going on. In one segment Pryor played the 
lead singer in a Kiss-style band, chanting 
an atonal song called "Black Death" to a 
'luded-out group of rock &.' rollers. Tlir 
song ended with the band spraying the kids 
with pills, heroin, machine-gun bullets and 
poisoned gas— leaving no survivors. 

The series bombed. Some of the more 
nervous affiliates refused to carry it. NBC 
fired the last salvo by covering its ass. Even 
though the contract was for only four 
shows, the network announced the series 
was canceled due to poor ratings. 

Prvor was starting to get bad press, and 
it only got worse. In September, he was 
placed at the top of the gay shit list after 
appearing for fifteen minutes at a gay rights 
benefit tn the Hollywood Bowl. Initially, he 
was warmly received. His account of the 
time he sucked a man's dick got a lot of 
laughs. But somewhere along the way, he 
apparently misjudged the delicate sensibili- 




Kol 1 1\(, STONE, MA) i. 1979 

ties of his audience. It may have been his 
frequent use of the word "faggot" When 
people ranted booing, Pryor mumbled to 
himself. "Shit what the fuck ... this is 
really weird." 

Finally Pryor exploded: "This is an eve- 
ning about human rights, and I am a human 
being. I just wanted to lee where vou was 
ind I wanted to test vou to your 
mothernicking soul. I'm doing this slut for 
nuthm'. But I wanted to come here and tell 
you to kiss my ass. with your bullshit. You 
Understand? When the niggers was burnin' 
down Watts, you motherfuckers was doin" 
what vou wanted to do on Hollywood Boul- 
evard ... didn't give a shit about it." And 
then he walked oft the Stage, veiling to 
thousands of |ce ring homosexuals, "Kiss mv 
happv. rich black ass!" 

It was this sort of thing that made it 
I"/" drew to a close, that Pryor 
was heading for the edge. And on the first 
day of the next year, he went over it. Even 
today he refuses to discuss the incident. 
"Don't even ask me about it." he sa ■ 
"Check the court records." 

A few months earlier, Pryor had married 
his fourth wife. Deboragh McGuire. He'd 
told friends this was it, she was the love of his 
life; marriage was wonderful. 

As it turned out, he was mistaken in this. 
At dawn, after celebrating New Year's Eve, 
Prvor got into a huge blowout with Ins wife 
and her friends, and threw the friends out 
of his Spanish mansion in Northndge, 
litornia. As they started to drive oft in 
their Buick, he rammed it with his Mer- 
cedes. Thcv ran away on foot; he ran into the 
house, got his magnum and emptied it into 
the Buick, causing about £5000 damage. 
Later, police arrested Pryor on two felony 
counts of assault with a deadly weapon and a 
misdemeanor charge of property damage. 
I )eboragh moved out. 

That's when I figured Pryor had lost it— a 
newlywed fires point-blank into a car just 
because his wife's friends had been sitting in 
it. he's probably under some pressure, 

I didn't realize the guv was gathering 

the hardest years I've had, and one 
of the most productive. To be 
cliche, it's like, you can't keep a 
good man down. Like I reclaimed my life." 
Richard spoke sottlv and thoughtfully, 
nerimes halting to pare down an idea to 
its most useful parts. He seemed cheerful 
and relaxed, possibly because he was vaca- 
tioning in Hawaii at the time, in Hana on 
Maui. He'd spent the dav fishing. Caught 
tw o. Now, he sat back in his hotel room and 
lit a cigarette. 

"I just am happier than I've ever been." 
Quite a contrast from a year ago, I 
thought. How had he made it from there to 
here? What happened after his marriage 
broke up? 

Richard mulled the question over for a 
moment. He cleared his throat. "You 
know. I felt it was over. . .1 was splintered. . . 
in many pieces, right? And it was just 
all— actually. I felt relieved? He started to 
laugh. "To tell the truth, now that I think 
about it. I felt relieved. And then my life 
was my own again. I had a chance to do 
what I really love." 

"How come the marriage failed?" 

"It happened," he said, "maybe because 

I was immature, or maybe because it wasn't 
right. You write your own script, you know 
what I'm leyin*? Create your own drama. 
iou have to, someday— \ on ever do thu 
Pryor's voice grew airy, like he was telling a 

dtime Story. "My uncle taught me ri. 
He said. 'The thing to do is, you go and 
take some time for yourself, and you 
review your whole life. You look .it every- 
thing that you've ever done, or ever 
thought. And vou don't deny no thoughts, 
and you don't deny no actions vou ever 
committed. And you see who you are.' 

"The good, the bad, the horrifying and 
all that shit— you look at it, square in the 

"Then shut the fuck"— attack!— "UR 

me-don't-ktll-mc." whimpers Pryor. 

"Get on one knee and"— the fist strikes 
again-'PROVE it." 

Pryor drops to his left knee, his right fist 
still clutching his chest. Tm-on-one- 
Tm-on-one-knee-don't-kill I 

"Thinkin' bout aym* now. ain'tch 

Prvor s head nods up and down in rapid 
assent. "Yeah- I'm- thinkin'-'bout-dyin- 

"You didn't think about it when yoi 
eatin' all at PORK." Now, his right arm 

UN kinda 
like purging vomwir- 
clt'aiiing out, fa<*ing 

tliein (lemon* 
and w iping Vm out/ 

face. Its kinda like purging yourself— 
cleaning out, facing them demons and wip- 
ing em out." 

By June the process had apparently 

One night 1 was driving in Bevcrl> 
Hills," said Richard. "I was comin' from 
dinner with some friends, and I just turned 
the car around and went to the Comedy 
Store Ian L.A. improv club |. And I got 
onstage and started working." 

"Had you been thinking about it for a 

"No. I hadn't. I really hadn't. I just had 
to go up and work, that's all I know, and get 
in contact with my people again. And like 
the stuff, it just came out, man, right? I just 
emptied my head out, see. Like you go up 
there, and if you only got five minutes, just 
do that five minutes, but go ahead— keep 
your head open and see what new comes in. 
And it came outta that. I worked there till 
August, then went on the road." 

It seemed so incredibly fast. Hadn't 
Lenny Bruce once compared putting 
together a new hour's material to writing a 

Pryor shrugged. "I don't know. I like to 
do that, though, cause I figure if you pay 
new money, you should see a new show." 

The voice is deep and mean. 
Richard Pryor's right fist 
attacks his chest and burrows 
m. his right arm swinging up and snapping 
his whole upper body to the left. 

Bewildered, Pryor looks nervously left 
and right. "Huh?" 

The fist and now his face have become 

his heart— an angry, talking heart that 

tightens its lips and twists and shouts again: 

You heard me, motherfucker, I said don't 


Pryor winces in pain. His mouth drops 
open, and he pleads in a panicked, cascad- 
ing falsetto, "Okay-I-won't-breathe-I- 

snaps up so furiously that it knocks Pryor 
flat on his back, on the stage of the Terrace 
Theatre in Long Beach. A close-up shot 
shows his face in wrenching agony. His 
eyes are pinched shut. He bites down on his 

lower lip. then opens his month, then bites, 

then opens. The fingers of his left hand 
tremble in shock. His body is writhing and 
slightly curled, like a wounded bug. In the 
background, cheers and applause from the 
audience mix with a roar of.laughter. 

Pryor's heart continues its assault. "You 
know black people got high blood PRES- 
SURE anyway, don'tcha." 

The word PRESSURE knocks Pryor 
over on his left side, facing the audience. 

"Then watch yo' DIET!" 

"I-will-I-will." Pryor's voice drops to a 
gasping whisper. "Don't-kill-me-don't- 
kill-me-don't-kill-me-don't-kill-me." He 
sits up, resumes his natural expression and 
faces the audience. 

"You be thinkin' about shil like that 
when you think you gonna die." he says, 
laughing. "You put an emergency call in to 
God, too, right?" 

Pryor shrieks hysterically. "Can I speak 
to God right away, please?" and is inter- 
cepted by a nasal and officious angel "I'll 
have to put you on hold." 

Again Pryor turns to the audience. 
"And then your heart get mad if it find out 
you s goin' behind its back to talk to God." 

His voice gets smooth and mellow, his 
lids lower halfway and his eyes look to the 
side. "Was you tryin' to talk to God behind 
my back?" 

Pryor starts shaking his head in nervous 
innocence. "No — 

The heart freaks out— "You's a lyin' 
motherFUCKER"— and throws him to the 

*In a phone call to Rolling Stone. God issue d 
following statement: I regret I never received Rich- 
ard's call. Our phone lyttemis axed and 

we've received a num I We're W or Ic- 

ing on ii. In the m. in time. I hope this television thing 

us throiu 

ground again. He writhe nore, then 

up with his right arm behind his head 
like a pillow and addresses the crowd. 

"I woke up in a am-ba-lance, right? 
And there wudn't nothin' but white people 

rin' at me. I say. 'Ain't this afWA. I d< 
died and wound up in the wrong moth' 
km' heaven. Now I gotta listen 
111 the rest of my da 
—•Richard Pryot /./>< in I 

The heart attack is ,i perfect metapl 
for the show. It's as if in seventy-eight 
minutes his life passes before him. And 
He shows it to us with such accuracy and 
honesty that we laugh. It's weird, watching 
a whole audience laughing at a man dying 
onstage, and maybe it's a weird kind of 
laughter, something that comes from a lit- 
tle deeper inside; but the evidence is right 
there on film. They laugh. 

Pryor shows us his childhood, getting 
whipped, going to a funeral, fighting with 
his father and grandmother, hunting deer 
in the forest, fighting in the ring. He 
doesn't just tell us about the stuff, like most 
comedians, telling jokes. He brings it to 
life and exposes its soul. 

And he shows us this last year, confiding 
to the audience. "I am really person 
happy to set anybody come out and see me, 
right? 'Specially much as / done fucked up 
this year." Then he proceeds to act out the 
scene when he shot up the car, playing all 
the roles— himself, the magnum, the tir 
the engine— even the vodka- 

"And that vodka I was drinkin' sav, 'Go 
ahead, shoot somethin else.' I shot tin- 
motor; the motor tell out ot the mother- 
fucker, right? The motor say, lurk it!' 

Prvor opens the performance in his 
rudest manner, picking at the racial wounds 
and fears of the audience itself. "The fun 
part for me is when white people come back 
after intermission and find out nigg 
done stole their seats": 

White Man: [Stiff and nervous] Uh, uh, 

weren't we sitting here, uh, D-Dc 

Weren't we, uh, weren't we? | /< nigger | 

We. uh. we were sitting here, uh. weren't 


His Wife: \pJasal, righteous | Yes, we were 

sitting right there. 

NrGGER: \( . "/. defiant | Well, you ain't sit- 

tin' here non , motherfucker. 

Now what's funny about that? Well, tor 
the whites who lost their seats, nothing. 
And yet the Long Beach audience, which 
was seventy-percent white, broke up 
laughing at this bit. I think what happens is 
you come to the show with all these fea 
inside you— racial, cultural, sexual— and 
Pryor assaults you with them right ofl the 
bat. But now you experience these fears 
under the warm shelter of mass laughter. It 
puts you at ease, with yourself and the 
people around you. And it puts vou at ease 
with Pryor. 

I've read that some people, when they 
first see Pryor, pack up their fears and split. 
And I can understand that. But it's too bad 
in a way, because they miss some moments 
of real sweetness and understanding. Like 
the time Richard was at his stepmother's 
wake, and they found roaches in some 
dressing baked by an old neighbor. "My 
grandmother say. [speaking soft and Ion, his 
open-palmed hand in front of him. cautioning a 
young boy] Now don' say nuthin' to her. 




She old an' blind, she can't see no more. 
She probably lef ' the oven open an' ney 
crawled in there las' night. But Richard, 
you have roaches just like ever'body else. 
[Bnghtly ] They s good too, wudn't ney 
honey.' n 

Or the time, just recendy, when his two 
pet monkeys died, and he was out in the 
backyard crying, and this big, ugly, mean— 
"he would bite anything"— German shep- 
herd from next door jumped the fence and 
came up to him: 

Shepherd: [Looking up. consoling] Wuzza 
matter. Rich? 

Richard: [Eyes down, crying ] My monkeys 

Shepherd: Wha'? Your monkeys (bed? 
Ain't that a bitch? You mean the two mon- 
keys used to be in the trees, they died? 
Richard: Yeah, they died. 
Shepherd: Shit. I /<> himself, wistfully I Is 
gonna eat them, too. [7I> Richard J Don't 
linger on that shit too long, you know, it 
fuck widja. 
Richard: I'll trv. 
Shepherd: Yeah, you take care. 
Richard: [To audience ) He went back and 
jumped over the fence. Just before he 
jumped, he looked back at me and said. . . 
SHEPHERD: [friendly, hut with a prudent 
reminder | Now, you know I'm gonna be 
chasm' you again tomorrow. 

While there are characters Pryor's done 
before that I prefer to almost anything in 
the movie— his preachers, drunks and junk- 
ies, and a wonderful old man named Mud- 
bone— this film has another dimension; it's 
as if Pryor, in examining his life during this 
chaotic year, has grown— particularly in his 

itude toward women. At one point he 
suggests that women should have "pussies 
that lock up," so they can catch rapists, 
' cause that's some vile shit, to take some- 
body's humanity like that, right? At least 
your own pussy oughta be able to lock 
up— whup!— 'Okay, let's go, come on. Don't 
make a move or I'll tighten up, just keep 
goin', come on.' ' 

Later he comes up with a swaggering, 
foolhardy asshole named Macho Man, who, 
one suspects, is based on his former self. 
Macho Man first appears during a piece of 
advice Pryor gives the audience on how to 
face danger. 

"You gotta stay in shape an' shit, cause 
you never can tell. . .when. . .in real life. . .you 
will have to [learn fomard, thro** his left hand 
donv for emphasis. yells at the top of his lungs J. . . 
RUN! That's right, RUN. Goddamn.t, 
RUN. Why— get— killed— when— you— 
can— [Inst, n, J falsetto ] RUN. . . . 

"That's right, if somebody pulled a knife 
on you, and you can't pull out nuthin' but a 
hand with some skin on it, your intelligence 
ought to tell you to. . .RUN! But people be 
watchin' Kojak an' shit too much; they think 
they have to be [sings like Nelson Eddy. 
strutting, hand on hip | MACHO MAN! I'll 
take that knife and shove it up your ass! I'm 
MACHO MAN! You go from Macho 
Man to \fings ] DEAD PERSON!" 

In the past, Pryor performed in a kind of 
random fashion, changing the order of his 
routines from show to show. But this movie 
has momentum. The segments grow in 
intensity and insight, and finally he deals 
with the one fear that unites all adults of 
every race and belief. Sex. 

"I just found out some time ago that 
sometimes women don't have orgasms," he 

confesses, "and that fucked me up." He then 
splits into a man and a woman— one on each 
side of the microphone— who have just made 
love. The woman indicates it wasn't that 
great. The man asks what she means. "Well, 
/ didn't come." "Well shit. I did." "Well, 
what about me? n "What about you? Shit, / 
got mine, get yours . Shit,/ ain't got no time to 
be sensitive, cause I'm [rings and struts j 
MACHO MAN! I don't give a damn if you 
come or not, I'm MACHO MAN!" 

Pryor laughs. "You gotta be cool when 
you're Macho Man, right? cause you 
can't be sensitive and care if somebody 
have a good time in bed— shit. That's too 
scary. Right? cause men be scared in bed, 
I don't give a fuck what they tell you 
women. When the sex is over, men be 
talkin' shit like, [muttering to himself a mile a 
minute, eyes rolling every which way j 'Did 
she come, I wonder if she came, I think 
she came, I wonder if I was good to her, I 
hope it was good for her, I'm not gonna 

ask her, though. I don't give a shit, cause 
if she didn't like it, that's all right, I don't 
care, cause / did the best / could, now fuck 
her! That's it, she's not gettm' anymore, 
now that's ill [look's down at himself, plead- 
ing | Please get hard, please. [Turns to 
woman ] I don't care, don't kiss me no 
more, I don't wanta be touched!' 

"And some niggers lyin', talkin' 'bout, 
[cool, arrogant, his whole body loost and roll- 
ing like hes bragging at a bar \ 'I can fuck 
eight, nine hours. Jack.' You some lyin' 
motherfuckers. You fuck nine hours, we 
know where to bury yo' ass on the tenth. 
'Cause I like makin' love myself, and I can 
make love for about three minutes . I do 
about three minutes of serious fuckin', 
then I need eight hours' sleep . . . and a 
bowl of Wheaties." 

For this admission, Pryor receives a 
wave of grateful applause, indicating some 
serious relief in the audience. 

"And you can tell when you done made 
good love to your woman, right? 'Cause- 

she— will— go— to— sleep. That's when you 
really are [sings ) MACHO MAN! I put 
your ass to sleep, I'm MACHO MAN!" 

Another wave of applause. Pryor pro- 
ceeds through several other common sex- 
ual absurdities, then returns to the Big 

"And when you don't use sensitivity 
when you're having sex, right? or share 
some of your soul, nothin' gonna happen. 
Because men really get afraid, man, men 
are really scared in bed. It's hard to say, 
'Uh ...[he blanches, gulps. raises his t -\e- 
brons; his left arm starts flapping out of con- 
trol, up to his chest and hack |. ■ .did, uh. . . [he 
gulps again, blinks his arehes for the 

words nith his hand ] . . . d-did you, did you, 
uh, [he ducks, his lips auncr. hit mouth drops 
open, produemg only an airy hum. something 
between a laugh and a gasp ]. .. hceeaaz&iah 
... [his head turns to the side in shame and 
fear, he grimaces like then i ./ had taste iii his 
mouth, and fr<<m deep in his throat comes a 
uarped. high-pitthed voice (hat sounds lik< a 
biology film >>n an old school projectoi | ... 
didyoucuh-uh-uh-um? [He cowers t his head 
bobs forward, then back '"'«' h^ nefk like he 
just burped something up. he n if In \ 

about to <tep on burning coals \ Mm-mm- 

"Right? cause men get defensive if a 
woman say she didn't come . . . they won't 
take no fault for shit, right? They might 
say anything when they get scared. Men 
go, 'Uh, look baby, uh, [glances nervously at 
floor, thai up | maybe you pussy dead! ' 

This gets one of the biggest laughs of 
the evening. It is topped, however, by 
Pryor's next line. And women always 
have a great comeback, right? Women 
say, [coy falsetto \ 'Well, why don't you give 
it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?' 

Pryor then resolves the situation, and 
ends the film, with a huge burst of con 
fireworks and a twist of mime. The final 
credits roll over a freeze frame of Pryor. 
his hands clasped over his head like a 
champ. The audience cheers. 

In some ways. Richard Ptyoi Lin i" 
( oiiieri is not a movie at all. It's not even a 
concert documentary in the slick, polished 
mold of Martin Scorsese's The l^i<t Walt:. 
Promoter Bill Sargent simply contacted 
Pryor and arranged for an audio-visual 
recording of his show, using a mated sys- 
tem of film cameras and TV monitors. 
Nothing was edited or rearranged. Sar- 
gent slapped the film together and put it 
on the market in just one month, distrib- 
uting it through his company, SEE 
Theatre Network. In the process he has 
created a low-budget, short-order master- 
piece, a powerful argument for spontane- 
ity in mass entertainment. 

Sargent is a fat, jolly, red-bearded 
Oklahoman who in twenty-five years has 
made, and lost, millions through his high- 
rolling ventures in concert promotion, 
maverick filmmaking, electronic invention 
and good, old-fashioned hype. The other 
day he sat in his room at New York's Del- 
monico Hotel and blissfully pored over 
the latest figures. 

"Tins film is breaking records evcrv- 
where," he bellowed. "In seventeen major 
markets, we've been number one since the 
day we opened. In every city it's playing, 
we're outgrossing Superman, we're out- 
grossing everything. One man, on a stage, 
all alone, with material he wrote— he's the 
scenery, he's the sense, he's the sound 



effects, he's everything— is outgrossing 
Superman. And why not? Talent and 
genius is talent and genius." 

Because his movie exists in a gray area 
between film and theater, Sargent did not 
submit it for a rating by the Morion Pic- 
ture Association of America. "Why 
should I? Who the hell are they?" he 
asked belligerently. "Look, I've got a sim- 
ple philosophy. I'm not fighting the 
MPAA. If I went out and did a film 
tomorrow, I would rate it. But Sears and 
Montgomery Ward, the most fashionable 
stores in the world, sold tickets to Richard 
Pryor s concerts. And there was no rating— 
if an eight-year-old kid had the money, he 
couldVe bought a Ticketron ticket." 

Instead. Sargent rated the film himself, 
with a curious little statement attached to 
all ads and promotional displays: 
"WARNING: This Picture Contains 
Harsh and Very Vulgar Language and 
May Be Considered Shocking and Offen- 
sive. No Explicit Sex or Violence Is 
Shown." Although he personally does not 
consider the film dirty or vulgar, he said he 
issued the warning because it was honest 
and would help get newspaper ads. "And 
besides," he confided with a wink, "who's 
kidding who? It helps sell rickets." 

Well, it takes all kinds to do God's 
work. The point is, Sargent, with one sim- 
ple, greedy idea, has accomplished what 
the censorship of television, the FCC and 
the courts have succeeded in preventing 
for so long. He has brought the common 
humor and uncommon art of Richard 
Pryor to the masses. 

Not that Sargent gives a shit about 
that. "I have no message at all" he 
announced proudly. "I'm selfish, I want to 
make a lot of money, and goddamnit, I'm 
doing it. That's what it's all about." 

examined the new world. 
Its just like, I think I'm 
growing, you know?" he said, 
to a nice place. I'm getting a lot more 
deeper about stuff. A lot more sensitive 
about things. And still funny, too. Like 
you need pain to be funny, you know what 
I mean?" 

I mentioned that in his movie he 
seemed more sensitive toward women, and 
he said it was intentional and he was happy 
people caught it. He admitted that the 
part about women's orgasms was true— 
only in the last year and a half did he learn 
that sometimes women didn't come. As a 
result, his attitude toward women 

"Can you get into that a little more?" I 

"Well, I don't want to go too far and 
get fucked up. Uh, let's just say that I'm 
learning, you know?" 

"Well, you've had a lot of opportuni- 

"Thank you," he said, laughing, "you 

Today Richard has a new woman, 
actress Jennifer Lee (she's the one walking 
with Pryor during the opening credits of 
the movie), and things are looking 
brighter in general. He's resolved his 
problems with the law in the case of the 
car murder. The felony charges were 
dropped, and he pleaded guilty to a mis- 
demeanor; he was fined and placed on 

probation, on the condition he perform a 
series of benefit concerts, which he did. 
hies appeared in another movie, Neil 
Simon's California Suite. His Warner 
Bros, live album. Wanted (the same show 
as the movie, but a different perform- 
ance), recently went gold. And he's got a 
bunch of new films coming up. 

"I didn't realize I had a weird disease 
about working," said Pryor. "If I'm off 
work a couple of weeks, I go crazy. I start 

"Everybody got some good shit in em, 
you know, we do. I believe people good. 

"We got some good shit happenm', 
man, and I just be funny, I'm funny, and 
I'm glad of that. And I get to do that kind 
of shit and I get to do my stuff, and they 
call it art or whatever people want to call 
it, you know? But I'm enjoym' it, and I 
know the people are. I wouldn't go out 
there to hurt nobody, you know what I 
mean? 1 never have understood how to 

f I Ihiiik Hit- 

Iriilh k<'<j»»;toii aliw. 
Ami Tonus!...! 

tour lira rf , win* iii ill <l.. 
wlic-rt- il rou nl h. 9 

thinking that I haven't worked in years. 
And Jennifer has to say. Hey, man, you 
just came off the road. You been working 
for a fuckin' year.' And I say, Wha— ? 
Okay.' You know, I get them anxieties? 
I've never been able to relax, and I'm just 
startin' to enjoy that part of it, too." 

Relaxing during the next two years will 
be tricky for Pryor. In May, he starts 
working with Cicely Tyson on a movie 
called Family Dreams for Universal. After 
that, there's a spy spoof for Paramount; 
The Charlie Parker Story for Warner 
Bros.; and a project he's particularly 
excited about, a World War II movie he's 
planning with Giancarlo Giannini. And 
Neil Simon, after seeing Richard Pryor Live 
in Concert, immediately began writing a 
script for Pryor and Marsha Mason, 
Simons wife. It's tentatively tided Macho 

"The thing that's good about it for me 
is people get to see what I do," Pryor said 
of the concert film. " 'Cause Ray Stark, 
who produced (California Suite, had never 
seen me work, right? And when he saw 
the movie, him and Neil, they got real 
excited about what they saw that I could 
do. They said they had no idea, or they 
would have had me do something different 
in their movie." 

This got us talking about the access 
thing, why television didn't allow Pryor to 
perform the way he wanted. I said I'd 
never been able to understand why the 
networks kept us from communicating the 
way most of us normally communicate 
with each other every day. 

And Richard said this: 

"I think its up to each person, to find 
that thing, you know? Like you choose 
sides somewhere along the line. You choose 
the side that says, f I don't want to hear 
that, I don't want to deal with that,' and 
you go get old by the time you're sixty, 
and consider yourself an old person and 
retire and die. 

"Or you can stay alive. I think the truth 
keeps you alive. And young. You know, 
young in your heart, your mind, where it 
counts. Not in the Bank of America- 
inside the people. 

answer, to defend myself. 'Cause I don't 
know what that means." 

Later I thought about Richards state- 
ment and his movie, and I also thought 
about another comedian . . Johnny Carson, 
who, in a recent Rolling Stone interview 
(287), said of Richard Pryor: 

"He can be a very funny man. I'd like 
to see him not be so dirty, 'cause I don't 
think he needs it." 


Irs Funny, 
but is it art? 

holed up in the Plaza for 
months and Silverman won't 
return his calls. So God 
decides to take his act on the road. And 
he's a smash. He plays to the biggest 
crowds in the biggest stadiums in the land, 
and people love him. They love the style 
of his truth, the way he understands and 
captures their lives, exposing their com- 
mon fears and prejudices. Miraculous 
things start happening. People feel good 
about themselves and one another. And 
strangest of all, when he's in town they 
stop watching television. 

So now it's Tuesday morning and Fred 
Silverman gets a disturbing phone call. 

"Freddie? Sid at Ralston Purina. What 
in God's name is going on? I just checked 
the Nielsens for last night and the Ralston 
Purina Hour dropped to nothing in Los 
Angeles. I mean nothing. And not just our 
show, every show in L.A. Apparently it's 
this comedian at the Coliseum." 

"Yeah, Sid," says Silverman, staring at 
the ceiling, "I know all about it." 

"Well, who i* this man?" 

Silverman sighs and rubs his eyebrows. 
"It's,'s God." 

"Cmon, Fred, who is he?" 

"Goddamnit, Sid, it's God! He was up 
here a few months ago and wanted to do a 
special. I turned him down." 

"You turned down God? NBC's third 
in the ratings and you turned down God?" 

"Sid, you don't know what you're talk- 
ing about. The guy says 'fuck' and 'shit,' 

and does bits about blowjobs and racial 

"I don't give a fuck if he says the pope's 
a flaming queer— Fred, grab him, put him 
on. Ralston Purina will back it to the hilt. I 
want a special, prime time, Monday night. 
I want FM simulcast and a satellite 

"Okay, Sid, I gotcha." 

"Oh, and Fred?" 


"I want the same show as the Coliseum, 
the same words and everything, get my 
drift? I don't want anyone saying later that 
Ralston Purina tampered with God." 

So anyway, Silverman puts it all 
together. He calls God, apologizes for not 
getting back to him and gives him the 
green light. In Burbank, he packs NBC's 
biggest studio with people of every race 
and creed. To personally introduce God to 
the world, he hires Orson Welles. 

The show opens. Welles looks as dis- 
tinguished and well fed as ever. In deep, 
rich tones he speaks briefly about the 
image of God, the nature of man and what 
it means to laugh. Then he announces, 
"And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Great- 
est Show on Earth— Ralston Punna Pre- 
sents GodV* 

The show is a fantastic success. God 
performs better than he's ever performed. 
People laugh harder than they've ever 
laughed, not only in the studio but in their 
homes around the world. It's the highest 
rated program in the history of television. 

As the show comes to a close, God 
finishes his routine, then turns to the audi- 
ence an^^Hncs^irJ^reatcompassion 

"Seriously, folks," he says. "It's time 
for me to go— someone has to watch the 
store, if you know what I mean. But I'd 
like to leave you with this thought. There 
is nothing to be ashamed of. You are all 
good and you are all funny. And no one is 
better or funnier than anyone else, myself 
included. Life is sometimes very painful 
and very scary, but if you understand it the 
way I do, it is always funny. Which is why 
I made you, and why I love you, and why 
you must love yourselves. Good night." 

Complete silence. Tears fill every eye in 
the place. A fat, middle-aged nun in the 
front row weeps uncontrollably, her 
whole wobbly body shaking with emotion, 
shaking so violently that it forces out a 
loud, shrill fart— bbbrrraaaaaaaaattt! —that 
lasts about ten seconds. 

Well, the audience goes bananas. It is 
the greatest laugh that God or man has 
ever heard. Silverman laughs, Welles 
laughs, the nun laughs. And God laughs, 

"My point exactly!" he shouts, tears 
streaming down his face. "I couldn't have 
said it better!" 

The laughter roars on, through the 
closing credits and into the night. 

Afterward Silverman runs up to God 
and embraces him. "You were great, God, 
positively fantastic! I've never seen any- 
thing like it." 

"Thanks, Freddie," says God, "but hey, 
what about that nun? Wasn't she terrific? 
I wonder what the folks at home thought 
of her. Huh? She was something. Pschew!" 

Silverman steps back. "Urn, well God, 
uh. . .I'm afraid they didn't hear her." 


"Naw, man, we bleeped it." 




July 19, 1979 

Volume 3 No. 15 

Twenty five cents 

Timothy Leary 

Gadfly or Guru? 


solving our energy 

The Purple 


end of the world 


a mystery in motion 

Here Comes 
The Sun 

Dan Larson 



Topanga Messenger 

July 19, 1979 


Gadfly O* im9BM*9U? 

By Michael Cregar 

July 19. 1979 

Topanga Messenger 

•^jimothy Leary was born in 
M. Springfield, Mass. in 1920. He 
attended Roman Catholic primary 
and secondary schools. Surprisingly 
enough he also attented West Point. 
He received his PhD. from the 
University of California. He has 

ves as atoms or even stars radi- 

"People are terrified by their 
mortality. Each. ..has accepted a 
flimsy philosophy of life— and 

which they challenge. We think of 
Socrates, Darwin, Pasteur, Sak- 

"Resistance to patent observa- 
tions and scientific findings is a 

death— which they do not really routine process in the evolution of 

believe. Thus the irritation and human knowledge. We are familiar 

panic when this basic hypocrisy is with the tendency to place under 

threatened by a scientific disussion taboo, facts which disturb orthodox 

about life origin and life destination, religious dogma. This taboo phe- 

They cannot tolerate the insight nomenon is genetically determined, 

into uneasy areas of uncertainty. New ideas require a change in the 

These facts however, are so alien to wiring associations, and literally 

events. This time however the 
event was almost overshadowed by 
the appearance of Dr. Timothy 
Leary. Yes, Timothy Leary, the 
chemical commando of the sixties, is 

As a crowd gathered around him 
someone shouted, "What made you 
come to Topanga Days?" "It was an 
experiment to see what would 

cause a headache. One cannot 
evolve from one's robothood until 
one realizes how totally one has 
been robotized. Revolution without 

the Judeo-Christian concept of 
human nature that they have been 

"If a credible, respectable God 
does not exist, let us by all means revelation is tyranny; revelation 
invent HIR (Combination of him and without revolution is slavery." 
her). We do need someone interest- The sun began to set over the 
ing to talk to. Hypocrisy, uncon- mountains and Tim Leary was about 
scious motivation, irrational para- to enter his spaceship and leave 
dox, need for approval, and fear of Topanga. "I don't want to over- 
shame dominate every discussion of throw the establishment. They can 
philosophy-religion. keep it. I do not preach revolution, I 
"The aim of life is SMI^E. Space don't care about society. I care 
Migration: Intelligence Increase: about the individual. I urge every 
happen if we dropped in, in our Life Extension. We are designed to individual to shirk all responsibility 
space ship," replied Leary. use our heads (I 2 ) to order to use except love...." 

time (LE) in order to use space. "What kind of course would you 

Joyce Carol Oates once wrote: Each life form on this planet is an teach if you could," shouted another 

"Everyone writes science fiction.... alien immigrant from outer space, voice from the crowd. "Intelligence 

but most write it without having the We are all Unidentified Flying courses," said Leary. "I would call it 

slightest idea that they are doing Organisms. The goal of evolution is Intelligence 1. The schools carefully 

so." Leary also writes in the higher intelligence. The more intel- imprint children to be stupid so that 

"Psi-Phy" genre. His special brand ligent the species, the greater it is a simple routine matter to 

of "science faction," "Exo-psyco- capability of adapting and survi inhibit # questioning intelligence." 

logy," is the psychology of physics, ving." The reason for this is that, "The 

His latest book is available and jam What is fascinating about Mr. giving of information implies 

packed— for those with an eye for Leary's cosmos is that it is concei- power. ...The person with the in 

adventure— with some of the most ved strictly within human terms, formation is placed in a superior 

important ideas of the century. Both Whether you accept or reject his position over the receiver. 

written many books from "Interper- 
sonal Diagnosis of Personality" to 
"The Psychadelic Experience." 

In a back yard in Cuernavaca, 
Mexico in 1960, Leary ate seven 
mushrooms, Psilocybe Mexicana, 
and began a trip that, during the 
following decade, was to become a 
crusade. "I realized I had died, that 
I, Timothy Leary, the ....Leary 
game, was gone...." Leary let 
himself go. He experienced pyscho- 
logical death. The liberating effect 
of the ancient rebirth process that 
comes only through the death of the 

Many people have experienced 
this psychological death. It can also 
be described as coming to the 
realization that we will die. As a 
young adult I too thought I would 
not die. The realization that I would, 
was a startling awakening. This 
realization can create profound 
changes in personality. Literature is 
full of examples of this psychological 
dying. Charles Gordon in his Pulit- 
zer Prize winning play "No Place To 
Be Somebody" also points to this, 
when at the conclusion of the play, 
he advises his black brothers to rise 
to this state of consciousness, for it 
was obviously more beneficial than 
playing at life. To truly realize life's 
great significance, after the 1960 
trip, the former Harvard professor 
turned free spirit was one of the 
most influential figures in an assault 
on the traditional, Western vision of 
man's mind. Yet this assault was 
overshadowed with controversy. On 
March 11, 1966, Leary and his 
daughter Susan were arrested in 

Laredo. Texas This was to begin a facts however, are so alien to the Judeo-Lnristian concept 

five year battle with the law, and bv ^ m£ 

i%9 Leary has been arrested at f human nature that they have been repressed.!) m 

least fourteen times. " / / 

Rumors ran wild. "He's crazy! 
He's sold us out," were just some of 
the accusations. On March 2, 1970, a 
Texas judge called Leary a "menace 
to the country," and sentenced him 
to one-to-ten years in jail. After 
serving some of his jail time from 
numerous arrests Leary escaped 
from prison and turned up in 
Algeria. Finally he was able to pay 
his debt to "society" and is now 
living and working in L.A. 

A recent gathering of the local 
population produced the usual 
panics and frolics accorded such 

eople are terrified by their mortality. Each. ...has 
accepted a flimsy philosophy of life — and death — which 
they do not really believe.Thus the irritation and panic 
when this basic hypocrisy is threatened by a scientific 
discussion about life origin and life destination. They cannot 
tolerate the insight into uneasy areas of uncertainty. These 

professional counselors and lay cosmology becomes academic. What "The I)NA code contains the 
persons alike will find information is important is that it is a valid entire life blueprint-the history of 

on how to better understand alternative. 

themselves and this complex time "History suggests that philoso 

we live in. phies accepted as academic dogma 

Easy Tim's philosophy is beautiful or enforced by punitive legal 

in its implicity. A philosophy based sanctions are not necessarily any 

on stitrtific fact. It is scientific in less fictional than those which are 

that it . oased on empirical findings persecuted and censored. That 

from Jie natural sciences, and it science factions are iorceablv sup 

ms logical to base philosophv pressed onlv when thev arc more fantastic and thrilling as possible, 

upon the laws and structures of the likely to accelerate human evolution Almost anything we can conceive, 

natural sciences. To think oursel than the defensive orthodoxies *<' ( ^ n mak <" real, >£ 

the past and the forecast for the 
future. The future of.. .humanity 
rests dormant in the unused portion 
of our genetic code just as the 
butterfly potential lies hidden in the 
chromosomes of the caterpillar. 
Since our imprints create reality, let 
us choose realities which are as 

wc& t view 

An ammunition belt 
for defenders of 
the City of Angels 


A daughter of this once Golden West. l*m weary of 
defending my natal Los Angeles against verbal 
abuse. Books entitled "Nowhere City" or "Day of 
the Locust," numerous articles (most recently. "Lost 
Honzons" appearing in Harper's), all seemed expressly 
written to expose L.A. as a city of "trash, flash and 
cash" (not necessarily in that order). 

Our critics insist our culture is instant and ersatz, 
dominated not by people, but by personalities who lead 
the nation into every form of kookism. Maybe, maybe 

not. .. . 

To approach truth. I enrolled in a course offered 
through UCLA Extension -"The Writers' Los Angeles' 
-which promised experts to explore the "facts, folk 
lore, history and personalities" associated with the City 
of Angels. 

Of course. I knew that denigrating Los Angeles had 
long been a literary cottage industry. Way back in 1836. 
Richard Henry Dana, his eyes fresh from Tierra del 
Fuego. pronounced the site of the present harbor "the 
worst place we've seen yet." H.L Mencken called us 
"Moronia." vowing "the whole place stank of orange 
blossoms." More recently. Neil Simon gibed in "Califor- 
nia Suite." L.A. is "paradise with a lobotomy." 

The first class meeting attacked some of these no- 
tions. Class coordinator David Clark, author of "L.A. on 
Foot." a sturdy guidebook, introduced Benjamin Stein. 
A former Nixon aide. Stein set forth his sleazy apercus 
in "Dreemz," an autobiographical exploration of Deep- 
est Hollywood. 

Feel lucky to live here. Stein told us. In New York. 
wriig&jf^gtted down by a sense of elitist rug t ha t flesh is heir to..«— m>h—mmi ■ «■ , ■ 

rencrusted past."; wnereas tiasiemefs L.A. became a symbolic Zion that held promise for 


one-fourth of the population suffered from every ill 

ruin their creative youth by trying to break into the 
New Yorker. Westerners turn out their stuff with a 
"gel it done, get it sold" attitude. "So it's not a master- 

"What's so terrible about smog after the East's clim- 
atic horrors 9 " he asked. In "Dreemz" he confessed, 
"There is something about this city that makes me feel 
euphoric . . It has something to do with the climate 
and the sunlight and the freeways and the free people." 

Stein hit on themes that cropped up throughout the 
course, themes that have made Los Angeles both re- 
spectable and desirable in the realm of book publishing, 
according to Charles Bloch, local Bantam editor. This 
city has all the elements for top -of- the list best-sellers: 
kinky sex. easy -come wealth, instant fame and "unu- 
sual activities." he told us. Of 15 recent best-sellers, six 
had indigenous settings. 

Bloch dispensed invaluable information about new 
agents for neophyte writers, publishing processes and 
costs. He assessed his audience- tired teachers, frowsy 
students, a photojournalist. the woman owner of the 
Scene of the Crime Bookshop. Might one of us be sitting 
on a hot property, that Janus-faced manuscript looking 
either towards film or TV conversion? 

L.A. is a gold mine for ideas and trends, said soft- 
spoken Francis Ring, editor of Westways (official Au- 
tomobile Club magazine), disco roller-skating being the 
trendiest. Though there's a new small -is -better view, 
still plenty of juice is left in the Big Orange. 

And the origins of the Big Orange are predictably un- 
orthodox, explained John Weaver, whose credentials 
include "El Pueblo Grande" and the Encyclopaedia Bn- 
tannica entrv on L.A. Weaver, in fact, confessed his 
conversion to Angelenohood** was based on tolerance 
for the eccentric. One day. he and his wife, who for 
years yearned for their Eastern home, spotted a fellow 
dressed as Jesus of Nazareth in the May Co.. provoking 
nary a second look from the shoppers. 

The second class, a night of heavy ram. (I recalled 
the saying that L.A. has only two kinds of weather- 
perfect and unusual). Historian Gloria Lathrop em- 
barked on a nonstop account of how the West was won. 
beginning with the fossils of 12 million years ago. Ini- 
tially, people migrated here because it seemed a new 
Eldorado, the world's final frontier of opportunities, 
which drew wave upon wave of immigrants, many 
seeking health rather than wealth. In fact, in the 1880s. 

those who felt they were among the "chosen ones.' 
Many apparently felt specially selected since L.A. has 
been the historical spawning ground of socio -religious 
cults. Also bizarre crime, the most celebrated local ex- 
ample being the still -unsolved slaying of Elizabeth 
Short. Her body was found in a vacant lot precisely 
severed at the waist, suggesting her murderer had 
medical training. (John Gregory Dunne's "True Con- 
fessions" fictionalized this 1945 case.) L.A. Times col- 
umnist Jack Smith, then a Daily News reporter, found 
the headline that he insisted will insure his immortality. 
"Black Dahlia," the murdered woman's friends called 
her— not because she affected all -black clothing, as er- 
roneously believed— but because her black bouffant 
hairdo suggested the flower. 

"Crime night" continued with Steve Shagan, author 
of "City of Angels." a "true" crime story using local 
place names and a loner anti-hero in the Raymond 
Chandler tradition. Better known for "Save the Tiger." 
a film set in the L.A. garment district and Little Tokyo. 
Shagan claimed you get away with more here. "The 
place generates and sparks the imagination." He listed 
L.A.'s four horsemen of the apocalypse: Santa Ana 
winds, fires, floods and mudslides. Dollar signs in his 
eyes Shagan drifted into a discussion of his forthcom- 
ing "presold" book. "The Formula." simultaneously 
slated for film (Metro), hardcover (Morrow) and soft- 
cover (Bantam) while it was still only an embryonic 
concept. He discussed the new big money to be made. 
What's the upside? How much can it gross? No longer 
embarrassed to admit he lives west of the Hudson, he 
proclaimed we have come of age. have shrugged off 
"Eastern chic." This is a center of first-rate films, ar- 
tists, universities, buildings. 

Despite our achievements, some believe we are a city 
that should never have been. "Island on the Land," Ca- 
rey McWilliams subtitled his history of Southern Cali- 
fornia to illustrate the anomaly of developing a major 
city cut off, as we are. by barriers of desert and moun- 
tains. We lacked a natural harbor, resources or even 
water. But through luck (in the '20s producers of one- 
fifth the world's oil), pluck (from citrus agriculture or- 
ange juice became a national dietary necessity) and 
guile (the Owens Valley Aqueduct). L.A. was boot- 
strapped into existence. 

And what a barren basin originally! Instructor Clark 
showed one historical slide of 460 square miles of un- 

developed real estate, to draw a long sigh from the 
y can happine ss be achieved without an au- 
tomobile? asked a TO3 ad. Easily at 15 cents a gallon. 
But to really understand L.A.. as has been observed, 
one most "read it in the original" by studying our free- 
ways. The present system, suffering from arteriosclero- 
sis, is based on the Pacific Electric's "big red car" grid, 
once the world's best interurban mass transit network 
connecting those seven suburbs in search of a city, uni- 
fying the suburban sprawl. 

Women's night: Ph.D. Carolyn See, acting like an 
academic comedienne, spoke on the Hollywood novel. 
The true thing is this is a "place you can come (to) and 
restructure your world. You can make it up the way 
you want," from a brand new identity to thinner thighs. 
She wrote "Mothers, Daughters." not a kvetchy femin- 
ist tract, but a novel that dissects divorce Topanga Can- 
yon - style in the present Me decade. 

Jill Robinson (producer Dore Senary 's daughter) told 
me her "Perdido" is a roman a clef set in the Hollywood 
Ten era. "Read it, you'll recognize everyone." I bought 
it at the supermarket and recognized only the sliding 
Palisades cliffs, Santa Monica streets and coming of age 
in cars. We had grown up at approximately the same 
time on different sides of Chautauqua. 

By the final meeting, we were convinced L.A. is the 
least Orwellian of modern cities. Jonathan Kirsch (New 
West) predicted growing political integrity when rhs- 
panics (600,000 not presently on the citizenship track) 
are recognized as a true "majority minority." Geoff Mil- 
ler, chief editor of Los Angeles, a magazine catering to 
the affluent desires and needs of some 100,000 upper- 
income Angelenos, said we ride a sense of self-deter- 
mination based on personal achievement. Norman Cor- 
win in exploring a continuing New York -is -to -Hertz - 
as-L.A.-is-to-Avis rivalry, told us this city exerts a se- 
ductive force on the national consciousness. We have 
already achieved the status, honorably earned, of 
America's first city. 

I failed the course. There is no easy purchase on this 
place A protean city of schlock and substance, of 
promises and dreams lived out against the "hard, pale 
wild- lilac" hills and fugitive blue and gold days, L.A 
will always elude definition. It's not a place I would 
want to visit, but I could live nowhere else. I'm with the 
speaker who threw up his hands in exasperation: ' The 
thing about this city is you can't say what it is ... It s 
the freest city in the world." Amen. 

Lewis is a native Southern California writer. 

we s t view 

Einstein: redefining the universe with humankind in mind 


A gravity of books appeared this year to mark the 
centenary of the birth of Albert Einstein. I 
have been immersed in them for several weeks. 
1 am only slightly clearer about his views on relativity, 
speculation on gravity and timespace, on the energy of 
creation (e«mc*), equations which incorporate notions 
of the origin and fate of the universe arid laws on the 
behavior of massive bodies and high-speed objects. I am 
also aware of the arguments between schools of theo- 
retical physics, these modern cosmologists who some- 
times sound like medieval scholastics arguing about the 
number of angels dancing on the head of a pin. 

It is the other Albert Einstein 1 understand more 
clearly: the human and humane, wise and compassion- 
ate, humble and decent man who inhabits a place 
among the symbolic figures of our century. We cannot 
and do not separate him from his role as a scientist 
People who do not know or much care about black 
holes in space or Einstein's blind spot about the quan- 
tum theory ("God does not play dice," he said, seeming 
to ignore his own early work which helped to found 
quantum theory and allowed uncertainty to intervene 
in the universe. "Stop telling God what to doT Niels 
Bohr, his antagonist, replied.), still see Einstein as a 
wise and reasonable man, one who never took refuge in 
the ivory tower but went out into our world, the world 
of politics and persecution, of violence and war, to at- 
tempt to ameliorate the lot of his fellow beings. 

Einstein's work helped to change that world. His 
ideas were fertile enough to seed this century of science 
with its issues and advances. He was not perfect-, he 
was not, emphatically, a saint. There was warmth and 
wit, a palpable and deep commitment to a decent life 
and men&chlichkeit; he could be stubborn in professional 
matters. It would be a mistake to assume that Einstein, 
the creative theoretical physicist, and Einstein, the 
gentle eccentric who hardly ever wore socks, whose 
hair was !ong and like an odd uncle from Middle Eui 
rope, were not connected. 

He was a whole man, unified. Indeed he was a merger 
of many of the intellectual and social forces which went 
into the making of him: his Jewishness, his love of 
science, his rejections of the trappings of religion but 
not of the religious impulse, his ethic of human respon- 
sibility in a universe which, though subject to laws 

which could be harnessed by man, still made man seem 
puny. Edmund Halley, the astronomer, said of Isaac 
Newton, the great scientist who was in stature Ein- 
stein's peer: "Nearer the gods no mortal may approach." 

In a certain sense, Einstein's work brought him to the 
center and edges of a universe tinged by the gentle 
pantheism of his beliefs. He seemed to the rest of us 
more magician than god, more sage than magician. He 
was above all accessible. Ironic for the man who had 
once written his sister that he was becoming more and 
more of a hermit, the man who forgot to list his Nobel 
Prize on a vita submitted to the Kaiser Leopold German 
Academy of Scientists at Halle (in which Goethe once 
held membership). 

In America, he accepted the obligations of celebrity, 
posed for pictures in Hollywood with Charlie Chaplin 
and Ernst Lubitsch, at Caltech in Pasadena with Robert 
Millikan and Irving Langmuir, accepted the deeper ci- 
vic challenge of a public figure, spoke out against the 
Nazis, affirmed his Jewishness, supported Zionism as an 
answer to the homelessness and vulnerability of the 
Jews, supported the war against Hitler despite his paci- 
fist beliefs, urged the construction of the atom bomb, 
then, later, warned against the dangers of nuclear ca- 

He is, of course, more associated with Princeton than 
with Pasadena. Yet, California— particularly Southern 
California— was his first important American experi- 
ence. When asked about his scientific travels, he re- 
sponded: "Occasional lecture trips to France, Japan, 
Argentina, England, the United States, which— except 
for the journeys to Pasadena— did not actually serve 
research purposes." 

From abstract speculations on the speed of light he 
entered the world of limelight; the music of the spheres 
turned into a pop concert of caricatures; the mad scien- 
JiaLJhe genius (his na me entered the language: "He's 
no Emttrm." titer fflW trf doll pe o » 4 g>, the amateur vio- 
linist. He took all this with the humorous twist which 
was his chief response to the absurdities visited upon 
him. A car commercial even now uses an Einstein look- 
alike to promote its energy -saving vehicle. 

Children he loved. Unfailingly, he answered their let- 
ters and indeed almost all letters which were sent to 

him. He was never condescending though frequently 
patriarchal. He could have been a middle-aged Polo- 
nius, except that he was rarely trite in his responses. I 
think my single favorite, if I have to choose one, of the 
several recent books on the man is Albert Einstein, The 
Human Side: New Glimpses From His Archives, se- 
lected and edited by Helen Dukas (his long-time secre- 
tary) and Bamesh Hoffman (Princeton University: 
$8.95; illustrated). 

Schoolchildren often asked him for help with math. 
The man who had suffered with some insensitive 
teachers during his own school days sometimes provid- 
ed the answer (Johanna Mankiewicz of Los Angeles re- 
ceived a carefully drawn diagram from him solving a 
problem she had written him about in 1952). A young 
girl in Princeton came to his house for help. This time 
Einstein, after chatting with her, decided she should 
ask her teacher (whom he knew) to clarify the work 
for her. The next day she told her teacher that even 
Einstein did not know the answer. 

Hilary Cuny, in the chapter "Such as We Knew 
Him," from Einstein by Louis de Broglie, Louis Ar- 
mand, Pierre -Henri Simon and others (Peebles Press, 
distributed by Farrar, Straus k Giroux: $12.95; illustrat- 
ed) reiterates his affection for children though suggest- 
ing that American reporters took the incident of help- 
ing the child with a math problem and used it over and 
over. It is possible; he very soon became a legendary 

But he was, Cuny assures us, always genuine. He 
could get rid of people he did not like: "You will allow 
me to return, I hope, Professor?" asked a society wom- 
an who had managed to get an invitation to a musicale. 
"No," he said. His wife protested. "But why should she 
come back? I really don t see the necessity." He had no 
sense of class or elitism. He spoke to seemingly unim- 
portant people for hours while celebrities might be ig- 

norec ^«Mna«Mtti«n^ 

When a statue of him was erected on the facade of 

New York's Riverside Church, he burst into peals of 

laughter, told the embarrassed pastor: "At the very 

most I might have imagined that one day I would be 

made a Jewish saint, but I never thought I'd become a 

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Above. Albert Einstein and Mrs. Einstein with Charlie Chaplin. Right. Ein- 
stein enjoying a bit of relaxation at Palm Springs. Below, Einstein chatting 
with Dr. Robert Millikan in 1937 at the Caltech laboratories in Pasadena. 











CflB AnjtltB glmiB Thurs June 14, tg79-ftr| IV ^ 

'A Void Home': Grace in Space 


A growing number of scientists, humanists and just plain tists W*>>p »«». t* I—,,. ,u u ..• . ™ 

peopfe see space's endless frontier as the only alternative of th P trm $1"! to leave them b * lund - T 1 " 1 ' 8 th e P"^» 

to an earth of dwindling natural resources. aUernaUve ° f % ^ J^fjfKW if ?° U P lh «e using thcrlhV 

These "space opUmists"-interviewed in a USC school 2ce2S#K Hit ??* f 4 ab ° V - e alL the tn ^ 

of journalism television documentary. "A Void Horned Sf 2, J frnnS 5 I ?. C,V " Servants and w ' 

view the energy cris.s as a naturaJ part of our evomuonary h gh orb.V' d W ° men llke ™ M we move ^ 

process and the negative nudge we need to begin buildine 
solar power satellites, and eventually space colonies 

Peter Vajk, author of "Doomsday Has Been Canceled" 
and an authority on space colonies interviewed in the doc- 
umentary envisions huge earth -orbiting solar power sat- 
ellites, each capable of providing the energy needs of a city 
the size of Los Angeles. 

"It's the trajectory of evolution." insists Timothy Leary 
Leary. a frequent lecturer on space, discusses the evolu- 
tionary aspects of space in the documentary. "We were 
under water, and climbed to the shoreline. The DNA code 
has been working for 3.5 million years to get organisms to 
move faster, fly higher and become more diverse " 

UbU couldn t have been better timed. While the nation 
SS« 7 m lts , de P enden ce on oil and reexamines its com- 
mitment to nuclear power. "A Void Home" explores a new 
source of energy-solar power satellites. 

Solar -powered satellites could convert the sun's enerev 
into electrical potential via solar cells and transmit that 
energy by microwave beams to ground-based receiving 
stations, which would convert the microwaves back into 
electrical energy. 

"A Void Home" points out that the technology exists, 
but that motivation and money are lacking. Cost estimates 
range from an opponent's claim of $1.5 trillion to a pro- 
ponent s estimate of $100 billion over a 20-year period. 

One possible answer to the prohibitive costs of building 
satellites on the ground and then shooting them into space! 
the documentary suggests, is to build them in space. The 
establishment of a colony on the moon would enable that 
planet s resources to be used to build satellites. Metal could 
be mined and processed on the moon, and because there is 
httle gravity to hamper construction, there would be no 
limit to the size of the satellites. 

Tom Heppenheimer. author of "Colonies in Space." and a 
planetary scientist interviewed m "A Void Home " claims 
there would be a 20 to 1 return on the investment in the 
form of new services, new products and new energy 

One of the groups actively promoting space colonielA 

\ (* 


IN SPACE— NASA projection of space 
colony, featured in "A Void Home." 


•• r 


the International L5 space society (named for a stable 
point in space proposed as a space colony site). The 2 400- 
member group is only slightly larger than the Flat Earth 
bociety, whose members today still wonder why Columbus 
didn t fall off the edge. ^""I 

The L5 Society points out, and scientists interviewed in) 
A Void Home agree, that next to energy, space recreai 
tion and tounsm will be space's second -biggest business. 

fcven more important to some than the prospects of zi 

Besides the scientific and industna weed of £an> th P m f Z^° n lm P°. rtant J l ° so ™ than the prospects of g 

sssms exammes £%&%&£% sacs zmssxr* honeymwm h f 

Leary says that space migration and space colonies are tiedSathSchS Ste SSS?^,^ ^ Wh ' 

thinly alternates to a "dead-end consciousness" on *t -'poinds. "SiCoK V%i22g%3g 

"People hke Heppenheimer are going to tell you that ifs ^iKTSj};! "^ *"$ E , hrick ' a deslgner of rock 

LA WEEKLY August 10-16, 1979 

This week's fun at a glance. Where to go & what to see arouj 

Edited by Joie Davidow 


^^fc ince the Improvisation was 
^^ gutted by a fire last March, 
^^ only the front rooms have 
been open, with a tiny stage set up in 
one corner under a stairway, and a 
makeshift wall dividing the playing 
area from the bar. But owner Budd 
Friedman has transformed an im- 
presario's nightmare into a 
decorator's dream and the re- 
furbished club is scheduled to open 
with a flashy party next Monday, 
August 13th. 

The big back room has been re- 
designed to seat 225 with a series of 
platforms along one wall, ending the 
lousy-view-from-the-back problem. 
An enlarged stage is at the other end 
of the room, and a number of tables 
and chairs are clustered on the floor 
in between. Improved sound and 
lighting systems are being installed - 
even the bathrooms are being 

Budd has lots of other plans for 
classing up the joint. A ground piano 
has been purchased, and he tells us 
he's currently in negotiations with a 
"high-priced accompanist who also 
does wallpapering end plumbing." 
The exterior will soon boast a huge 
sign found at an auction with posts 
and Greek statues as high as the 
main entrance. It's a genuine old 
WRESTLING sign, with likenesses of 
the Duke of Windsor and "some 
lord"purchased in honor of comic 
Andy Kaufman who does a wrestling 
routine in which he challenges an ex- 
girlfriend to a re-match. 

Budd also plans to install an anti- 
que brass drinkng rail with stained 


I AMtfeCW fMtATY* y 



Budd Friedman 

glass windows in the bar, and is look- 
ing for a food concessionaire to ex- 
pand the menu, which currently 
features hamburgers and quiche. 

Plans for opening week are exten- 
sive, beginning with an already-sold- 
out, all-star opening night cohosted 
by Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman 
and Budd. The stars will follow up 

with solo benefit performnces, Robin 
Williams on Aug. 15th, Andy Kauf- 
man Aug. 27-29; and Gabe Kaplan 
wil be performing at a later date to be 
announced. There will also be a 
benefit for the newly formed 
American Federation of Comedians 
(AFL-CIO), Aug. 16th, which will 
feature a surprise celebrity comic. 

Afterwards, the back room will 
operate as it always has, with con- 
tinuous stand-up comedy by the 
known, the unknown, and the just 
starting to be known, with occasional 
visits by celebrity regulars like Kauf- 
man and Williams. 

There will be one unusual addition 
to the routine, however. Dr. Timothy 
Leary will be holding forth on a series 
of Monday nights. Is the doctor fun- 
ny? Budd says he's not bad. So 
who's surprised? 

Budd Friedman's Improvisation, 
8I62 Melrose Ave. 
Call 651 -2583 

Andy Ksufmai 

r*r\ri tho nimc* r\4 Mino Qimnno ror. 

I tho nrr»iort " larlr ^iHnpu mn<?pH 

loid would have dared print such a 
piece on a anal ago us non-gay sub- 
ject. It is perhaps ironic that the 
only thing attacked in this par- 
ticular issue of the newspaper 
(aside from child molestation) is 
the attempt by gay athletes to 
create a communication other 
than the kinds of communication 
so graphically advertised on your 

The author's condescending 
tone told us that he had a par- 
ticular ax to grind, and given the 
rather Byzantine politics of San 
Francisco baseball, we wonder if 
he was a priori alligned [sic] with 
those West Coast factions who 
called for a boycott of the series 
before it ever took place. In terms 
of so-called reportage, we find 
more cheap shots than facts: more 
'50s self-hating innuendoes than 
concrete examination of what 
transpired: more covertness than 
honesty. The Ram Rod team was 
snidely referred to as "rah-rah," 
which is a baseball illiterate's way 
of saying that we were enthusiastic 
about playing. Back East, we be- 
lieve in a particular credo which 
your reporter found only worthy of 
sneering at: It's not the winning 
that counts but how you play 
which is important. 

Next is the question of the lop- 
sided scores, which the author 
claims was due solely to San Fran- 
cisco's "advantage of home field 
and several seasons' playing ex- 
perience." What he failed to men- 
tion and what (once again) he 
might have discovered by bother- 
ing to ask but one question of any 
of the New Yorkers, was that we 
were playing by rules that we were 
totally unaccustomed to. In par- 
ticular, the lob pitch, which is 
unheard of and therefore unseen 

in the East is the only legal pitch 
in the West. The fact that the 
author failed to mention this key 
element simply reinforces our con- 
viction that his purpose was to 
make us look ridiculous in the eyes 
of the reading public. 

Finally, we come to what is the 
most offensive and defaming part 
of the article: the accusations 
that we badmouthed San Fran- 
cisco as "low class" and the like. 
We not only catagorically [sic J 
deny this charge, but ask that 
either Mr. Forbes substantiate this 
particular charge with proof or 
that he apologize to us on these 
pages. We wonder why the editors 
would publish such unsubstantia- 
ted tripe knowing that the only 
results could be to poison relations 
between the athletic communities 
of the two cities. 

ADVOCATE publisher David 
Goodstein periodically decries 
"gay spolers" [sic] and their 
detrimental effect on the gay 
world. We feel that before he laun- 
ches another blast, he should 
check very carefully into his own 
bullpen and examine the fecal 
matter very carefully. The par- 
asites therein can be very danger- 

Unsigned, but attributed to 

The Ram Rod Softball Team 

New York. NY 

[Sounds to me like more than one 
ax is being ground in this earth- 
shattering controversy, so I've 
asked Dennis Forbes to defend 
himself. — Ed 
Mr. Forbes replies: 
At the time I was given the assign- 
ment by The ADVOCATE to cov- 
er the First Annual Gay Softball 
World Series. I was asked to write 
my impressions of the event, as 
well as to photograph it. When the 

piece appeared as the first-section 
lead-off feature. I was quite sur- 
prised. I fully expected it to be 
tucked away in the "lifestyle" Se- 
cond Section of the magazine. 
What I wrote was, indeed, person- 
al opinion; I think it unfortunately 
was positioned and headlined as if 
it were straightforward news cov- 
erage, which I had not intended it 
to be. I shot over 100 frames of the 
people present and game action; 
what was picked by the editors to 
be reproduced with the story 
would not necessarily have been 
my own choices had the selection 
been mine; that, of course, is edi- 
torial prerogative. 

But I do not apologize to the 
anonymous writeris) of the above 
letter for any of what I reported or 
photographed. There is nothing 
either intentionally dishonest or 
purposely distorted in my story. I 
was very purposely cynical in my 
tone, to be sure; but better judg- 
ment tempered what I could have 
said realty negatively about this es- 
sentially disappointing (to me and 
other spectators) "first" for gay 
people. To have written it up for 
The ADVOCATE as a wonderful 
exercise of good will and high- 
spirited cooperation between the 
New York and San Francisco gay 
communities, happening in a 
heady mood of loving gay brother- 
hood and plain old-fashioned 
sportsmanship and good fun 
would have totally misrepresented 
what was. instead, very apparently 
a mis- hyped, poorly orchestrated, 
indifferently attended, sloppily ex- 
ecuted event riddled with ill-will 
and recriminations. It is my view 
that gay people (especially those 
gay people not living metropol- 
itan-gay lifestyles) are not at all 
well- served when fed a lot of self- 

serving gay- media bullshit frosting 
about how wonderful is everything 

Asa gay person living by choice 
for the past six years in San Fran- 
cisco. I was genuinely em har- 
assed for (rather than angered by) 
the several (admittedly uniden- 
tified, except by their uniforms) 
peatedly badmouth their host city 
and its gay community members 
and institutions (discos, bars, 
baths, etc.) during the pre- game 
warm up. Inasmuch as I was. prior 
to the game, introduced as The 
ADVOCATE representative to a 
person identified to me as the New 
York league manager, my pres- 
ence on the New York sidelines 
was hardly incognito* Thus, this 
vicious naysaying. if not for my 
special benefit, was as relevant to 
reportage as the subsequent action 
on the field, since it certainly re- 
flected an aspect of the mood of 
the total event — however unpleas- 
ant or embarassing it might seem 
in print. (For possible recollection 
of the writeris) of the Ram Rod let- 
ter, I was the bearded fellow in 
green ball cap with Nikon in hand 
who was hanging about the New 
York bench before and during the 
Sunday game, shooting pictures to 
absolutely no one's question or ob- 
jection and jotting down what I 
heard, overhear and observed.) 

Like writeris) of the above sour- 
graping, some members of the San 
Francisco team were also upset by 
the "tone" of my brief piece. In a 
non-hostile phone conversation, a 
team spokesperson accepted that 
it had been my intention to com' 
municate a personal viewpoint 
rather than to write an unopinion- 
ated "news" story, and he granted 
that it was my perfect right to hold 
and express a rather less- than- en- 

thusiastic view of the event as it 
was bally hooed and happened. 

At the conclusion of our conver- 
sation, the San Francisco league 
spokesperson and I were in agree- 
ment that any first- time event is 
prone to suffer from some sloppy 
planning and unintential misman- 
agement, and that, hopefully, next 
year's planned "world" series will 
better reflect the hard work and 
enthusiastic support such an event 
requires and deserves. We all 
learn from our mistakes, especial- 
ly our stupid ones, when we own 
up to them rather than protecting 
that they should have gone unno- 

Regarding the RamRod letter's 
allusion to my being a "dangerous 
parasite" in the "fecal matter" of 
David B. Goodstein s "bullpen," I 
refer the above writeris) only to my 
extensive in-print record of over 
four years as a well- published 
openly gay writer, photographer 
and illustrator as to whether I am. 
after all. "illiterate," "self hat- 
ing." "anachronistic," "condes- 
cending" or in any way a so-called 
"gay spoiler." 

Finally, it is my personal opin- 
ion that The ADVOCATE can be 
faulted in the matter of this sour- 
grape bickering only for giving the 
First Annual Gay Softball World 
Series so much display in Issue 
231. not to mention all this ver- 
biage in the present "Letters to the 
Editor" space; rather it should 
have had. at best, a paragraph or 
two mention under the "Dis- 
patch" banner. Gay San Francis- 
cans and New Yorkers alike would 
have done well not to look a gift 
horse in the mouth, remembering 
that even overblown, "bad" press 
is far better in the final measure 
than little or no press at all.} 



Spiritual Developments 

by Dean Gengle 

Bob Wilson has got to be one of the happiest people 
I've ever encountered in print or in person. It's a hap- 
piness that borders on the zany and the half-witted. 
In the language of the Tarot. he's a Fool. Folly is the best 
teacher. Wilson has pinballed his way from the pseudo-posh 
of Playboy'* editorial offices to months under the thumb of 
Oakland's welfare system. He now lives in Berkeley with an 
extended family, a.k.a. a commune. He has written or col- 
laborated in the writing of six books prior to his latest offer- 
ing. He still writes and is polishing off another science fic- 
tion work at the moment. It is difficult to see how he can top 
the blazing, convoluted, holistic and sometimes exasperat- 
ingly cosmic comicry of Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the 
llluminati (And/Or Press. Box 2246, Berkeley. CA 94702, 

llluminati? Final secret? Well, now, let's just back up a 
bit in time, shall we? llluminatus! is the trilogy Wilson co- 
authored with Robert Shea. Playboy called it "a cross be- 
tween a literary acid trip and a political tour de farce." But 
we won't count that because Wilson had connections at 
Playboy. The Village Voice put it another way: "Based on 
actual incarnations of the mystic illuminati sects ... the 
novel ties together everything you've ever dreaded about 
Watergate, the Mafia, UFOs, all the recent political 
assassinations, Atlantis, Nazi Germany, giant rock festivals, 
the CIA, pyramid power, John Dillinger, LSD, yoga, the 
FBI and the last words of Dutch Schultz — for starters — in 
a hilariously raunchy style. llluminatus! is the ultimate con- 
spiracy book, and will probably become the biggest sci-fi 
cult novel since Dune." 

Since those words were written, sure enough, llluminatus! 
has hit the college campus crazies and is showing signs of 
breaking out of the sci-fi, speculative fantasy crowd and in- 
to the realms of astral money. The British have discovered 
him with a royal vengeance and llluminatus! was adapted 
as a 10-hour Wagnerian science fiction rock epic and per- 
formed at Great Britain's National Theatre under the pat- 
ronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Wilson ap- 
peared briefly in a cameo role for that production. Not bad 

lou may ask, "What is the secret of his success, much less 
the final secret of the Illuminati?" It could be Just Magick, 
since Wilson holds titles as an initiate in several occult 
orders, including White Cord Witch, Voo Doo Priest. Wat- 
er Brother, and High Priest of the Cult of the Sacred Cy- 
borg, his most recently conferred and most highly cherished 
achievement, for which he did nothing. 

His favorite living author is, he thinks. William S. Bur- 
roughs. His favorite dead author is, I think, A leister 
Crowley. Like Crowley, he is master of the printed put-on. 
Like Burroughs, he knows where bodies are buried. Like 
Vonnegut, he slips the reader out of time, but unlike just 
about any contemporary writer of any kind, Wilson has a vi- 
sion, even though he claims to be an agnostic. A stoned 
agnostic, at that. In spite of some incredible personal 
disasters and trials, Wilson has emerged with voice more 
clear than ever about the basically optimistic future of the 
planet. Meeting together in his communal retreat in the 
Berkeley hills, our recorded exchange began on that note. 

I've noticed that when I'm most happy and high I get 
strange input from others who seem to want to penetrate 
that happiness with all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't be 
happy. It's an interesting phenomenon. 

I agree with Don Juan. Almost everybody is a black magi- 
cian. The whole art of life is just to not let them bring you 
down. Once you figure it out you find that everybody or 
nearly everybody in one way or another is looking out 
suspiciously for signs of happiness; and whenever they see it 
they pounce in one way or another: paranoia, depression or 
something that's your fault, which, once you've attended to, 
will bring you down into their misery. 

Is it safe to say that what you've done in Cosmic Trigger is 
to build a new model of the universe? 

I'm not offering a new model; I'm offering several new 
models simultaneously. I regard my writing as guerilla on- 
tology. In llluminatus! I offer the reader several models of 
the conspiracy that runs the world, if you believe there is 
such a conspiracy, and let the readers choose their own 
paranoia. You get every possible variation and permutation 
in llluminatus! You can pick whichever one suits you best. 
If you want to live in a loser's script with "somebody else" 
running your world and you're one of the victims, that book 
will give you any one you want You can pick from about 20 
of them in there. In Cosmic Trigger I give about eight major 
models of what the universe is all about. You can pick 
whichever one you like. 

But these models seem to interlock in an interdependent 
way. They all have something in common. 

I don't know. Some of them are more scientific and some 
of them are more occult. What do they have in common? 

Half Witness at the Trigger: 

An Inter-Review with 
Robert Anton Wilson 

The great beasts that inhabited Europe, Asia 
and North America die off as a result of muta- 
tions and diseases caused by the solar flare. All 
relics of the Atlantean civilization are destroyed. 
The people who were Gruad's erstwhile country- 
men are either killed or driven forth to wander 
the earth. Besides Gruad's Himalayan colony 
there is one other remnant of the High Atlan- 
tean era: the Pyramid of the Eye, whose ceramic 
substance resisted solar flare, earthquake, tidal 
wave and submersion in the depths of the ocean. 
Gruad explains that it is right that the eye 
should remain. It is the eye of God, the One. the 
scientific- technical eye of ordered knowledge 
that looks down on the universe and by percei- 
ving it causes it to be. If an event is not wit- 
nessed, it does not happen; therefore, for the 
universe to happen there must be a Witness. 

from llluminatus! 

by Robert Shea and 

Robert Anton Wilson 

Well, what I saw was that a) they each originate in and 
through the human nervous system and b) they become real 
to the extent that they can be communicated and shared 
with people in some way. Paranoid communications, for ex- 
ample, will evoke a paranoid reality. The models one 
chooses to live by are somewhat arbitrary, but that some 
models work better than others can be discovered using so- 
called empirical methods. 

Copyright 1 978 De*n Gcngk 

I regard so-called reality as the resultant of all the con- 
flicts of all the gangs of organized and unorganized magi- 
cians operating on this planet. "Resultant" in the physical 
sense. In physics you can analyze forces by taking any two of 
them and finding the result using the parallelogram 
method. You continue to do this until you get down to one 
resultant of the forces. This is elementary physics. 

Is the planet itself becoming a functioning organism as a 
result of those forces in conflict? 

I think the planet always has been an organism. I think 
we're just becoming more conscious of it. Needless to say, 
the Western intellectual tradition lost sight of the 
her books, shows that contrary to the popular impression, 
the scientific revolution was largely the work of hermetic 
the scientific revolution was largely the work of hermetic 
philosophers who were in rebellion against Aristotle and 
had a very organismic philosophy that was heavily influ- 
enced by Cabalah, gnosticism, alchemy and what you 
might call the Western Taoist tradition, the underground 
hermetic tradition. Yet by the time the scientific revolution 
was accomplished, that background was entirely lost in the 
^b'lffl^ awf we come out with this dead, mechanistic 
universe that we have been stuck with for 300 years. 

For 300 years the intelligentsia of the west has been stuck 
with this dead universe. They are just beginning to discover 
that it's really not a machine at all, but a living presence. 

Thought, perhaps? 

Eddington said it's more like a great thought than a great 
machine. But the latest physics seems to really indicate that 
it's more like a great acid trip than a great thought. 

The thing that is the most fascinating to me at this point 
in history is how many things seem to be converging, how 
much information that was apparently lost for a time is be- 
ing rediscovered and resynthesized with what we think we've 
learned through the dead, mechanistic approach. It's com- 
ing full circle. 

There's nothing that mystics have ever claimed that is 
now scientifically impossible. Say around 1900, or even as 
late as 1950, you were on pretty good scientific ground if you 
said that any particular claim of the mystics was absurd. In 
some cases you could have said, "That's impossible." But 
from the point of view of 1978 science, any wild idea you 
care to come up with will fit in somewhere as a possibility. 

For instance, the number of higher intelligences that may 
exist in this galaxy or the higher intelligences that may exist 
in other dimensions are scientifically quite conceivable en- 
tities, and they are just as staggering to contemplate as 
any of the angels or archangels of Cabalah. That's the whole 
point of Kubrick's 2001. 2001 is really a watershed film in 
that it shows where the scientific and the mystical overlap, 
in the possibility that we have been programmed by higher 
intelligences in ways that we don't even dimly begin to 
understand, which is quite thinkable scientifically, now. 
And it is just as eerie as anything Cabalists or hermeticists 
have ever had to offer. 

In addition, the basic One-ness of consciousness has so 
much in modern science to back it up now. Humanistic 
psychologists more and more are incorporating oriental in- 
sights from Zen and Yoga and so on. Quantum physics is 
full of ideas that sound just like new cosmology or even Sufi 

Speaking of physics, would it be safe to make an analogy 
and say that when physicists work in their laboratories, 
what they do has aspects of ritual and some of the work of 
the alchemists? 

I think it's going to become more that way. Already, Brian 
Josephson has seriously proposed that the difference in 
experimental results between American physicists and 
European physicists was due not to defects of instrumenta- 
tion or experimental bias in the usual sense, but to 
psychokinesis. Josephson got the Nobel prize in physics in 


The ADVOCATE, Februrary 8. 1 978 

The Americans and Europeans 
were getting different results 
. because their minds were affecting 
the quantum level and determin- 
ing the results they were getting. 
This idea has been put into print 
by Dr. Evan Hams Walker. 

I think science is going to have 
to come back to the alchemical 
proposition that the character of 
the scientist determines the results 
and that the highest science will 
demand the highest character. It's 
going to be a total reversal of what 
scientific education is. Scientific 
education will have to be in a sense 
mystical education, too. Some sci- 
entists will be completely non- 
plussed by that idea, but I really 
think that's what it's coming to. 

Nuclear scientists have formed a 
virtually international cabal with 
their own language, their own 
journals, operating quite above 
political and national categories. 
Do you think the connection be- 
tween the high magick you were 
just describing and this interna- 

at all. I was very heavily into Zen 
meditation and I regarded ritual 
with a great deal of contempt. 

Then 1 went through a complete 
turnabout and I decided that 
meditation just wasn't for me. but 
I was getting tremendously good 
results with ritual once 1 started 
working with it and, for a while 
there, I was going around telling 
everybody: "Oh, fuck meditation, 
it's a waste of time. Ritual is where 
you get the action." And finally it 
dawned on me that that's just me. 
I'm a novelist. I think novelists are 
particularly prone to get good re- 
sults out of ritual because every 
novelist is to some extent a frus- 
trated actor, a playwright, a play- 
wright/ actor/producer. You're 
trying to put on a show in your 
own head that will become real in 
the head of the reader, and so 
novelists, 1 think, are prone to be 
good magicians, whereas other 
types of people might find medita- 
tion much quicker. 

I'm not sure, but I think that 

tional work has been made by any 
of them? 

I think a growing number of 
scientists are beginning to realize 
it. They are still a minority, of 
course, but then I think the first 
one to begin to understand that 
was Wilhelm Reich, who began to 
realize, to use his terminology, 
that you have to get rid of your 
character rigidities and muscular 
armors before you can observe 
certain aspects of nature without 
distortion. You have to get rid of 
sexual inhibitions, among other 

That's where the sexual connec- 
tion comes in and how I got in- 
terested in all of this, and your 
work. too. I might add. 

Well of course. Reich was the 
first to note that connection and 
he was regarded as a nut and 
thrown in jail and his books were 
burned and so on. But in the '70s I 
find more scientists who are be- 
coming aware of aspects of that. 
As the alchemists knew, you've got 
to liberate yourself before you can 
see certain aspects of nature at all. 
If you're armored against them, 
you can get hit in the face by them 
and not notice them. 

I'm trying to understand sex- 
uality as it connects with various 
forms of ritual, both practically 
and theoretically. Could you talk a 
little bit more about ritual? 

When I first got started on con- 
sciousness work, or whatever you 
want to call it, I was not into ritual 

both methodologies serve a some- 
what different, if overlapping, 
purpose. One cannot prescribe a 
single way for everyone. 

Everyone has got to find their 
own way. Somebody said to Bud- 
dha as he was dying, "What can 
we do?" He said, "Doubt and find 
your own path." 

// there is any basis to 
neurophysiology at all. there are 
going to be certain overlapping 
broad channels, as it were, that 
one can discover in oneself, no 
matter what the specific path is 
that we might take in time- 
space/consensus reality. 

Ritual, as Aleister Crowley once 
wrote during one of his atheistic 
phases, consists of a series of 
physiological experiments. That's 
what it comes down to. You're ex- 
perimenting on your own nervous 

I'm in the midst of that right 
now. I'm using film and other me- 
dia techniques. 

I think that when you turn on to 
the higher circuits of the nervous 
system you become aware of the 
extent to which you create your 
own reality, and that's when you 
face what's called the "dark night 
of the soul" — Chapel Perilous. 

Is that akin to "crossing the 

Yes. You can flip-out entirely or 
become a solipsist, or you can get 
yourself into all sorts of un- 
wholesome or nonfunctional 
states. As Don Juan says to Carlos 
in one of the books, some people 

who reach that state just go out in- 
to the desert and starve to death 
because there doesn't seem to be 
any point in doing anything. 
How is that avoided? 
The way you avoid that is to pick 
something that's meaningful to 
you and attach yourself to it. I sort 
of did it more or less intuitively, so 
to speak. Timothy Leary has ex- 
pressed it very well. What you do 
at that point, he says, is to just 
take the highest, holiest, most 
beautiful, truest, finest, greatest 
thing you can imagine and aim at 
that. In other words, you create a 
god and aspire towards it, and 
that's the only thing that'll save 
you from solipsism or schizo- 
phrenia on the path to higher con- 
sciousness. If you can't find some 
sort of goal that you can believe in, 
then you can easily burn yourself 
out. with nowhere to go and no 
reason to go there. 

This is the crux of my criticism 
of pre-packaged consciousness 
trips like est. for example. People 
are taken to the threshold of 
Chapel Perilous and then left 
there. What they then end up do- 
ing is attaching themselves to the 
organization that took them there. 
That's true of an awful lot of 
head engineers. The highest thing 
they can think of to turn their 
followers onto is themselves. You 
then get all these cults of people 
wandering around saying "My gu- 
ru is better than your guru" and so 
on. I'm very fond of Werner these 
days, because he has found 
something higher than himself. 

You mean the world hunger 

Yes. To me that's one of the 
most important ideas on the 
planet right now. The idea that we 
can abolish starvation. We can 
make the planet work. Bucky Ful 
ler's been saying it for a long time, 
but having a messianic character 
like Erhard take it up gives me 
great hope that it will move much 

You demonstrate a kind of faith 
in that. I recall that in Cosmic 
Trigger you described the process 
of how you dealt with the murder 
of your daughter. You have had 
her brain placed in cryogenic stor- 
age. What is the source of your ap- 
parent faith in science to someday 
unlock the secret of immortality? 

I regard it as a reasonable gam- 
ble. I don't regard it as faith. It 
costs me, to preserve the genetic 
information of my daughter Luna, 
less than my smoking habit does 
and I think it's a reasonable gam- 
ble. If the longevity breakthroughs 
keep coming at the rate they are, 
anybody in their . . . let's say . . . 
under 60 today has an equally 
good chance of living through the 
longevity revolution and getting a 
whole new lifespan, probably long- 
er than the lifespan we have now. 
And there's a good chance that 
while they're living through their 
second adulthood, further 
breakthroughs in longevity will 
raise lifespans up to the point 
where some will reach the immor- 
tality breakthrough. So, some peo- 
ple alive today may never have to 
die. which is a staggering thought 
when it first sinks in. In that case, 
I really believe there's a chance I 
might be around when Luna is re- 
created and this long-range gam- 
ble will have paid off magnificent- 
Bubba Free John, who is a local 

guru interested in longevity re- 
search, has said that the highest 
states that mystics have gotten in- 
to so far will appear childish com- 
pared to the states we can get into 
Continued on page 38 



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The ADVOCATE, Februrary 8. 1978 


net another sexual revolution is happening in this country. 
It has little to do with the Pope, a decade-old "Summer 
of Love," Masters and Johnson, sex -change operations in 
Tijuana, or even Anita Bryant. It has everything to do 
with guilt. 

The on-going release of women and gay people from their legal, 
social and moral entrapments has given an unprecedented number 
of individuals the permission and right to seek exactly what they 
want. The potential for freedom of choice has never seemed so 
great for so many. 

This is how the term "sexual revolution" is understood by most 
people. For a few others, however, it is a redundant expression, 
cliched and wholly inadequate in conveying what is really happen- 
ing underneath the mores and manners of America. 

The sexual revolution has less to do now with changing politics, 
fashion and stereotyped roles than with a revolution of sexuality. 
As the external controls of dress, behavior and habit undergo daily 
transformations, so do our internal controls of sexual fantasies, ex- 
pectations and limits. 

Like permission to seek better jobs, more secure places to live or 
less-inhibiting lifestyles for the sexually discriminated against, the 
option to explore aspects of self never thought possible is being of- 
fered to many others. Emerging in particular from the bedroom 
closets of heterosexual America are the deviations of transvestism, 
bondage and sadomasochism. 

It is part of our culture's sexual hypocrisy that when homosex- 
uals are accused of such acts it is deemed "perverse." For 
heterosexuals, cross-dressing for the college revue or fraternity in- 
itiation in tight shoes and binding clothes is all in good, clean fun; 
punching, beating and whipping may be all that is needed to 
"make a man" or a marriage work; and playing with mail-order 
sex-toys is merely another way "to swing." 

But as the controls implied in such concepts as masculinity and 
marriage undergo assault, so does the rationale for the acts per- 
formed under their sanction. While the change of such institutions 
is interpreted by some as the harbinger of "moral decay," living 
out fantasies and unlocking repressed desires is just as easily 
viewed by others as signs of a healthy evolution. 

One thing that the sexuality revolution is clearly establishing is 
the right for people to seek their own sense of control. It is altering 
our sense of what is "good" and "bad" just as the growing freedom 
of sexual partnering has begun to alter attitudes about what is nor- 
mal or not normal. 

What many people have failed to perceive, however, is that they 
can adequately a&kume the shift of responsibility for their actions 
from an external control to an internal one. With old social con- 
trivances in dubious authority and the permission to explore alter- 
native sexuality being offered more freely than ever before, many 
people are left without a sense of any control, whether self- 
generated or directed from society. 

The ability of the church, state or corporate conglomerate to say 
"Yes" or "No" is being undermined at a faster rate than most peo- 
ple can purge themselves of guilt for not obeying their commands, 
however psychological or real. These are institutions whose own 
best interests have been to keep their "markets'* as defined, 
categorized and standardized as possible in selling their bill of 
goods, whether it be God, war or merchandise. 

The aftershocks of the "sexual revolution" have caught up, leav- 
ing the real battle to be fought within the millions of human beings 
whose sexual needs include what are considered "perverse" 
desires. A few have seized control of this differing sexuality, mak- 
ing it their own and recognizing it as the powerful, individual force 
it can be. But many others have lost the real promise of sexual 
liberation to escape into yet another role — that of victim. Their sex- 
ual deviations make them even more vulnerable to those whose 
own sexuality has been twisted into a consuming passion for power. 
For them, the sexuality revolution is sputtering with a short fuse 
of guilt. 

It is a cool autumn afternoon 
when Francine and I pull up in 
front of the unkempt, three-story, 
white Victorian. Just across the 
bay is glittering San Francisco, 
but here, in the Oakland flatlands, 
the surrounding neighborhood 
seems like no place special. 

Francine adjusts his wig as we 
clamber up the wooden stairs. We 
are both a little unsure. Francine. 
with his ear always to the sexual 
underground, has heard about the 
place before, but all I know from 
vague descriptions is that a "Mas- 
ter" is supposed to drop the 
"slave" off in front and then park 
in the rear. It is convenient. I ima- 
gine, not only for those wanting to 
make other deposits but for the 
neighbors as well. 

The Victorian is headquarters 
for the Back Drop Society, an am- 
bitious social club for those want- 
ing to live out erotic fantasies. Its 
membership comprises several 
hundred Bay Area suburbanites 
with passions too hot or profiles 
too high to get what they need 

I am introduced to a man 
named Robin, who founded the 
organization and whose personal- 
ity seems oddly to match the stark 
and fading interior. 

"There's quite a sophisticated 
pattern buried in the floor," he 
boasts in one room. I look closely 
at the dirty carpet and see a series 
of metal plugs buried in its pile. 
Robin immediately produces a 
glittering collection of screws, 

hooks and straps. The pattern, I 
can now see. is the outline of a 
human body. Other hooks, gleam- 
ing through a hole punched in the 
ceiling, present no end to the 
possibilities of the room. 

Robin continues the tour, and 
after registering terms like 
"human potential" and "sexual 
liberation" Francine and I leave, 
not convinced that we have been 
privy to either while in the house. 

A few months later I discovered 
that Robin had been arrested for 
pimping and pandering. The 
house, it turned out, was not en- 
tirely egalitarian in its concept 
and was one of several like it in the 
Bay Area. One woman. Nickel, 
was working in the house when the 
police burst through the door. She 
agreed to talk to The ADVO- 

Nickel, an attractive young 
woman in her late 20's, got in- 
volved with Back Drop through a 
chance meeting with Robin. She 
had little experience with S&M 
sex previously, but like a lot of 
women working in a clubhouse 
situation, she says, she found the 
work fascinating. 

"I get bored very rapidly with 
people that society would call nor- 
mal." she says. "I like people who 
can be themselves, hang loose and 
not worry about what everybody 
else does. What bores me is going 
home to a person who wants to do 
just the regular everyday things. 
It's like once you've gone over a 
certain hill you can't go back to 
being 'straight.' " 

She enjoyed the people she met, 
and in a year of working at the 
club as a "pastime" she had en- 
counters with over 50 men. Ninety 
per cent of them were well-off 
business men. "You get more of a 
crowd that has money when you 
talk about bondage," she says. 
"They can afford what they 

The men included local law en- 
forcement officials, politicians, 
corporate executives and com- 
munity leaders, almost always 
with a wife, children and an ex- 
pensive home in a nearby suburb. 
Almost all of them took the pass- 
ive role, paying up to $50 an hour 
to be tied, beaten or humiliated. 

"They came to me," Nickel says, 
"because they couldn't get what 
they wanted at home. It's like they 
have to have it. They'll throw away 
their last penny, like an alcoholic 
who has to have that booze. It's an 
addiction. They have to be put 
down and told how unmanly they 

Were these men isolated cases or 
indicative of a larger interest? 
"There are definitely more people 
than ever before who are interest- 
ed in the scene," Nickel says. 
"There are a lot of people who 
want it, but don't have the guts to 
go out and get it. 

"Most people can't look at 
S&M. bondage or whatever and 
say 'I'm going to do it because I 
like it.' They have to find some 
reason, and they're looking for 
it because they feel guilty." 

A vast majority of the men that 
Nickel dealt with needed the ex- 
perience of role reversal. The ag- 
gressive, competitive businessmen 
she met most often told her 
that they had "had a hard day." 
Their sexual energy and control, 
caught all day in a hard-edged 
definition of the masculine role, 
apparently needed release in the 
opposite extreme. "It was a way 
for them to escape the frustrations 
of their reality," explains Nickel. 

A new study recently released 
reveals some striking correlations 
between men who seek power and 
the demands of their sexual drive. 

In A Sexual Profile of Men in 
Power. (Prentice-Hall. 1977), psy- 
chiatrists Sam Janus and Barbara 
Bess reveal with conclusive evi- 
dence that men in power, par- 
ticularly among those ranking 
highest in federal government, 
have an inordinately high sex drive 
linked to an overwhelming need 
for a "kinky" expression of it. 

Janus and Bess based their sev- 
en-year study on many in-depth 

interviews with high-priced pro- 
stitutes who were paid to carry out 
elaborate scenes of torture, humil- 
iation and mutilation. A few men, 
either wealthy or high ranking 
enough to suppress publicity and 
pay for hospital bills, would 
sometimes carry these actions out 
on the women. 

Like Nickel, however, the wom- 
en interviewed in the book con- 
firmed the belief that there are 
more passive men than submissive 
women involved in this aspect of 
sadomasochistic sex. 

The work of Janus and Bess, and 



writer, was murdered by a jealous 

Quite apart from the absurdity 
of such notions — there are, even in 
England, many millions of gay 
and straight people who dwell in 
domestic bliss, or stability, with 
persons not adjacent to themselves 
in the social pecking order — 
Waugh's choice of words betrays 
his paranoia. Heinz, Isherwood's 
friend, is "a fat. half-witted Ger- 
man lout with some deformity of 
the nose which apparently made 
him snivel." (Received idea: any 
member of the working-class must 
be stupid, physically malformed 
and wholly reliant on his betters.) 
Isherwood himself — class betray- 
er! — is "a boring little s . . ." who 
has grown into "the septuagenar- 
ian wreck we see today." 

Ah. now we get down to it! What 
Auberon wants, like any self-re- 
specting member of the upper 
classes (the unspeakable in pursuit 
of the inedible) is a hearty, knock- 
down, bar-room brawl. That he 
has to conduct it on a literary level 
may be blamed on the literary 
father whose obsession with rank 
induced him to name his son after 
the King of the Fairies. 

To his credit, Waugh does not 
believe that gay people should be 
persuaded to change their ways if 
they don't want to. But he does 
think they should try harder. 
"Anybody can cultivate a taste for 
heterosexual ity with a little ef- 
fort." And vice- versa. 

In discussing the hostile reac- 
tions to Christopher, I have pro- 
bably given the impression that 
most reviewers disliked it. In fact, 
the majority were enthusiastic, 
and those who praised it most 
highly, on both sides of the Atlan- 
tic, were Isherwood's follow 
writers — Gore Vidal, Stephen 
Spender, Anthony Powell. Gabri- 
ele Annan. Certainly, there was no 
lack of publicity. The days when 
books by or about gay people 
would be blandly ignored if they 
could not be denigrated are ap- 
parently past. 

I asked Isherwood what had 
been the high point of his long 
promotional pilgrimage, which 
was of course also a promotion of 
the gay liberation cause. He said, 
"I think it was in Canada, where I 
spoke to the Gay Academic Union 
of the University of Toronto. They 
gave me what they called a 'polem- 
ical welcome.* The speaker who 
introduced me said that he 
wouldn't welcome me as a novel- 
ist, or an essayist, or a teacher, or 
a biographer, or a Vedantist, or a 
media personality, or any of those 
things. He would simply welcome 
me as an old man, a 72-year old 
faggot, just another representative 
of the "very large tribe of Christo- 
pher's kind.' 

"I think I like that more than 
anything else that was said in the 
whole shooting match." 


Continued from page 35 
want Louis to have any clear 
knowledge that there was any 
archetypal good or evil in the 
world. And I couldn't get inside a 
character who has near miracu- 
lous manifestations of the exis- 
tence of God. I don't have them 
and no one I know does." 

Rice was raised a "daily mass 
and communion" Irish Catholic in 
New Orleans. Did that kind of up- 

bringing determine some of the 
book's themes? "Oh yes," she says 
forcefully. "I felt pretty much an 
outsider — we were Irish and we 
didn't even have Southern accents. 
Part of writing the book was to 
write about people who feel like 
hopeless outsiders. You can feel 
this way for a variety of reasons. I 
hit upon vampirism as one real 
reason. And for Louis it was ac- 
tualized guilt, too. Louis thought 
he was a murderer; he felt respon- 
sible for his brother's death. Then 
he became a murderer, a vampire 
— guilt made real, like in a night- 
mare. Guilt is one reason people 
feel like outsiders, but there are 
others. I think I indicated all 
along that Louis had always felt 
like an outsider, and that's a more 
universal problem than we realize. 
I don't fancy myself to be the only 
person who feels like an outsider. I 
think a lot of people do." 

Being gay is another reason 
many people feel like outsiders in 
this society. Was she surprised by 
reviews with titles like Queer 
Monsters, or that the book has 
been frequently described as 
homoerotic? "Yes." Rice replied. 
"I didn't think it (homosexuality! 
would attract so much attention 
because of the other themes. One 
reviewer brought me his copy of 
the book with certain passages 
he'd marked as gay. and it's 
true — it's all there ... I hadn't 
been conscious of it, but if you 
write with fidelity to your feelings, 
then your work is capable of being 
interpreted in all these ways 

A musky aura of sensuality and 
eroticism pervades Interview With 
the Vampire. The following 
passage describes Louis' last 
human moments before he enters 
the realm of the undead: "He 
(Lestat) put his right arm around 
me and pulled me close to his 
chest. Never had I been this close 
to him before and in the dim 
light I could see the magnificent 
radiance of his eyes and the un- 
natural mask of his skin. As I tried 
to move, he pressed his right fin- 
gers against my lips and said. 'Be 
still, I am going to drain you now 
to the very threshold of death and 
I want you to be quiet, so quiet 
that you can almost hear the flow 
of blood through your veins, so 
quiet that you can hear the flow of 
that same blood through mine! ' " 
Interview With the Vampire's 
erotic undercurrent offended some 
readers and critics; not because 
the book is pornographic, but be- 
cause of the kind of eroticism 
described. Louis is "polymor- 
phous perverse" and as a fledgling 
vampire cannot rely on "normal" 
human moral judgments to sur- 
vive. "The real problem," says 
Rice, "is I was having Louis react 
very much to a man at one mo- 
ment, to a woman at another mo- 
ment and a child at another. Ob- 
viously people in the book were 
behaving like they could sleep 
with — or be attracted to — anyone 
they wanted. Worse, there was no 
conscious comment on the part of 
the author that this was per- 

Rice admits that writing a love 
scene between two men is easier 
for her than writing one between a 
man and a woman. "I find it so 
difficult the way men and women 
relate to each other, the questions 
of threat and fear that overlay the 
simplest things. It's much easier to 
write about two characters who 
either have no clear sex or are 
men. Take the scene in Interview 
With the Vampire where Lestat 
makes Louis a vampire [the one 
quoted above). If you wrote that 

scene with a man and and woman, 
the effect would be totally dif- 
ferent. If you write with two men 
and have one man overwhelming 
the other man and more or less 
forcing him into an incredible 
blood exchange that is a total life 
change into a supernatural ex- 
istence, you can lay bare very 
clearly what domination is all 
about. You can see it objectively. 
With so much writing about men 
and women, the issue is clouded 
by the reader's preconceptions. 
It's too much for me to handle 
personally as a writer; I just don't 
want to do it. I'm not saying it's 
not interesting; it's fascinating, 
and I do want to deal with it more 
in my upcoming book." 

For the new book ("A story of 
several families growing up in the 
South before the Civil War, in 
which all the main characters are 
colored or people of mixed blood 
known as the 'free people of col- 
or' "). Rice had just written a 
scene about sex between a 14-year- 
old boy and a 40-year-old woman. 
"I wrote it from the point of view 
of the boy. I was totally wrapped 
up in it and I didn't really feel any 
less able to describe her from his 
point of view than him from hers 
. . . When I'm at the typewriter I 
don't have a strong sexual identi- 
ty." Doesn't she identify just a lit- 
tle bit more fully with the woman, 
at least in terms of female phys- 
ical/sexual responses? "No," she 
replies, "because I guess I've 
never been too sure what all those 
physical responses are supposed to 
be. I don't have a clear gender 
identity and that's always been a 
real problem for me. I know wom- 
en say that a lot these days, but 
I've been saying it for a long time 
. In grade school a boy would 
drop his books and I'd pick them 
up. It was terribly embarrassing 
... It really is a confusion to me 
and a problem." 

Her desire for complete equality 
between the sexes sometimes 
makes Rice sound as if she would 
like to eliminate gender distinc- 
tions entirely. It also seems to 
spark her interest in relationships 
between individuals of unequal 
power, in which one's loss of iden- 
tity leads to clearly defined roles: 
one dominant, the other sub- 
missive. She regards the rather 
romantic Louis as "someone who 
is too easily mesmerized by the 
stronger people of the world. He is 
swept off his feet by Lestat. I feel 
comfortable writing about that 
type of person because I was one, 
although I become less and less 
like that all the time . . . When I 
was young I searched for the per- 
fect teacher ... I guess Lestat is 
my bitter indictment of all the fail- 
ed teachers and the people who 
come on like they'll show you a 
whole new way of life. He's also an 
indictment of myself for believing 
that anyone could be that terri- 

Rice calls Interview With the 
Vampire a book about "matters of 
the heart." She is no 1940s-style 
romantic, however. For her, equal- 
ity is the only prerequisite for love: 
"Everyone should be equal, but 
that's not the way it is day to day. 
Love between two people who are 
really equal is exciting. In the 
heterosexual world there can be 
equality in dynamic tension; equal 
power in our own spheres. But the 
whole heterosexual tradition for 
2,000 years, or 5,000 years, has 
been so cluttered up with the dif- 
ferent social necessities of the two 
people involved that it's hard to 
decide what pure love would be. 
I'd like to." • 






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Order now at this special ADVOCATE price of $12 95 
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J Moke checks poyobJe fo liberation Publications Inc One Pemnsufo P'oce 
• 0'dg ' 730 Su'fe 22b Son Moteo CA 9440? 

ThpAnVOrATF F«hrurarvA 1978 


Continued from page 19 
with a lifespan of thousands of 
years. Once we start thinking 
about it, it's obvious that the more 
time you have to work on your 
consciousness the higher you can 
make it. Intelligence, too. I was 
very impressed by the fact that in 
this research that has gone on with 
people who've come back from 
near death or clinical death, they 
all encounter this luminous being 
of light that shamans have been 
describing for millenia. John Lilly, 
among other scientists, has also 
described this entity. One of the 
things they get from this being of 
light is a strong desire for more 
knowledge. Most of them feel that 
the chief thing that was wrong 
with their lives was that they 
didn't learn enough. They're very 
interested in learning more. The 
orthodox oriental position stresses 
the expansion of consciousness, 
whereas Leary and I are much 
more interested in the expansion 
of intelligence, which means ex- 
panding consciousness as far as it 
will go and expanding very pre- 
cise knowledge as far as it will go 
after consciousness. Higher intelli- 
gence is much more inclusive than 
higher consciousness. 

You once said, on a radio pro- 
gram, that "Maybe the secret of 
the Illuminati is that you don't 
know you're a member until it's 
too late to get out. " I see a parallel 
there with the gay experience. I 
think that people who discover 
themselves to be attractive and at- 
tracted to members of the same 
gender class have a slight ad- 
vantage in consciousness work. 

Here, again, I agree with Leary. 
You can find all sorts of evidence 
leading to the conclusion that the 
sex role is imprinted rather than 

conditioned. Masters and Johnson 
found that most dysfunctions go 
back to traumatic experiences at 
the beginning of adolescence. Ac- 
cording to Leary, that's the point 
of imprint vulnerability for the 
sexual circuits. So, if you get 
caught by a cop the first time 
you're trying to make out. you can 
imprint impotence and that can 
last until you go to a clinic. 
Whatever turned you on during 
your first sexual experiences is 
very likely to be imprinted. Once 
you realize that, it becomes ab- 
solutely hilarious to find people 
going around with the attitude 
that their sexual imprint is the on- 
ly right one and that everybody 
else is a little bit crazy. 

If you want to change your im- 
print, go ahead. Nobody else has 
the right to try to change your im- 
print for you, and they're all weird 

You have warned, in Trigger. 
that there are many neurological 
experiments that should not be 
undertaken because they are like- 
ly to blow one's mind. Why do you 
take that position when you also 
argue for openness and a general 
' 'no secrets ' ' policy? 

I have seen a lot of neurotic peo- 
ple get invloved in the occult and 
very quickly become psychotic. I 
think it's a great system for turn- 
ing neurotics into psychotics. I 
don't think neurotics should get 
invloved in the occult at all. I 
think you should get your head 
together on the plane of dealing 
with objective reality, social/ 
consensual reality and interper- 
sonal reality before you start in- 
vestigating non-ordinary or separ- 
ate realities. 

The techniques that I referred to 
in the paragraph you mentioned 

are techniques for creating and/or 
contacting non-human intelligen- 
ces and it is a very subtle issue 
among professional occultists 
whether we are creating or con- 
tacting them. You will find Alex- 
andria David- Neal in her books on 
Tibet indicates that the lamas 
told her that we create them al- 
though they can take on a reality 
of their own and become indepen- 
dent of us. Israel Regardie. who 
was Crowley's secretary and really 
knows Crowley's system from the 
inside, says you can either regard 
them as objective or as your own 
creation and either works equally 

The fact is that if you are at all 
prone to anxiety attacks or para- 
noia, experiments of that sort can 
very easily lead you into a horror 
film. I've seen it happen to people 
who weren't prepared for it and 
I've seen them hauled off to nut- 
houses in that state. I think that 
should be clearly stated if you're 
going to do any of the exercises 
that contact higher intelligences. 

When you're writing about 
topics like this, which I did in 
Cosmic Trigger, there's a problem 
that arises that I call the Puharich 
effect. Poor old Puharich, in his 
book Uri. made the tactical 
mistake of telling too much of the 
truth and now he's got a reputa- 
tion as a crank or burn-out case. 
All you have to do is look at the list 
of this man's scientific credentials 
and you know he's not an idiot. I 
decided not to make Puharich's 
mistake: I left out some of the 
more incredible things that I could 
have put into Trigger. 

What we're going through is a 
process of gradual disclosure. 
Everybody who has the nerve to 
reveal a little gives others the nerve 

to reveal a little. I've heard a few 
anthropologists since Castaneda's 
books came out who are willing to 
say in public that they've seen 
primitive or so-called primitive 
magic work. They didn't have the 
nerve to say it before Casteneda. 
Lilly has given others the nerve to 
report experiences they wouldn't 
report otherwise. 

I know a physicist who was will- 
ing to reveal in an interview with 
an underground paper certain ex- 
tra-terrestial experiences which he 
put in a letter to a scientific jour- 
nal and then changed his mind 
and left them out. He feels he can 
talk about them to an under- 
ground press audience, but not to 
a scientific journal. I think, in the 
next five years, there'll be more 
and more coming out of these 
"paranormal" experiences, and 
more people in the sciences and 
elsewhere will be willing to talk 
about them. Then people like Lil- 
ly, who were pioneers, will talk 
more frankly about the things 
they're not ready to talk about yet. 
There are certain things that all of 
us in this field don't want to talk 
about because if we did, a predic- 
tably high percentage of our read- 
ers would say, "Well, he's gone 

What are the fundamentalists 
afraid of? 

Themselves. What they're afraid 
of is change. One etymology of 
"devil" traces it to "double." It's 
the shadow, the repressed part of 
the self. What they're afraid of is 
what Freud called the uncon- 
scious: parts of their nervous 
system which they have blocked 
off from conscious perception. 
The only way they know how to 
handle it is the traditional human 
way of picking scapegoats and rit- 

ually driving them over a cliff. You 
can study how widespread this 
phenomena is by studying anthro- 
pological texts. 

The fact is we're living at the 
time of the greatest acceleration of 
change in human history, and it's 
not letting up: the acceleration 
itself is accelerating. The rate of 
change is getting faster all the 
time. So people with rigid mental 
sets, people whose nervous systems 
are heavily imprinted with a past 
reality, for them the world gets to 
seem stranger and stranger and 
therfore more and more sinister, 
more and more frightening. 

This is why the average liberal 
becomes a conservative within 
about 10 years. His nervous 
system isn't changing any more 
but the world is. So the world 
begins to seem stranger and more 
frightening and he begins to see 
"those conservatives have got 
something there; there's some- 
thing sinister going on. We've got 
to slow down a little. Let's not get 
too reckless." And of course in 
20 years he's a reactionary. 

As for a right-wing backlash, 
I'm not worried about it. I have 
been through it already once. We 
had that in the '50s. Then came 
the outbreaks and breakthroughs 
of the '60s. I think in the '70s the 
pendulum swung back and we're 
in for another revolutionary per- 
iod. The scientific breakthroughs 
of the next 10 years are going to 
discombobulate our society entire- 
ly. Besides, I think we can buy 
them off. The scenario I'm into 
has something for everybody. It's 
not a zero-sum game any more. 
It's a game in which everybody can 
be a winner, so we can stop hassl- 
ing one another and start enjoying 
ourselves. • 


I 1 







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Frederick the Great, Tchaikovsky, Diaghilev, Ernst Rohm, and E.M. 
Forster. The legacies they left to the world are as varied as their 
talents and temperaments, yet all shared a single predilec- 
tion—homosexuality. Now, one of the foremost historians of our 
time provides a thought-provoking look at these and other homo- 
sexual men of genius in society, politics, literature and the arts in 
this first serious study of the problems and contributions of the 
homosexual through the ages. Pub. price $1 2.95 


The ADVOCATE. Februrary 8^*978 

No Kidding - Timothy Leary's Latest Routine Is Stand-Up Comedy 


SioH Writer, Tfce Son Diw Union 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is not a joke 

Timothy Leary, shaman of the '60s. high prii 

agent" of space colonization, is now a 
ud-up comedian 

The Harvard University-trained psychologist debuts 
Saturday nighi iloma Theater \\i. 

as 'The Ayatullah Ralph 
Nad. oboton holson," the "New York 

ll agents — lit theatrical 

and nar- 

Hi 'ailing seems to fit Leary as well as 

any the last 10 Much of that time 

ral prisons or foreign countries, when 1 

former allies like Black Panther-turned- 

iawned here at the Metropolitan < 

i)ent nearly a year on marijuana 
hooked up with "space 
travel," pushing a prophecy that in the not-too-distant 
future, much of the human raw would live on colon! 

energy from self-suffn ems. 

.art of Leary's understanding of evolu- 

.in walked out of the muddy swamps onto land 

ids of years ago, so would he lift himself to the 

orbited around space migration for tli irs. 

ral books on il ill tapes a syndicated 

with KGB radio disc jockey 


"I've used humor since I 
was a grad student at Har- 
vard. I went to my first 
graduate seminar and there 
was the head psychiatrist, 
flanked by the assistant 
head psychiatrist on one 
side and the medical in- 
terns and residents on the 
other. . . I just looked at all 
of that and began to 

- Stofl Photos bv Phil McMofton 


Gabriel Wisdom. But as the blue-eyed, white-haired 58- 
year-old explained during an interview last Suna 
space migration no longer needs his attention 

"That's not my No. 1 priority now." I^ary said 
between sips of cafe au lait. "T igo it was, but 

now It's a bumper-stick, 
and organizations involved now thi 
electrical suprise thing it was Gosh, Barry Goldw; 
has come out f 

And Timothy Lean an he was 

ago. He has since mar trbara I fourth 

wife. She's a tall, slender brunette who fai 
T-shirts, designer sunglasses and red t« 
live in "poor man J Hills and round LA 

in a Mercedes-Benz. Leary no longer m; with Bl 

Panthers or brainstorms with 
"mixes" with young producers and d 
has an agent of his own — Franc no's 

also director of motion picture publicity for Uirimar 

Such tete-a-tetes are the basis of Leary's comedy a 
He loves his newly found community and thinks Ms 
humor can deflect the barbs East Coast i 
throw at California He calls everything east of the 
Rockies Soviet Manhattan," and claims that when 
"collapse" of Western civilization occurs, those to 
east will be "hit the hardesi 

Leary admires accomplished comedians He calls 

(Continued on D-2. Col. 3) 

I IU-' , 

1^1 V»» i 

J ' 

Leary Has A New Routine 

(Continued from I) I) 

them the "front-line test- 
pilots of the '80s and the 
real nerve endings of 

He figure 
have no problem selling 
himself as a comic. "] 
used humor since I was a 
grad sutudent at Harvai < 
he said. "I went to my first 
graduate seminar and 
there was the head psychia- 
trist, flanked by the assist- 
ant head psychiatrist on 
one side and the medical 
interns and residents on the 
other. Then there were the 
Ph.D. psychologists and 
M.A. social workers. I just 
looked at all of that and 
began to laugh." 

Leary promises his 
routines won't be done in 
the side-spliting humor of a 
Richard Pryor or Henny 
Youngman. The laughs, he 
says, will be puncuations of 
a sort of rambling lecture 
f done in the style of "early 
_ Mel Brooks." Hopefully, his 

I punch lines will be sharper 
and his timing more 
precise than it was during 
the hourlong interview 
Leary often drifted from 
subject to subject, laughed 
in mid-sentence and se\ 

al times left the table to 
walk to the living room v 
dow of his agent's rambling 
three-story Hollywood Hills 
home. Tti \w would 

watch his wife and stepchil- 
dren frolicking in the swim- 
ming pool b* That's 
my lifeguard," he'd say as 
he waved and blew kisses 
to Mrs. Leary He would 
then return to the table, 
light a new Sherman's ciga- 
rette and resume the con- 

He's writing his own 
material, though he credits 
his wife, Barbara, with pro- 
viding "at least 50 percent 
of my lines. We try them 
out in bed ... usually 

While Leary fancies him- 
self a defender of the Cali- 
fornia lifestyle, he promis- 
es no mercy for the "Holly- 
wood system." 

"People dr 

Mercedeses and wear $200 
shirts, but they're totally 
slaves of a small group of 
gross, narrow-minded" 
people who run the studios. 
"Jane Fonda considers her- 
self a radical at the same 
time the LA. Times calls 
her the 'First Lady of 

Paul Krueger 
City Currents 

American film ' She's going 
right along with the studio 


Leary promises his audi- 
ences that, if he has any- 
thing to say about it, "as 
soon as California secedes 
from the nation we'll set up 
a deportation board run by 
a group of teen-agers. First 
to go will be Ms. Fonda 

Leary says his formal 
debut will be in San Diego 
because he was "reborn" 
here. "It's my town. My 
media career started in San 
Diego at the Metropolitan 
Correctional Center, which 
despite the claims of the 
politicians, is not the hotel 
everyone says it i 

He's had no trouble with 
the law since his release 
from MCC, and feels the 
political climate has cooled 
enough to allow him to talk 
more freely about his per- 
sonal life. While he has re- 
peatedly denied in press in- 
terviews that he takes any 
psychedelic drugs, Leary 
now admits to using "a lot 
of new drugs." He especial- 
ly favors one he calls TXC, 
which he says is not classi- 
fied as illegal. "It's much 
more powerful than LSI I 

For those who look 
askance at his new profes- 
sion and say with a giggle 
that "he's always been a 
comedian, " Leary just 
smiles I've heard people 
say, 'Yeah, I know, you 
brain-toasted acid head, 
you.' Well, the tide is start- 
ing and I'm out there wl 
my neurological surfboard 
ready to surf " 


A24 ~w Oct. 4, 1981 S.F. Sunday Examiner & Chronicle 

Pot may be state's 
leading cash cr 

Top cash farm products 
in California — 1980 


—From Page 1 
more than double last year's number 
of plant seizures. 

Officials are reluctant to estimate 
the size of this year's crop. 

"It is a very large crop, but whether 

it's worth $1 billion or $5 billion I don't 

think anyone knows," says Steve Hel 

chief of the state Bureau of 

Narcotic Enforcement 

But a clue can be found in the 
number of plan' 1 in law enforce- 

ment raids. Last year 43 of th< 
58 counties reported seizures of 158.784 
plants from 680 pot farms worth a 
conservative $300 million in street 
value. The figures have doubled each 
year for the past three years. 

Narcotics chiefs in the major not 
growing counties surveyed by The 
Examiner, however, estimate they are 
only snatching between 2 and 10 

We know we are only scratching 
the surface," says Humboldt County 
Sheriffs ('apt. James Sintic. 

It's like trying to sweep back the 
ocean with a broom," says Monterey 
County Sheriffs Sgt Mike Cuffney. 

Forty raids so far this year in 
Monterey County have netted 14.325 

ints. including an 8.000-plant seizure 
worth $16 million from a remote 
canyon 12 miles south of Carmel on 
Aug. 19. 

It 90 percent of the state's mari- 
juana crop is unseized, and this year's 
ures are expected to double 
to $600,000 worth, that would put the 
total crop value at $6 billion 

This would put marijuana well 
ahead of the state's leading farm 
product, milk, which state agriculture 
officiate estimate has a retail value of 
$3.6 billion. 

No official interviewed by The 
Examiner expressed surprise that the 
1961 state marijuana crop might total 
several billion dollars. 

Marijuana cultivation in California. 
in tad. has achieved a measure 01' 

phtstication and dramatic growth 
that amazes state and federal officials. 

From a few remote plantations in 
the extreme northern counties in the 
1970s, commercial pot growing is now 
thriving illegally in all areas of the 
state despite increasing law enforce- 
ment efforts, aided by squadrons of 
aerial spotters, to wipe it out. 

In the hippie days of the 1960s, the 
best grass came from South America 
or Hawaii and went by such colorful 
names as Acapulco Gold. Panama Red 
or Maui Wowie 

Today, according to the glossy drug 
lovers' magazine. High Times, the si 

n boast of producing the best 
marijuana in the world. 

"California ls basically supplying 
ur grade pot.' agreed state 
narcotics chief Helsl 

While normal marijuana sells for 
between $125 and $450 a pound, highly 
prized California "sinse" goes on the 
Street! for between $2,000 and $3,000 a 
pound. And High Times expert Bud 
Bogart, who has extensive contacts 
with growers, estimates that 75 percent 
of it is going out of slate, primarily to 
New York 

What has changed the picture in 
California is sinsemiila (a Spanish word 
meaning "without seeds"), first 
produced by excited backwoods bota- 
nists in 1976. 

They discovered that a female 
marijuana plant uses 40 percent of its 
energy in producing seeds. By remov- 
ing the pollen-producing male plants, 
the female plant grows larger and 
produces huge amounts of sticky resin 

• • 

in an effort to have some male pollen 

k to it 

The resin contains heavy amounts 
of the psychoactive or mind-altering 
chemical tetrahydrocannabinol. Nor- 
mal marijuana contains about 1 per- 
cent THC. Sinsemiila THC content is as 
high as 7.96 percent. 

VSTien properly cultivated, sinsemii- 
la is from 50 to 150 percent more 
potent than regular marijuana. 

As the profit soars, growers are 
becoming more adept at aling 

their plots from aerial surveillan> 

In the big 8.000-plant raid in 
Monterey County, the still at large 
growers had divided the farm into 16 
plots and skillfully disguised them with 
camouflage netting. 

"Even the hand tools were camou- 
flaged,"' said Sgt. Cuffney, with some 
^^00 he i arm bad been there about 
five or six years, and it could only be 
seen from the air from a certain angle 
with the sun directly overhead." 

The farm was so remote that 
sheriffs deputies had to clear three 
helicopter landing pads in the brush. It 
took two days to lift out the marijuana 
with cargo nets 

State narcotics agent Chuck Jones. 
in charge of the five-member Placer 
County narcotics task force, said grow- 
ers are experimenting with tying down 
the tops of plants to reduce their 
height and the possibility of the plants 
being spotted from the air. 

Plots are getting smaller, he says. 
One plot was planted directly under 
oak trees, making it almost invisible 
from above. 

Jones seized 80 plants averaging 18 
feet in height with buds 16 inches long 
last week, and another 300-plant sei- 
zure included stems like tree trunks 4 
or 5 inches across. 

The growers seem to be going for 
fewer plants with higher yields." he 
? "You're always tempted to grow 
more plants." said a grower in Hum- 
boldt County. "But if you become too 
greedy you might attract the attention 
of the cops 

Pot farmers range from former 
hippies who fled to the woods . to 
urban sophisticates who return to the 
cities in the winter or vacation in 
Mexico and the Caribbean, to former 
street peddlers, to parolees with long 
criminal records, to middle-aged cou- 
ples and wealthy farmers. 

"We're seeing even prominent citi- 
zens growing pot." said Cuffney. 

"It's just like Prohibition — every- 
body's ignoring the law." said Madera 
County Undersheriff Jim Haney, who 
sees farmers planting marijuana in 
their cotton and corn crops. 

A locally well-known farmer in 
Kings County planted 25 rows of 
marijuana in the middle of bis 40-acre 
field of corn. A Fresno County couple 
in their 50s grew 20 plants in their back 
yard and converted their garage to a 
drying and manicuring room. 

It's very lucrative." said Fresno 
CounJy Sheriffs Lt. Jim Daily. "A guy 
can become a millionaire in a summer 
if he can get away with it." 

Pot farms are now flourishing 
almost everywhere in California, state 
officials ruefully concede. 

Santa Barbara County depu' 
Aug. 26 seized more than 1.000 plants 
valued at $2 million from a sophisticat- 
ed 2-year-old farm less than 10 miles 
from President Reagan's Western 
White House. 

"It's affecting every aspect of life in 
the county." says Humboldt's Capt. 

in millions* 

Milk $1,800 

Cattle i 400 

Cotlon 1,400 

Grapes'" 1.200 

Hay 723 

Nursery products 498 

Almonds ... 473 

Rice 424 

Flowers/Foliage 399 

Lettuce 383 . 

Eggs ... 370 

Wheat 358 
Processing tomatoes .. 327 

Chickens 229 

Oranges 224 

Strawberries 201 

Sugar beets ... 183 

Turkeys 179 

Peaches 176 

Walnuts 168 

'Wholesale prices at first point ot 
sale Retail prices estimated to 
be two to three times higher 

"Includes raisins and wine grapes 

State 8 

Examiner graphics 

Milk is California's official top cash crop but the state's illegal 
marijuana crop is estimated to be worth $6 billion this year 

Sintic. "It doesn't surprise me anymore 
who is involved." 

In its first year of using airplane 
spotters. San Bernardino County has 
grabbed 5.000 plants from desert farms 
around Victorville. The county's 15 
narcotics detectives have been so busy 
they haven't even had time to look at 
the rest of the 22,000-square-mile coun- 

"We could fly two planes every day 
of the week and. if we had the 
manpower, we could Increase our 
seizures by 1.000 percent." Detective 
Hal Bacon said. 

By contrast, neighboring Riverside 
County has seen its marijuana haul 
drop since it began concentrated aerial 
searches in 1979. 

"1 think we scared them away." Lt 
Bill Reynolds said. 

San Diego County expects to seize 
lO.uuu plants this year ilast year's total 
was 2.6711. Mendocino County has 
made more than 60 raids this year, 
seizing some plants 21 feet tall. Fresno 
County has made nearly 200 raids. 
Santa Cruz County has grabbed more 
than 15.000 plants, already 4.000 more 
than last year. Tulare County's haul 
includes a $25 million seizure and a 
500-plant operation on top of a remote 
mountain protected by guard posts 

County narcotics duets report their 
main problems are lack of manpower 
1150-mile-long Madera County, for in- 
stance, has only three narcotics offi- 
cers on its 4ftdeputy force), and light 
sentences. Jail sentences of more than 
a year are rare, and many pot farmers 
get off with probation. 

"The people we are arresting for 
marijuana cultivation are not criminal 
types." says Fresno Lt. Daily. "People 
don't seem to take it too seriously." 

Sheriff's Sgt. Dave Green, in charge 
of Kern County's six-officer narco 
team, said: "Realistically, we are taxed 
to the limit on overtime. We go after 

the street dealers because they are 
more visible to the taxpayers and that's 
what the people want. 

"As a diehard narc, I'd much rather 
work the major boys, but as a matter 
of duty to the people who pay my 
salary it's necessary to get bodies in 

He pointed out that many commer- 
cial pot farmers escape raids. They also 
come from out of the county and 
almost all the marijuana they grow 
also leaves the county 

Despite the large amount of mari- 
juana that escapes the law, few 
officials say the problem is out of 

I think we are definitely making 
an impact," says Placer County's Chuck 
Jones. "My informants tell me the 
growers are pulling early." 

Officials are worried about the 
potential for violence the pot farms 
•urage. There have been shootouts. 
some ending in deaths and serious 
injuries, among growers and ripoff 
raiders. State and federal forestry 
offi< ials and campers have been threat- 
ened with guns 

Narcotics officials say there has 
been talk of bikers being used for 
growers protection, of organized 
crime moving in. and of growers 
threatening to start forest fir* 

This year the state is operating two 
airplanes, while the federal Drug 
Enforcement Administration Ls operat 
ing three. The planes are loaned to 
California counties, some of which also 
rent planes or use volunteer squad- 
rons The state has held five 2-week 
aerial spotting classes for sheriff's 
deputies since 1979. 

"There's no question this is a serious 
problem and possibly increasing." Hel- 
sley said. "But I'm not too worried. 1 
believe we can respond to any new 
techniques the growers can come up 

The Vanderbitt Hustler. Tuesday, September 22, 1981 - 7 

"King of Drugs" Learyto speak here 


Few students can recall the international 
publicit) during the 60s that surrounded Timothy 
Leary. who will speak at Vanderbilt on Oct. 1 
He lated with LSD. rebellion, 

and radical politics, but there is much more to 
the man who coined the phrase "Turn-On, 
Tune- In. Drop-Out." 

The Student Government Association will 
sponsor the program entitled "An Evening 
with Dr. Timothy Leary" at 8 p.m in Under- 
wood Auditorium. Leary will elaborate on his 
highly controversial, worldwide activities that 
spanned over two decades. 

Carlos Rodriguez, head of the SGA Speakers 
Committee, has planned a reception following 
the speech, and said "we are still trying to 
arrange for Dr. Leary to lecture in a psychology 

Leary' s illustrious career began in the 50s. 
As a leader of the new "humanistic" psychology 
movement, he helped revolutionize traditional 
approaches to psychotherapy. He had his first 
ps> chedelic experience in 1 960 and eventually 
became the director of psychedelic research at 
Harvard University where he ran extensive 
chedelic sessions with volunteer subjects. 

During this time he initiated a prison project 
where he used psilocybin (LSD) for rehabili- 
tation therapy. Prison-return rate was sub- 

• juently cut by 90 percent and Leary' made 
national headlines. 

After receiving much pressure, Leary left 
Harvard, commenting, "we had entered the 
dialogue of myth, tapped into that ancient 
current of passionate hope and risky belief that 
mankind can evolve into a higher wisdom." 

Leary then began to study with Eastern 
mystics in India and his activities began to 
focus on "consciousness expansion." He wrote 
on spiritual discovery, politics, and international 

Known as the "High Priest" of the 60s, 
Leary' s activities, which promoted self-dis- 
covery and self- actualization, were followed 

He spoke before a Senate Committee, ad- 
dressed the largest anti-war rally in U.S. 
history, and after being arrested for possession 
of marijuana he announced his candidacy for 
governor of California. His campaign slogan, 
"Come Together," later became the title of a 
song which the Beatles recorded in dedication 
to him. 

In the early 70s Leary was convicted on 

drug charges and sentenced to 20 years in 

»n. He escaped and sought asylum abroad 

where he befriended Black Panther leader 

Eldridge Cleaver, who later kidnapped him 

i an ideological split 

Leary then spent two years in Switzerland 
before being illegally kidnapped by American 
agents in Afghanistan and forced to return to 
the United States. He was placed in solitary 
confinement with bail set at $5 million. As of 
last month Timothy Leary is a free man for the 
first time in 1 5 years. 






'• ■ 


«♦ ■ 

If >■ 


i •■ 

■ -\ 





"High Priest" of the 60s, Timothy Leary, will speak at 
Underwood Auditorium on Oct 1 at 8 p.m. Leary recently 

I I 

completed a 15-year prison sentence on drug charges, and will 
talk about his experiences. 


Reno Evening Gazette 

Wednesday, November 4, 1981—17 



SPORTS .18-25 

'Great debate' satiric sketch 


Gaiette staff writer 

Billed as 'The Great Debate" by 
the Associated Students of the Uni- 
versity of Nevada-Reno, the confron- 
tation between drug cult hero Timo- 
thy Leary and former FBI agent G. 
Gordon Liddy Tuesday night was 
more like a satiric sketch. 

Several of the approximately 1,500 
audience members said they thought 
the program lacked cohcsivcncss, 
though the two ex-convicts drew ap- 
preciative laughter and enthusiastic 
applause throughout the evening. 

For most of the night, Liddy played 
straight man to Leary's jester as he 
defended "The Responsibilities of the 
State." Leary, poking fun al what he 
called Liddy 's "paranoia," espoused 
the importance of "Individual Fre 
dom " 

Leary admitted the philosopli 
joust was more like a chess game 
than a debate, and well into the eve- 
ning he jokingly said he hoped the au- 
dience would be "loaded" with ques- 
tions following the hour and 45-mi- 
nute program. 

UNR political cartoonist Kent 
Harper expressed his skepticism 
about the so-called debate in a car- 
toon showing a guru-clad Liddy say- 

ing, "lm a little Leary of (he credi- 
bility of all these traveling debat 
The cartoon appeared in the Nov. 3 
issue of the Sagebrush, the student 

Liddy, a former deputy district at- 
torney, looked the part in a dark 
three-piece suit and lie. lx»ary paced 
back and forth across the stage, ca- 
sually dressed in tan slacks and a 
pink sweater. 

His wife, Barbara, and son, Za- 
chary, were in the audience along 
with Liddy 's wife, Frances. 

The first laughs were directed at 
Liddy as he helped the moderator re- 
pair a faltering public address sys- 
tem at the Centennial Coliseum. 

"I don't know why, but every time I 
get involved with microphones, 1 
have trouble," he said. Liddy spent 
more than four years in federal pris- 
on after a U « ourt jury 
convicted htn 

illegal wiretapping and refusing 
to testify before (he Watergate grand 

Leary spent time in prison on a 
marijuana convict i< 

In his autobiography, "Will," Liddy 
wrote that during a raid on I Gary's 
New York mansion the so-called 
"High Priest" was found standing on 
top of a flight of stairs without his 

Gazelle photos by Bob Dawson 

G. Gordon Libby defends "The Responsibilities of the State." 

Timothy Leary espouses the importance of "Individual Freedom." 

Leary maintains he was in bed with 
his former wife, when he heard a 
crash and "in came James Bond — 
or Peter Sellers as Inspector Clou- 

Leary said Tuesday's debate cen- 
tered on the "most important issue 
human beings have to confront — 
freedom vs. state control." 

He rhetorically asked the audience 
why "Gordon" was able to come 
busting into his home with 25 sher- 
iffs. He then quipped, "because he 
couldn't get 26, right?" 

The two-way japes were good na- 
tured, with Liddy referring to Leary 
as "Tim, here."* 

Liddy acknowledged that a man's 
bedroom Is a "sacred place," but 
said an intrusion sometimes is war- 
ranted depending on what's going on 
in there He cited for example, a man 
carving his wife up with a butcher 

Leary found fault with the idea of a 
state which tells its citizenry, "I'm 
sorry, you have no choice, but we're 
going to protect you." 

In a lilting, sing-song, he narrated a 
fast-paced revised history of the 
world in which every age had its 
"Oval Office." The office's occu- 
pants, trying to prevent change in 
each successive era, shouted, 

"Where's Liddy?" Even Liddy 
couldn't keep the smile off his lips. 

Liddy maintained that "the world 
happens to be a very bad neighbor- 
hood." Since humans, unlike ani- 
mals, have no protective coloring, 
they need to band together for protec- 
tion. That's why we have police de- 
partments and armies, he said. 

"We cannot protect ourselves indi- 
vidually against hosts of others. We 
must combine," he added. 

Liddy complained that the United 
States has a small and weak Central 
Intelligence Agency, which cannot 
compete with the larger Soviet KGB 
But Leary accused him of being 
covert dupe of the Soviet Union, lead- 
ing Americans into emulation of the 
Soviet way of life. 

"Gordon wants us to become more 
like the Soviets," he said. 

On the subject of drugs, Liddy said 
there are two kinds — drugs of de- 
pendence and drugs of relief. The lat- 
ter give the user attributes he 
wouldn't otherwise have. Liddy said 
he thinks this is illogical because it 
implies God left out a vital ingredient 
when he was creating man — "such 
as an individual supply of cocaine." 
In response, Leary quipped, "How 
do you spell relief? P-O-T." Then, he 
added, "Stupid people use drugs stu- 



Volume 88 No. 18 

The "Great Debate 



Friday, November 6, 1981 


Liddy Leary Of Issues 

by Matthew Crow 

Sagebrush Staff Writer 

G. Gordon Liddy and Timothy Leary at times 
appeared as if they were partners in a comedy 
routine Tuesday night, a routine which the ASUN 
had billed as the "Great Debate." 

Watergate conspirator Liddy played straight 
man most of the evening to drug guru Leary before 
an audience of 1,100 in the Centennial Coliseum. 

Leary told the audience that the debate was 
"More of a chess game to me than anything else." 

Dressed in a pink sweater and white tennis shoes, 
Leary jokingly sparred with a smiling Liddy for 
most of the night, while Liddy dressed the part of a 
Watergate "plumber" in a dark suit and shiny black 

For most of the debate. Leery took the o ff e nsi ve 

while pacing endlessly across the stage, and poked 
fun at nis opponent as Liddy defended the "Respon- 
sibilities of the State." 

During his verbal assualt on the equally ar- 
ticulate Liddy, Leary enlightened the audience to 
the joys of "Individual Freedom." 

The first laughs of the night came when a 
microphone which the moderator was using to ad- 
dress the audience failed. At that point, Liddy rose 
from his chair and began to try to repair the 
microphone, but to no avail. Liddy quipped; "I 
don't know why, but every time I get involved with 
microphones, I have trouble. " 

During the first portion of the debate, both men 
related to the audience their versions of the two's 
first meeting. Both agreed it was during a drug raid 
Liddy led on Lear/s New York house in 1966, but 
the men d iff e r ed as to the actual facts of the arrest. 

Leary said that he was in bed with his former 
wife when he heard a crash and "In stepped James 
Bond, or Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau." 

Liddy reported he had encountered the ex- 
Harvard professor standing atop the stairs of the 
house, adorned only in a Hathaway shirt. 

Good-natured jabs were taken by both men dur- 
ing the meeting with each of them referring to the 
other by his first name. 

Rushing back and forth across the stage, Leary 
narrated a fast- paced, often complex revised history 
of the world, in which every civilization that ever 

there were two kinds of drugs — drugs of 
dependence or relief. The latter, Liddy explained, 
would give the user attributes he wouldn't normally 
have. Liddy said that he thinks this is illogical 
because it implies God left out a vital ingredient 
when he was creating man — "Such as an individual 
supply of cocaine up your nose." 

In response, Leary smiled and said, "How do you 
spell relief? P-O-T." 

It was the third time the two ex-convicts had met 
in debate. Leary stated that "the most important 
issues human beings have to confront is freedom vs. 
state control." 

After the "debate" was finished between the two 
men, questions were taken from the remaining au- 
dience with most of the questions bordering on the 
inane, and most of them personal statements rather 
than lntettlgent querte. 

Leary smiled and said, "How do 
you spell relief? P-O-T." 

existed had its own "Oval Office." Leary said that 
the occupants of the office were constantly trying to 
prevent change and supress individual expression. 
"I'm sure at times, they even screamed: where's that 
Liddy fellow?" 

Liddy attacked Leary 's observations by saying 
the world is a "bad neighborhood" and that is why 
human beings have to band together to protect 
themselves. "Thats why we have police depart- 
ments and government," said Liddy. 

Concerning the subject of drugs, the subject in 
the lecture which drew the most laughs, Liddy said 




Mic Mode sic lv s 

The Newsweekbi foe Microcomputer Users 

9 1983 

Volume 5 Number 38 


The Final Wore vie\ id 
moi . Shift Evaluated 

This Week 

Leary: computer as partner in symbiotic relationship 

Hi #);iiV#! Voosff*, IHC(../I 11 . .. 

Hi ikuitl Xeetlle, tW Staff 

SAN FRANCISCO, ( \— Dr timothy 

"v. the man who encouraged the 
60s generation to turn on, nine in, 
drop out was at the IBM PC PaJre 
here with a new message lor ihe 
masses of Personal Computer enthusi- 
asts: I urn on. I one in, link un'. 

Leary mid InJbWorld the PC Pairs 
was the first computer show tie's at 
tended i he former Harvard professor 
said he d been using an Apple n com- 
puter to do word processing— he 
composed his most recent hook, 

Flashbacks, on it— and to playgames. 
He plans togel an IBM PC soon 

I can w as attending the I aire at the 

behest ofXOH (pronounced c\nn Cor- 
poration, a software company based 

in Minnetnnka Minnesota, that intro- 
duced its Hist series of games and ap- 
plication Software lor the PC .it the 

I aire 

Uthough Leary indicated he may do 

some software development or con 

suiting work for XOa neither parry has 
made any commitments as of this 


"I'm interested in the concept of 
Video games that increase our intelli- 
gence as we plav them, enthused 

-a it we (an program our self and 
personality into software thai is both 

highly intelligent and fanny, then Ihe 

computer can, In turn teach us, 

learv told hifoWorld 

People think ot computers as being 
Impersonal; I don t think that at .ill, 

continued Leary. There are all kinds 
ol special-interest groups using com 
Outers and friendship nets forming 
because or computers 

Just as Gutenberg inventing the 
printing press brought us the idea of 

the persona] Bible' that was access! 
hie to anyone, so have [Steve] lobs ^iu\ 
[Stevel Wo/.niak (rolounders ol \pple, 
brought us the concept ol the per 
sonal computer. But id like to get be- 
yond this idea that people are users 
and talk more in terms of the com- 


Every day you deal with facts You 
read about new products, services, 
and ideas that are important to you. 
People phone you with information, 
proposals, suggestions. You talk to 
customers, prospects, clients about 
their needs and plans. You write 
memos, speeches, books, papers, 
marketing plans In short, you work 
daily with a continual flow of factual 

How do you effectively and grace- 
fully manage this information? 
Recall at a moment's notice just the 
right answer to a question? Organize 
the mass of material you have gath- 
ered to prepare a legal strategy or 
write a book? Or stay precisely cur- 
rent for each of your clients or sales 
prospects - when you last spoke, 
what was said, when to call again? 

With CITATION you can manage 
this kind of information and much 


CITATION supports effective fact 
management with fast, simple data 
entry, powerful access methods, 
useful reports, and an interface with 
typical mailing-list merge programs. 

"... this is one of the best 
designed products of its kind 
that I have seen." 
Lifelines 12/82 1 

With CITATION you can store and 
retrieve information in your choice of 
three screen formats name/address 
of person or company, book refer- 
ence, or journal/magazine citation 
Besides appropriate predefined 
fields, each of these formats allows 
up to 6 keywords and ten 80-char- 
acter lines of "free text" to use 
as you like. 

And you can freely mix these for- 
mats, so a database is not restricted 
to just one kind of information 

But the real power of CITATION is 
its effectiveness for finding and using 


Software Hepnn Card 


IN i Hum. mi i 
I Mm* ill I si- 
l-rnir llmttllliijf 




D D 
a D 

o a b 

D D D 

' 7 seldom find myself with 
only positive things to say 
about a product, but Citation 
is s notable exception ' 
InfoWortd 8/82* 

this information - it is directly and 
quickly accessible in several ways. 
First, you can browse through a 
database on any subject (keyword). 
That is. you can name any subject, 
and your database will instantly 
appear to consist only of items re- 
lated to that subject. 

And you can browse for specific 
names, or book or magazine titles. 
Or authors. Or ZIP codes. 

Or you can have CITATION find 
all items which match keyword com- 
binations and ranges. CITATION 
conducts a search which you can 
monitor and control. You can print 
the found items (or any portion 
of them), write them to a standard 
file for use with mailing-list merge 
programs, and/or create a new 
CITATION database 


But powerful functions alone are 
not enough. To be truly useful a pro- 
gram must be so simple to operate 
that you never hesitate to use it when 
you need it You'll find CITATION 
really measures up For example 

• Unlike most database systems. 
CITATION is always ready to use. 
You don't design screens or reports 
or learn special commands. 

• CITATION'S text editor is built- 
in, so you don't have to use a 
separate program. 

• A keyword index file is main- 
tained automatically as you enter 
your data, so no time-consuming 
index-building programs are 

• CITATION is menu-driven with 
many one-stroke commands and 
help messages, making the manual 
almost unnecessary. 


Deceptively simple in concept. 
CITATION has a range of applications 
as unlimited as your imagination. 
Here are some examples: You will 
undoubtedly see many other ways to 
apply CITATION in your own field of 

Catalog business libraries • cross 
reference information for legal cases 
or trials • manage consulting notes 
by client, date, subject, time spent, 
next meeting • maintain vendor 
directories for services, products • 
manage research notes • stay cur- 
rent on sales prospects by type of 
business, nature of interest in your 
products or services • cross refer- 
ence personnel skills in your 
company or in an agency • cross 
reference physical files in your office 
to find anything by subject almost 

You get the idea. The list could go 
on and on. And CITATION allows as 
many databases as you want on a 
single disk, so you can easily handle 
many different applications. 


Your productivity is the purpose of 
CITATION. And as you use CITATION, 

you will appreciate these advanced 
features which make CITATION a true 
productivity tool: 

Data compression techniques 
remove/restore blank characters to 
use less disk space and speed disk 
I/O • fast-access B-tree indexed files 
are maintained automatically with no 
sorting or special indexing programs 
• built-in recovery of damaged files 
in case of power failure or disk errors 

"Citation's documentation 
ranks with the best " 

Interface Age 8/83 3 

• word-processing-type commands 
with automatic word-wrap in the 
"free text portion of your records 

• can create files compatible with 
most mailing-list merge programs 
for labels, letters, bibliographies, 
etc. • keyword index report/display 
shows all references for each key- 
word • list of keywords used in the 


We know that when you've seen 
CITATION in action you will want to 
use it to manage your own facts. So, 
to make it easy and risk-free for you 
to try CITATION, we make this offer: 

Buy CITATION from us and we guar- 
antee you'll be completely satis- 
fied. If not. return the system within 
30 days of purchase for a prompt 

refund. You can't lose! 

We welcome phone orders and 
accept VISA. M/C and COD. Most 
orders are shipped UPS Blue Label 
within 24 hours. So, call today or 
send us the coupon below. You'll be 
glad you did - we guarantee it! 

D OK! Send my CITATION System for $185 (Calif, add 6.5%) 
Brand of computer 

(CITATION requires 56K CP/M system or IBM-PC writ) PC-OOS and 96K RAM) 

D Send brochure and reprints of reviews 


Address _ 



JB Eagle Enterprises 

k 2375 Bush St. ,f 


Payment □ Check enclosed DCOD DVISA Dm/C 

L 2375 Bush St.. San Francisco, CA 941 15 

Card # _ 

Exp. date 






V.n,e<J *» ** I ">*™ '*"*"• «J« Mtai/Thi iSoft™ ,£*** TM of .r* copyright .962 1*1*^^111" 

Vortd 'Reported from Inter** Age. 8/83. page 104. copynghi 1983 Interface Age Magaan. inc CP/M « a reg.stered irademar* of D«!tal Researc^TATlON -s a 

puter as .1 partner in a symbiotic tela 

XOR Corporation was founded in 

•Inly 1<)82 to design .tirct dew lo f , .inpli 

cation and utility programs tor the i'( 
and PC-compatibles 

Unong the tii tn s si\ products 
scheduled foi release laler this tall is 
an action list data base manager 
railed Ihoth ($99.95), which leati. 
three interactive data bases: a notepad 

for free text entry, with up to 12 links to 

other records lor each record; a | 
BOnneJ data base and a time manager 
that tracks dates and activity priori- 


Choice of data buses 
Non can call up information from 

any one ol the three data bases while 
you're operating within another. You 
create files in various windows dis- 
played on the screen 

XOR also plans to bring out an ad- 
venture game called Agent 2.0 for 
S4J).f).">. it also functions as a tutorial for 
learning DOS 2.0, the IBM PC's stan- 
dard operating system. 

I eaiA s nascent relationship with 
XOR began alter a chance meeting 
with Ihe firm's president. Glen E. Dia- 
mond, on an airplane ■ 

VisiCalc IV 

Communications. Inc . Reprinted from inloWorid 
trademark of Eagle Enterprises 

continued from page 1 
keystroke, lor example, If you create a 
spreadsheet by using ten commands, 
you can combine them to execute at 
the press ol a single Junction kc 

Ihe program tracks the last 7r> k. 
strokes, any number of which you can 
turn into a single command Up to (SB 
ol these commands can be stored on 
disk lor future use 

The attractions ot A isi( ale IVare not 
new to many ot Ihe program's users 
ihe abilities have been available to 
hovers ofStretchCalc, until now sold 
l>\ Multisoll Corporation of Heavei ton, 

\isiCorp bought the rights to sell 

StretchCalc. incorporated it into \ isi- 
Calc and thus created VisiCalc IV Ihe 
package requires I2«k of memory— 
twice the requirement of standard 
\ isi( ale— and it sells lor $250. 

/ penult' 

Owners ol VisiCalc can upgrade 
their program by purchasing 
StretchCalc lor $99 to gain the same 
abilities as VisiCalc IV Ihe idea was 
to make the existence ol two programs 

transparent, says Bill Stevens, a 

spokesman tor Multisoll 

Microsoft's Mulnplan, the most sue- 
resslul competitor to Visi Corps 

spreadsheet does not include 

graphics abilities, but the company 

plans upgrades that will add func- 
tionality/' says Microsoft spokesman 

Rod Bauer. 

In the future, VlsiCorp will have an- 
other \crsion ot VisiCalc lor the IBM 
PC, railed Advanced VisiCalc Software 
Arts of Cambridge, Massachusetts the 
originator ot \ isi( ale. is developing 
the upgrade Ihe upgrade 1 might 
quire more than 124UCRAM according 
to VlsiCorp product manager Chris- 
tine Thompson, it will be able to ac- 
Si'e ViatCalc l\ ', puge 7 

4 InfoWortd 

\ Olume 3, \ umber 3# 

this week in 


R e v ie w 

features • entertainment -sports 


C»nwi Staff Photo by Jerry Cleveland 

Allen Ginsberg. Timothy Leary, Paul Krassner and Abbie Hoffman are a few of the luminaries "on stage" this week at the Kerouac Conf. 


T !■ 


C'eat le choc de l'ann6e. Dans a Return Engagement ». 

d'Alan Rudolf. Timothy Leary, le pape de Vacide, 

et un « plombier » du Watergate. Gordon Liddy. 

alirontent leurs vieilles idees. Un grand show 

sur VAmerique des annees Nixon : les protagonistes 

sont a Cannes, pour une conference de presse a sensation 

/"MAG1NF.Z la rencontre explo- 
sive de Buster Keaton et Jean- 
Jacques Rousseau, et vous obte- 
nez A pcu pres Return Engagement. 
le film d'Alan Rudolf, I'altmanesque 
metteur en scene de Welcome to 
LA. ef de Remember my name. 
D'un cAte Gordon I idd\ -Keaton, 
« chortgraphe » du cambholage quel- 
que peu chaotique du Watergate, de 
I autre, Timothy Leary-Rousscau le 
professeur d 'Har \ ard, gourou du 
LSD qui a encourage" toute une ginc"- 
ration de jeunes, celle des annees 
soixante, A se rtvolter. Le propos 
d'Alan Rudolf est de suivre pendant 
une semaJnc les deux hommes dans le 
show-debat qu 'Us font tourner a tra- 
vers le^ I tats-Unis, avec le plus 
grand succes. £a vaut son pes&nt de 
dollars, A commencer par le gtniri- 

que du film oil les deux comperes 
chantent en duo America is beauti- 
ful, ce qui est un comble d' ironic 
quand on sait que pendant les 
quatre-vingt-dix minutes qui vont 
suivre, Us vont s 'acharner a dtmolir 
les institutions en place. Leary cons- 
trujsant un futur hypolhe'tiquc et an- 
gle". Liddy s'accrochant a un passi 
qui releve plutdl de Conan le Bar- 

Les sequences les plus hilar antes : 
celle oil Liddy se mile A un groupe 
d' Hell's Angels, et celle oil ces mes- 
sieurs, au cours d'un breakfast pan- 
tagru&iquc, lavent leur tinge conju- 
gal en f ami lie. Les plus ddpri man- 
tes : la party oil le T< ut- Hollywood 
ftte les deux hiros, et la confircncc 
qui voit Leary 6tre accuse" par un 

spectatcur d'etre le rcsponsablc indi- 
rect de ses nombreuses in 
Personne ne sort vainqueur dc cette 
confrontation On pouvait penser 
que les penchants d'Alan Rudolf 
iraient vers Leary, le contcstataire, 
alors que Liddy resterait I'&me dam- 
nee du Watergate. En fail, on voit 
Lear\ virer au bon Samaritain, au 
bouffon courant aprcs son succes 
d'antan, alors que Liddy apparait 
comme un hommc fantastiqucment 
intelligent et complexe, une sorte de 
mccanique intellectuelle dont les . »pj 
nions a tout propos sont tout .1 fail 
pointues. La politique, c'est peut- 
Stre mcilleur pour le ccrvcaii que le 
LSD. A verifier aujourd'hui a Can- 
nes, au cours d'une conference de 
presse qui s'annonce animee. 


Thimothy Leary : « J'aurais 
voulu que la CIA filme 
chambre a coucher » 

LE MATIN. — Qu'aurtez-vous fail 
a la Maisnn-Blanche a la place de 
Ronald Reagan ? 

TIMOTHY LEARY. — J'aurais 
transforme Washington en Disney- 
land. Blague a part, un rdle de presi- 
dent ne marche plus les sept dcr- 
niers ont etc des catastrophes, et ca 
ne va pas mieiif che/ vous Ce n'est 
pas entiercment de leur fautc C'est 
la fonction de gouvernement repre- 
sentatif qui est depassee. Avec le pro- 
gress actucl. les facilites de communi- 
cation, les gens devraient eue eapa- 
bles dc se gouverncr eux-memes. cha- 
cun a ,-n echelon et dans son 
sccteur . 

Le film d'Alan Rudolf prend par 
moment des allures de dlballage... 

J'apparticns a cette tradition de 
raconteurs-philosophes qui remonte 
a la Grece antique, et qui se perpe- 
tue ; oil Ton s'installe sous un arbre 
ou dans un cafe avec un auditoire a 
qui Ton raconte ce qui se passe reelle- 
ment dans les coulisses du pouvoir, 
et oil on se moque ensemble dc ce qui 
est etabh 

Je ne crois pas que les gens publics 
doivent cacher quoi que ce soit de 
leur vie. lis sont des exemples, bons 
ou mauvais. pour le monde. II faut 
connaltrc la verite, a savoir par 
exemple que Nixon, a la fin de son 
regime, etait devenu alcoolique et 
qu'un jour, etant completement ivre, 
il a ordonne a Kissinger d'expedier 
une bombe atomique sur Hanoi. . . Ce 
sont des choses que les gens doivent 
savoir... En ce qui me concerne, ca 
ne m'a jamais gene que la CIA et le 
FBI ouvrent mon courrier et mcttent 
mon telephone sur table d'ecoute. 
J'aurais meme souhaite qu'ils fil- 
ment dans ma chambre a coucher, au 
moins, ils auraient appris quelque 
chose ! 

Dans le film, un bomme vous assure 
qu'll a etc grievement blesse par un 
indivldu sous LSD... 

Que voulez-vous que je dise ? Que 
je suis desole de ce qui lui est arrive. 

Mais qu'il est injuste den rejetcr la 
faute sur moi, sous pretcxte que son 
agresseur etait soi-disant sou* 
I'emprise du LSD. Apres tout pour- 
quoi ne pas s'attaquer a I iddy, qui 
defend le port d'arme ? Dcpuis dix 
ans dans ce pays, chaque fois que 
quelque chose va de travers, on dit 
que c'est a cause du LSD. 

Les gens me blament pour une 
generation en revolte, pour un gout 
de la drogue qui serait de toute facon 

Continuez-vous a experimenter de 
nouvelles drogues ? 

Ma philosophic etant basee sur la 
poussec de rintelligence, il est de 
mon devoir de dire qu'on peut le 
faire de differentes facons, I'une 
d'elles etant ('utilisation des drogues. 
Que diriez-vous a quelqu'un qui vous 
demanderail conseil quant a I'titilisa- 
tlon de telle ou telle drogue ? 

Chaque cas est personnel. Tout 
depend de ce que I'individu veut faire 
de sa vie, s'il veut se connaitre, s'il 
veut ouvrir de nouveaux circuits dans 
son cerveau, ou changer sa facon de 
penser ou d'agir. 

Prenons I'exemple d'un couple qui 
a des problemes. Je ne les inciterai 
certainement pas a prendre du LSD, 
car c'est une drogue qui vous con- 
fronte tres brutalement a une terri- 
fiante clarte de vous-meme Je leur 
donnerajs un produit nouveau, le 
XDC, utilise maintenant par de nom- 
breux esprits brillants et tourmentes. 
Cette drogue a le pouvoir d'effacer 
dans votre esprit tous les aspects 
negatifs de I'autre, et vous apporte 
un immense potentiel d'affection et 
de tendresse. Alors, si je peux aider 
ce couple, pourquoi pas ? 
Vous vous dites phUosopbe : com- 
ment deflnlssez-vous ce fameux 
humanism? dont vous parlei tant ? 

L'humanisme, c'est le paganisme, 
religion de base de toutes les civilisa- 
tions. « Paien » signifie amour de la 
vie. Etre paien, c'est aimer toutes les 
formes dc vie, toutes les ethnies et 

croire que les grands cvinements de 
PHistoire ne sont pas dans le passe, 
mais devant nous, car I'humanite 
evolue pour devenir meilieurc. Peut- 
etre pas tout le monde, mais la majo- 
rite, et as ant tout... les paicns. 

En ce qui me concerne, je 
m'estimc tres hcureux de vivre en un 
temps oil tous les sens exploscnt. 
D'oii une transformation de notrc 
concept de la nature humaine. I 
que j'affirme que la science est 
humaniste, je vcux dire par la qu'elle 
nait de decisions de I'esprit humain. 
Nous pouvons transformer comple- 
tement la genetique, ce qui nous 
donne un pouvoir et une liberie 
inconnus auparavant. En neurolo- 
gic et en pharmacologic, ['utilisation 
des drogues permet I'acceleration et 
la connaissance du cerveau ; d'ou la 
reprogrammation possible de notre 

Que pensez-vous de la Jeunesse 
d'aujourd'bui ? 

I a generation post-Hiroshima, qui 
fait partie de la society d'informa- 
tion, et celle d'apres 1964, qui est 
celle des computers et des video- 
games, sont totalement humanistes. 
Elles pensent electroniqucment. Elles 
ne croient en ricn de cc qui est etabli, 
que ce soit democrates, republicains, 
syndicats ou big business. Quant a la 
jeunesse d'aujourd'hui, issue de celle 
qui a ete liberee dans les annees 
soixante, tout dans son attitude 
envcrs elle memes. Ic sexe, la drogue, 
les autorites, tout me fait penser 
qu'elle rejoint mes doctrines. Imagi- 
nez que pour moins d'argent qu'il 
n'en faut pour acheter une motocy- 
clette. des gamins de quatorze ans 
peuvent avoir chez cux un computer 
personnel. Avec ca, ce sont eux qui. 
un jour, sauront prendre les grandes 
decisions. Du moins, je Tespere. 
Et quels conseils donneriez-vous a 
tous ces Jeunes ? 

Reunissez-vous, planez, et laisscz 

tout tonpber. Propos recueillis par 

Renaud de Dancourt 

fA^ON OSS 117 


Autrefois, on soignait son look. 


on prend garde a son allure. 

Pourquoi s'habiller 

simple quand la vie est si compliquee ? 

Quand vient le soir, 

la Croisette devient un laboratoire 

des excentricites 

CHEVROLET BEL AIR. Power glide. Est-ce bien raisonna- 
ble ? La fille glissc ses deux jambes par la portiere. Sa robe 
Iac6r6e semblait avoir subi tous les outrages. Ses escarpins 
grimpaient jusqu'aux 6toiles. L'un £tait noir et I'autre pas. Les chaus- 
sures a deux tons, c'est bon. 

Dieu ne descend jamais sur la Croisette sans ses lunettes de soleil. 
Cette annde il a longuement analyst les tendances. Bien sur il y avait 
les Ray-Ban. Le degr£ zdro de la sophistication. Favorite des produc- 
teurs de Kalamazoo, Michigan, et dts plagistes napoliens, 06. Quel- 
ques dioprries au-dessus, l'ensemble Porsche, pliable et cloute facon 
girofle. Particulierement appr6ci£ des journalistcs tt\t accro du news 
et des yachtmen a voile et a vapeur. A Por£e du chic, les Vuarnct. Res- 
cap^es des sixties. Un brin Courchevel, un rien teenager mutant par- 
faisant ses humanit£s sur pied a roulette. Enfin le must. Pour etonner 
les jeunes filles modernes : les lunettes de haute montagne, reliefs 
cuir, noircs comme la cecit* el livr^es en option avec canne blanche ou 
chien d'aveugle. Que dire des noeuds papillons ? Sinon qu'ils font la 
petite mise de nuit. Ils sont a pctits pois. Cela va de soie. A rayures, 
bien sOr. Unis, pardi. Tres souvent en couleurs et ce pour les frimeurs. 

Les dames ont des robes a pans, a fragments, a volant transparent. 
Excitant. On porte du d6chire\ du d^penaill^ et du d£collete\ Cannes 
83 sera le Festival des dos nus. L'audace inversee. Vertigo vertebral. 
L'automobile procurera l'inewtable deception. La mode VRP. Sur 
talon radial. Meme les Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Van den Plas et autres 
Mercedes des temps modernes ont des allures de voitures de service. 
C'est la tin de la folic Break-down. Autant en emporte le van. 

Pour en terminer, un certain regard vers les forces de Pordre. Le 
gendarme se porte avec fourragere et le CRS. bidule au clair. De la 
lune dans le caniveau. J. -P. D. 

Now Timothy Leary has turned on to writing his memoirs 


Chicago Sun-Times 

"Turn on to flavor, tune in to sparkle, and 
drop out of the cola rut." That is how the soft 
drink Squirt was being advertised in the 
summer of 1966, Timothy Leary r ecalls. 
"Billy Graham announced that the theme of 
his European Crusade would be 'Turn on to 
Christ, tune into the Bible, and drop out of 
sin.' 1 was flattered." 

Leary was the "High Priest of LSD," a 
former Harvard professor and drug-experi- 
menter with the hippest of the pre-Hippies. 
As a self -described cheerleader for change, he 
had a slogan, "Turn on. Tune in, Drop out," 
that not only found its way to Madison 
Avenue but also showed the way to Haight- 

Ashbury for thousands of directionless 

Now 62, Leary has written an autobiogra- 
phy titled Flashbacks. It is full of what 
Leary biographer John Bryan has called "his 
Irish blarney and bravado." The book begins, 
audaciously enough, at the very beginning, 
with My Conception of My Conception ("It 
was a very special night!"). 

But Leary has chosen, shall we say, a 
difficult form for the first half of his story. It 
is one that the most dedicated dopester might 
have trouble deciphering. 

What he presents here are flashbacks with- 
in flashbacks, a series of vignettes that taken 
separately and expansively might be interest- 
ing. But one flashback apparently reminds 


Flashbacks. By ' Timothy Leary. 

Tarcher. $15.95. 


Leary very quickly of another, and the con- 
nection is not always apparent, or even inter- 
esting, to the earthbound reader. 

For example, this reader was very interest- 
ed in Leary's story about the time in 1961 
when he visited William Burroughs in Tan- 
gier, and along with Allen Ginsberg and 
Gregory Corso, took the psychedelic drug 
psilocybin. It was Burroughs' initiation. The 
story, rich as it could be with such colorful 
characters, ends on the page after it begins. 

All that is left to savor of the incident is: 
"(Burroughs) heaved but nothing came up." 

THIS TALE, in Leary's mind, calls for a 
segue to West Point, 1940, when Cadet Leary 
is court-martialed for violating the honor 
code. It goes on for more than three pages, 
and doesn't connect for me, either. 

But it was Leary's later run-ins with the 
law that made him the subject of so many 
headlines for so long. Though he describes 
these incidents in greater detail than the early 
chapters of his life, he leaves unanswered 
many of his critics' questions. 

In 1970, Leary was sentenced to 10 years in 
prison for possession of marijuana — two 
roaches found in the ashtray of his car. He 
was also facing a 10-year sentence for smug- 

gling half an ounce of pot into Laredo, Texas, 
five years earlier. As Leary puts it, "It was not 
a good time to be a public figure identified 
with LSD." 

Leary's escape from prison almost seven 
months later, a "rescue" by the radical 
Weathermen, led him to asylum in Algeria 
under the wing of Eldridge Cleaver and the 
Black Panther Party. He wrote a book about 
that episode, Confessions of a Hope Fiend. 
He says Bantam paid him an advance of 
$250,000. Eventually, he was arrested again 
and jailed again, but this time the authorities 
released him after he served "32 months for 
two roaches plus the escape ... and almost 
two years on the Laredo case." 

Please turn to page 3C 

Timothy Leary 


Timothy Leary 

From page 1C 

In 1974, influential members of the 
leftist community asked whether Leary 
sold them out to the FBI to gain his 
freedom. In a public forum in Berkeley, 
Calif, his son called him a government 
informer. Leary does not address these 

that 20 FBI agents were being investi- 
gated for burgling homes of his Weather- 
man friends, and the Justice Depart- 
ment would let him off the hook if he got 
the agents off the hook. All he had to do 
was "come up with some foreign connec- 
tions to^the Weathermen" so the break - 
ins could be justified under national 

To this he said, "Sure. I could cite 
dozens of circumstantial facts that might 
help the FBI case." 

I^eary says lecturing is now his main 
source of income. In a bizarre twist to the 
story of his life, he now has a traveling 
debate show with G. Gordon Liddy, the 
convicted Watergate burglar and former 
New York prosecutor who earned his 
first stripes arresting Leary. 
^ Leary likes Liddy. "I liked the way / . 
Gordon handled himself after his ar- 
rest." he writes, "his defiance of Judge 
(Hanging John) Sirica, his bravado re- 
fusal to testify in the Watergate hear- 
ings. I particularly admired his Spartan 

Rochester Times-Union 

:. in:.: 

N 1 1983 

5<w* rr 

C^A^C\ s^o 




A a Autobiography 

By Timothy Leory 


had found myself practicing 
a profession that didn't seem to work,'.* 
recalls the former Director of 
Psychological Research at the Kaiser 
Foundation Hospital in Oakland, 
California — Dr. Timothy Leary — in 
what is surely one of the most bizarre 
and compelling autobiographies of our 
times. "One-third of the patients got 
better, one- third stayed the same, 
one-third got worse. 

Frustrated by the limitations of 
orthodox clinical psychology, Leary 
embarked in the late 1950s on a 
quest for innovative methods to 
improve the dismal box score of 
psychological rehabilitation. His i 
proposal to change the traditional 
role of the detached therapist 
attracted the attention of 
Harvard University's David 
McClelland, who appointed i 
Leary to the Center for 
Personality Research in 
Cambridge in 1960. There, in 
an atmosphere of intense and. 
enthusiastic academic 

research that seems comparable to the 
dramatic discovery of the structure of 
DNA described by James D. Watson in 
"The Double Helix,'* Leary and his 
associates began experimenting with 
such mind-altering drugs as psUocy bin, 
mescaline and LSD in the hope that 
these chemicals, "as expanders of human 
consciousness, could revolutionize 
psycfcoifcgy and philosophy.'* 

Despite initial success in the use of 
psilocy bin among prisoners in 

Massachusetts and by scholars of religious philoso- 
phy, Leary s grandiose aspirations soon collided 
with the conservative academic structure at Har- 
vard and. more ominously, with a national political, 
leadership that viewed experimentation with drugs 
as deviant and dangerous. Thus began a series of 
catastrophes— dismissal from Harvard, deporta- 
tion from Mexico and other countries, drug busts, 
legal harassment, imprisonment, exile and reimpn- 
sonment — that form the backbone of this extraor- 
dinary memoir. 

The writing is lively, the contents fascinating, 
the point of view serious and sincere. Leary, in; 
these pu^es, is neither fool nor buffoon, but rather' 
a victim of his own naive enthusiasm and of the' 
irrational anger of the powers he threatened. His r 
reminiscences of growi ng up are quite charmin g. 

Much of Leary 's political testimony is amply 
documented by other sources, including secret CIA 
papers that dearly demonstrate the difference, 
between paranoia and real persecution. But tanta- 
lizing episodes — especially Leary 's account of bis 
relationship with Mary Pinchot Meyer, the weD- ■ 
known socialite who purportedly experimented'', 
with drugs, had a White House love affair with 
President John P. Kennedy and was murdered 
mysteriously shortly after the assassination— are 
raised entirely on Leary 's memory and are present- 
ed here in the form of stilted and unpersuasive 
dialogue. Similarly, his troubles with fellow-exile. 
Eldridge Cleaver in Algiers, his meeting with 
Hollywood -celebrities and literary luminaries and 
his encounters with the FBI sometimes seem too; 
coincidental to believe. 

n» «r!*at is remarkable and 'in :teniab!e 
in this narrative is the central role Leary has 
played in accelerating an enormous revolution in 
popular attitudes toward drugs in this coun- 
try — and the heavy personal price he has paid for 
his advocacy. His flamboyant style too easily 
provoked attack both from political conservatives, 
who feared the anarchism of the credo "Tune in» 
Turn on. Drop Out," and the New Left radicals 
who wanted greater politicization. It is surprising 
to discover, for example, that in testifying to 
Congress in 1966, Leary advocated licensing legis- 
lation to control the indiscriminate distribution of 

Leary 's emphasis on the potential of the 1 
psychedelic revolution continues to reflect his 
scientific- religious optimism about initiating social 
change within the hearts and minds of the individ- 
ual convert. His current interest in space migra- 
tion, increased intelligence and life extension, like 
his older passion for psychic tripping, speaks from 
a scientific imagination that merges high technolo- 
gy with spiritual rebirth. And Leary places his 
ultimate acceptance not in the halls of justice or in 
academia, but within the consciousness of a 
younger generation born after World War 
IE — "fresh, confident, programmed for innova- 
tion." Such visions deny the resiliency of existing 
social institutions. Yet it is no small irony that 
Leary appears so tame today, precisely because the 
use of drugs no longer imperils the political status 
quo. S 

A Chemical of Good Intent 

LSD: fly Prohtem Child 

By Albert Hofmann 

J. P. Tnrch*r; $7.93 paper 


he furthest thing from research chemist 
Albert Hotmann's mind when he synthesized the 
25th substance in a series of lysergic acid deriva- 
tives— lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD- 25 1— was 
that it would become an infamous pleasure drug,, 
usher in the **psychedelic age,** give birth to 
"psychedelic an" and faster what amounted in the 
'60s cd mass hysteria over its use. 

In this "inside story of the birth of the 
Psychedelic Age," as the book's translator Jona- 
than Ott calls it, Hofmann gives us the chemist's 
side of the coin, the piecework of medicinal plant 
research at the Swiss pharmaceutical firm of 
Sandoz, Ltd. 

Hofnmrm relates that in the coarse of routine 
research into the active principals of rye ergot, he 
artificially produced the first ergot alkal oid, a 
lysergic acid compounoL Then, in. accordance with 
research procedure, he produced a series of lysergic 
acid derivatives, each of which was tested on 
laboratory animals for its possible pharmaceutical 
effects. LSD- 25, along with others of the series, was 
found to have uninteresting effects on the gnimali 

Five yean later in 1943, Hofmann relates, he 
repeated his synthesis of LSD- 25 and accidentally, 
he later surmised, absorbed a small amount 
through his fingertips. Unable to continue his work 
because of the effects of it, he went home, lay down, 
and later recorded that "with eyes closed ... I' 
perceived an uninterrupted stream of fantastic 
pictures, extraordinary shapes with intense, kalei- 
doscopic play of colors." He then self -experiment- 
ed with larger dosages, which made him acutely 
aware of LSD's overwhelming psychoactive poten- 
cy. Management at Sandoz was at first skeptical of 
Hofmann 's reports on the unusual potency of mere ' 
microgram doses. 

Early on, Hofmann says, it was recognized that 
LSD might be a useful tool in analytical psycho- 
therapy because of its psychoactive properties, 
typical of which was the suspension of "the I -you 
barrier'* and the ease with which suppressed 
experiences could be brought to consciousness 
under its influence. Sandoz made it available to 
physicians and research institutes, the author says, 
as an experimental drug under the name of 

According to Hofmann, although he expected 
the drug would be of interest to artists, musicians 
and intellectuals, its spread from use in medicine 
and psychiatry into the recreational drug scene was 
a surprise. It was encouraged, he claims, by media 
playup of sometimes sensational LSD experiments 
which were carried out in psychiatric clinics and 

In particular, he recalls the popularizing effect 
of Look magazine's 1969 story on Cary Grant, who 
claimed that his use of LSD had made a new man 

out of him. Then there was a book by a woman * ho 
said it had cured her frigidity. And later of course 
there was Timothy Leary I Hofmann reaffirms his 
title of the "apostle oi LSD"), who touted the drug 
as the most potent aphrodisiac yet known, greatly 
contributing to the rapid spread of LSD use and to 
whar the author saw as a mistaken belief that 
simply taking LSD would bring about miraculous 
transformations of self. 

Fresher insights offered on this subject, which 
in the past has been thoroughly hashed and 
rehashed, occurs in Hofmann 's contacts with the 
likes of Leary, Aldous Huxley, mycologist R. 
Gordon Wassoo and others. The author's feeling 
that LSD was the victim oi a naive misuse on the 
part of an umnformed public is aptly supported 
when Leary, upon meeting Hofmann, is shown to 
defend his popularizing of LSD use among Ameri- 
can youth. In Hotmann's words, Leary objected 
"that I was unjustified in reproaching him for the 
seduction of immature persons to drug consump- 
tion, because teenagers in the United States, with 
regard to information and hfe experience, were 
comparable to adult Europeans. " At what high 
school, one wonders, did Leary hang out? 

Hofmann further objected to Leary's publici- 
ty-hound approach in lieu of an emphasis on 
objective information about the workings of the 
drug. The reader gets the impression that Albert 
Hofmann, a serious researcher, felt that the -psy- 
chedelic revolution" amounted to a stumbling 
block, resulting in the distortion of an important 
chemical discovery which might have led to a 
deeper understanding of the chemical and psycho- 
logical interstices: of the human psyche. 

By the middle of the 60s, Hofmann says he 
began to wonder if his offspring would become a 

—j blessing for hu- 
manity or a curse 
as the publicity 
and hysteria 
about LSD 
peaked. The im- 
pression made is 
that he must have 
felt relieved when 
LSD was finally 
made ittegaL 

Hofmann ex- 
presses hope that 
his problem child 
may still become 
a "wonder child** 
if responsibly 
used. He identi- 
fies the Western 
world's survival 
with the necessity 
for a shift from our reality-cleaving "subject/object 
world* view" to what he calls a "new consciousness 
of an all-encompassing reality, which embraces the 
experiencing ego." He thinks, finally, that LSD has 
a prospective role yet to play in this healing 
transformation because under certain conditions it 
can succeed in changing individual consciousness 
in beneficial ways. a 

Pemmy Skxllmotc i*. a journalist andjicliom wtxter. 


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r 'V 




> 3Ss 

L vl 

eai ([/ 


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L T 







;.«*«N«N»'** V,V ** ' 



"Now for the most pressing question of the economic summit . . . who's picking up the fob?" 

Acid-head Leary hints so was JfFK 

TIMOTHY Leary, the acid king who urged a 
generation to "Turn on, tune in, drop out!," 
implies in yet another of the seemingly unend- 
ing series of exposes about John F. Kennedy 
that the late President probably tripped on acid 
as well as smoked marijuana on more than one 
occasion. In his new autobiography, Flash- 
backs, Leary indicates that JFK's high-times 
partner was Mary Eno Pinchot Meyer, the so- 
cialite painter with whom he reportedly had a 
two-year affair. Elaborating to PAGE SIX, 
Leary said: "It's my hunch that he was the 
person she was bringing mushrooms and acid 
to." Leary also hints in the book his belief that 
the Vassar-educated Meyer, a niece of Penn- 
sylvania Gov. Gifford Pinchot and ex-wife of 
top CIA-agent Cord Meyer Jr., was the victim 
of a CIA murder plot. Mrs. Meyer was shot 

twice In the head In October 1964 as she 
walked along the canal towpath near her 
home In Georgetown, a route she often 
strolled with her friend Jackie Kennedy. 
Leary, who says he tripped with Mary and 
taught her how to conduct "sessions," quotes 
her as saying in June 1963, "My friends and I 
have been turning on some of the most impor- 
tant people in Washington. It's about time we 
had our own psychedelic cell on the Potomac, 
don't you think?" In his book, Just out from 
Tarcher, Leary recalls his feelings when he 
heard of her death: "My head was spinning 
with ominous thoughts. A close friend of the 
Kennedy family had been murdered In broad 
daylight with no apparent reason. And there 
had been so little publicity. No outcry. No call 
for further investigation." Washington Post 

editor Ben Bradlee, then married to Mary's 
sister Toni and working as Newsweek'* D.C. 
bureau chief, identified the body, Leary says. 
A young man, arrested right after the shoot- 
ing, which Washington police at the time said 
might have been a case of robbery or foiled sex- 
ual attack, was acquitted months later. Leary 
writes that James Truitt, a former editor at the 
Washington Post, told reporters Mary had 
met with President Kennedy in the White 
House about 30 times in the two years before 
he was assassinated. Truitt also said Mary 
had told him of an evening when she smoked 
marijuana with JFK. Mary reportedly kept a 
diary of the affair, which was found by sister 
Toni, Bradlee's ex-wife, who turned it over to 
James Angleton, then head of CIA counter-in- 
telligence. Angleton allegedly destroyed it. 


FRANK Sinatra's lawyer Mickey 
Rudin has lost his libel suit against 
Barron's. The financial weekly in 
a 1978 story referred to Mickey as 
a "mouthpiece" for Ol* Blue Eyes' 

— and Mickey found that term 
most offensive. Though the edi- 
tors explained in print they'd 
meant no harm — the word for 
them simply meant "spokesman" 

— Mickey sued. In U.S. District 
Court in Manhattan, Rudin 
argued that the word conjured up 
Images of "shyster." Oh. come on, 
Mickey, # countered a psycholln-" 
guist for the defense, it's no worse 
than being called a "politician." 
Judge Morris Lasker ultimately 
decided Mickey's reputation was 
"plainly secure" and ruled in 
favor of Barron's. 


HE sold the Courageous, but on 
June 10 Ted Turner will be back at 
the helm of the 12-meter sloop he 
skippered to victory defending the 
America's Cup in 1977. It's all part 
of a fundraiser being tossed by the 
People-to-People Sports Commit- 
tee and the Defender/Courageous 
syndicate at Newport's Belcourt 
Castle. As we reported last week, 
money is rather tight for nautical 
racing these days, and while cor- 
porate sponsorship helps, more is 
needed. So Ted and lots of other 
Newport names, like Defender 
skipper Tom Blackaller and John 
Kolius, current Courageous skip- 
per, will be on hand for partying, 
boating and other festive fund- 
raising activities. 

LINDSAY: summer morality 

IF you think July in the Hamp- 
tons Is all cold pasta and cocktail 
parties, think again. People like 
John Lindsay, Dave Mahoney, Bill 
Simon and Herb Schmertz are into 
some very serious seasonal think- 
ing. They're all taking part in 
"Four Hot Topics: Morality In the 
Eighties," a month-long series of 
discussions in East Hampton's 
Guild Hall, which normally pro- 

vides summer theater. Mahoney, 
chairman of Norton Simon, will be 
a featured speaker on "Business 
and Morality" on July 5. The next 
Tuesday, Bill Safire, Don Hewitt of 
60 Minutes and Mobil's Schmertz 
tackle "The Press and Morality." 
Cliff Robertson, the actor who 
spilled the beans on David Begel- 
man's check forgery, holds forth 
July 19 on "Morality and the 
Movies." Finally, former Mayor 
Lindsay and former Treasury 
Secretary Simon offer their spe- 
cial insights on "Politics and 
Morality" on July 26. To make It 
all the more enticing, summer 

folk who want to come in off the 
hot streets can catch the whole 
package for only $16. 

WARREN: Latin lo< 

MOVE over, Bianca Jagg' 
latest glamorous name t< 
worked up an intense inte 
the crisis ir. Central Anr" 
Warren Beatty. The awa 
ning producer-actor-directo 
likes to immerse himself in 
and other weighty concen 
been doing a bit of fact- 
down in Central America, i 
Costa Rica for one. Is Wa 
friend of writers John G 
Dunne and Joan Didion (wh 
come out with Salvador, ba 
her experiences in that em 
country) working up a filr 
ect with a Central An 
theme? We placed the usua 
but Warren didn't call back 

Stage offspring That's me 

NOW two familiar surnames are 
on the boards of the Roundabout 
Theater. Tandy Cronyn, daughter 
of Jessica Tandy and Hume 
Cronyn, enters Brian Friel's Win- 
ners tonight, replacing Jeanne 
Ruskin. Young Tandy's playing 
opposite Kate Burton, daughter of 
Richard Burton and Sybil, his 
first wife. 

Stallone's next: big parts for brother and a protege 

SYLVESTER Stallone, whose dog Butkus and brother Frank appeared 
In his first big hit, Rocky, is making his next movie a family affair too. 
Staying Alive, the Sly-directed sequel to the hugely successful Saturday 
Night Fever, will feature songs by the Bee Gees — and by Frank 
Stallone. Robert Stigwood, whose Stlgwood Organization is producing 
Alive, had first asked Daryl Hall and John Oates to do the music for the 
film, due out next month, but ultimately opted for the Bee Gees, who 
wrote much of the music to Saturday Night Fever. Five brand-new Bee 
Gees tunes (plus "Staying Alive" from the original film) will be heard. 
So will three songs co-written by brother Frank. He'll also sing, as will 
Cynthia Rhodes. Everybody thought Flnola Hughes would be promoted 
as the top actress In the film — but she's been outdistanced by Rhodes, 
whom Stallone Is said to have pushed Into the movie's featured female 
role. One studio source says It's Just a matter of talent: "Flnola dances. 
Cyndy sings and dances." Others say she has become Sly's protege — 
and he wants her to shine very bright In Staying Alive. 

ACTOR Edward Duke lef 
without the proper ID the 
day — and promptly foun 
self in a financial pickle. I 
the one-man show Jeeves 
Charge at The Space at Cit 
ter, Duke wandered into a I 
cash a traveler's check. SI 
identifying plastic, he n 
into his pocket and pulled oi 
view of the show — with r 
ture — from Time magazi 
got the cash. 

Inside info 

SO why is Manhattan R 
President Andrew Stein so < 
kenly against a plan to < 
Park West Village, on Centra 
West from 97th-100th. from 
to condo? Andy's no tenant tl 
but he's sticking up for to 
Maggie Peyton, and she is 
mer president of the tenar 
sociation at Park West. 

STALLONE: family affair 


TUESDAY. MAY 31. 1983 

"Now for the most pressing question of the economic summit . . . who's picking up the tab?" 

Avid-hvad L<>ari/ hints so was JFK 

TIMOTHY Leary, the acid king who urged a 
generation to "Turn on, tune in, drop out!," 
implies in yet another of the seemingly unend- 
ing series of exposes about John F. Kennedy 
that the late President probably tripped on acid 
as well as smoked marijuana on more than one 
occasion. In his new autobiography. Flash- 
Leary indi< that JFK's high-limes 

p-rl Piiu hot Meyer, the so- 

cialite painter with whom he reportedly had a 
two-year affair. Elaborating to PAGE SIX, 
Leary said: "It's my hunch that he was the 
person she was bringing mushrooms and arid 
to." Leary also hints in the book his belief that 
the Yassar educated Meyer, a niece of Penn- 
sylvania Gov. Cifiord Pinchot and ex-wife of 
top CIA-agent Cord Meyer Jr., was the victim 
of a CIA murder plot. Mrs. Meyer was shot 


FRANK Sinatra's lawyer Mickey 
Budin has lost his libel suit against 
Barron's. The financial weekly in 
a 1978 Btory referred to Mickey as 
a "mouthpiece" for Ol' Blue Eyes* 

— and Mickey found that term 
most offensive. Though the edi- 
tors explained in print they'd 
meant no harm — the word for 
them simply meant "spokesman" 

— Mickey sued. In U.S. District 
Court in Manhattan, Rudin 
argued that the word conjured up 
images of "shyster." Oh, come on, 
Mickey, countered a psycholin- 
guist for'the defense, it's no worse 
than being called a "politician." 
Judge Morris Lasker ultimately 
decided Mickey's reputation was 
"plainly secure" and ruled in 
favor of Barron's. 

twice in the head in October 1964 as she 
walked along the canal towpath near her 
home in Georgetown, a route she often 
strolled with her friend Jackie Kennedy. 
Leary, who says he tripped with Mary and 
taught her how to conduct "sessions," quotes 
her as saying in June 1963, "My friends and I 
have been turning on some of the mo*t kppor- 
tant people in Washington. It's about time we 
had our own psychedelic cell on the Potomac, 
don't you think?" In his book, just out from 
Tarcher, Leary recalls his feelings when he 
heard of her death: "My head was spinning 
with ominous thoughts. A close friend of the 
Kennedy family had been murdered in broad 
daylight with no apparent reason. And there 
had been so little publicity. No outcry. No call 
for further investigation." Washington Post 

editor Ben Bradlee, then married to Mary's 
sister Ton! and working as Newsweek'* D.C. 
bureau chief, identified the body, Leary says. 
A young man, arrested right after the shoot- 
ing, which Washington police at the time said 
might have been a case of robbery or foiled sex- 
ual attack, was acquitted months later. Leary 
write* that James Trultt, a former editor at the 
Washington Post, told reporters Mary had 
met with President Kennedy in the White 
House about 30 times in the two years before 
he was assassinated. Truitt also said Mary 
had told him of an evening when she smoked 
marijuana with JFK. Mary reportedly kept a 
diary of the affair, which was found by sister 
Toni, Bradlee's ex-wife, who turned it over to 
James Angleton, then head of CIA counter-in- 
telligence. Angleton allegedly destroyed it. 


HE sold the Courageous, but on 
June 10 Ted Turner will be back at 
the helm of the 12-meter sloop he 
skippered to victory defending the 
America's Cup in 1977 It's all part 
of a fundraiser being tossed by the 
People-to-People Sports Commit- 
tee and the D ourageous 
syndicate at Newport's Belcourt 
Castle. As we reported last week, 
money is rather tight for nautical 
racing these days, and while cor- 
porate sponsorship helps, more is 
needed. So Ted and lots of other 
Newport names, like Defender 
skipper Tom Blackaller and John 
Kolius, current Courageous skip- 
per, will be on hand for partying, 
boating and other festive fund- 
raising activities. 

LINDSAY: summer morality 

IF you think July in the Hamp- 
tons is all cold pasta and cocktail 
parties, think again. People like 
John Lindsay, Dave Mahoney. Bill 
Simon and Herb Schmertz are into 
some very serious seasonal think- 
ing. They're all taking part in 
"Four Hot Topics: Morality in the 
Eighties." a month-long series of 
discussions in East Hampton's 
Guild Hall, which normally pro- 

vides summer theater. Mahoney, 
chairman of Norton Simon, will be 
a featured speaker on "Business 
and Morality" on July 5. The next 
Tuesday, Bill Safire. Don Hewitt of 
60 Minutes and Mobil's Schmertz 
tackle "The Press and Morality." 
Cliff Robertson, the actor who 
spilled the beans on David Begel- 
man's check forgery, holds forth 
July 19 on "Morality and the 
Movies." Finally, former Mayor 
Lindsay and former Treasury 
Secretary Simon offer their spe- 
cial insights on "Politics and 
Morality" on July 26. To make it 
all the more enticing, summer 

folk who want to come in off the 
hot streets can catch the whole 
package for only $16. 

WARREN: Latin look 

MOVE over, Bianca Jagger. The 
latest glamorous name to have 
worked up an intense interest in 
the crisis in Central America is: 
Warren Beatty. The award-win- 
ning producer-actor-director, who 
likes to immerse himself in politics 
and other weighty concerns, has 
been doing a bit of fact-finding 
down in Central America, visiting 
Costa Rica for one. Is Warren, a 
friend of writers John Gregory 
Dunne and Joan Didion ( who's just 
come out with Salvador, based on 
her experiences in that embattled 
country) working up a film proj- 
ect with a Central American 
theme? We placed the usual calls, 
but Warren didn't call back. 

Stage offspring That s me 

~ i O ACTOR F.riward Duki 

NOW two familiar surnames are 
on the boards of the Roundabout 
Theater. Tandy Cronyn. daughter 
of Jessica Tandy and Hume 
Cronyn. enters Brian Friel's Win- 
ners tonight, replacing Jeanne 
Ruskin. Young Tandy's playing 
opposite Kate Burton, daughter of 
Richard Burton and Sybil, his 
first wife. 

Stallone's next: big parts for brother and a protege 

SYLVESTER Stallone, whose dog Butkus and brother Frank appeared 
In his firsl big hit, Rocky, is making his next movie a family affair too. 
Staying Alive, the Sly-directed sequel to the hugely successful Saturday 
Night fever, will feature songs by the Bee Gees — and by Frank 
Stallone. Robert Stigwood, whose Stigwood Organization is producing 
Alive, had first asked Daryl Hall and John Oates to do the music for the 
film, due out next month, but ultimately opted for the Bee Gees, who 
wrote much of the music to Saturday Night Fever. Five brand-new Bee 
Gees tunes (plus "Staying Alive" from the original film) will be heard. 
So will three songs co-written by brother Frank. He'll also sing, as will 
Cynthia Rhodes. Everybody thought Finola Hughes would be promoted 
as the top actress in the film — but she's been outdistanced by Rhodes, 
whom Stallone is said to have pushed into the movie's featured female 
role. One studio source says it's just a matter of talent: "Finola dances. 
Cyndy sings und dances.'' Others say she has become Sly's protege — 
and he wants her to shine very bright In Staying Alive. 

ACTOR Edward Duke left home 
without the proper ID the other 
day — and promptly found him- 
self in a financial pickle. Star of 
the one-man show Jeeves Takes 
Charge at The Space at City Cen- 
ter, Duke wandered into a bank to 
cash a traveler's check. Short on 
identifying plastic, he reached 
into his pocket and pulled out a re- 
view of the show — with his pic- 
ture — from Time magazine. He 
got the cash. 

Inside info 

SO why is Manhattan Borough 
President Andrew Stein so outspo- 
kenly against a plan to change 
Park West Village, on Central Park 
West from 97th-100th, from rental 
to condo? Andy's no tenant there — 
but he's sticking up for top aide 
Maggie Peyton, and she is a for- 
mer president of the tenants' as- 
sociation at Park West. 

STALLONE: family affair 


LA WEEKLY December 31, 1982-Jan /, 1983 




What kind of year was it? Don't ask. Just be thankful you're still 
here. In thrashing around for a satisfying way to sum up 1982 we asked 
Gary Leonard for some snapshots of the highlights of L.A.'s last 12 
months. Gary, who's involved in a lifelong quest to shoot every single 
person who lives in Los Angeles, culled these from his crop. They bring 
back happy moments and one or two sad ones. A silent toast for those 
we left behind in '82 and a prayer for '83. 

Carlos Guitarlos of Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs 

deigns to greet Mayor Bradley. Guitarlos said later 

he must have been sober at the time. 

Liberace meets the Blasters. They discussed Proust's 
transmogrification of Hegelian themes. 

This might look like a snap from the opening of the 

Andy Warhol/Leroy Neiman exhibit last spring but it's really the latest 

installation at the Hollywood Wax Museum. 

Tim Leary squared off against G. Gordon Liddy in debate at the Wilshirc Ebell. 

Nothing was revealed. 

The late Jules Bates, the way we'd like to remember him. 

- - 

- - * -■ .... 


LA WEEKLY December 31 1982- January 6, 1983 

Certifying his immortality, Dodger announcer 

Vin Scully (right) gets his name emblazoned on a 

Hollywood sidewalk, just like the movie stars. No, that's 

not his roommate with him; that's Jerry Dogget, 

the other Dodger announcer. 

The Kit Kat Club discovered that strippers 
and rock and roll added up to big dollars. 
This is the tamest picture we could find. 

Exene did it all for Jerry's kids at Lewis' 

Labor Day telethon. And we thought she 

was only in it for drugs and fame. 

Harlan Ellison turned out the troops to picket CBS for 

cancelling Lou Grant. Everyone was impressed except CBS. 

The show stayed cancelled. 

! —~ ^^ 

SAiP' ""i 

m 'V 

m ^^^-J 

1 ^Jf \ 



V ^& ^^^^Bn "* "* jiM ^| 

w ^fc^ 

WM . * sJi U. 

fii # 

■k Isilr /^W^* - 

fin * i 

1 «**fv 

j[ \***i; * 

JKa / 

ILI ^ 





Los Angelenos And Others: They Love A Parade 



Leary of the Future 


Whether due to scarcity, economy, or 
the fact that they have been out of 
fashion, many of today's youth haven't 
tried mind-expanding drugs. Well, drugs 
are back in vogue and so is Dr. Timothy 
Leary, who was recently in town to 
debate the infamous second story and 
hatchetman, G. Gordon Liddy. Leary 
fathered the psychedelic experience of 
the sixties, without which the sixties 
would probably have been as forgetable 
as the seventies. 

Don't get me wrong, Dr. Leary doesn't 
recommend drugs for recreational or 
self-destructive purposes, but to re- 
create the self Tired of the same old 
you? Of the apathy oozing out from 
under your patty nails, of being 
mistaken for a corpse at parties, or be- 
ing condemned to the drab confines of 
establishment or anti-establishment 
dogma (as the case may be)? Why not 
be the sparkling cosmic creature of 
tomorrow? Intelligent, willful, and willing 
of the post acid test? But upon achiev- 
ing the enlightened state of the super 
you, there would be nothing to do and 
nowhere to go, you lament Not true, 
you can join a group to ensure the in- 
alienable rights of this hot new "you," 
and as for a place to go? Dr. Leary has 
an answer for that too — you can go to 

My thanks to Dr. Leary for this inter- 
view, and for his courage, commitment 
and vision. Is he just another acid burn- 
out? That's left for you to decide, just 
don't let Billy Graham or the D.E.A. 
decide it for you. 

V: For years you have been interested in 
internal consciousness expansion. Now 
you have changed your position to one 
more concerned with external expan- 
sion, for instance space migration, 
sciousness expansion research? 
L. Yes. I am. As a scientist, a 
philosopher, and neurologist. I think the 
brain is the key to everything, both inner 
and outer. Your future, my future as an 
individual, plus the future of our society 
and our species, depends upon our 
ability to understand how our brain func- 
tions and to dial and tune our brain so it 
makes us feel good and sucessful and 
intelligent, so that we can be happier 
people and make a better world Two 
ways in which to watch and control your 
brain are through drugs and a new 
development, electric stimulation The 
only way you can deal with this enor- 
mous network, which is a bio-chemical 
and electric computer comprised of 100 
billion cells, is to smarten up and learn 
about chemistry and electricity yourself. 
Then you are faced with the problem of 
your brain being all turned on, but the 
world outside is still all screwed up, and 
what are you going to do about it? The 
intelligent person is interested in improv- 
ing the environment and goes about 
building up networks of other intelligent 
people who can work to solve the pro- 
blems of poverty and warfare that are 
plaguing the human race. I am intensely 
involved in external activities and exter- 
nal space. I am debating G. Gordon Lid- 

dy because I think he has got to be 
stopped. He's an out and out Fascist 
He represents the military-macho police 
state that is taking over the White 
House, with Haig, Reagan and the 
weapons people. So, although my basic 
function is taking drugs and expanding 
my brain, I still have to come back down 
to earth and warn people against 
Fascists, and talk about space migration 
and higher frontiers. These are the ex- 
ternal things that go along with the inter- 
nal things. 

our intelligence, be alert and not get 
trapped in old ways of thought Keep 
changing, hang around with people that 
stimulate you to grow. Science is a key, 
not the old kind of impersonal weapons 
science, but humanist science. Getting 
into communication, sending out the 
word. That's the way evolution works, a 
few people send the message out to a 
few more, and if it's righl and at the 
right time and it's time to backbone it, 
they'll backbone, if it's time to get off 
four feet on to two, or if it's time to get 


V: It seems what is happening with ex- 
ternal expansion is that it is the same 
old people, we're just going to end up 
with pigs in space and more territory for 
Mr Rodgers'neighborhood. The power 
control addicts on one side and us on 
ttehfitefiLiJLi? tt 1 ^ aae old problem of 

sepdrdienes»b. Wmui pievema diiy nc< 
era from taking place because that re- 
quires unity and we are still fighting one 

L: Those of us who believe in the future, 
who believe in harmony and in- 
telligence, in using scientific advances 
in a humanist way to improve things, are 
about one percent of the human race, 
the rest of the species is over there in 
Iran, Iraq, El Salvador and so forth 
fighting each other. We are a small 
minority, on the other hand we are grow- 
ing. We can defeat the CIA. We can 
move faster and outwit them because 
we are smarter and freer. It is a conflict 
which has always been going on, 
Athens vs. Sparta, the Catholic Church 
vs. Gallileo. I could spend the next hour 
listing the battles which have been 
fought between freedom and intelligence 
on the one hand and authoritarian con- 
trol on the other. Sure the pigs are go- 
ing to space, but we have to go there 
with them. Communicating information 
like this to alert people to smarten up 
and not be taken over by the powers 
that want to control and preach warfare. 
V: What do you think is the most impor- 
tant issue facing us today? 
L: I think the first responsibility of 
human beings is to continue to increase 










off the earth and move forward into 
space, it's going to happen. 
V: How do you see the move to space 
working? It would seem the establish- 
ment will use it as usual to milk us for 
as much as they can. 
L: The problem is that the military and 

llJC fjcupli; who control things don't want 

us to know that we have a right to go In- 
to space. We are encouraging people to 
form cooperatives, student groups. 
There are activists groups like the L-5 
Society, Civilians for Space, and No 
Weapons in Space, who are trying to br- 
ing to the common consciousness, the 
fact we are being screwed out of the 
solar system. 

V: Right. They take over and charge us. 
The whole social-economic structure is 
so sick now, it needs a major transfu- 
sion before anything is going to change 
whether we are in space or not. 
L: Right, once we get power satellites 
and throw out the oil monopoly, which of 
course the Rockefellers don't want. It's 
a whole issue down here but it will be 
fought in space. There should be no 
weapons in space and it should be inter- 
national, not divided between the Rus- 
sians and Americans who will just con- 
tinue to play their own game up there, 
and that is disastrous. 
V: Well that goes back to the old 
monetary system, to use two sides to 
pay off the middle. What does a group 
like the L-5 Society suggest people do? 
L: There was a treaty saying that only 
governments should control space. Now 
you know 90% of the world's govern- 


Want ♦/* kn a dirl unlit 

fn\. B . /a n^r 

ments are military dictatorships The 
Society, about 5.000 people, got ^^ 
together and hired a lawyer and 
defeated this treaty. It's almost as if the 
second American revolution won it'€ first 
scrimmage, because we knocked down 
the monopolists. 

The young people are all for space, 
kids under 13 spend 8 billion dollars a 
year on video arcade space games, 
more money than we spend on the 
NASA program. That shows how 
ridiculous our government is, spending 
trillions of dollars on battleships and 
tanks when the kids are spending more 
on space. If they're willing to spend their 
quarters now on space, you're not going 
to keep them down here clinging to the 
old planet when they're older. If we can 
just keep the old guys from blowing us 
up in the next couple of years, the 1988 
election will be the first baby boom elec- 
tion, and we'll probably elect the first 
person born after 1945 and as everyone 
knows they are a different species, post- 
Hiroshima, electronic, who opened their 
minds with drugs and so forth. If we last 
until 1988 things will work out nicely. 
V: What about Joanna? What's happen- 
ed to her, and would you clarify the 
rumour about her working for a govern- 
ment agency? 

L: Well Joanna's been out of my life for 
five years. I have a great deal of admira- 
tion for her because she's an adven- 
turess . . . Did she work for the CIA or 
KGB? Well she probably would have for 
an hour or two, but she was working for 
her own independence and amusement. 
The FBI then and now to some extent 
was trying to make me talk about the 
weathermen. They have three top men 
being tried for burglarizing weather- 
men's homes. They felt if they could get 
me to testify that the weathermen were 
infiltrated and run by foreign agents it 
would justify the FBI blackbox jobs. So 
they put out a lot of rumours, put me in 
prison, tried to set me up several times 
to be killed. They leaked that I was ex- 
posing drug dealers. None of it was 
true, it is standard practice. The FBI and 
CIA have infiltrated all our organs of 
communication. The Washingtong Post 
is totally CIA and they bought the 
Washington Star. CBS and Paley work 
hand and glove with them. 
V: How do you feel the debate went with 
former FBI agent G. Gordon Liddy? 
L: Well I was disappointed with the first 
night. See Liddy is a prosecutor, and a 
very intelligent man. He is presenting a 
case to a jury, facts or truths aren't im- 
portant. He uses the idea of little old 
ladies being beaten up to justify the 
need for a police state. I hate the whole 
legal process of disguising the truth If it 
was a scientific contest I could run rings 
around him. He says, is it alright to 
break the law, if my wife is having a 
baby and I break the speed limit? What 
he is really saying is if you have a gurv 
you can break the law and if you don't, 
you can't. 

V: That seems to sum up mankind's 
history up to the present, let's hope it 
won't be the same old future. 

A video interview of Dr. Leary, made 
right after this, can be seen on Channel 
J. Check your cable listing. 



Report From Within A Vortex The 
Leary-Liddy Debate 
by Chuck Kaitwasser 

A Marxist friend of mine and I were 
having these wild, absurd debaies about 

dean economies'" t tmally said "let's go 
to the horse's mouth " and I sent him 
Pound's ABC of Economics" He com- 
plained that the essay was written a 
by a madman "No connections bet- 
ween his thoughts He jus" trails off 

But Pound, one of the few American 
Brains to immerse himself in the study 
of Chinese ideograms, replied: "Very 
well. I am not proceeding according to 
Aristotelian logic but according to the 
ideogramic method of first heaping 
together the necessary components of 
thought " 

I didn't have a tape recorder on hand 
when I attended the Timothy Leary — 
G Gordon Liddy Debate held at NYU 
and at the Beacon Theater on the 25th 
and 27th of March 1982. but having 
studied the Chinese language. I assume 
the position of silently stealing from 
Pound's ideogramic method 

I don't even have the resources of 
other publications in front of me The 
New York Times. New York Post, the 
Daily News, all chose to ruthlessly ig- 
nore the spectacle It was shown on TV. 
which of course gave us the most super- 
ficial aspects of the debate. 

Each paragraph will be a modern day 
Chinese ideogram The Future of 
American Civilization was teetertottering 
during the debates Dr Leary — G Gor- 
don Liddy debates should become more 
prominent in the public's eye than the 
dull, opportunistic presidential debates 
It will revive the spice of political parties 
In the past. Leary has supported the 
candidacy of democrats George 
McGovern and Jerry Brown Liddy was 
of course the Nixon man who 
engineered the Watergate break-in. and 
also is a friend of fellow Republicans 
John Conelly and Ronald Reagan. 

Leary's name is associated with 
nothing more than drug-taking to many 
people, when in fact he is a futurist of 
considerable brilliance He used to dine 
with Marshall McLuhan In the summer 
of 1980 he debated the think-tanker Her- 
man Kahn. His philosophy encompasses 
a comprehensive overview of history 
which fuses together Charles Darwin 

with Lao-tse and the Greek Earth 
Mother Goddess Gaia. providing the jux- 
taposition the rest of was 
srreumfng for Tn the greal confusion sur 
rounding the Creationism vs Science- 
Evolution Debate down in Little Rock. 

You can disagree with him. or disagree 
with Liddy. There's no problem with 
disagreeing but most people have the 
dardnest time just sitting ih their seats! 
At NYU. Leary or Liddy could never get 
past the first seven words of their 
sentences without having the audience 
jumping up & down, twitching & lurching 
about Liddy's not my favorite 
philosopher by any means, but at least I 
intended to enjoy being able to hear 
him The impatient Norman Normal jus' 
can't sit tight Is this a condition from 
Adam & Eve's time, or a recent develop- 
ment of the tv-illiterate-rock'n roll 

People would ask Leary-Liddy ques- 
tions Notice the hyphen It seemed as 
though Leary-Liddy was some kind of 
cosmic Siamese twin Yin & yang They 
were sitting together at the NYU debate 
when someone said: "I wish you two 
could retain your best qualities & fuse, 
merge them togethe' 

Liddy That would be great but we 
can't agree which are the best parts " 

The debate on Saturday at Beacon 
was a lot less jovial an affair There 
were daggers of heated emotions flow- 
ing through the air The audience was at 
least 10 years older & well versed in the 
strange madness of the Nixon years 
Some of the questioners did time for 
selling LSD 

At one point at Beacon. Liddy said: 
'Well my Watergate crime may have 
been a crime, but far less weighing on 
my conscience than Leary's crime/if I 
had committed it/ of forcing our youth to 
destroy their brains by forcing them to 
abuse drugs " 

Dr Tim bounced back He was spr- 
ingy, energetic, wearing a pink sweater 
& grey pants with grey socks, white 
shoes with white hair Liddy was wear- 
ing a blazer-blue lawyer suit 

What do you mean! I never forced 
anyone to use a drug, but who did force 
& and subsequently injure harmless 
people with drugs but the C! I' A' And 

not only that, but who planned to 
assassinate Jack Anderson by taping 
LSD to his steering wheel, but G! Gor 

rfon» Liddy''- 

Whereupon Liddy very compas- 
sionately explained why he wanted col- 
umnist Jack Anderson killed, using his 
Aristotelian logic (Leary called it Jesuit 
logic) by first defending the role of the 
State as the supreme weapon against 
Soviet Agression & proceeding 
downwards into the strange scenario of 
a dead Jack Anderson hanging upside 
down dead, caught in some tree bran- 
ches with his car wheels still spinning 
around I saw more than a few fair 
maidens with their hands over their 
ears, on the verge of passing out 
and was too much for a lot of people to 
take But we should take it. because we 
keep voting for it! Isn't it a strange quali- 
ty of sleep that pervades this country 
because the Nixonian-Haig-Reagan 
ideology of "might-is-right". "the ape-is- 
our-shape" keeps winning those elec- 
tions Leary was optimistic that by t988 
the baby-boomers would finally cast 
their deciding vote anf keep the 
Paleolithic barbaric mentality out of 

Leary said he represented the way of 
the philosopher city-state Athens, 
whereas his partner Liddy represented 
the way of the militaristic city Sparta. 
Liddy was in total agreement on that 

The Athens-Sparta debate is a little 
more peppery now than a few millenia 
ago. since today's Sparta has the 
capacity to level life right off the face of 
our fragile little planet. 

Half the audience was right-wing 
Reagan Moral majority folk The other 
half new age meditators, smokers, 
dopers. punkers. artists Almost like the 
two hemispheres of someone's brain 

Someone would say G Gordon Lid- 
dy I think you represent the hope of the 
continuity of Civilization." 

Next guy at bat: G Gordon Liddy 
I'm from England and & speak for all of 
Europe We're totally terrified by you 
and your ilk 

The debate became most relevant 
when it moved away from the old drug- 
busting history of the late '60s & moved 
into a discussions of Reagan's policies 

When Tim talked about moving budget 
money out of the Pentagon & into the 
Sp«e* Race, me audience laughed as if 
the old Doctor were high on drugs. Ob- 
viously few realized that Dr Leary has 
become an articulate advocate of space 
migration, along with Carl Sagan. Dr 
Peter Vajk. Dr Gerald O'Neill. Stewart 
Brand. Governor Brown & many others 
More people wanted to hear about the 
demons of Watergate than about 
Leary's friend at UCLA. Dr Roy 
Wolford. who is continuing genetic 
research regarding the possibility of a 
breakthrough in human longevity 

Dr T "I feel like I just beamed down 
here from the 21st century into a pack a 
Paleolithic Barbarians Next time I come 
to New York. I want to talk more about 
the possibilities in space, in the area of 
brain research, increased intelligence, 
the extending of the life span by cen- 
turies, rather than get bogged down in 
all this Mammalian politics " 

It was pure Science Fiction Liddy was 
going into a long detailed account of 
how he busted Leary in th 1960s when 
some people behind me. obviously ston- 
ed, started laughing their heads off You 
had to pinch yourself to make sure the 
whole thing wasn't an elaborate 

I smoked some strong reefer right 
before the Beacon debate, so I can offer 
an accurate right-hemispheric-brained 
account Meditating with my eyes clos- 
ed. I saw a huge dinosaur-like turtle 
crawling ever so slowly Next thing I saw 
down Evolutionary Lane was a 
Wolverine The Wolverine reached the 
bottom of a waterfall & desired to as- 
cend to the top The only way that could 
be accomplished was if the Wolverine 
could somehow mutate, evolve into a 
human being And that took Love As a 
species we know we must find a way to 
evolve away from the Wyatt Earp/Gor- 
don Liddy Macho Paranoid "Bad 
Neighborhood " We need a lot in- 
telligence and a lot of love Somehow 
behind the especially weird and violent 
emotions of Saturday night's debate, 
you could sense that everyone felt it 
We must become human beings or 
perish But there was hope if you were 
there Thursday night It was Divine 
Comedy at its best. 



By Will Long. 


I love this guy I even put him before 
me But he doesn't respect me I am 
about to give up! You're my last hope 
Still Hopeful 

Dear Hopeful 

Live in hope and you are a dope! 
He does too respect you In your actions 
and opinion you put him before you. he 
seing himself through your eyes 
respects your opinion and acts out the 
role. This is very common with men who 
don 't want to look and therefore unders- 
tand themselves So when you say he 
does respect you. you mean he does 
give you what you want and need. Have 
you given him the chance? Have you 
tokJ him what you want and need. He 
doesn 't understand himself, how can he 
you? The blind crying about the blind 
Try: treat others as we treat ourselves (if 
they take it personal) And the less your 
treat yourself the less they will 

Dear Will 

I did it again! Every boyfriend I had was 
jealous This guy is jealous tc the point 
of physical danger I am in a prison. He 
isolates me How do I break out and still 
keep him as a friend? He is good to me 
in every other way 
Someone who needs a friend 

Dear Friendless. 

Learn to be a friend to yourself. Equal to 
at least being your own worst enemy 
And everything then goes beautifully 
You probably had the role or still do. 
You are so dead inside you might invite 
his physical danger just to prove you re 
alive He is afraid of losing you. correct? 
This is what flatters you You kid 
yourself and him What he feels has 
nothing to do with you He would be 
afraid of any prisoner that escaped He 
wouldn 't feel like a warden anymore 

There are two kinds of men. wardens 
and gardeners. It's related to two kinds 
of people, (those who inspire you and 
those who expire you) He needs a 
nobody to feel like somebody If you left 
he would feel like nobody! And he would 
be all alone! Jealousy is just the fear of 
being alone If you keep reassuring him 
and prove by your actions you won 't 
ever stop being his friend and it does 
not work, he's not listening Everyone 
listens to what they're interested in and 
if he doesn't listen to you there'll 
never be love 

Dearest Will 

My boyfriend always pulled and pushed 
my head down to commit the act of f 
I went along with it until recently Since I 
stopped doing that single act the world 
stopped! No sex. no communication, no 
touching' What should I do? It's been a 
whole week' I think I'm going crazy! 
Thanking you. 
Very Desperate. 

Dear Neophite 

If it s a question of sexual need, you 
need to learn to go after it — to please 
yourself Mother necessity hasn t carried 
you to that point yet Obviously then, 
you don t love it In your letter you 
pmted out that you went along — in 
other words, to please him — perhaps 
because you were afraid not to please 
him I think your relations — to be more 
precise, your sexual relation is over If 
you want to start it again. I can show 
you But I assure you it wasn t a very 
good sexual relationship So don't go 
crazy, you haven't lost anything but 
misery! This boyfriend of yours don 't 
believe you love him and his little cock, 
or he wouldn't force you Probably no 
woman has loved him since his mother, 
and in such a long absence doubts 
naturally occur If you showed him your 

pleasure when you were having sex, by 
words, sighs, moans, smiles, laughter, 
orgasm, then when he would push your 
little head you would want to give him 
pleasure too And as in every pan of lite 
we learn to do something for someone 
else we then soon learn to do it for 
ourselves — and love it The next 
deduction ( if my assumptions are cor- 
rect) he hasn t given you any affection, 
communication (sharing himself), fun. 
play, improvising, laughter, and thus 
great orgasms You probably went into 
this expenment. like him. to prove how 
desirable you are He probably doesn 1 
know Boys fall into sex and girls grow 
into it. I think it s time you took the in- 
itiative, start asking questions — sfop 
accepting And communicate lovingly 
your need to experiment more sexually 
teach him how to improve He probably, 
like you doesn 't like the same act over 
and over again That's why you are both 
getting bored. Don 't ever let someone 
tell you what to do. Since you are stuck 
m that relationship you had better it to 
please yourself And if you want him to 
do something for you. ask him He will 
learn best by example both of you have 
never communicated with each other or 
yourselves And learn to touch yourself 
— more especially in front of him — he 
will get envious! 

Dear Will, 

I am a habitual masturbator and have 
enjoyed the solitary pleasures of my 
given form of stimulation for many years 
with little sense of guilt until recently A 
lovely girlfriend I'd been dating for a few 
weeks was looking through my wardrobe 
when she discovered my pornographic 
collection, her whole attitude towards 
me began to change. She questioned 
my masculinity, my aesthetic taste, my 
mental capacity, and when I tried to ex- 
plain the harmlessness of my predilec- 
tion she laughed in my face and pointed 
me in the direction of Women Against 
Pornography We haven't spoken since 
Am I exploiting women by watching 
them fuck? Is she over-reacting? Will I 
eventually go blind? 
Yours in Anticipation 
Johnny Gome Lately. 

Dear Momma's Boy; 
You speak, and thus program yourself, 
in the present tense I hope these props 
are water. Labels are cute little fables. If 
you need a title I suggest human ape If 
a mere female can make you feel guilty, 
like anger, jealousy or any emotion you 
had it in you already You admitted this 
when you said "with little sense of 
guilt" Your real problem with masturba- 
tion is that you do not totally enjoy it 
Your ambivalence keeps you trying to 
enjoy it more Remove the pleasure, 
pain of guilt, and you will eventually get 
tired of it Guilt is crying over spilt milk 
and is a slave emotion. Do not let 
anyone tell you about yourself unless 
they are quoting you (How else can 
they know?) She is attacking you out of 
fear, (and you probably do these things 
to her) if you get rid of this in you. the 

next time spank her and then make love 
to her And you will be able to laugh in 
her face when these tears come up 
again (they will) What has Women 
Against Pornography got to do with you 
and hert She isn't over-reacting — she 
isn t even reacting to you Tell her to 
read the Bible and it she believes a 
book can hun you or women she has to 
believe that the Good Book will more 
than balance it out By the way. an- 
ticipation is far more harmful to you than 
masturbation But it's a unnatural con- 
nection in this unnatural planet 
What once made us te.< 
Soon we cry 
Then we laugh' 
We are free! 
Then back to work 


My problems are myriad, but the most 
pressing of them is financial I can trace 
most of the angst I suffer directly to a 
lack of funding Women shun me after 
the first date, because as a stolid sup- 
porter of the ERA I don't see anything 
amiss in having the dame cough up the 
samoleans for once when out on the 

Do you think you could lend me a cou- 
ple of sawbucks? Please??? With forty 
dollars or so in addition to being able to 
survive the week I could probably afford 
to take the trains, clean my clothes and 
search out another job Then. I could 
assist my mother as She convalesces, 
and begin the drive I intend to sponsor 
that would help provide medical 
assistance to the refugees in El 

I'm certain that you'll send the fruits of 
your magnanimous nature to 
Life In Your Hands 

Dear Atlas. 

Your letter was both serious and kid- 
ding! When you were serious you were 
amusing When you were kiddm — you 
were serious Your biggest problem is 
you. I know too many women, who like 
you. are too much into independence 
and money (too much of anything is 
heavy to carry) there are a lot of them 
imitation men who want to replace us 
drones. Just find a female friend and 
help This also means giving a good lov- 
ing, plenty of affection after the meal It 
you are successful you won t fear being 
shuned anymore Don 1 look for a male 
friend — first men don 't share their 
money or sex or learning with another 
man A lot of them don't even share 
their good times with you Don't look for 
a job — you need more work So. 
Humpty Dumpty, put yourself together 
and the work will fall into place And if 
you try to put someone else together 
you fall apart You don t appreciate what 
you get Man can not live by women 
alone — let her make the dough and 
you comfon and entenain her you with 
your roles And the buns won't get stale 
But a warning there are two kinds of ac- 
tors, those who believe in their roles and 
those who enjoy the play 

Eye Spy 


SOHO News folds, the Eye stands 
firm or something like that. Truthfully I 
don't miss the tabloid despite the fact 
that I pinched it regularly One of 

the wilder things to haunt this past 
month was Charles Rocket parading his 
one-man show (almost — he's sym- 
phomcally accompanied on drums by 
the ubiquitous Lenny Ferrarri who is 

acclaimed by Amos Poe as the " best 
dressed guy in town") at the Mudd Clot. 
Charles has emerged from SNL 
unscathed apparently and seems more 
a casualty of the suburban high school 
system than of NBC's ngamarole He 
accompanies himself on his avant accor- 
dion with such finesse that one doesn't 
miss all the guitars and and other clut- 
ter Several girls fainted when he broke 
into his saucy rendition of "Born to be 
wild" (obvious plants no doubt) 
French jet setter marquisa Antonia de 
Portago. wife of Tony de Portago and 
who graces the society columns regular- 
ly is the lead singer for Antonia and the 
Operators, a promising new band Their 
18th century sound laced with harp- 
sichord strains, provided by the 
classically trained Rob Hardin 
boyfriend of actress Judy Jackson 
meshes DOR and baroque Sporting a 
Mane Antoinette inspired do. Antonia 
waltzed across Danceteria's stage to the 
mellifluous sound of "Versailles", easily 
their hit While Paul Bridgewater 
and Robert Carpenter are assembling 
the plethora of available talent for the 

East Village Art Show at the Middle 
Collegiate Church on 7th street and se- 
cond Ave , David McDermott and Peter 
McGough are off in the left wing restor- 
ing the sitting rooms to their former Vic- 
torian beauty Chances are you've 
probably come across one or another of 
the eccentric slide shows or science fic- 
tion movies of Peter Grata at the clubs 
or galleries His latest show which is 
currently on display at the Barbara 
Braathen Gallery (76 Duane Street) is a 
celestial symphony The large blue- 
black, red-black canvases impart a 
sense of spatiality and infinity with ex- 
traterrestrial beings, space ships and 
Greek columns floating in the foreground 
creating a mood of romantic sci-fi 
Mickey Clean and the Inner City 
Facelifts funked out at their debut at the 
Mudd Club several weeks back Mickey, 
who looks like the result of a marriage 
between a pop star and gargoyle, and is 
as maniac as a dervish on am- 
phetamines, manipulated the audience 
like a seasoned veteran of the music 
world Along with his hot-to-trot female 
back-up singers and dancers are an 

overabundance of congo players, per- 
cussion, sax, and flute, etc woven 
through the rythms the Sponsors. 
nes the Hand Grenades have just com- 
pleted recording their album at Skyline 
Studios with the help of producer Adny 
Shernoff and it will be in the stores this 
month John Cale is in the process 
of recording a new LP also at Skyline 
Bohack. consisting of Wayne Clifford, 
Vincent Gallo, and Claudia Porcelli 
are an instrumental band with their first 
album It Took Several Wives on the 
way Their style is totally non-rock wrth a 
strong tendency toward soundtrack 
music The album cover features the 
, work of painter Francesco Clemente. 
one of Italy's finest primitive artists 
Don't expect to see the Hipnotlcs for 
awhile if you missed their April 24 gig at 
Queens College They too are headed 
for the studios to record that Rockabilly 
favorite Bad Boy Gail, the keyboard 
player of Y Pants iust had a baby It 
seems that wedding bells are in store 
for David Byrne and Cathy Hazzard 
who finally decided he was the guy for 

continued on page 36 

age 1 

Loe Angttos Herald Enmntr 


July 14. 1082 


My dinner with Liddy and Leary 

J* Dnvtd Cdker 

H^ald Examiner staff 


•ki. 9 1 * flr * at ,dM C.B.! Picture 
"•: We get two guy* with 

•olute opposite opinions about 

•WylNng. Timothy Leary and 

BOrdon Llddy. You know, the drug 

I"tu from the ineOs who told all 

Borne kids to -tune m. turn on. 
*op out.' C mon. C.B.. you 
^member, you went on the 
■jrches. And Llddy was the guy 
*o masterminded the Watergete 
»h-ln. the guy who would hold 
Nihand over a candle flame to 
•UK* thet he wouldn't break. 

? Well, times have changed. 
Ml tell you they're naturals for 
•he* btx f Both do great on the 
lecaie circuit — they've been 
eakn. • batch of debetes all 
stoma the country. And here's 
thslsst part. C.B.: They've 
became friands. so we even got 
hum* Interest. Heart! 

Itetyou what we're going to 
do: Wsslt «m down for dinner 
end Joel let em talk — »f you 
wltt. »•? What? . . . well. C.B.. 
they plied that aame stunt with 
sorns oeVof-work stage director 
and a eiter actor hardly nobody 
ever head of, and out came "My 
Dinner Win Andre." C.B. that little 
cheap** his been cleaning up. so 
we can't aiss with my guys, boa- 

Maybe fsu want a sample. I Just 
happen to Have aome eemplea 
with me from dinner at a Japanese 
restaurant an the Strip while thoee 
two wera In town to talk up their 
neitaetofaabatee, eet for 
tomorrow an* Friday night at the 
WllahlreEbel Theatre. 
AJI aet. CA? Roll em! 


■^ _ iii ■ i ■ 

■ ■ ■ — III I 1 —__--_--- 

—" " ■■■■■■■■■■■ — 

— ' '■ ■ Ml 

^ I II II _____ 

m 4 



woiiranf a* foul 

n d ^^m Painful 

mNh .someme broke into the 
trunk of my car and took a lot 
camera equipment 
-kM?* 8 * <%ned) That's a 

( uhan an(1 v 

( "•> and Lidd\ rvmm 

about uhen Lid Qn 

'it D A m Dutch. 
■i the dn 
ith an entnur 
l.iddy's prosecution of Lt 
drug char*- ry'g ban 

LIDDY u had there at that 
time a Just the peace with 

criminal jur lent 

enough to put a person in jail for a 
year with do parole. He had 
own machine gun which he used to ] 

for target practice in his back 
yard three times a week. That v 
Dutchess ' Whatever pos- 

sessed you to set up headquarters 
there, I'll never know 

LRARY I *a.s under the lllus: 
that this is A; and n< 

LIDDY Imprudent of vou. 
I EAM l thought an American 
iti/en had a right to go anywh. 
n this country and be proi 
under toe Jaws I wasn't looking to 
I up with some prosecutor u 
looking for a famous victim 

irge with a crime 
LtDDl I had to go aft 
lawbreakers You ust a job If 

John Dillinger had come into toun 
I would have 

LEARY (with mock ou 
i Dillinger! I wa 

famous psychiatrist philos- 

nd Leary spent a combti 

hind bars at a 
van, prisons h 


stretch th: 

at Termm 
LEAK .ion wa r m 

but I was locked up in 
'tary and he was a good boy 
LIDDY i0od 

°oy 7 I I did KM d 

111 have you km 
LEARY (dit 
than that joji \. ti f f 

P la am puses 

LEAKY: Its not even a debate. 

j since r mpt on tbe part of 

ununJcate I am a 

eader. a gladiator for a nm 

les oi ,-th _ those 

n after 1946. after Hiroshima. 

dly negated all hi>t 
destin r planet depends 

'he evolution of a society that 
rmation and intellige 
and communication (Warm 
Gordi a group repres« 
Legionnaire's disease It continues 

t<> fight wars against imaginary 

mien And I don't know why 
they — the state — have in> 

rest in what imy wife) Barh.ira 
and I do at home to change our 
mood, to enhance our creativity It 

iot the function of them 
judicate what we do 

LIDDY (ratuHinatically What 
speaking about is liberty 
Edmund Burke said, before we 

er for someone's liber 
have to first remember what lib- 

erty means. If it means the ability 
to do what one pleaaea. we ough 
first find out what it pleases one to 
do. Thus. I would not cheer if 
newfound liberty gave license to 
the Hillside Strangler or 
LEARY (peeuisr fhere he 

I'm representing th«- 
Hillside Strangler in this cas< 
want to be very precise. You define 
aj doing what you please. I 

Dinner D-4, Col 2 

4 io» • 


Continued from page D-3 

Herald Examiner Wednesday. July 14, 1982 


that the average 

the km 

imix ent 
with * horn Dif ford sb nan 

ii hard to sort through 

lies don t help I write the 

md while what 
is is sa gests a type of m 

.mi tn 


hum or w 

be one of 

>b is 
might well ha\e time 


ii the 01 kini; 

il twirlu 

hruf with the 
lumpen m <>r, for 

ig to prevailing t 
iv in a miserable Mat* 


who ii 

iking n 

what w 

'ant and what win 

Ace Hunter Is 
the Ultimate Super Hero! 







CG « 

■«• "*""* lai 






10* • ' 



• 'AMU * 

H . 1 m 



L»ddy I have no apology to make for earning my bread from the sweat of my brow. Leary I think that our debates are the crucial interaction of the 20th century 


Continued from page 0-1 


that the stati 

Of \irtn 

I l!>l>\ It all • 

i urn 
staii with how sou pr 

that w| 

me of 

dy a A. 

nt ion the debate 

I think n tin where I 

with logic tl Ion v* only 

alistn in his itralized 

t that 

mil' ks as 

i. mm i don l wi 

I U.I 

\n\ ii 

I \UU\ tt people ha\c 



n I would want 

\ou a list of lot) of ll 
influei who h 

LIDDV And i thai to in. 

that the> have done so tn nt 

VRY v o get 


LIDDV I think how to 

men f donnr 


LIDDY The important, in m> 

opinion Tun fell a large < onstituen I am 

I . an to convince them of m> way of 

LEARY I think that our debai 
mi rth eeotiu 

I IDDY: M »rd 

\RY I'd be doing somethi if I thought it 

w about moi 
I IDDY Tl. m- problen *nh 

th« rest of humanity, and that is that from time to tinu* 

d to eat to sustain ou 
difficult i«» argue eff< faint from 

hum apology whatsoever to make 

for earning my bread from hrow I 

he unusual thing about thai are 

ff from tl 
il, bui mg We art lone 

to pr and 

be has put himself n that no puhlir- 

rorporation would the 

LIDDY Wi don't have anj i n and p 




■':> i think Jack 

I.IDDN Do I king for tl It was 

I fulfil m those d 


'hing in thi 

Nou I ran tadiuni 

Lf 'ig modest, wh 

nature I tl. anted to be an inf I 

fai 1 public figui 

LIDDY <»f know I've he- this 

i was .< 

almost a m 
of our limes, and rse thi 

intelligent par 

whose II 

LIDD\ Then < go damning me with faint 

w from tl >ung 

an infl 
worl <d at ii 

p and ha\» to dial with the , 

ip I wonder wh« 


I [DD1 find the people wh- 

itted for 


Psyche Unbound 

Stephen kcssler 



IMIIKMIIU; 4ft t^ HK -•"> Ul Jll thc»C OWUk.HJU» 

\TnorTr^^T>jrni\iTan^\vriTr^^H»s«r medical crevk 
, ondruj jndchcunil 

1 the mm 

»mn sp« >kcspers4 m J< »r c he 

colonization m 


ra.doa Hl1 

.rus qi> 

tn inhib 

I !ruc> - 

Noting th 
on the saentifi 

itrasi S velopmcni <>t these I 

fhtnu^h doo* iblish 

mcni has raced rull-sp- 

nun of the t psychoactive subsumes has 

i <»f rtu oomequeai 
p The moa tudi exr> 

mentation ling to lean Wed, 

"do • deal * that's going 

chanci everything.' Tht answer thus tar, in the cm 
lyscr^k acid, has been BO supf Hut if, as Uarv asserts. 

there ire more connections in the brain than there are 
ins m tin- universe v not be so easy to put a lid on 

the heads of thinkers like him and I l^ues. 

The brain — infinite and mysteri powers are — is 

an nent whose function is to fabricate real.' 

Psychoactives, as Leary propounds them, can be of assistance 
in tuning that instrument toward its highest possible per- 
formance An> tool or substance can be abused in the wron^ 
hands, but no one has outlawed sugar, alcohol, tobac 

teine or the other dubious additives consumed in such 
devastating quantities in our already drug-crazed culture 

In Judeo-Chnstian mythology. Leary observes, the first 
controlled substance was the fruit of the tree of knowledge of 
good and t d forbade Adam to taste this fruit because 

its information would make man too godlike for the Father's 
comfort, threatening the power structure of a patriarchic 


nne mi 




JULY 30. 1961 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
is now poised, with its licensing 
process "streamlined" by the Reagan 
administration, to grant PGtf'E a 
license for the Diablo Canyon nuclear 

When PG&E is given the go-ahead to 
start the plant, the Abalone Alliance, a 
statewide anti-nuclear network, will 
begin a nonviolent blockade/encamp- 
ment to try and prevent the plant from 
becoming radioactive. 

Years of public education, rallies, 
legal intervention in the regulatory 
process, and nonviolent civil disobed- 
ience have sown roots of opposition to 
Diablo that run firm and deep. More 
and more citizens throughout California 
are recognizing that a nuclear Diablo 
Canyon will be costly, unnecessary 
and dangerous. 

But the NRC has ignored public 
concern about Diablo. That's why 
thousands of people have signed up to 
join the blockade/encampment And 
they need your help. 

All participants in the action must 
attend a "nonviolent preparation'* 

session. Local preparations are being 
given by People for a Nuclear Free 
Future. 425-1275. the Action 
Community on Diablo Canyon, 423- 
0964. and preparations for women are 
being given by Women Opposed to 
Nuclear Technology. 425-521 1. 

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "We 
are faced with the fact that tomorrow 
is today. We are confronted with the 
urgency of now." 
Your help can make a difference. 
Join the Blockade/Encampment 

I want to help. I want to: 

Q participate in the 

blockade /encampment 
D do support work for the action in San 

Luis Obispo. 
O do support work here at home. 
D give my name as an endorsement, 
O help with a contribution. 

Name — 




Make checks payable to 

People for a Nuclear Free Future. 

P.O. Box 5204. Santa Cruz. CA 95063 

This ad paid for by. 

Diane Klein Wendy Martyna 

Ed Borovatz 
Frmn Cooper 
John Laird 

Kayta Starr 
Don Lane 
Paul Dragavon 

Lea Wood 
Jeff Wells 
Rosemary Balstey 
Craig Johnson 

Kathleen MlUer 
Diane Hansen 
Bruce Van Allen 
Mary Strunk 

Bill Leland 
Marfa Levlne 
Dan Hal (ley 
El I ssa Wagner 

Dave Cone 
Linda Kahn 
Dan Dlckmeyer 
Louis Helnrich 




Circulation: 1 .08 1 .060 Daily / 1 . 340. 743 Sunday 

Downward Mobility 

Future's Not f&. 

What It Used 
to Be in U.S. 

Timet Sufi Writer 

NEW YORK -A little more than 
a century ago. a young Irishman 
named Daniel Hanlon landed in 
America with only two asset* his 
willingness to work long hours aa a 
laborer and his burning desire to get 

Three generations later, the Han- 
lon* seem to be a classic example of 
the . American dream: Daniel's 
great-grandson Edward is a suc- 
cessful corporate executive, lives In 
an affluent New Jersey suburb and 
has sent four children to college. 
But. suddenly, he is worried about 
their future. 

i have a nagging sense— no, a 
itrong sense— that our kids aren't 
ping to find the same opportunities 
*e did." Hanlon. 54. said. "It's 
ougher for them to get started, and 
it's going to stay tough for the next 
10 years." 

I Daughter doting Firm 
By most standards. Hanlon's chil- 
en have turned out well— only 
not quite as well as the youngsters 
themselves expected. One son is a 
middle manager in a supply firm; his 
career has stopped advancing dur- 
ing the recession. A daughter ran 
her own automotive -parts business 
for nine years but is closing it be- 
cause of mounting debts. Another 
son, Peter. 21. has an engineering 
degree but is working as a hospital 

"I don't think we're ever going to 
see the kind of increase in incomes 
and standards of living that my 
parents had in the '50s and '60s.'' 
Peter said "In the short run. people 
my age are having a tough time." 

Peter considers himself an opti- 
mist. "In the long run. I think we're 
heading into a period of growth." he 
said. But he has become resigned to 
a future of shrinking horizons. "I 
don't think most of us are going to 
advance very far." he admitted. 
"To Peter Hanlon and other chil- 
dren of the upper middle class, the 
American dream haa become much 
more elusive than they had thought 
it would be. They expect the last 
decades of this century to be a time 

Last of a aerie*. 

)mic struggle rather than 

luence. Their faith in the m- 

of upward mobility— the 

ion that each generation 

better than the last— has 

bees/replaced by fears of downward 


Many parents share their appre 
henaions. Recent polls by the re- 
search firm of Yankelovich. Skelly 
it White have found that 64% of 
Americans believe that "we can no 
>nger take it for granted that our 
Idren will do better" and 83% 
lew the 1980s as a time when ev - 
ryone will make "downward 

in the way we live." 
Americans have weathered pen- 
_ of pessimism before, of course. 
but lUe main current of American 
thought has been optimistic— a be- 
lief in what Alexis de Tocqueville. 
the 19th-century French traveler, 
called the indefinite perfecUbility 
of man." During the great economic 
boom thai followed World War II. 
Harvard sociologist Daniel Bell ob- 
served that the belief in continued 
growth had become our "secular re- 
ligion." our basic "political cement " 
Please see FUTURE. Page It 

Set ptocsi — Worki 
moving Rodin's "Tl 
Museum in Pasadef 

for 1st 


For the first time 
War II. the peak dema 
city in the United S 
this year, leaving utili 
of their power capacii 
cording to an indust 
leased Wednesday. 

The Edison Electr 
Waahington- baaed o 
the nation's prtvateh 
trie utilities, said the | 
demand this summer 
low the summer of 19( 
production of electr 
2.1% for the first 11 
year from the same 

In California, the 
for electricity fell 51 
the record demand tl 
ties experienced in 19 
em California Edisoi 
Diego Gaa k Electric 
mand slumped this yc 
Angeles Department 
Power had an lncreaa 

Deaaaed Had leers 

Before 1973. wher 
creases by the Orgai 
troleum Exporting 
versed a decades -Ion 
lower electricity pr 
demand steadily uv 
average of about 7% 
then, the demand for 
increased at a much i 
until this year it h» 

The industry groi 
decline on the receei 
vorable weather du 
mer. which moderate 
for air conditioning 

Peek demand, whi 
curs on blistering hoi 
conditioners are run 
u the most signincan 






n^y^a •Jk 1 T 






Minneapolis Star and Tribune 

July 26 1983 


Staff Photos by Donald Black 

Timothy Lear y was in the Twin Cities to promote his autobiography. 

'High priest of LSD' still preaching in favor of drugs 

By Jeff Strickler 
Staff Writer 

Sorry, skeptics, but Timothy Leary doesn't s»t in 
a corner and drool Nor does he wander around in 
a vokj or babble incomprehensibly He's just as 
healthy, coherent and rational as ever, and a lot 
of people hate him for it 

"My hearth causes a lot of enmity." said the man 
who 20 years ago was hailed as the "high priest 
of LSD." the Harvard psychologist turned fugitive 
who urged the workj to "turn on, tune in and drop 
out." His detractors had hoped that by now his 
brain would have been fried by the drugs he used 
— and stiM uses — man attempt to explore the 
farthest reaches of his consciousness But it 
hasn't worked out that way; the world's first 
"neuronaut" is still blasting off 

"I've been interviewed on a few radio shows 

wrwp th« hna* kt a rmm\ rinhfi^vincu* «nk/% \m 

that I'm still erect and not frothing at the mo 
It's like 'How dare you be healthy and alert' 

"Older people, especially, seem to hate me 
("Older people" In this case means over 35 ) 
They hate that I flouted the laws and thumbed my 
nose at tradition and not only survived, but 
somehow even had a good time. It's like I 
cheated all the rules and it s not fair that I got 
away with it 

But he didn't get away with it. he insists He spent 
nearly four years in various prisons and another 
two years running all over Europe to avoid being 
put back in prison He also was harassed and 
harangued for two decades He was fired from 
his job. chased from his home and alienated from 
his family And all because of one word: drugs. 

"It's a bad word." he said while in Minneapolis 
Monday to promote his autobiography. 

anything else you have to say. There is no drug 
problem and there never has been. It's a people 
problem " 

Leary. 63. leapt to prominence in 1960 when he 
started experimenting with drugs as a means of 
raising consciousness. A Harvard instructor who 
had at one time attended West Point, he was 
anything but radical. In 'act, he says now. his 
problem was that he was too naive. 

"I was from the ivory tower." he said "You can 
be a Harvard professor and not know how to 
cross the street That was me. " 

In his naivete, he figured he had built a better 
psychological mousetrap and the world was 
going to beat a path to his doorway Drugs were 
going to provide positive social change, he 
believed. They were going to make us all better 
people living m a better world. But instead of 


I'm seen as the person who caused all this, and I 
didn't." he insisted "I'm seen as the Pied Piper 
who led a whole generation off to ruin But I'm not 
a guru. I've never been a guru. I'm a scientist." 

Leary likes to envision himself as Tom Sawyer 
(one of his childhood heroes) sailing off with Huck 
Finn to fight the system 

It infuriates my critics that not only can I hold my 
own (in an argument) but I'm more American than 
they are." he said I'm advocating the 
conservatives' opinion that we should try to get 
the government off our backs I've avoided being 
imprisoned by the System with a capital S I've 
entered and made my mark, but always as an 

He also says that his ideotoov was 

§fln3rnnMS(t Cl^ronu Ir 9 

Timothy Leary Drops In and Turns On 


ever ever — no matter how many Joke* he 
crack* or how many books he writes — will 
aorai people give up the Idea that Dr. Timothy 
Lean s brain, like the nation's system of roads 
and bridges. I* crumbling at Its foundations, worn out 
by neural vibration* from the passage of too many con- 
voys of powerful brain chemicals. 

Talking with the good doctor Is indeed a little like 
playing baseball In the fog Zip' comes the ball out of 
no* havf, strong if not alum straight, more often than 
noi from left fit Id Yet he has an answer for every 
question In fact, be continues to have answers long 
after you have run out of questions. 

Here among the plump furniture and plush carpel 
of a San Francisco hotel lobby, Dr Timothy Leary holds 
on. holds forth, holds out Last week, be says, be was on 
TV with Jane Pauley on the 'Today- show, flogging 
"Flashbacks." his recent autobiography. "She muggged 
nif ' he complains Pauley kept Interrupting trying to 
nail htm with responsibility for 6 million drug casual 
ties, he says. 

Ask Leary about drugs and his aplel Is pat Pure 
LSD never hurt anybody, he Insists, not if the trip Is 
• »upervl«ed by "qualified" drug guides Anyway, there 
hasn't been any pure LSD on the street for IS years, 
and he Is totally against bootleg drugs His famous 
phrase "turn on, tune In. drop out." was misunderstood, 
he says Using drugs as an end in themselves Is stupid, 

He knows there have been casualties from drugs 
other than pure LSD and he deplores It, but he says he 
Is not responsible for those casualties and If Congress — 
notably Ted Kennedy — had followed his recommenda- 
tion about licensing and regulating psychedelic* in the 
mid *60s, things might have been very different 

lie still turns on In addition to the "familiar 
psychoactive drugs," he has found some legal psyched- 
elic* that satisfy hi* pharmacological needs When he 
1, the source Is the older generation, Leary 
says, "who are projecting their envy on me In their 
mind I'm screwing their daughters and breaking all 
their laws " 

He wants to explain be Is actually a hard worker on 
half of bis dare to-be great philosophy of brain evolu 

Drug casualties? He 
says he's not 
responsible for them 

tion and space migration But be does not like the word 
• uork," a "an-rf slave word" Day and night he devotes 
himself to his new mission, thinking all the time. 

But how to describe those labors? "What word do 
we want?" he asks It's a new language we need, a 
language with Its roots in the electronic game arcades 
w I ear) spends time with his 9-yearold stepson 

and his 10-year-old grandson. 

What would that new language be like? No more 
••either/or," l^eary says No more rhetorical "polarity." 
an open-ended language for the new open-ended age. 

Onward, be says. Upward. Change Is coming, won 

derful, worldwide change Evolution Is about to speed 
shift Into a higher gear. And Leary 's not Just indulging 
In chemical polemics! The children of the post war 
baby boom, like a wave, are poised to crash down and 
j> away, Joy in the morning! Make way for the new 
hive filled with more than Just drones and workers. 
I ig industrial robots. 5 percent of the population can 
I -ort the other 05 percent. Just the way things are in 
agriculture right now, Leary explains. 

But that doesnt mean 5 percent of us will be on top 
and 95 percent on the bottom We'll be continually 
trading places, the five and the 95' Time to wander In 
To smell the flowers' To suck the psychotrop 
k Juices out of those flowers' "My message is that we're 
great, that human nature is great, that there's no 
original sin, that we're all so Intelligent!" Leary says. 

"Ron (Reagan) and Tip (O'Neill) are victims of 
adolescent Imprinting — Teddy Roosevelt' It explains 
their Caribbean fever, Teddy Roosevelt charging up 
San Juan Hill That's why Ron gets frothy at the mouth 
thinking about all those dark-complexioned Latins. 

••But the children of the Baby Boom are Imprinted 
with Kennedy, with Martin Luther King, with Ralph 
Nader and John Lennon and a little bit of me and Alan 

berg Were really In the Golden Age of Civilization 
• now. Between 10 and 40 million Americans are 
seasonably enlightened. Certainly there's pollution and 
poverty. A hundred years ago such things were ig- 
nored The fact we're aware of them means it's the 
Golden Age. And we're Going Platinum in *88. when the 
Baby Boom generation takes over!" 

The reporter laughs "111 get a million people to 
laugh at that In the next three months," Leary says. 
"Sure It's a bumper sticker, but It's better than 'Red is 
IK ad'" * 

Once Leary was Just another hotshot Berkeley 
Pb D. in psychology whose wildest Idea was a 
eonvictlon that therapists should Involve 
themselves in the therapeutic encounter w ith 
their clients Then came the suicide of his first wife in 
1955 followed by a time of wandering and emptiness, 
"tnen came the Job at the Center for Personality 
Kaearch at Harvard Then came magic mushrooms 
and LSD Then came his conviction that psychedellcs 
popped the brain wide open for newer, truer ways of 
{poking at the multiple reality we like to call the world. 

Leary say* hb dru * experiments were rigorous and 
scientific and that university politics were responsible 
for his getting canned toy Harvard in 1963 After that 

came more experiments, hb promotion to guruhood by 
the tK» generation, eager for a rationale as It dumped 
this and that Into lis brains. 

In 1986 Assistant District Attorney G Gordon Llddy 
led a raid on Leary's Casulia Foundation in Duchess 
County, NY. Leary laughed 

In 1968 Leary decided to run for governor of 
California. The voters laughed 

Later that year he was busted for possession of 
marijuana in Southern California The laughter 

Doean*t every achoolchlld know what happened 
next? Somewhere. In Marin maybe, Isn't there a first 
grade primer explaining it all? "See Timmy go to Jail 

Talking with the LSD 
guru is like playing 
baseball in the fog 

See Tlmmy break out See Timmy on the lam In Algeria 
See Eldrldge Cleaver give Timmy a hard time See 
Timmy kidnapped In Afghanistan by the V S govern 
ment. See Timmy back in the slammer. See Timmy 
maybe (or maybe not) cooperate with the government 
and get paroled. See Timmy back on the campus 
lecture trail, debating -G Gordon Llddy in a sort of 
Laurel and Hardy reprise of their previous dealings." 

Soap opera? Dope opera? 

The reporter wants to know about pain Where in 
Leary's undeniably lively and readable auto- 
biography are the anger and the suffering some 
of us think naturally accompany the destruction 
of a career, the exit of wives and lovers, the harrass- 
ment, the years in jail? 

Leary is taken aback. He stops and thinks He leafs 
through his book, looking for the footnote (hi very fine 
print) in which he discusses his glooms. Sure, there was 
pain when marriages broke up and his family was 
disrupted "I ve felt deep pain and suffering 1 look at it 
I flip the dial I don't make a career of It 1 tend to be 
optimistic and positive " 

He admits he has sometimes coped with anger or 
depression simply by turning his back, by walking out 
But this is getting to be a little much, this morbid 
reporter who wouldn't know a good time if It bit him 
on the brain stem. "Why should I feel bad 7 '' Leary says 
"I'm one of the luckiest people alive. I'm totally bored 
with the Woody Allen lift-style." 

Also, Leary adds, he Is Irish — fey, lyrical, inloxl 
cated It's In the genes, he says. 

The reporter suggests that, given Leary's vision of 
himself, he would have raised hell and got himself in 
trouble even if he had never met the magic mushroom. 

"YeaslrT Leary aays When you come down to It. 
re-Juvenlltxation — becoming a child again — Is his true 
gospel, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn his role models — 
"lets add Alice in Wonderland for the ladies." 

Huck Finn' "Aint gonna put shoes on him, Aunt 
Polly 1 " Leary roars with delight 

Timothy Leary as he sees himself in his 64th year, a 
barefoot boy with plenty of cheek 

rnmm N~m*r/ M * *rhf mxt\. m m» 





by Stephen Saban 

TL: Hello. 

SS: Hello Dr. Leary. 

This is Stephen Saban calling from 
New York. 

TL: Hi, Stephen. Sorry the line 
was tied up; someone else was 
using the phone. 

SS: That's ail right How arc you? 
TL: Good. 

SS: I have your autobiography, 

Flashbacks, and Pve been reading it 
It\ well written and very funny, 
too What arc vou up to when 
re not promoting the book? 

1 1 Well, rm writing a new book 

sonal ccMiiputcrs and designing video games. 

SS: Can you explain them to me? 
TL: There arc a lot ot sc lentists and 
teachers who are now realizing that 
the way to teach chemist rv and 
physics and biology and botany is 
not through printed words on a 
page or formulas on a blackboard, 
but in the language of the processes 
themselves. So instead of Asteroids, 

Td have hydrogen, atoms, elec- 
trons, and protons Here comes 
oxygen, and hydrogen and oxygen 
hit, and you sec the way that the 
atomic structures intersect and 

ite water And don't let that 
beam ot eleetrons hit the uranium 
or vou lose the game and your quar- 
i the picture? 

r uVnTc cTasSfOom? 

II In a om, in a home. 

SS Has a video game company 

picked th< ike Atari} 

I I.: I'm working with a group of 

people called Ncuro Linguistic 

Programming, and theyVe had two 
educational video games sold to 
Atari One is called Typing Mas- 
tery, and the other's called Word 
Man. It's a spelling game You have 
to type the letters correctly, and you 
can't slow down or miss a letter be- 
cause you're being chased. 

SS: I haven't finished reading your 
book yet, but I know you mention 
vour experiences with Guy Grant 
and Marilyn Monroe I wonder if 
vou eould tell me about that. 
II Well, ( an Cram had been 
taking I^D administered bv a 
Hollywood doeror in the 1950s 
I le had always been a very shy per- 
son, but after the experiences !u 
came vers outgoing and gave many 
interviews praising the effects of 
I SI) He was the first prominent 
I SI) enthusiast 

SS: And then vou met him. 
TL: Yeah, I met him. And Richard 
Alpert met him a couple ot times 
And we met the researchers he w w 
involved with. Another person — I 
don't know whether you vc gotten 

to that in the book — who was a 
leading advocate of LSD before I 
came along, was Henry Luce, as 
well as his wife, ( ;iairc Booth Luce. 
They had many experiences in their 
mansion down in Arizona. He 
came to the board of editors of /.//,• 
Magazine and urged them to do an 
article or devote an issue to LSI ) 
And that resulted in the famous 
1966 cover story, which probably 
did more to stir up interest in LSD 
than anything else. Of course, thev 
w ere using pure LSD and dicy were 
doing it tor serious purposes, for 
personal growth. The problem w 
in the late '60s and the earl 
suddenly a million j were tak- 

I n £JMMbiiUi1HhJHMH^^3L 

\ K< III MK [< ,: ,|MH in 

pure LSD around alter |V< 
SS Is there pure LSD now ■? 

II Us, Tm told [put got a book 

in the mail on psychcdclic.s written 
In two Harvard professors, and 
thev say that LSD use is auitc high 
now, but its done thoughtfully by 
intelligent people who know what 
they're doing. 

SS: Do you recommend LSD use? 
TL: I don't recommend anything. 
Except that everyone should try to 
get more intelligent. 

SS: Do you know how we can do 


TL: They have to figure it out 


SS: How do vou think the world 

has changed in IS ycai 

I I : The main change that has 
taken place in America — let's not 
talk about the world is the baby 
boom, the seventy six million 
people born between me yean 

1946 and 1964. The '60s was all 
about this enormous group, fort) 
million more than wc expected, hit 
ting high school and college and 
changing even- aspect of American 
culture as they moved through it. 
This group is now getting into their 
twenties and thirties. In the year 

2000, the baby boomers will be be- 
tween the ages of— my God' 
and 54 Thirty six million ot vou 
between the ages of 36 and 54. To- 
tally a changed America; there 
won't be any ot the older generat- 
ion around Your generations 
going to make it a much better 

SS: You really think so? 
TL: Oh yeah. Your generation is 
the first post-Hiroshima generat- 
ion, the first generation to have 
been brought upon television, and 

rung how to change realm 
Bc\ >\ Dr. SfXKk, you're the 

first generation to be brought up to 
bclicvi job was 

Hmnrlt ml ihai m i ill r»- 

way, this is your world, M\d don't 
rake n n answer That's what 

h app ened in the 60s When vour 
generation hit high school mu\ col- 
lege, vou changed the war, vou 
wanted different music, vou 
wanted more intcilcgent and more 
realistic sexual relations I he ke 
vour generation is realism. You're 
going to totally change American 
society when you're at the age when 
you can do it 

SS: But do you think we'll be 

around in 15 years? 

TL: Yes What do you think? 

SS: I don't count on the future. I 

live from day to da- 

TL: A lot depends on whether 

Reagan is re elected in '84 It's a big 

issue, isn't it? 

SS: [t*» frightening. 

I I Yeah It's looking more and 
more as if he will be re el 

rhat\s a disastrous situation be- 
cause the men behind Reagan — 
watched them tor many years — 
arc mean, cold, cruel, cynical, 
greedy men Ihcv really are not 

mcc people. 

S3 What do you think of the cur- 
rent cocaine usage? 
TL: Well, cocaine is kind of a 
dumb cnergizer. You have to pay 



umw Hf*w«/m**i* MfitM m» 


the encrgj hack. It tends to go with 
the period now because it gives you 

immediate s< nfidence, a self 
enhancing drug K less 

dan >l It it w 

legalized and prescribed by a dcx 
in ap| suppressant or >m 

iphrodisiac, no one would pay 

much attention to it' Its been 

glamorized now As soon as the 

•vbtxM ion fakes over — 

probabh 1988 I think we'll have 

a different drug policy becaute the 

baby Ixxnucrs are realistic aik\ the} 
know its unrealistic to have a $90 
billion underground drug business 

in this country which benefits only 

the liquor lobby and Bolivian gen- 
is They will legalize dnd put into 
prescription all currently illegal 

SS I low would you like to be re- 

mbered many yean from nov 
III belon: long line of phi- 

1 >i Timothv I .can. 

losophers dedicated to individual 
freedom. I think Til be- seen in the 
21st century as a philosopher from 
the ancient, primitive 20th century 
who forecasted jhu\ predicted and 
encouraged the great blossoming 
of human freedom that's going to 
take place in the 2 1 st cenrurv 

SS And is that how you want 10 

reme m b er e d ? 
II [don't can 

SS: Okaw thanks. Ill let you go. 

because I know you have to be 

II Tm just goine over to Bur- 
bank I low is it in the I lamptoi 

ss i actually haven't been thi 
vet this summer But it seems as it 
everyone in Manhattan eventually 
ends up there. 

I I Well, its a little bit of hea\en 
on earth I might ^(> there myself 





IO PRICE IS SET on the lav 

summer. June may be 
_ _. had by the poorest comer." 
wrote James Russell Lou ell 

Starting the month with a bang is 
Dakin Williams, the brother of the late 
Tennessee Just as thi> column re- 
ported recently. Dakin is indeed suing 
to break the will of the great play- 
gfct and he has tapped one of Amer 
est trial lawyers to help him— 
Florida's Murray Sams. "We are not 
going to go after these people with a 
peashooter." says Dakin (He means 
Tennessee's attorney John Eastman 
and the Southeast Miami Bank, which 
controls the estat 

Dakin. oblivious to criticism, seems 

,appy over the success of the 

book he has authored with Shepherd 

Mead. Tennessee Williams: An Inti 

' mate Biography." 

He says that, to his knowledge, there 
1 is no play or fragment of his late 
! brol work waiting to be completed 

, by any other writer In fact. Dakin 
; Tennessee's will specifically forbids 
I anyone to touch his stuff " 

Immm. well. Tennessee's will said a 



Elaine Princi: entering a new stage 

lot of things that people still living 
seem perfectly willing to overlook. 
NOW WHEN young blond Chri 
pher Atkins begins to appear on the TV 
sei .lias" on a limit- >*. 1 

hope you will remember that you read 
it here first! But of course, you wont. 
In any case. "Dallas" regulars are m 
for a treat with the "Blue Lagoon" boy. 

^ 7N 

Dr. Timothy Leary: tales from the jails 
to this evolution. Timothy, is the 

Leary said he didn't recall any 
brain change drugs in the Bible Hux 
ley exclaimed. "Have you forgotten the 
very first chapters of Genesis? JAo 
van says to Adam and 1 e built 

you this wonderful resort eastward of 
Eden You can do anything you want, 
except vou are forbidden to eat the 
fruit of the Tree of Knowledge." 
Leary decided that this fruit was 
the first controlled substance" Hux 
ley said. "Exactly. The Bible bee 
with Food and Drug prohibitio 
Leary countered. "So the Fall and 
Original Sin were caused by the taking 
of illegal druk / 

SOAJ^OPERA'S Elaine Frtnci is 
known to fans of As the World 
Turns." but she will also be seen after 
today starring in Off Broadway's play 

hirteen" at the Sargent Theater The 
drama was written by Lynda My lea, 
one of the reguar writers for the soap. 

Was close friendship involved ir 
getting the role* 7 Everybody 
says no Elaine had to audition threi 
times for director Nell Robinson and 
producer Ruth Ann Morris before they 
decided she was right 

THE BRAND new autobiography of 
Dr. Timothy Leary. titled 'Flash 
backs." is an extraordinary memoir. 
! even if one disapproves of the pro 
drug stance of this seminal figure of 

(Most fascinatuig part of it all are 

the adventures Leary recounts in 

! about 38 different jails and prisons 

! which he inhabited during his years 

I against the Establishment ) 

Typical is a story of meeting Aldous 
Huxley, the famed English author, who 
also favored the use of mind bending 
drags Huxley told Lean 

-Your role is quite simple Become 
a cheerleader for evolution 

THE VILLAIN in the piece o 
Suzanne Somen' ongoing contro\ 
slai nues to be her hus 

band manager. Alaa Hamel (He's used 
to playing the heavy Alan was blamed 
for outrageous salary demands that 
pushed Suzanne right out of her choice 
role in "Three's Company ") Well, now 
hey say in Las Vegas that Suzanne's 

contract will not be picked up by the 
Hilton's Moulin Rouge" show in 
which she is currently starring Aga 
Alan wants too much money and every 
thing else to keep Sury going in this 
SRO entertainment. So when June 

ends, that's that! 

INS WHO ARE OUT-£afe Central 
on Amsterdam Ave. is getting them, 
night after night— Cher celebrated her 
birthday there recently with Meryl 
Streep and Bruce McGlll (of "My One 
and Only" on B'way) as well as Paul 
Stanley from Kiss John Travolta was 
with Carly Simea And lamp these 
other names who are on Up— Mikhail 
whrtTdM^d my gr.n'diather before B.ry.hklno.. H.rry Hamlin CM. 
me liS braining, mass-produced Reeve. a *W>*J>yW *» 
in , h-> uhAratorie* will bring about da. Ronee Blakely. Elhabeth Asnu 
v.* chan£r Set* This .ill hap Tme Dai, This u , defln.tely the Wg 
pen w"h or without you or me All we of s on th«ff« 

ran do is spread the word. The obstacle Side. 


The Topic: The 1960s 

Timothy Leary, 63. was 
known as the "Messiah 
of LSD in the 1960s be- 
cause oj his experiments 
uifh mind-altering 
drugs A college profes- 
sor, Leary became a 
kind of cult leader to re- 
bellious. ad\ , enturesome 
young people who called 
him "I'ncle Tim" Leary 
is the author of a new 
book. Flashbacks He 
was interviewed bv USA 
TODAY'S Barbara Rey- 

Turn on, tune in, 
and take charge' 

USA TODAY: Are you still 
using drugs? 

LEARY Sometimes, I use 
new drugs which are neither 
legal nor illegal and which are 
produced by scientists to find 
out how they can be used to Im- 
prove mental functioning. 

USA TODAY: Are you using 

LEARY No, I don't use that 
The ones I use are improved 
drugs, which increase intelli- 
gence and improve memory 

USA TODAY: In the 10s, 
many young people died or In- 
jured themselves on drugs. As 
the guru of drugs, don't you 
share some responsibility for 

LEARY I never said anyone 
should take a drug In the early 
we reported our scientific 
studies which demonstrated 
that LSD could help people. By 
1968. when millions of people 
wanted to take LSD. there was 
no legal LSD. So the so-called 
LSD used was bad and did 
cause many people to have 
what you call bad trips When 
we found that out we told peo- 
ple not to do it 

USA TODAY: Since many 
young people listened to you, 
don't you feel you could have 
acted more responsibly? 

LEARY: I did I wrote seven 
books talking about sex, and 
urging people not to take street 
drugs or bad drugs What I said 
then was the so-called psyche- 
delic drugs, marijuana, LSD, 
the mushroom are by far the 
safest drugs of all. including 
prescription drugs. 

USA TODAY: Are you real- 
ly saying that marijuana and 
LSD are safe drugs? 

LEARY: The problem is you 
can't get pure stuff. So I tell ev- 
eryone not to use street drugs 
because you don't know what 
you are getting 

USA TODAY: In the 1960s, 
there were civil rights 
marches, flower children, ri- 
ots, and Vietnam protests. Do 
you find this decade boring? 

LEARY No. I think that this 
age is much more exciting than 
the '60s The seeds that were 
planted then are just now blos- 
soming in the '80s. 

USA TODAY: What do you 

LEARY The 1960s was the 
period when the baby boom 
generation — 76 million strong 
— hit high school and college 
So they were full of Utopian 
hopes. They were Dr. Spook 
babies demanding feeding, ex- 
pecting the best government 

They didn't want a lousy war 
They wanted to change Amen- 
( ulture in almost every 
So that w&« a very explo- 
decade New in the 1980s, 
the same generation has buck- 
led down to self-improvement, 
families, jobs, careers, pursuit 
of excellence 

USA TODAY: What about 

LEARY You had that tre- 
mendous boom in physical 
growth and the '80s are going 
to be the time when the baby 
boom generation takes over 
control of this country In 1988, 
for example, they will be be- 
tween 24 and 42 — 76 million 
of them. The motto of the '60s 
was "Turn on. Tune in." and 
then "Drop out" The motto of 
the '80s is going to be "Turn on, 
tune in. and take charge " 

USA TODAY: How do you 
describe this "take charge" 

LEARY They are very dif- 
ferent. The hero of Tip O'Neill 
and Ronald Reagan's adoles- 
cence was Teddy Roosevelt, 
who was very macho and 
stormed around with a big 
stick The heroes of the baby 
boom generation are people 
like Martin Luther King, Jr., 

Ralph Nad-r, John Lennon, 
people thai vere giving a very 
different prture of how the 
world shoul-' be run The baby 
boomers art more intelligent, 
more sophistcated, more skep- 
tic al. and lirwral They are ten 
times better elucated than Tip 
O'Neill's generation, the Ron- 
ald Reagan generation and 
they have I tremendous self- 
confidence When they take 
over they are going to make a 
much better country. 

USA TODAY: In your book. 
Flashbacks, are you saying 
that without mind-expanding 
drugs, we cao't cope with this 
technological age? 

LEARY The illegal drug 
traffic in the United States is 
$90 billion a year People will 
continue to Jse drugs In the fu- 
ture. There will be better 
drugs There are drugs coming 
out of the laboratories right 
now which ire third genera- 
tion. They are much more ef- 
fective, safer and precise than 
the drugs of the past Drug use 
to enhance your mind will con- 

USA TODAY: What kind of 

LEARY I am talking about 
new drugs which increase in- 
telligence, prevent aging, and 
aphrodisiac drugs, drugs which 
sensitize people to social situa- 
tions. They will be used to 
make us smarter, to help us to 
remember, to help us to learn 
more quickly, to eliminate 
mental illnea like schizophre- 
nia and manic depression, to 
give people more energy. 

USA TODAY: And, also to 
continue harming people, I 
might add? 

LEARY: That is true. The 
drugs can be used self destruc- 
tively. If someone wants to self 
destruct they are going to. 
They are going to do it without 
drugs They are going to do It 
with motor cars, gambling — 
the problem of self destructive 
behavior is not tied to drugs I 
think psychology and educa- 
tion will sohe that problem 

illustration* t>y Tom Gibton 

USA TODAY: Do you think 
marijuana should be legal- 

LEARY All drugs will be le- 
galized within ten years and 
made available by prescrip- 
tion They will be licensed just 
like you license a motor car or 
a plane. Government supervi- 
sion of drugs is the next step 
and is going to happen as soon 
as the baby boom generation 
gets to power. 

USA TODAY: Do you think 
heroin should be legal? 

LEARY: It should be under 
prescription. If there are some 
people who are going to addict 
themselves they should be do- 
ing it with medical supervison. 
We have to eliminate the $90 
billion gangster drug trade 
through intelligent legalization. 

USA TODAY: How do you 
want to be remembered? 

LEARY I'm not a guru. I am 
a scientist, an American and an 
Irishman. As I said, Irishmen 
don't believe in gurus and they 
don't want to be gurus. My aim 
is to start people to learn how 
to use their own heads. My 
name has never been associat- 
ed with heroin, or opium, or co- 
caine, or hard liquor — which 
is the most dangerous drug of 
all I am not now, nor never 
was a drug guru. 

USA TODAY: How do you 
reconcile your Catholicism 
with your book. Starting Your 
Own Religion, which appears 
to be sacrilegious? 

LEARY I hope it is sacrile 
gious. As a philosopher it is my 
duty to be a heretic and to en- 
courage questioning of author- 
ity, including spiritual author- 
ity I am definitely opposed to 

organized religion 1 am a pan- 
theist I believe with (rod but I 
am against any religion that 
sets up one group of people 
against another. I am very reli- 
gious and totally dedicated to 
higher intelligence and getting 
to know her better 


LEARY Her Oh yeah. 

USA TODAY: How can you 
make light of such things? 

LEARY I think that the Di- 
vine Spint is good natured and 
funny. One thing we know 
about God Is that she has a 
good sense of humor and she 
wants us to think positively. 

USA TODAY: Are you de- 
liberately trying to be a non- 

LEARY I am an Irish druid, 
Celtic philosopher. It is my so- 
cial role to question authority. 
Intelligent irreverence to au- 
thority is the way to improve 
society. Any country that 
doesn't have dissent and intelli- 
gent questioning of authority is 
in trouble. You know a country 
by its dissenters and I am 
proud to play this role In Amer- 
ica, a free country that doesn't 
suppress my Ideas. 

USA TODAY: In your book 
Flashbacks, you said you 
were disappointed with Black 
Panther leader Eldrldge 
Cleaver. Why? 

LEARY: I met Eldridge 
Cleaver just last week in Berke- 

rniUMY.JULY id. i^bJ-^A 
ley We spent three hours to- 
gether having a wonderful re- 
union He ls now a born-agaln 
Christian and he is a very right 
wing Republican. We still dis- 
agree and argue but we really 
like each other. 

USA TODAY: Why are you 
running around with G. Gor- 
don Lidd> these days? 

LEARY I have had wonder- 
ful reconciliations with many 
of my old rivals, including 
Liddy Liddy and I are so popu- 
lar in the college circuit be- 
cause this is such a bland peri- 
od Not enough people are 
standing up face to face, eye- 
ball to eyeball, and arguing it 

USA TODAY: What Is to be 
gained from reading your 

LEARY 1 believe that hu- 
man nature is basically good 
and that we have within us the 
seeds of glory and the possibili 
ties of divinity. I encourage ev- 
eryone to look within, and to 
activate their higher circuits 
and to continue to live a life of 
change and development 
Learn not to be afraid to be 
yourself is my philosophy. 

USA TODAY: Has your long 
drug use harmed your health? 

LEARY: No I am 63 years 
old and I have never been 
healthier I have used drugs in- 
telligently as part of a life plan 
for self improvement Modera- 
tion, prudence and knowledge 
are the keys. 


1920: Born in Springfield. Mass , son of a VS. Army cap- 

1938: Began college at Jesuit-run Holy Cross College, a 
year later went to West Point, spent half of his time in 
isolation for breaking rules. Left 18 months later to study 
elsewhere, earning a doctorate in clinical psychology. 
I960: First took psychedelic drugs — "seven of the sacred 
mushrooms" during a trip In Mexico 
1963: Fired from Harvard University, where he had 
taught since 1959. for experimenting with mind-altering 
drugs Moved to California, started a haven for psyche- 
delic-oriented followers 

1969: Appealed a drug charge to US Supreme Court, 
which said a marijuana tax law required self-incrimina- 
tion, therefore was unconstitutional. 
1970: Sentenced to 10 years In prison for possession of 
marijuana, escaped six months later and fled to Algeria 
1973: Re-arrested in Afghanistan by federal agents and 
returned to US prison 
1982: Paroled, and joined the lecture circuit 
1983: Twenty years after dismissal from Harvard, he lec- 
tured to a full house of cheering students, who were In- 
fants in his heyday, that the intelligent' use of drugs 
such as LSD can improve the quality of their lives 

Timothy Leary is lookin tack and feelin' groovy 

LEARY. from 1C 
in need of a haircut " The narcs 
finally got hip to him and bu*ud 

lie drew big time, but skipped the 
country Eventually they caught up 
with him in Afghanistan and he 
ucnt to jail But he got out when he 
squealed on the hippie underground 

Keep the fate, baby 

Like it was A brilliant psychology 
professor (tested to genius), an up 
and going scholar in his field Some 
of his work (specifically on group 
interaction and personality diagno- 
sis) is still considered classic re- 
source material 

Hut in the late "50s he became disil 
lusioned with the efficacy of psycho- 
therapy, disturbed by studies indicat- 
ing that people who talked things 
r with their bartender fared 
about the same as treatment under 
trained psychologists His theories 
on existential transaction — whi 
in the therapist comes off his high 
horse and becomes an equal partner 
in possible change with his patient 

— got him a spot at the Harvard 
CtDttf For Personality Research 

But his disenchantment at chang- 
ing thought and behavioral patterns 
through conventional methodology 
continued They seemed stuck in the 
neurological system This led him to 
experiment on himself, colleagues, 
graduate students and convicts with 
drugs such as peyote. psilocybin and 
LSD — psychedelics or raind-eHerers 

— as a way of loosening up these 

But the unorthodoxy of it all. drug 
research in psychology at the na- 
tion s most hallowed temple to what 
weni belore. finally forced Leary to 
kave Harvard in 1963 For two more 
>ears. he continued the experiments 
with his associates at a private foun- 
dation in Millbrook. N Y . where the 
research took on a decided Eastern 
or subjective turn 

There, a steady stream of assorted 
loonies, luminaries, hindus and hip- 
pies came attracted by the research 
This attracted media attention, 
which attracted the drug police At a 
time of increasing drug use (legal 
and Illegal) generally in the land. 
Leary became the media-ordalned 
national drug minister Eventually, 
he was convicted of illegal drug pos- 
session and served almost four years 
in prison l-eary denies snitching on 
those who helped him — the Weath- 
trman. among others He says the 
story was put out to discredit him 
and to freak out the undergrounds 

The Philly tour de force 

After Jane Pauley. Dr. Tim felt In 
safe hands with Hank Sperka at 
Channel 6 He seemed to like Hank's 
white hair, called hira an "old pro" 
and they talked about marathon 
dances, flagpole sitters and other 
Great Depression subjects. Hank 
hadn't read the book Said the studio 
copy *a.s stolen This delighted 
Leary He heard stolen copies arc a 
sure harbinger of a best seller 

Before the camera rolled Sperka 
wanted to know what the book was 

all about 1 eary said. It's the m 
obscene, disgusting, hands-on book 
you'll ever read " Sperka admired 
the dust jacket Said it looked expen- 
sive But wondered if the package 
was worth $15 95 Leary assured him 
it had a beginning, middle and end 
and that when he presented a copy to 
Kingo Starr, the former Ucatlc drum- 
mer weighed it carefully in his 
hands and declared That's a heavy 
book, man " 

Df Tim loved Ruth Welsberg at 
WPEN She's 27. a former beauty 
queen with an easy, welcoming way. 
After he was through with her he 
predicted to agreeing nods that she's 
would be heard from on a national 
electronic level and very soon if not 

He praised her on how she handled 
her college-student apprentice "You 
didn't say don't do this or don't do 
that You taught by showing mis 
takes you made in the past That's 
better " When Ruth said his picture 
on the book looked like Steve Martin 
he went through a quick, spastic 
Martin routine with fingers making 
arrows through his head and his 
arms flaying about like balloons. 

Weisberg thought Martin should 
play him if they made a movie of the 
book Leary took serious objection. 
"There's only one person who can 
play me" And he stood up to his 
highest height, threw out his chest. 
flexed both arms. "Christopher 
*Kecve." And everybody laughed. 

Cartoon in. taciturn out 

lies fun Always that let's-party 
smile And he waves To everybody. 
On or off microphone or camera. On 
the street Wave, wave, wave Smile, 
smile and smile And sometimes he II 
catch you with a wink — an intimate 
wave — like this is between you and 
me. right? 

Women go crazy for him Irish 
charm' Up to the McGills Has this 
spontaneity about him The ability to 
put himself totally into the moment, 
get absorbed in your concern with 
no reference to the immediate past 
or future and who else is on the 
scene "What books you read lately? 
What movies you've seen you like" 
And really interested in and respon- 
sive to your answers. Always sensor* 

Example. Over prime ribs and te- 
quila at the Marriott He notices his 
black waitress is not speaking North 
Philly Claudctte is from Jamaica. 
What a coincidence, he's going there 
late July. Lucky for him. that's Sun 
Splash Fe6tjval time. Tell him about 
it She does Before you know it she's 
swaying and singing Jimmy McGnff 
songs ( M You are ... my rub-a-dub 
dancer") while Leary smiles, nods 
and claps encouragement. Right 
there in the middle of the restau- 

Example During a commercial 
break on WCAU AM's Maxme 
Schnall Show, her engineer rushes 
into the studio and he and Leary 
greet like long losts And for just the 
length of the break they speed-talk 
about computer research, neurolin- 
guistics and the novels of Philip K. 

DtCI < Blade runner) After her inter- 
view. Schnall schmoozes some Gets 
him to autograph her Flashback* 
Calls him Timmy "Isn t he cute " 

The West Ghoat 

Since his release from prison in 
1976. Uary has lived In Laurel Can- 
yon He s big on I A Feels the 4.000- 
ycar western movement by the muse 
of innovation is now camped in the 
Hollywood Hills Sees Los Angeles as 
the media capital of the world, the 
center of a global network that will 
influence human consciousness for 
years to come. 

He lives there with his fourth wife. 
Barbara (28 years his junior), who's 
in the movie business He rents his 
house and drives a 9-year-old Mer- 
cedes The Hollywood palaces are the 
next zip code over. He's not that 
friendly with money. He supports 
himself with his writing, college ap- 
pearances (including his roadshow 
debates with G Gordon Liddy) He- 
wants to design educational pro- 
grams for video machines, which he 
thinks are replacing books He sees 
his stints as disc jockey and night- 
club comic as part of "my George 
Plimpton phase Id also like to play 
the outfield for the Dodgers for one 

Leary is the honorary father of his 
10-year-old stepsons Little League 
baseball team and an awkward ward 
of his grandchildren (10 and II). 
who are teaching htm how to use 
computers and play video games 
When a lady on his Philly tour said 
she wouldn't know how to talk to 
children like that, he said: "You 
don't talk You listen." He has a good 
relationship with his daughter. Su- 
san. 36. a so-so one with son. Jack. 34. 
Their mother. Dr. Tim's first wife, 
killed herself in 19S5. 

He associates mostly with movie 
people — producers, directors, writ- 
ers He sees himself fitting into Hol- 
lywood in the manner of William 
Faulkner. F Scott Fitzgerald and Al- 
dous Huxley. A tradition that wel- 
comes the seeding, pruning and wa- 
tering of cinematic ideas by 
acknowledged thinkers and linear 

Sex, drugs, ft rock 'n* roll. 

Flashbacks is the 1960s as filtered 
through one of its prominent cultur- 
al figures. After 24 books. Leary's 
first cast at a "mainline" audience. 
His shot at righting his public image. 

The gang's all here. Allen Gins- 
burg. Marilyn Monroe, G. Gordon 
l.iddy and his peat-moss posse, the 
Kennedys. Jimi Hendrix, Maynard 
Ferguson, Cary Grant (an early user 
of LSD). William Burroughs. Jack 
Kerouac. Charlie Mingus. John Leo> 
non and Yoko. Eldridge Cleaver. Ken 
Kesey and his merry Pranksters. Al 
dous Huxley. Alan Watts. Marshal 
McLuhan. Edie Sedgwick. R D "Ron- 
nie" Laing. all passing through Leary 
on their way to someplace else. 

His New England, lace-curtain 
Irish, temaledominated. Roma i 
Catholic upbringing His academi 
careers at Holy Cross College (where 
he befriended the son of a mafia don 
and with him ran a bookmaking 

ring), West Point (where he was 
thrown out after i i year lor 

getting himself and some upperclase* 
men drunk after an Army-Navy foot- 
ball game here) and Alabama wn« 
he finally got a degree after sur\ 
ing expulsion for spending the night 
in a female dorm 

His first drug bust in Laredo. T. 
as. in 1965 and first jailing in Califor 
ma in lv 7 The next six years — 
either in jail or on the lam (Europe. 
North Africa and Southwest Asia) 
after escaping from the California 
prison eight months after he . 

In fine. Grade B movie style he 
details his dangerous escape com- 
plete with diagrams Leary says he's 
by nature nonpolitical. but getting 10 
years for possessing two marijuana 
butts at the age of 49 temporarily 
politicized him 

His final capture in Afghanistan A 
three-year stretch in Folsom Prison 
where he had a cell next to Charlie 
Manson (who lent Dr. Tim his copy 
of The Teachings o/ the Compassion- 
ale Buddha) and making nice with 
(he Folsom social cliques, which in- 
cluded Hell's Angels. Mexican mafia. 
Nazis and Black Muslims. 

A prison tale When he was being 
processed through the California 
Prison system. taary was able lo 
manipulate personality tests that got 
him into the minimum security pris- 
on from which he later escaped be- 
cause he had devised the very tests 
years before. 

The cat's brain fried? 

Leary says drugs were never his 
chief interest. The brain and neuro- 
logical system are. How it works and 
how to change its programs He sees 
the brain as 40 to 60 million micro- 
computers of which most arc not 
tapped during normal consciousness 
He thinks psychedelic drugs may be 
an access code to unused micro-com- 
puters, which when plugged into 
reveal levels of awareness beyond 
our imaginings and will rocket hu- 
man intelligence to advanced evolu- 
tionary states. 

The brain is perfect Unfortunate- 
ly. It's been badly programmed by 
parents and education." 

He said he always deplored casual 
drug use and is against drugs whose 
effects were to escape and to callous 
sensibilities — speed, heroin. PCP. 
barbituates. alcohol He advocated 
experimentation with just the small 
body of psychedelics and then only 
under trained supervision and gov- 
ernment licensing. 

He's a nut on computers and talks 
about them constantly ." At first he 
thought they were just another way 
for Big Business to sell and control. 
But then those Apple Whiz Kids 
came up with the personal computer 
in their garage and he changed his 
mind He sees them as a liberating 
influence. They'll get us out of pas- 
sive TV watching and into playing 
games of our own making by linking 
our brain waves with video termi- 

He sees new mythologies evolving 
out of future generations of comput- 

er games urn mg Donkey Kong nd 
us humanistic emphasis on r 
instead of destrucl Also -ou 

never win these games, you im- 

The best rap around 

Leary is without bitterness aw 
his jaiUxik time dssptts Nng 
chased by f S agents for two yars 
over four continents at an estimted 
cost to American taxpa. 12 a II- 

lion He can't attribute such zc* to 
his possession of a half-ounce of iar- 
tjuana and two roaches, the cily 
crimes (besides prison escape) le's 
ever been convicted of and for 
which he was sentenced to 40 yars. 
So he cheerily views himself s a 
hounded symbol taking his face 
with honored troublemakers vho 
made a difference 

"It's the occupational hazard r be- 
ing a successful philosopher Anone 
who goes around talking sermsly 
about changing things is going l get 
into trouble with the establish. 
Copernicus. Socrates. Voltaire, :«>us- 
seau — they were all seen asiissi- 
dents and dangerous He was .ever 
a leader, he insists, but a c nee lead- 
er for change. 1 surfed the w/ve of 
the 60s. All I was about wa sail 
improvement, improving th 
gene pool We got some of thaun the 
70s — the humanistic mov.ment. 
bornagain Christians, est Jane 
Fonda, do-it-yourself " 

He believes ardently in the enera- 
tion born* since 1946 Thereare 76 
million of them — 40 millioi more 
than demographers predicted— and 
in 1988 they'll be between 24 nd 42. 
ready to take over. That's whn the 
spirit of the '60s will blossom. \ com- 
mand by DNA to undo the da rage by 
the pre-1946 generations. It told 
them to drop out in the '60s bcause 
ihey were powerless and tht's all 
they could do then Now us. Tune 
in. turn on. take charge " 

He believes human beingsnever 
shake childhood imprinting axl sees 
this group (because of the pillAmer- 
ica's first chosen generation )as im- 
printed with the values planed in 
the '60s — tolerance, coopeation. 

peace making 

ey know there's no place in this 
world for partisan politics Iking on 
this earth now is like being up in a 
W Wt can't afford to have the pilots 
fighting among themselves about 
how it should be flown Unlike the 
pre 1946 generations, the post Hi r • 
shima. mulureality generation 
programmed to write their own I 
scripts • ||e sees them letting go of 
the C alv inistic work imperative Giv 
ing slavish work to machines Mov- 
ing on to the only job worth man's 
dignity — associating with people 
who pleasure us and activate us from 
within to grow, evolving into a high- 
er intelligence and becoming virtu- 
ous " 

Hey, man. ya holdin" 

Yea, Dr Tim is still living better 
through chemistry But quietly now 
My wife and I break the law c 
stantly in our home I don't grant the 
government the ri^ht to regulate my 
moods or my nervous lystea He's 
in contact with a network of 
search chemists who give him ex- 
perimental mind drugs to try out 
"After about a thousand LSD trips 
I'm regarded as sort of a test pilot 
They know I'm courageous about 
such things and will give them good 
information on how the drugs work 
Dangerous? Oxygen is poisonous 
Th. !ish that left water died 

until one of them yelled. Hey man. 
cut it with a little nitrogen and • 
can handle n 

On to Spliuville. 

It's not until the end of day that 
Leary encounters the closest thing to 
unreconstituted hippies A team 
from an "alternative Dewqpef 
She's kinky blond, wide-eyed and 
wants to talk about body dematenali- 
zation. He's hairy, sandaled, wears 
mauve and orange in honor of his 
Indian guru 

Leary hitches a ride with them to 
the airport As he settles into the car 
he turns down the offer of a hit on a 
joint "I don't do street drugs " Then 
fixes the disciple with a serious 
stare "Now tell me what your guru's 
movement is all about " 



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Volume 12. number 17 

February 19-25, 1981 


Chafin Charged 
With Assault 

"7 The Misguided 
' Pre-Professional 

I 1 Dartmouth's 'Wet' 
Winter Carnival 


The Harvard Independent— fabruary 19-25. 1981 

J>y Tanyo Rairic: 

mothy Irary's dead. 

tin no BO, he* outside. looking •'» 
I he Moody Blur*. * 1 he legend ••« the Mind 

No, Dr. Itmolhy Leary u certainly not dead At 60 yean 
of age. he's as energetic and inqussttx* as ever and sail 
denies the often heard charge of bram damage Yes, as a 
former Harvard lecture mid guru of the 1960s, and 
rurrrni parolee. Ijary has been on the "outside." lookmg at 
life from sundry otherworldly perspective^ today, he 
continues to challenge Americans to open then minds to the 
possibilities of the future. 

A Phi Betta Kappa PhD in clinical psychology. Lean 
came to Hanard in 1961 as DtinNlN of a Psychedetu 
Research Project at the Center for the SftJft) <>f I'ersnnalUy 
Hut he and colUague lh Richard Alpert brokf agreements 
uith the ('mivruty and were dismissed in 196) Sent to 
prison twue in the late '60s for possession of marijuana. 
Leary now writes and tours nightclubs and colleges as a 
cams* stand-up philosopher' He iWc with hn wife. 
Barbara, (MtJOJ \L\Ur ■ Tanya Roberts. Charlie's newest 
"angel") and son m an unostentaiums Beverly Hills home. 
wh> y© Raiici spokr with him 

"I suueielv led deep pity and compassion Icji any 
intelligent person who wants to grow and develop who 
has not thoroughly explored the yoga ol LSD," says 

ii > in a le -allii inaiion ot what he's been saying foi 
alinosi |0 veais "|usi al the level ol erotic Iumoii. 
lov r making — anyone who's never made love under 
LSD limply doesn't know what phvsiral. neurological. 
and sexual lusion between two people can be.. .LSD is 
an aphrodisiac ol such nu i edible power On the othei 
hand, most people don't want (o become good lovers 
and have no concept of lusion. opening up, and 

BastcaJfcjr'Aaary today is an au courant >coion ot 

tterdav*! Leary His iuncuon," he asserts, has 

always been "to shock, acandali/e. stimulate, electrify, 

annoy, irritate, amuse, entertain" But he no longer 

runs around spooling "I union. 1 une-in. L)rop-o>. 

world famous 1966 credo In one ol his typical 

■uomvsiical. mtaninrv lor inuiations. l,eary explains 
Slogans are ol liemendous importance I lie \ ic 
almost p« medicated darts thrown into the 

nervous system ol the populate, bui slogans ouili\e 
then tunc . lose then charge Ever) intelligent person 
ROW knows enough to use drugs to put their head 
where thev want their head t«» be put. or not i 

Leaiv still believes, however, in the essential 
applit ability ol thai slogan I hat s ihe Socialic 

maxim. he claims today ( *> within, divovei 
voursell. and Uim d back into the marketplace Ml 
chough. Lear) repawn Sotiates' notion ol sell 
knowledge with ihai ol mic lhg« m e, which he deems 
the kev to happiness Intelligence, pipe* Leaiy. "is 
the ultimate aphrodisiac 

n\ bcbevei lion the im p on a o i rJuuhen ot the 

next lew decades will be the "hip scientists, the 
outsidei scientists He explains the origin ol this new 
movement m stun • derivative ol the energy 

Which he helped set loose in the ttti Because ol ihis 
iruredible endorsement ol indivulualuv and sing 
ulaiilv and sell -c onlidt -m « which has nevei been 
matched m human hisloiv. because ol this liberation 
,,t >v wc now have m the "Kits a new genei ation 

ot scientists who are breaking through to e 
■mcpis whuh will dramatically c hange our pit tin < 

human B 

I lu he) hip, acid Mieniisis are the tompi 

people going BO be BO EDC HOs what 

,1 *js BO il" v* nh the mciediblv liberating 

lentials ol computer thinking Among the oihei 

rc-voluliouaiv sciences, leaiv includes sot lobiology. 

lecoinbmani DNA, immuni/aiion and innoculaliou 

("What's done in the name ol medicine today is 

absolutely brutal") and the space movement 

"Any good research cant Ma) ol finally sanctioned 

verv long. says Leary. pointing out that manv 

researchers in these fields are currently under attack 
It s the function ol the sanctioneis to make sure that 

nothing comes out ol the laboratory that's going BB 

change the system" l*ary giggles as he observes that 
Harvard's fcdward Wilson is being attacked bv 
militant leftists because he has the nerve to say that 
people are genetically dillerern 

Leary's thinking has clearly evolved since the W*. 
when, as high priest ol the I.M> - uli. he attacked 
what he calls the "sacred cows" of western soaetv 
Since his huih in Massachusetts, he has touched down 
m nin roles; having studied the games-playing 

nature ol human behavior, he himself has learned the 
rules to many ol these game 

After a one-year experimental stmt at West Point, 
le.uv earned degrees at the University ot Alabama 
and Washington State t'niversitv and ended up. 
naiuiallv. H ihe University ol Calilnrma al Berkeley. 
wheie he reoeved his PhD In the Kh l)i I 
onginal and noteworthy research made him a key 
hguic m the rise ol the humamsiu psychology 

Yeah, man. but what about the drugs? Leary had 
his first psychedelic expenente m 1 «M»0 in Mexico— a 
center lor drug research m the late '50s and 'GO* 
because ol the ntual use ol hallucinogenic plants hv 
vanous native Indian groups Shortly therealter. 
Leary arrived at Harvard 

When I went to Harvard. I went OB a two-year 
toiuiaei I had no intention, chuckles l-eary. 
spending much time at any institution where people 
sit around at committee meetings, select graduate 
students, give examinations, and pass on cant 
knowledge It was a step in my growth and learning 
process, so I was very curious BO fad out what 
I l.ii vard was all about 

As Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at Harvard. l)r 
Leary started the Concord Prison Project, a 
rehabilitation program which combined therapy wrth 
tlu u •< ol psilocybin, .« powerful extract from 
Mexican mushrooms. Ihe result of this project. 

according to Future Presentauons, the Lais-Angeles- 
baaed firm which today represents I ears and other 
entertainers and lecturers, was a "prison teiurn 
cut by 90 percent With his dose aasoo 
Richard Alpert, another Harvard psychologist. Leal 

also did hallut inogenR drug research using several 
hundred volunteer subjects, primarily Harvard grad- 
uate students Before long, the two professors were 
advocating LSD as the t hemkal key io wisdom and 
iiiviiv. love and happiness It was also the kev BO 
then ex. i Irom Harvard In IMS, Harvard's Pu^ 
Adm i rust ration fired them amidst highly publicized 

Leary had been "ollered tenure at liar v aid three 
tune* plus the post ol Chief I'syt hologisi al 
Massachusetts (General Hospital il drug research was 
plaved down. according BO Future Presenlatioi 
1 odav Irarv charges that "the professors that end up 
with tenure al Harvard are the besi polM 
because it's such an academic monopoly game Ihe 
future-oriented Leary lurther believes thai 

"Computers are going 
to be to the '80s what 
ad d was to the *60s..." 

institutions, parts ularlv educational involutions, nil 
uon "to slow down evolution, to msiill m young 
people productive stupidity 

By definition you cant, you simplv cam hon« 
commit yourv-lt to an institution il vour hinctioii is to 
dissolve, improve, change, radically explode 
,4iistnution Occasionally you can make a guerilla raid 
on an institution and use the leverage: when I was at 
Harvard." he says. "I used the leverage ol the word 
H ar v ar d' i<> gei into the priaona, to on i lot of "«v 
research, and to get a lot ol drug* 

No solitary doped crusader, though. Leary had 
some hke-rnmded buddies during these Cambridge 
days. Alpert, Aklous Huxley, Alan Wail*, Ralph 

The Harvard Independent— February 19-25. 1981 

Meizner. Waller Houston Clark, and the port Allen 

usher g Sometimes up in the clouds, these men 

were all instrumental in setting the si otellettual 

: dimate of the '60s. 

I he interesting thing about the group thai we 

aasembled at Harvard."' remembers Leary. betraying a 

slight trace ol nostalgia, was that we were basically 

gentlemen scholars — we could have had tenure but 

none of us wanted it. A university is n<x the place to 

perform the acuvist research and philosophy that we 
were performing." 

So in 19h.1 larary and company formed the 
International Federation for Internal Freedom, a 
center for serious training m drug use and 
• sciousness-exparision I hev also put out a * lermtic 
fnmfl, the Piychedelu Renew In IMS, leary went io 
India to study with some mvMi< I, after which he wrote 
a book of psychedelic prayers, leary has always 
thought of himself as a "frontiersman", indeed, 
during the volatile 60s he was something of a Johnny 
Appleseed, dispersing drugs and ideas in any soil 
hoping thev would take ro<> 

But Mexican soil isn't always conducive to that kind 
of growth Busted at the border for under a half 
ounce of pot. larary was lreed on bail in |Mt H> that 

IT, drugs had become a major political and legal 
issue, and la-arv fought unsuccessfully for thr rights 
of medical doctors and scientist* to have access to 
I. SI) He also announced the formation of a new 
quasi- religion called the l-eague tor Spiritual I' 
covets (LSD), which centered on the sacramental use 
of hallucinogenic drugs 

In December of t>M, Leary was again arrested, thai 
time for two joints While awaiting trial, he entered 
California'l gubernatorial race He travelled around 
the country tfi^ing speeches and was instrumental in 
getting the Federal marijuana law declared uikoumi 
lutional He didn't make the governorship though. 
Ronald Reagan did 

Instead. Dr Leary made it to jail in 1970 He was 
given two consecutive ten-year sentences in California 
sor h» two arrests He played prisoner for seven 

months, doing voga and officer work But. in accord 
with his U-liel that one should take con tr ol of one's 
lite, and having had enough of this stage in his 
"learning process," Leary escaped from prison in 
September of 1970 With help Irom the Weathermen, 
a group of radical activists, he fled to Algeria, where 
he joined Black Panther leader F.ld ridge (leaver But 

he is often satirical, rambunctious, and wildly 
gestu ulative. in conversation, he u warm, wittv. and 
avowedly manipulative He s always a polygkn. 
speaking the languages of biology, drugs, gem 
psychology, rnmum, and phyaV 

Most recently. Dr larary has portrayed himself in 
Cheech and (hong's "Third Movie, .in incredibly 
educational and inspiring experience I'm a ire- 
clous admirer and supporter <»f ( heee h and 
( hong."' he says "l*m convinced that humor i» one of 
the key tactics of the evolutionary piocess. Humor 
always implies that you re- outside of the system. 
looking at it and pointing out hem n .an be improved 
in a very gentle way You just laugh at the inettieieu 
cies and static aspects that are going to become survi- 
val-endangering " Raiding off a list of humorists who 
have had a real effect upon the species, he includes 
S<k rales. l<ao-tse. Swift. Samuel Clemens, and lenny 
Br ii 

Dr Ir.uv. who has total faith in human evolution. 
urges ihc supplementing of Darwin's theory with the 
technique of humor for stimulating individuals and 
cultures "to improve their act " He adds, of course, 
humor is sexually selective - »l course Among 

mam species, it may be the fiercest male that attracts 
oi is selected by the intelligent female, but certainly in 
the human sp< nj intelligent female is going to 

respond to a person who's going to make her laugh." 
He laughs inneKenilv I make tun <>! Dai win," he 
continues, "because it's obviously a male, macho. 
competitive. I9th-cenlury. playing-tields-ot-r ton con 
cept of how a tidy little Protestant universe should be 

I eaiv is optimistic about America's ultimate future: 
"t-vervthing will gel more complex and extreme. 
I here are going to be more stupid people, starving 
people, and dictators, but also more free people, 
intelligent people, and advanced, almost m mating. 
individuals . I he space movement is a key to the 
future. As soon as the shuttle starts to fly. there'll be a 
tremendous resurgence in space enthusiasm and space 

1 he American c« >v will continue to go down 

hill until there s a resurgence- in confident expansion 
and the only way thai can happen is in a war or 
space— it's got to be space Once we start home- 
steading and migrating to the next frontier, the 
nexi ecological niche, space, then the violence in the 
ghettos and the malaise of the working class will be 
eliminated." Sounding somewhat like an arrnv 

4 I used the leverage of the word 'Harvard' to 
get into the prisons, to do a lot of my research, and 
to get a lot of drugs." 

these were rebels with different causes, and Cleaver 

soon put hun undet house arrest" over an 

rologieal split Future Presentations explains thai 

leaver called for armed revolution, larary for 

neurological revolution ." 

Moving lo Switzerland learv wrote and lectured 
for 18 months undci political asylum In January of 

178, he took of I tor Afghanistan, where, reports 
Future Presentations. Dr larary was illegallv 
kidnapped by American agents (there exists no 
exiradilion treat) between Afghanistan ,»rid the 
Unfced States) and forcibly returned lo the United 

He was welcomed home with a three and one-half 
year sojourn in the slammer and a record bail for an 
American citizen — $5 ,000,000. Put in v>lnarv con 
finement for some 19 months. Leary took advantage 
of the BfivOjCJ to wrifct several books. As one who 
hates to vegetate, though, he wanted out "All the 
philosophers and all the men that I think have teallv 
liberated humanity.' he told the Mae Yorker on 
December 3, 1973. "have done iheir time on the 
outside .ui to get back in 1 think I belong in 

An> exact) I think that a soeietv that imprisons 

its philosophers is playing with very bad magic You 
t imprison ideas. It's a scandal, a national scandal, 
thai I'm here ' In April of 1976. Leary was released 
on parole 

Since then, he has worked as a DJ and has toured 
the night club and college circuit. Before audiences. 

unlet, Leary continues: There vs ill fie new places 
to go. nevs jobs, and thrilling adventures, and high 
"Basu .illy . America's morale problenu vsiii da 

appeal Amenca is an expansive confident, outgoing, 
outgrowing, ftontier country — that's our genius." Is 
l^eary some kind of futurist patriot' Oh. the rest of 
the- woild is totally moiihund, dead, suicidal. 
\me ncaiis aic as dillereiit fiom anv other countiv 
we are horn haboom and champan/ees We lake loi 
granted the reckless, swashbuckling individuahtv of 
ihe American 

But there's one more key to the future in lararv s 
vision geographv Where you are." explains Dt 
Levy, "will determine ihe level of teality that vou 
build and inhabit. Hang around Fast Coast insutu 
(ions, its not gonna be much fun " Leary equates 
"Last" with the past. He refers to the nations capital, 
for instance, as "Washington. B ( 

'America IN K om K lo fragment and differentiate. " he 
continues, and it's the W «si of America lhat 

will sponsor, support, protect, and direct the next 
movement It 1 were lo run for public office. Id run 
for governor of California on the platfoim lhat 
California should secede from the Union We simplv 
don't need the rcsl of it, don't want to be bogged 
down in partisan politics and an antiquated social 
system " 

Politics? "Finished." contends Learv America is 
ungovernable; the centralized government is clearly 
becoming unmanageable Ihe election was of less 

relevancy than the Superbowl. because the Superbowl 
■» ve v interesting in ihe plav of demographic 

Far from frav/led. Dr leary has preserved lhat 
peculiarly youthful commitment to cutiositv and 
activity, he abhors whal he labels "terminal adult 
hood." But he expresses no regrets about his past In 
deed, larary is basically leary about the past, which he 
views as one of man's more circumscriptive straight 


1 he futuristic flavor of his thought is illustrated by 

the titles of some of his recent books: Exo-PryckoloQ, 

Intelligent e Agents, and Seuropohtics. Believing in man's 
lani evolutionary progress, larary has no doubt 
that scientists will synthesize life-extension and 
immortality pills when man u ready for them 

To some, Leary will always be a psychotic 
ac id -brain, to others, perhaps, a son of Faustus; to yet 
others, a prophetic pundit lo most, however, he 
hovers somewhere at the interface between "reality 
and fantasy, which is perhaps another way of saving 
that he's got one fool mired in the present and one 
kicking about in the future 

Bui of course thcic arc always new trips to take. 
ne nences to see and hear and leel " I here are 

a lot of new a legal brain-ae tivating drugs coming oui 
of the laboratories. l)i leary notes They're not 
being publicized because they'll be abused by the 
unprepared and persecuted by ihe authorities But 
ihey exist " How does he know- My wife and 1 
regularly use new model drugs We test flv them ." 
More than a pilot, however. Leary thinks of himself 
as a modem counterpart of Soe rales, an "intellectual 
gadilv. scientific troublemaker, or cultural humorist 
I his is one of many important roles in an evolving 
society Basically I was always totally confident in the 
ability of my mind to help reduce human suffering 
and stupidity My mam function has always been 
methodological I'm not trying to develop new 

theories by themselves, bui to develop methods which 
will allow anyone and eveivone to expand their 
consciousness, increase then intelligence, increase 
iheir inpul of information, and lo make more effec- 
tive then output 

In the M»s ihese methods included drugs, diet 
dance and aicheiv loday. they include new drugs, 
love, intelligence, and Futuristic science- Bui has Di 
leary kept one methodological eatd up his slee 
Maybe the allutuiglv yellow green eyes of his sleek 
black cat. which prowls about the l-eaty living room, 
keeping watch over the mam boofcl and alburns, have 
seen that catd Perhaps ihose feline ears have heatd 
his wonted whispers of years gone by: "Vou can be 
anyone, this time around 

Perhaps Dr Leary has rt da few intimations «.l 

immoitahtv himself His mark on American histoiv 
will remain, particularly in connection with the MK. to 
him the- decade of neurological c onsumei ism His 
mark is here today, too. in lectures, books the < beech 
and (hong film, and his unquestionable echoed 
presence in ihe recent movie Altered States." 

No. I e-arv isn't womed about his futuie In the last 
analysis, there's a good chance that Harvard, if it's 
remembered at all. may be remembered simply 
because lhe> fired me— if they're luckv ( ulmraJ 
humorists simply last throughout ages, because they 
carry on the signal And particularly to have m> name 
associated with brain activation, cons, 
pansion. intelligence increase by the use of che 
icals wow. is that a ticket lo immortality '" 


The Delroir News 

Entertainment / More News 
Wednesday, July 27, 198 3 
Lively Arts: 222-2282 / 

New slogans from Leary 

A fascinating foray into 
the mind of a Superguru 

Flashback* An Autobiography 

Timothy Leary 
(J.P.Tarcher, Inc., $16.96) 

By Peter Boat 

To today's generation, immersed in video games, 
home computer terminals and personal stereo, the 
slogan "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out" would be a 
mystery. The first two instructions are clear e- 
oough, but sshat to make of the last? According to 
Timothy Leary, the ex Harvard psychologist who 
coined the phrase, even the children of the '60s 
misinterpreted his mesaage. 

In the nearly 400 pages of his autobiography, 
Leary explains that he never meant to encourage 
wanton drug-taking, never mind personal dissolu- 
tion and social disillusionment Attempting to 
reestablish his role aa spokesman and spiritual fa- 
ther for the moat vocal and violent youth 



TIMOTHY LEARY: A taste for onomatopoe 
ia and slogans. 

The author: Timothy Leary, S former Harvard 
professor, was one of the pre-eminent gurus of 
the youth/drug culture of the 1960s. 

The book: His autobiography. 

The reviewer: Peter Ross Is a Oetrolter who 
frequently reviews movies and other cultural 
manifestations for The News. 

movement in history, he clarifies his purposes' and 
methods and offers insights into his formation and 
character All of which makes for an exacting por- 
trait of his life and times. 

NOT SURPRISINGLY, it's a strange story. 
Using a non -chronological format, Leary begins 
not with his birth but with his conception, then 
weaves back and forth through his life — darting 
from family background to his stint at West Point, 
to his first wife's suicide, to his expulsion from col- 
lege. He travels from his first, excruciatingly 
academic experiment* with psychedelic drugs to 
bla years of incarceration and exile. He cites, with 

notation t always with smooth transition, 

° rw the writers and thinkers he ad- 


His cast of characters is a virtual Who's Who of 
the '60s From Marilyn Monroe and Gary Grant to 
Abbie Hoffman and Eldridge Cleaver, from Jack 
Kerouac to R.D. Laing, from John and Yoko to there ARE PLENTY of shocks here, too. 
Jimi Hendnx. Leary recounts his friendships and u ^ rf hifl clande8tme partnership with an 
alliances, his experiments successful and failed ^ , miijtre85 of j ohn f t Kennedy, herself mur- 

The story he tells - the transformation of a brii- ^ ^^ Ume ^ the prefident| ^d , ra piiea 
liant researcher safely enaconced at Harvard, to a ^ gfae ^ introduced JF K to the wonders of 
prison-seasoned prophet of Inner 1 ecnnology - L8I) _ ^^ causing the government to remove j 
is a fascinating chronicle. Leary carefully docu- him h^^Is unilatUjriMlv with Eldrid K e Cleaver, , 
menta the development of the drug culture and of 
iu formulators, crediting not only actual partici- 

pants but important forerunners. Each of his 
chapters is headed by a capsule biography of an 
important innovator, from medieval philosophers 
to contemporary psychologists. 

him. He deals unflatteringly with Eldridge Cleaver, 
who he claims held him a prisoner in Algeria, and 
as unflatteringly with Ted Kennedy. He recalls an 
early arrest at the hands of G. Gordon Liddy, with 
whom he has of late been making a lecture tour. 

Continued on Page 3F 

Exploring the mind of a Superguru 

Continued from Page IF 

Along with his acute, candid portraits and his 
social analysis, Leary tosses in unnumbered exam- 
ples of his painfully fecund prose, his dry sense of 
humor and his taste for onomatopoeia and slogans. 
Describing his meeting with his third wife-to-be 
(he's now on the fourth), he writes: "A cloud of 
pheromones floating from her body awakenedmy 
lazy off-duty hormonea." Warned by Marshall 
McLuhan that "You're ahead of your time. They'll 
attempt to destroy your credibility," he says, "It's 
incredibility I'm after " 

His penchant for scientific jargon and for words 
and phrases of his own coinage make portions of 
the book slow going. And*when Leary adds a mass- 
market style sex scene and recalls s tryst with a 
prison secretary — "her naked body was moist as 
hot octopus" — well, what is one to do? We're not 
all scientist-explorers as intrepid as Leary, and I 

didn't feel compelled to check the metaphor by 
rushing to an aquarium with a thermometer. 

SUCH STYLISTIC quibbles aside, Flash- 
backs is an interesting and involving look both at 
history in the making and at a vital, unorthodox 
mind. If Leary 's precision is at times discomforting 
— as it is in his detailed description, complete with 
diagrams, of his escape from prison — his opti- 
mism and honesty are soothing. And despite the 
changes that time and experience have wrought, 
Leary leaves us with new predictions, a careful new 
analysis of the future and even a new slogan. 

To the new generation on which he pins his 
hopes, the "Whiz Kids" born post- 1964, he urges, 
"Turn On, Tune In, and Take Charge," the last 
referring to the course of human evolution. If that 
sounds like psychedelia yoked to basic business 
management, so be it If anyone knows the future, 
it may well be Timothy Leary. 


JUL 17 1983 


Take a trip with Tim 
down memory lane 

Reviewed by 

With Timothy Leary as a sort of 
hand holding trip guide. It's insight- 
ful to look back over the 1960s and 
70s. Leary's a mellow 63 now, im- 
bued with great hindsight Into that 

particular past 
He was 40 w he 

hen in 1960 he took his 
first journey to Mexico and was 
promptly introduced toan old Aztec 
cultural item, teonanacQti, that 
great Indian civilization's sacred 
mushroom, by anthropologist 
Gerhart Braun. Leary's first voyage 
into the supra-conscious lasted 
about four hours, and he returned 
from what since has come to be 
called psychedelic experience a dif- 
ferent man. 

Later that same year he discov- 
ered, through a colleague, the vi- 
sionary experiential writings of 
William James, in which James him- 
self had publicized his findings af- 
ter ingesting peyote and nitrous ox- 
ide (laughing gas). James thereby 
had obtained intense metaphysical 
illumination, and urged others to 
try it 

Leary, having gone the mush- 
room route, soon would meet others 
— at first, for the most part, scholar- 
scientists — deeply interested In ob- 
taining experiences of a transcen- 
dental/scientific-like nature 
through mind-altering drugs. 
Among those was Aldous Huxley, 
who already had written on mesca- 
line and LSD. the lysergic acid 
diethylamide drug derived from er- 
0O4, of which the So 

Timothy Leary 

By Timothy Leary 

Tmrtbtr/Houjbloa MUflia; fiJJtf 

to a sort of tertiary career as profes- 
sorial outlaw. 

Although Alpert eventually 
would drift into Hindu mysticism to 
emerge as Baba Ram Dass (few seem 
to question the conveyed sounds, to 
English speakers, of that assumed 
name), Leary at age 56 had, by h|s 
own count, done time in 40 jails and 
prisons, including both Folsom and 
the infamous TI (Terminal Island) 
For 15 years or so he had been the 

sess an abundant supply. 

Huxley, convinced such drugs of- 
fered mankind new hope, urged 
Leary to promote research into 
their usage and become, as journal- 
ists would say, a flak for what he 
perceived as stepped up evolution- 
ary change. Leary, soon to pick Mar- 
shall McLuhan's brain, got the mes- 
sage, as McLuhan would say. 

LEARY'S PATH TO all of that 
had been neither facile nor fast On- 
ly in 1960, too. had he gotten to Har- 
vard, by way oil chance encounter 
in Italy, to which he had drifted the 
year before after 16 years of itiner- 
antly laboring in the fruitful psy- 
chological vineyards of California. 
By then, having chucked it all. he 
had no job, little money, two pub- 
lished books, two children and pain- 
ful memories of the suicide of their 
mother, his late wife. 

ff war via the 
CIA which, Leary claims, deserves 
the credit for initiating the 60s drug 

It's Leary's story all the way, told 
never with rancor, frequently witn 
humor, always with optimism and 
his engaging Celtic touch for the 
finely crafted tale. All of which 
ranges from his numerous escapes 

— not only from West Point, where 
he was a cadet, and prison but eve$ 
from Eldridge Cleaver and his four- 
man Black Panther army in Algiers 

— to meetings, conferences and so- _ 
cial "engagements with a"litany of " 
well-known names from academn 
to Woodstock, from guru-dom te 
CIA bureaucrats. 


IS IT ALL TRUE? From the auto- 
biographer's perspective, indeed Q 
is. Leary's, like, say, Jean Genet's, 
has been a baffling but fascinating. 

At Harvard, he was signed up to eve & instructive, life. Certainly his 

give a seminar in psychotherapy. 
Down the hall from his office was 
that of Richard Alpert, 10 years 
Leary's junior but already an assist- 
ant professor of psychology. Alpert. 
an academically ambitious, homo- 
sexual Jew, favored, like Leary. 
keeping office hours at night. That 
.' they should become fast friends — 
Leary sees it as a Tom Sa wyer-Huck 
Finn/Butch Cassidy Sundance Kid 
relationship — was inevitable. 

As word spread of the experimen- 
tation (involving students, yet — 
that was the thing) at the nation's 
prestigious center of higher learn- 
ing, visitations to Leary from sun- 
dry personages spread. So did 
Leary's notonety — and in short 
order his misfortunes and misad- 
ventures, ultimately driving him in 

impact on the subsumed right to 
alter one's nervous system, with of 
without a view toward enhancing 
one's supra-conscious state, is unde- 

For Leary. that remains the most 
significant issue in America today 
— politically, culturally, economi- 
cally. Reported gross drug sales for 
I960 in the United States were al- 
most $79 billion, and it has been esti 
mated on good authority that illegal 
drug trade in New York alone runs 
to about |45 billion a year. 

Considering that anyone now can 
simply dial toll-free 80OCOCAINK 
for help, one might well wonder 
why Leary sand Al pert *s controlled 
research was not aided rather than 
hindered at every step. 



a 110.000 


JUN 2 4 


Timothy Leary 

Flashing Back 



When Timothy I rary ramg through town last week, 
it was only natural that we discuss with him our 
theory that he is among the most important people 
of the 20th century— in this country, and in the 
world. He didn't seem to mind. 

Our theory suns from the premise that the planet's 
future lies in the meeting of East and West; specific- 
ally, we're talking about the tempering of the 
rambunctious American spirit with the inward - 
looking philosophy of India and the Orient. There's 
no doubt this is happening. A sizable chunk of the 
population has adopted what used to be called 
"alternative life-styles," most of which involve a 
rejection of America's hell -bent -for -leather past. 
Meditation has found its way into America's corpor- 
ate boardrooms (where it's called the "relaxation 
technique"). The Japanese, having copied and 
refined our industrialism, have returned the favor 
by teaching us you can run a business without 

pitting labor against management: Nissan Motors 
has opened a Japanese-style plant in Tennessee, 
and the workers there say the United Auto Workers 
just won't be needed. 

So how did this happen? Well (goes our theory), 
Americans became interested in the inner universe 
as well as outer space; we learned there were valuable 
lessons locked inside. We turned to cultures that 
had known this for millennia, and suddenly the 
East was more than merely a source of exotic (if 
flaky) customs; it was a serious fountain of valuable 
philosophical thought. {Damn! Those guys were 
right!) The people who first got us looking inward 
were the ones who set this process in motion, and 
one of the best known was Timothy Leary. 

How does that sound? 

"Well," said the man who was monogrammed 
"LSD" by the 60s, "you first have to ask T>id this 
happen?' and then what effect did I have. Of course 
it happened. The generation that grew up between 
1946 and '64, the baby boom, was the first generation 
of Spock babies. They were brought up on demand 
feeding, and they expected better sex, better 
education, better wars— it was inevitable that there 
would be a going into their selves for improvement. 
They had been told from the beginning, 'You're an 
individual.' That is also the essence of Oriental 
philosophy — *God is within you'— that life is a path 
of discipline, enlightenment, and revelation. , 

"Previously, there was Schopenhauer, the German 
Romantics, Yeats, Aldous Huxley; Emerson was a 
great student of Oriental philosophy. At Harvard, 
when we started the drug program [in the 50s], we 
looked for textbooks and there weren't any, so we 
wrote some. The first, The Psychedelic Experience, 
was based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the 
second, Psychedelic Prayers, was based on the Tao 
Te Chtng. There was also Allen Ginsberg and Jack 
Kerouac, the Dharma Bums, engaged in the inner 
search. But suddenly the Beatles were rushing off to 
^ifclh^Aahi hihiilh fc h fl nm w a snn ■ ■ 

"My part has been the carrying on of this long 
chain, this bucket brigade- just pan of the flow. 
I'm a scholar, and I'm extremely well read; I'm a 
good writer, a good learner, a transmitter. That's a 
very important role in history, more important than 
president hr general; I believe culture is more 
important r^an politics." 

Still, politics is on Leary's mind a great deal these 
days, because it is in that arena that he sees the past 
becoming the present. "Those baby boomers are in 
their 30s niw," he told us calmly; "this is the first 
year a baty boomer could have been president, 
constitutionally. I'm saying, 'Wake up, you've got 
the country in your hands. There are 76 million of 
you.' Reagan, and Tip O'Neill, are from the 
generation that has Teddy Roosevelt as a model; no 
wonder he wants to ride down and fight Cuba. But 
for the boomers, their fix is Vietnam." 

Leary, who was in town to promote his engrossing 
autobiography Flasffauk s, is nearly 63, and he 
wasn't looking the pan of world-beater. (He never 
did.) His snowy white hair only enhanced his 
patrician mien, which was set off by his casual dress 
and sneakers. As we talked, he would often address 
questions by starting off in the distance and circling 
around to his point; sometimes it was connected to 
the question, sometimes it wasn't, and sometimes 
he would just gaze off. But even if he hadn't, we 
could hardly have avoided asking him about drugs. 

"I don't bring the subject up, but I have to answer 
honestly if you ask. I got a bad rap on drugs: I have 
never been associated with narcotics, but only with 
one class of plant derivatives. And yes, I've con- 
tinued to use them. It is my right as an American, in 
the privacy of my own terrain, to change my 
consciousness, to alter my nervous system. I still 
use LSD, and it is always very ceremonial, very 
special. I'm waiting around, just like my parents did 
during Prohibition, for the boomers to make it 


Timothy Leary's 
Sixty -Three Year Love-in. 

FLASHBACKS stays with you because of the charismatic power of its author 
While it is. in itself, a thoroughly fascinating book because of its unique 
perspective on the events that shaped America through the last three decade 
is the character of Timothy Leary which makes Flashbacks important book. 
His message of optimism, positive action and love of people overpowers the 
interest he generates about events and personalities. 

He is unquestionably a creative genius, reminding me of descriptions I read of 
Pablo Picasso who had stacks of plates and bowls of paint on the floor next to 
him in his dining room. He would paint the plates while he ate and talked. In the 
evening assistants would walk through the house picking up the plates to be sent 
off to the kilns for firing. 

Leary *s impact on Western psychology has yet to be fully assessed, but, it is great 
The reverberations of his impact on American culture haven't yet faded despite 
his being much less in the public eye these last few years. Leary and the 
maelstrom of energy, events and people around him have permanently changed 
the face of America, if not the world 

Leary is the living metaphor of the Tarot Fool. He remains relatively pure as 
events pass through him. he is Mind at Play, open, accepting, never grasping, 
never demanding, never claiming his right to another person or their power. He 
seems to have reached one of the goals of magical development. Leary claims 
that magic is an archaic technology, that it is unscientific. Yet, he has all the 
characteristics of a true magician -he accepts experience over objective knowledge 
he's receptive to the miraculous, he questions everything including his own 
assumptions, he directly applies his gains in knowledge to the everyday world. 
While he may disclaim magical techniques, which all magicians know are 
illusions .1 what he has becaome and what he has done for other people 

' i magi s without equal. 

I can't dredge up memories of the Sixties and Seventies without feeling a great 
deal of anger. The assassinations, the atrocity of Vietnam, the murders at Kent 
State, police \ lolence, student \ lolence- a lot happened in those days which no 
one can be proud of. Leary suffered incredible wrongs at the hands of various 
government agencies and personnel. His academic career was purposely 
destroyed by them. His family members suffered under the stress of harrassmenL He 
I riends to death and to phoney scandals created by the government and the 
press. Many of the people who called him a hero were made te believe he had 
betrayed them because of information released by the FBI , all of it false or 
grossly distorted for the purpose of isolating him and destroying his effecti veness as a 
leader in the counter-culture, something he never tried to be or wanted to be. 

If any one should be angry about what happened in the Sixties, it is Timothy 
Leary. But, he's not Instead he is good friends with the man who built his career 
out of busting Leary- G.Gordon Liddy. He is also friends with the man who 
imprisoned him in Algeria, Eldridge Cleaver. He testified, voluntarily, for the 
defense in a trial involving two of the FBI men who were his pursuers and keepers 
for a time. 

Wide Wo ltd f* 

After reading the book, I remembered a story Robert Anton Wilson told about 
his daughter. Luna, in the COSMIC TRIGGER She had been beaten and 
robbed by a gang of black kids one day after school. Wilson's anger overcame 
his spiritual understanding and he began struggling with the problem of why a 
beautiful kid like Luna, whom everyone loved, should be the target of such an 
assault He blamed it on racism and repression against the blacks which has been 
one of the ugliest features of this society since its inception He believed it was 
our national karma, that whites should suffer in backlash, but he couldn't accept 
that someone like Luna should be the target' It wasn't fair, in any way. It didn't 
make sense. 

Luna was back to her old self the day after the attack. Wilson wac astonished 
that she had never gotten angry, never said a word against her attackers while all 
the time he was seething with unfocused hatred over the incident. He asked her 
why: "I stopped the wheel of Karma. All the bad energy is with the kids who beat me 
up. I'm not holding any of it." 

I guess I feel about Leary the way Wilson felt about his thirteen year old 
daughter that day. I am filled with awe and admiration and a kind of love that is 
difficult to acknowledge because in expressing it I have to admit to my failure to 
love, my limitations and hangups. It hurts to see how imprisoned by misplaced 
emotions I can be. At the same time. I feel a kind of release that comes from 
being freed from the negative, from being shown the way out of a personally and 
socially destructive paradigm. 

In one place in FLASHBACKS, Leary wonders why it is that everyone calls him 
"Timmy". even his FBI captors, often men young enough to be his sons, called 
him Timmy. I think the clue to the answer is in the Christian aphorism about no 
one being able to come to God who doesn't approach him as would a child. I don't think 
they are referring to a child's innocence in that parar^ or to a chfltfs naivete T think tt 
refers more to that quality of the ego Melita Denning talks about in her interview 
of this issue. She talks about the ego being constructed to be used to receive 
information about the world. It results in the openess that Luna showed her 
father, which he called "the final secret of the Illuminau ', and which Timmy is 
trying to show us by the way he loves his life. 

Magic often finds it difficult to survive in the dying days of the Twentieth Century. 
These are hard times for miracles and miracle makers. Practioners of the art are 
caught in archaic languages and rites and they try to speak to old gods who hardly 
come around much any more, many people have struggled to create a contemporary 
magical system, one that speaks the language and deals with the realities of today. Few 
have had success. Leary's path has few rules and rituals, but it definitely seems 
to have worked -at least for him. He would be the last to say it would work for ail. 
We are a very privileged people to have him with us. It is evident after reading 
FLASHBACKS, that he feels that way about us. 

Timothy Leary 
087477-177-3, hardcover. 

$ 15.95 


By Steve Hellerstedt 
There ha 


d II 

ipsing in ni' ! "•• 


on 1 

Between l**M .ind 

spao ity knov 


lOUghtOn Mltflir 

him as he waited toe his flight A i 
cal meltdown did not appear I 

In fact, the < 

and vit. 

is white and tht . tewwnnk ind 

his eyes and m sa 

ihful, alert and intelligent man 

<-d out in a i 

pink shirt and ■ n white 

sneaker^ Sipping whiti lart 

king .in 

with a laugh of a win- 

InfUsh: hall Mc I uhan . 

these w- 

Todisp' u musl 


'enever you Art . 
graphu I we rea v sue mg/y 

&« irage Never romp 

appear an$' 





I V 

Hand t- 

whatever everyorv I to b»- 

• I mad* 
•gram was Don t follow me follow 

duality He S| 

Lear\ taught at Ha I It 

, Sat he tirst ilo 

in and I v 

its he held drug trainini 
em i 

when ii;. hallut i no ftni 

rrom a 
number ot sour 
jealous ot Ii rang off ot tl 

htest ot the graduate students But 

ilems l eary wnti the 

chronic ten its to lei 

everything Do f bright youths phoned 

home to announc e that they d I od and 

red the >l the urn he 

deans b« dgy about i ompiaJnti front 


leary was d\.ir< 

bogus i 

ii h 

In 1 


and respe« I for I i \umh 

i think hi 


mporta' what 

>l> mtflli. 
apol- all mean enter 

er I think ,i philosopl got to I 

II Buddha were 
have a t.ilk shot 

Perhaps ■ is and disturbing 

character in I e.« 

Pinch intimate 

friend to both |ai 

quint are alre.i tup 

with tht rit 

In the spring 

and * teac h her how to run an I sp 

The guys who run thinj 

in Fl- 

run I hington 

in P" 

in lh« 


v^ fit-l 


M.<' ith 

J Her bfOth IW Ben 

Br.» hington bun 

» hiet identified the ImkJv I lei husband *•> 


My head was spin 

family, had been murder *ad 

fignt witnnoappan \nd 

there had been so UW> 

tan- 1'^ as 


ked Leary about Mary M 

"That s the most imp tuft in tin- hook 

Lear\ Mid lot about 

Man, Meyer tad the cover-up 

vasrve, ta you know my strategy in this b< 

has been to raise these questions and demand 
more f.ic ts In now II 

oi th«- n I lings tu 

was married to ( ord Meyer who turns out to 

be mui int m the ( I \ than I d 

lied Mi 
( hips i lc i the only, i 

'My main message these days is to 
encourage, activate, and stimulate the 
postwar generation. Everything in the media 
and the capitalist system is geared to make 
you feel helpless, ill-equipped in a world that 
doesn't want you because there are too 
many of you. The economic pressure is so 
great because there are 40 million more of 
you than had been expected. And nobody 
gives a damn. That's why you have Ph.D.s 
making sandals." 

Timothy Leary 

thing in the world 

The thing about l 

• - one batch mak 

several mil In 

• i ut It 

that it re 

al, or thecnnik. 

Do you h . people m 

has won, • in 

guished intelligent t M«-d.ii 

Leary wanted to use material Irom a book In 

i Davis in the footnotes on Mar\ Mi 
» ti*. law yers ad\ ised against H be 

cause Davis publisher I Ian ourt Brae e |ov I 
novuh, had shredded tht- 25,000 COp 


nis .i little elliptical ind funny, 
, iajd i forced m m\ to 

take out .1 whole page 01 front Davis 

book). Mv lasvyers are limply afraid thai 
having enough troubles don't stir up ti 


Irk Kool Aid Acid lest Ken * 

Babbs improvise a 1 

it \t tht end of Easy Rider Peter 
lis CJennis Hopper that we blew it 

In Flashbacks you writ we 

were, ah ;an 

whirling in re/rgi 


the pa* 
■e did it k 

Leary: Then I answer tf, ion latei 


. tin I don t think th 
ling Irom mv book tl i»lew it Of '' 

vou blew it I 

book I'msuri 
pened I 



hildhood whe 

It was kind ot tongu* 

ne^ hal quality ot being |uni 

prom again ecarelreed 

think the other two were basic alls pessimislii 

What about ti •■ you made with your old 

nen it Keturn I 

ith the I 
Lear. Ilegal n. m 


[ idd\ ind 1 have had 

very intelligenl artii ulate, "id t olorful 
peoples ll> .ire 1 80 degrees oppo 

And people think Theyfol 

lowed I idcK .ind me around tor five or six 

fop mi w from LA tilmmgour 

, surprising!) uning mi id I 

think it s rather sii eally get 
to the heart ot the issues bu: 

il 90 minutes Both mngand 

mildly educational And unusu 1 h 
the^ hat it might do pretty v 

Until rec enf/v it seer Sa/rz/nfl LSDhss 

been hsheda 

iigit up code Lately though, tht 
been reports in the press that LSu 1 the 

The press, in its thrashing around for a story, 


headline in I A about .« 

drugs boon 
have gone up about 3.000 perc ml 

There's no «j that th. »re LSD 

being us* 

hat a 
tabn out 40or SO microgram 

OoraCX 1 kids 

Lseit they re not flipped out Whenthought- 
nil philosophitallv minded pe- it 

there are no pn ibU-ms 

LSD use isquietlv in< reasing Noboi 
ried about legalization 1 


•ir daugher or \" 

thumbing mv nose 


H tMlt ^ O » tw n »trw#Sw *4 


Thev re all right • .nl. two games behind It's 
the Anw ut 


St hramand Ton lik«- 

the pope. 

H put a 
fedo» |¥i|»»- and H 

sith his ( omputi 

• -i iiirn- oefded his 11 

lO Sew 

in the '70s D 

Moonie and a I . 
line supporter ot R01 

pie M \\ ■ It must Im 

•mpinglike a n> in 

through th» 

**-^«-«*-— ****** 

- »<^^i^^^*N»^i^WS»^^N*^* l ^-^W^*^*^.^»*i^*^^^ 


Feminist Fairy Tales: itsnot the same oia story 

by Jeremiah Creedon 

The an ..1 storytelling ma*, suffer from ol 

neglec t but 

remains quite health) in rec ent 

gram h) Third Centui 

Prose among ol 

turning this inters 



vVednesdav th* 

toldl. Hinder 

apolis ,\U(\ \el 
Both womei ?^(J us with revised 

sephone 'ion tot' » underworld 

and an upbeat rendering ot T he v\ 


ir whic t: 
ling I 

door Tl 
the v\ 

at 8pm It s the final 
spite some r* ibout tl 

week. I m intrigued enough by the set 
planning an- it 

i> these 


rf appear 1 what thes 

theartedgrou) in which di 

t the end there 
imunal lighting ol c andli 

being. I supi 

ut I 

• -se pow 

had been uniustlv In 

see how th ile and myth mij 


quired c ulturallv True human v irtu« 
emerge as ur nmi 


But ■ 


il suih types wl 

•ectbut intuitivelv n mgs 

It saddens me to see such sto- d indeed 

d for tht 

i the 
mat. id and apparently the abstr 

- imagin m shap* 


beauty and p m be re 


shapingan.i \ithahamn 

There is within this ^rgun 

the group ^ ni 

can thank or hi 
Oth» unter that r. 

• • been bastardized .ind i fall 




older n 
|> and Hinderlie pn 

• inginal form that the older 

sions are better dead than read « >r m this 

iile ( hildren 
uldprol rial a 

<-kil«4 K,.,„iht mn.l In. Inrmpfi Kv m(VP 

indards But thr 
that a < hild - 


Bunny rerun 

An t 

Man And 

eed usually 
creators, mo 

vingtht stas 

we are said to misper e-con 

lured leg.- 

dens and i vaginas dominating dreams 

sine e betore men learned tt m 

a shield - 1 my own Ac hill- 

be all th* "vvhov. 

■tree with me But even with this metaphor 
myth an 
children subii 

mze an even deeper sou re e ot my own 
gruntlement I feel these women with their 
good intent i' ibachildot 

the wisdom and truth to be found in the origi- 
nals And in the figure of this child I see 
myself, remembering how as a boy I was 

trArn.r»nrti>d hv Creek rrwth .and Hnmer's ac - 

Trojan . 
eni ■ ewho 

would tamper say, with I lefen ind wh.n 
make politi- 

botl lead < ulture and a living chil- 


But what orth 

ur' In the spirit ol all true myth I 

is at once a passive beauty and the cauv- 
monumental ac tions, a shaper ot his' 

»e ration 
great war and reater poem that 

mts it h llishment w 

all that is wo; in human endeavor But 

intl id the ultimate 

c ontr What makes Helen more than a 

queen ant withir n specie 

just as helpless when confronted with 1 
animal impi rig. nothing but the 

idea that Helen as a symbol is part of an at- 
tempt to recognize the imperfect natu 
being, a being whose contradictions, at least, 
are more perfectly portrayed in art and myth 

ihers who attended and enjoyed this ses- 
sion, my reservations will seem overblown 

vere, after all, meant to be good 
fun. Tor me. the potential in such a program 
failed to be realized by Hinderlie and Grady, 
whether others were entertained or not. But at 
least that provides one person interested in a 
well-told story with the incentive to try again 

n*»Yt ukcpk 




(p. 12) 

Aid to Apartheid 

Your Tax Dollars at Work; DC 
Investments Support Racist Regime 

B\ Victoria Lcssin 

Should public funds from this predomi- 
nantly hi his land ol democr*. 

ppmskm and w 
minonts rulcelsevO. ie uorld y That is 

a ke\ cjuesi ing aski it own as 

-v mbt rs v onsid« >rop- 

o\al v»hi. he with- 

drawal of all - nkt, 

institutions, and corpoi 
business in or vmh the Republic ol South 
ibia a 
have two vear« in \ 


ncd in two banl 
Anu and 1 \at.onal 

Hu proposed I- s si i n • 

agamvt uh Airman polls v ol aparth. 

w hi »ird* of the bill 

uncilmemher John Ra "• 

Klerndaylorm alree 


jrthcid is a s\stcm i scgrega' 

w | lal, political, and R 

nomn. Blav^ 72%of 

the South Atru an population, take home 26% 

while whn 
who comprise 16* of the population, earn 

64* are denied the right t- 

otherwise partu imenl ol 

i and consequent have been 
I to a substandard lil «• ith high 

inlani mortahiv and illiti ites 

Although u i id that the 

must be changed, there is heated 

debate among polics. makers concerning the 

iould plav 

On an ftideol the debate are those who call 

loi ' 1 S - 

South Africa Divestiture advocates believe 


addressed to ( ounciln 

Rav.Rcp,! v> D Mich < I 

ol the ! 

i thai the South Afn- 

l mment is keenh sensitive to intcr- 

rc and public opinion. A 

of applung pressure on the Soul! 

tim taking * dfoi 

aninglul political rclorm " 

agan Administration, which main- 
tains lull diplon lations with 
under a polio known as constructive 
engagement', claims thai investment can 

Continued on p. 4 

DC Cc-jncilmember John Ray Oft), testifying befo* the UN Special Commit! 


Return of 
the Redeye 

Dr. Leary's Back, and 
He Hasrrt Changed 

By Karen Jaehne 

ook th: It was n. 


\r\ at tl 

in Millbrook. New York, in the summc 

Ue battle lines had been 
n thepvchcdclicscK-ntists 
v\as K 
d up inl more fl 

influence the Yippee*, the Ke%e) Praokafi 
m\ sties, \ 

.ind — never lar behind 

in the public mind twent\ J - r is the 


• doWIV 

r, H 

■ , 

: the drug sub-culture have 
MDce or DO 

( nntinuid on p. 1 

started Waldcn I wm offered a ph 
leaching at (irorgctown <B 
enough, in i he i nychotogy 

I had never studied am psychol- 
ogy But at that time, 
was under the philotoi 
I'd taken a lot of phiknophy 
They asked me if I could 
teach a psychology course and I 
sau' ; could So I was an 

-rorgetown I 
summers while I was doing Walden 

<ioJ In tho*e days psychology 
was taught as it was in n 

is an empirical 

iphne Which was | my 

alley But I wa* never a prolc^orat 
Georgetown I went bask t< 
in 1968, after Walden, and got rm 
Doctor'^ degree " 

I know t«0 VX'alden gradual 
some di h writer 

is and Raymond A^ 
ic Nchool existed from 
September, I**} through May, 
1968 How mam students 
attende 9 kids went 

through Walden," Alex said. 

most everybody was there 
two years, with very rare exi 
tions That's how long we asked 
them to be there When I started 
the school 1 had no idea I would 
have as many students as I did 1 
had totally ditlerent notions It was 
like this Teutonic attachment I 
was gonna have these bright kids 
and I was gonna teach them the 
truth* To be there, vou had to be 
bright, you had to be creative in 
some art form, vou had to be over 
1 6 and you had to have been kicked 
out of public high school We had 
some extraordinarily creative kids 
A lot of them were disturbed, but 
that was not my intent at the start. I 
should have known better " 


Mailtng A e Boi 

I20SS • Washington DC 20005 

Donald Smith 
Managing h Jit or 
David L VX i Won 
Artt Entertainment hditor 

n Doran 

Office Manager 
Sarah Ashwdl 
Production Homager 
Scon M Rodcll 
Production Assistant 
Scott Bennett 
Art Director 
Michael S Field* 
Judy DiUon 

Advertising Director 



Bryan Linkoua 

Na ncy West 

New York advertising office 
Villaun D Von III 
One >ter 

Ne* V 10048 

Midwest advertising office 
Joe Vovlrs 

100 ntc 300 

MM 5S40> 

l»7S Ulnfaomrovd 

i«Mmhpn*a«d A< 
mtfcr W»fcil 
m»i drtrvrn rem - *' v •" 


From p. 1 

The purpose of all these men— 
the discoverer Hoffmann, the mis- 
jnd the categoruer 
Stal I not iust to set the 

rd straight, but to expand 
human knowledge into those self- 
trans*, endant visionary and creative 
paths Their first hurdle is to help 
the public mind distinguish hallu- 
irom "drugs", which 
Aldous Huxley predicted would be 
a problem Huxley himself went 
right to the top when he introduced 
hcdelk drugs to the world 
At the annual convention of the 
World Academy of Arts and Scien- 
m.k kholm in 1963, where the 
most competent specialist con- 
sider the world's problems in a 
im free of ideological and reli- 
gious pressures, Huxley called for 
the application of "human resour- 

ich as expanded con 
ness and the spiritual capacities 
chedelic experiences could 
endow toward a "greater under- 
standing of, and better considera- 
tion for, the biological and material 
foundations of life on this earth," as 
reported by Hoffman, who was 
there— along with Dr. Humphrey 

first firing in 300 years of Harvard 
history had already forgot- 

ten about Ralph Waldo Emerson," 
quips Leary philosophicalh 

Having already seen l.eary at 
Cannes m Mav. I tound myself 
meeting him once again on a 
ditlerent (rip | in an airport lounge, 
awaiting return to the I ass- 

ports & boarding passes we discuss 
the strange ne*. med 

personnel to insure confidence that 
they will get us where we are going 

k him about the guidance they 
d in the experimental ses- 

M at Harvard 

"When we were working with 
the prisoners, ajt had about one 
Har to two pri- 

soners The results were good We 
got them paroled and used the 
buddv-svstem and 24-hour tele- 
phone emergency line to get them 
to maintain their newly imprinted 
patterns," he explains quickly 

"You were tripping with con- 
victs'" My surprise reflects my 
own limited West Coast experience 
where nobody wanted to even know 
about drugs in prison, much less 
use them for rehabilitation 

Mft ft ft ftftft ft ft ft ft ftftft ftftftftftft* 





CH X CH 3 
CHiCH 5 




* ft ftftftftftftft ftftft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft it 

nond, who created the term 
pNVchedeltc {psyche equals spirit or 
mind, delein cquaJ to reveal or make 

The WAAS Conference of 1963 
was an event whose time had come: 
it was the era of JFK, new frontiers 
and great expectations Psychedelic 
drugs were legal A certain Harvard 
professor, Dr Leary was in Mexico 
trving to convince it to become the 
new Switzerland Mexico City was 
surrounded by American and Swiss 
pharmaceutical firms manufactur- 
ing amphetamines, narcotics, and 
even the new and ccntroversiaJ con- 
traception pill The first sign that 
such progress was not going to 
advance unimpeded was Lear 
getting fired, as Harvard cracked 
down on his brain-change proiect 
The media seized onto this as the 

Leary lunges into an explanation 
of the theory of imprinting, first 
introduced by ( lonrad Lorenz, the 
German sociologist Imprinting is a 
form of permanent learning assimi- 
lated in one flash of a pattern, as 
opposed to step-by-stcp reinforce- 
ment conditioning, which tradi- 
tional psychologists believe to be 
the basis of change. Imprinting is a 
form of immediate learning availa- 
ble shortly afteT birth or metamor- 
phosis, according to Leary, and the 
metamorphosis or rebirth that 
occurs with the psychedelic expe- 
rience renders a person maleable 
for a new imprint 

The dramatic changes that 
occured with the prisoner- 
rehabilitation can be explained by 
the "imprinting" theories of letting 
go of old habits and replacing them 
Continued on p. 6 

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and 750 others. 

Dorotk* Stemsrt 


with new, positive imprints in a 
ronmeni Bui Peter 
I he theory and i 
the I two 

psil- m during 

weeks ol bi-wcckls meetings for 
thirty-two subjects produced a 
phenomenal change in the Massa- 
chu iul Institulio 

"re-tread" expectation 
indicated that 64* of the men 
would return to prison within mh 
months alter parole In fact, onlv 
25% rei lor technical 

parole violations and onlv tw»> 
new offenv 

suits were extensively 

Tied in Leary's 1968 book. 
High l*ruu, but , in a time ol mount- 
ing n at 
ans perhaps autl 

.ild rethink their pri 

I the bad publicity resulting 
in public panic can be traced back 
to CIA and Army experiments in 
which control groups were given 
hallucinogens without their knowl- 
edge and with no preparation 
Drugs were picked up as an expla- 
nation lor any form ol wicrd 

aid be more contro- 
versial than a call to revive experi- 
mentation with mind-altering 
drugs Even concerned conserva- 
tives should worry about an area 
where the Ruskics are wav ahead. 
Leaving no controversy unstirred, 
all three authors also address the 
options such drugs open in the ' 

lcath — virtual euthanasia. 

Leary him ated the 

hi/arre and publicized 

exploiter ol mind-control when 

Leary entered Fobom Prison in 

January. 19 infl twenty 

In another tries 

n, eager to know why Leary 

"blew it,"' when ' ild have 

i be- 

ans w here Vou 

"VThat I had in mind," Leary 
told him. was to teach people to 
rv and direct their own 
Hen was a translation of 
>ld adage turn on, tunc in, 
p out" — an ob\ iously naive die - 
turn falling on the deaf cars of a 
Manson reported to Lear 
the cell block. When I got out of 
amazed. Thou- 
sand ol kids |ust waiting to be pro- 
grammed Give them acid and 
|0 anythn 

called Leary, "have 
eser been interviewed by j 
chok ii experts about how you 

did o answer was negat 

Lear\ is to this day astonished 
that Mansion did what every intel- 
ligence agency in the world 

- »i ng — prog ramming peopK 
assa in missions — and was 

r "debriefed " Perhaps it 
strikes Leary as all the more incon- 
gruous in relation to the time, 
money and manpower spent trying 
to elicit from him some supp< 

n foreign agents 
behind the Weathermen 

1 ears was released 

i, he was warned by led- 

eral marshals that his life was "in 

■ r, as he 11 nails 

. ars testilu 

influence, several FBI 

bur aid go to jail for illegal 

ol Weathermen 

I in constant 

shuffling Irom iail to tail under 

imed names gave the imp 
sion that the government had to 
i people he was 
"naming " "As far as I know now 
or knew then, the North Vietna- 
mese government was not int 
d in helping a .ampus 

bomb ROH buildings," 
Leary, shaking 
pped, greying head >hc- 

what Learv suffered at the 
hands ol the feds, he lays out quite 

hi i ■ 
it sponsored defamation of 
character resulted in his ou 
sinking to an unprecedented low 
paranoid drug- 
users, in other friends 

he had ever had 

went cscn higher 
when Leary began appearing in 
tandem with (. 

the college debate circuit I idds 
had been Leary's nemesis since 
1966, when 1 idd) arrested Leary 

w York lor 
possession ol peat moss, according 
to Lear he people living at 

Millbrook had been warned about 
the impending bust In lTi/7. Lid- 
description of the event is, as 
would be expected, quite different 
An example of "cop prose, typical 

off on phrases like diaphan 
gowned Rosem referring to 

Leary's female partner, who not 
onls saw him through his first busts 
and legal harassment, but also 
spent the rather unpleasant exile 
period with him after making the 
ngemcnts for his prison escape. 
Women have been scry impor- 
tant in Leary's life and he gi 
credit where credit is due and 
seems to harbor no ill will Tin 
an area his new autobio- 

. h s . Flashbacks, seems to lean 
in tli il paneg) rtcs from 

an all-forgiving, all-embracing 
Anncd-out Leary In all fairn. 
however, perhaps he hasexpan 
his emotional range along with 
mind and gone beyond jcalous\ 

He certainly demonstrates no 

>r rcsenge as fai I BI 

rned, which he explain 

"it would be just too negative I've 

alwd to learn from 

any situation I was in Vou can't 

imagine how much I've learned iust 

in prison. And that all started back 

d West Point Did I ever tell you 

I toughed it out at the 

n Liddy's got to 

admire that as a demonstratioi 

will'" And he laughs with a glowing 

face, mouth open to let out the 

chortles hef ng down on the 

next Kfiei ol words, phr.i 
n— logorhea His wife groan 
Liddy's name 

Timoths L trusting 

st vie is not the kind of laid -back and 
mellow incoherence usually ■ 
ciated with bumed-out minds 
Leary is now and always has been 
an intellectual— passionately inter- 
ested in explaining, not iust how 
the world works, but also why He 
is tirst and foremost a psychologist, 
although "a DEA agent in Kabul 

■ provided me with some paj 
that allowed me to be < and 

identified my profession as philo- 
sopher .' But they arc not what I'd 
call categorical thinkers, I 

with a noticeable absence of 

A nagging incident in Leary's lite 

emand attention thecase 

Wars Pinchot Meyer, whose 

supposed two year love affair with 
John Kenned > also involved turn- 
ing him on to what the subculture 
was doing Mary Pinchot S 

through Leary's 
account like a harbinger of the 
times After her initial appearance, 

rming Leary that tnmc govern- 
ment institutions interested in 
I M >uld and would also 

benefit Irom taking it, he finds him- 

mto a femii 
plot to turn on the leaders ol the 
I'nited government to the 

idea ol world peace ." 

That plot was never hatched, 
because Mary's communication 
with Leary became parano 
haunted by threats until she warn 
murdered on the canal tn George - 
ual in the psychedelic 
saga, the fatalities are the product 
ol the controllers ol controlled sub- 
stances Leary does not provide a 
thorough account as to who Mary 
Pinchot Meyer really was beyond 
reporting on their meetings, but in 
ition. he is quick to point 
out that someone else did the iob, 
only to have her book suppressed 
»r the better part ol the flight 
between Paris and D.C* Leary 
talks about cultural evolution and 
computers and how computer 
games are providing kids the essen- 
tial experience they will need to 
survive in the 21st century I tell 
him that parents are not going to 
like hearing tha never been 

popular with parents, even though 
I am one — a grandparent even !" he 
raises his beer in a toast to mother- 
hood, as 1 offer similar scnsibilit 

"I believe it was probably the 
parents of the Harvard studt 
who exerted the most pressure 
there They didn't want their k 

ig to Harvard tolcar and 

their minds, or to wind up seeking 
wisdom in India' That's not a Har- 
Leary*! ieu humor and 

exaggerated style have tut 
caused him iusr h trouble as 

thes also saved him from He docs 
not exploit his own charismatic 
quality His usual uniform is jeans 
and sneakci >.as, but 

he carries the style as if it were a 

tip ol collegiate athleticism 
rather than counter-culture hang- 
over He is irr ible, infam- 

lastic— ail ol whici 
know n or suspected by everyone — 
but Learv is not ideosyncratic His 
normality has the kind of boiled- 
down qualits ol somci has 
gone beyond bi/arrc, who has seen 
it all — or most of it ! —and appn 

lack of the power to change it 
But, for the record, Leary still 
advocated the legalization and con- 
trol of psychedelics He still 

himself "a cheerleader for 

Mjtion " 

Timothy Leary's account of "my 
life as an apostle and marry: 
mind-expansion" would have us 
believe that everybody we oi 
magazine remember from 
1960s was taking psychedelics He 
names names, he describe 
we'd lose to see (ag 
is loose and evocative leary's tale 

panssisc as his mind. I 
going to need a lawvcr if it's not all 
true But, as the book tells us. 
Leary's always had a lav 
looked for truth— and he's proba- 
bly telling it 

The truth of Albert Holmann's 

>unt, LSD: My Problem 
Child, seems guaranteed This 

6 Thi Washington Hubune m, 21, i<*3 

|aajai The ■ Washington 


Leary & 

uninspired, bui dutiful, scient 

-ry of the search and research 
lor psychedelic certaint>. oilers a 
lab technician's point of -view 
about the responsibilities and 
dilemmas of psychedelic research 

Leary is not as hard on other peo- 
ple as they are on him Albert H 
mann describes his meeting with 
Leary as pleasant enough, but 
seems to feel called upon ethically 
and morally to denounce Leary 
"(or the seduction of immature 
persons to drug consumption," and 
for encouraging the publicity that 
has attended Lean 

Leary's trip was Hofmann's pil- 
grimage. Hofmann's progr 
never got him sent to jail, never 
wtcnessed, m fact, the great impact 
of his di in America, where 

reckoned between one and two 
million people took LSD in the late 

The contrasts in temperament, 
background and purpose could not 
be greater Hofmann is a European, 
a laborattuN scientist devoted to 
knowledge through experience 
Leary is an egalitarian American, a 
social psychologist, devoted rather 
to eapericnce through knowledge, 
preferably knowledge that takes 
one through uncharted and pr< 
bited terntorv Albert Hofmann's 
book is an excellent guide to the 
artistic and mystical traditions in 
Europe that surround hallucino- 
gens The seriousness of the matter 
may be touched by hedonism, but 
Hofmann would probably 

His analysis of the inebriant 
mania that swept the US reflects a 
distinct!) European Weltan- 
schauung " ,! h* " deep-seated soci- 
ological causes: materialism, 
alienation from nature through 
industrialization and increasing 
urbanization, lack of satislaction in 
professional employment in a 
mechanized, lifeless working world, 
ennui and purposelessness in a 
wealthy, saturated society, and lack 
of a religious, nurturing, and mean- 
ingful philosophical foundation of 

Leary has been saying that all 
along, and Leary has had the expe- 
rience to back it up While Hoi 
mann's book is a very useful and 
valuable point of view on halucino- 
genic and mystical experiences, 

Liddy (Barbara & Frances, thai is) from the film Return Engagements. 

Leary's book cuts across American 
ty from Harvard Yard to "the 
Yard," from Otto Preminger to 
Allen Ginsberg, from some 
Marilyn Monroe-fantasy woman in 
Hollywood to Eldndge Cleaver in 

Perhaps the truest thing said 
about Leary came from a certain 
Mohammed, an Algerian bureau- 
crat " Professor, naive is exactly the 
word I always use when I talk about 
you to my superiors. Well, if you 
have nothing to hide, perhaps nai- 
vete is the best policy You're a 
real Gary Coopct American, aren't 
>ou'" rhe FBI believed, howc 
that this Gary Cooper American 
was hobnobbing with foreign 
agents who were infesting Ameri- 
can dissidents and possibly even 
funding them Leary is quite clear 
about the funding it seemed to 

>e from criminal not political 

Hoi mann concludes his chapter 
on Leary by announcing that he is 
"now occupied with the psvcholog- 
ical problems of space travel and 
with the exploration of cosmic rela- 
tionships between the human ncr- 
\ous system and interstellar 
space— that is, with problems 
whose study would bring him no 
further difficulties on the part of 
governmental authorities ." Correct 
analysis, Dr Hofmann, but wrong 

Albert Hofmann's abiding ambi- 
valence about drug use revolves 
around the question of whether the 
drugs under discussion simply 
open an additional window for per- 

nons, or whether the spectator 
himself and the core of his bring 
undergoes alterations. Hofmann 
does not believe that the innermost 

chic core should be changed. 
Leary believes that sooner or later it 

i tanged. 
Peter Stafford counts the ways. 
I'nknown to all but the cognos- 

D is Peter Stafford, whose inval- 
uable Ptyckedelict Encyclo- 
pedia is out in a revised edition. 
Anybody interested in doing more 
than reading about halucinogemc 
drugs ought to have Stafford's reli- 
able tour guide cum recipe book. 
Besides describing the effects and 
xntific analyses of this 
pharma j! group of hallucin- 

ogens, Stafford includes extensive 

information on both toxic and non- 
toxic drugs to prevent abuse. Staf- 
ford's knowledge ranges from the 
molecular to the divine, and he has 
organized the data and the dreams 
like an Aristotle of the psychedelic 

With all this interest in the re- 
emergence of major figures and fac- 
of the drug scene, the movie 
Return Engagement will come — 
even in Washington! — as no sur- 
prise In a few months this 

iimcntary will show Americans 
how G Gordon Liddy and 
Timothy Leary matched up in their 
debates It is a humorous scale on 
which to balance two ex-o 
"Between us," quips Leary, "wc 
brought down the Nixon White 
Hoi utc, but not true. 

The film is the best illustration of 
why mind -expansion and power- 

ansion don't mix What Leary 
wants to release, Liddy wants to 

irol In the power vacuum 
Liddy seizes control, and Leary 
does nothing but heckle him Like 

hhacks. Return Engagement is an 
exercise in heckling There is no 
focus on issues, the book and the 
film are full of vignettes as small 
celebratons of survival. 

The cultural importance of psy- 
chedelic history, even as reflected 
in Flashbacks or Albert Hofmann s 
apologia, can be measured in part 
b\ the proprietary relationship 

doped by everyone who has 
taken psychedelic drugs. Leary 
touches on it, mentioning the 
impulse everyone has to tell him 
about their trip "whether it was a 
good trip or a bad trip or just a 
vacation," he says with a weary 

i true that good people have 
good trips and bad people bad 
ones?" I ask Leary, remembering 
an old sixties-saw 

"Nope Too many people have 
no trips at all," Leary is now 
clipped, nervous for the first time 
The plane is landing and he dreads 
Customs "I've never nor been put 
through some kind of hassle," he 
, pulling out his passport. 
But this time, at Dulles, he and 
wife Barbara sail through Perhaps 
the very young Customs official 
didn't recognize the name Perhaps 
he did and didn't care Perhaps 
there are worse dangers. ■ 


Z^end C^neck or ['loneu {y-rdmrr O n 's *° 
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Pd» on Ti"*ju04* OR ¥-vtcLa on qUcI* 

Al«o AvoUl. At 

\_ommandmT ^altfrnondrr , |_ombdq |^'«""»g 

Envc ft 

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July 21, 1983 THE WASHINGTON TklBUNE 7 


Preceding page 1921. West Point, 
N. Y. Abigail tears and author, 
age three months. 

I aft f«M Springfield. Mass. 
Or limoths I. tars. Sr and 
author, age /• 

Right t923. SpringfltU, Mass. 
Grandparents Dennis and 
Sara Lears with author, age 
three, in front of their home at 
54 Central Street 

Bottom hull I9M. Spring t< Id. 
Mass. Author having fanta 

ahoui football heron \ 

June 1941. Cadet Lea r\ du r i n ^ 
period of West Point "silencing." 

April 1944, Butler. Penn Timoths 
and Marianne Leary after 
marriage at the post < hapel. 


Spring 1966. Laredo. Texas. Author beside 
I ^defendant Susan Leary, age eighteen, as he 
talks to lawyers 

Spring 1966. Washington, DC At Dodd-Kennedv 
Senate hearings on LSD. author urges licensed 

>{ altered states drugs by responsible adults, 
warning against large black market if prohibitum 
is attempted. 

Noxrmber 1966. New York City. Allen Ginsberg, 
author, and Dr. Ralph Metzner prepare to perform 
in the psychedelic celebration "Illumination of 
the Buddha 

Spring 1966. Millbrook, N.Y. Sheriff Albert Trover 
watches as G. Gordon Liddy arrests Jack Leary 
after raid on the Big House. 


Summer 1961 \,» fori Cftj 

MavnurJ iinJ h l<>r<i l.u Ferguson 

Fall 1962. Cambridge Ifaftj 

Professor Richard Alpert monii." <■ 

Dr Ralph Metzner. 
who it using (he Fxpenenttal 
hpewriter to record imagers 
during a drug session 

Spring 196.1. San Francisco 
Playboy Ctnh Allen Ginsberg, 
Peggy Hilt h( oi k author, and 

Lights publisher Lawrence 
Ferlmgheiti planning the 
pwchedelic revolution 

Nosrmher 1964. Suusalito. Calif Alan and Juno 
ii, ui\ Hith author in their houseboat dm uwing 
Alan's The Glorious Cosmology. 

January 1965. Calcutta. Timothy and Nanette Lean 
in front of a licensed marijuana Iganja) shop This 
photo was introduced in evidence at the Laredo trial 
as part of the campaign to legalize cannabis in the 
United States. 

Summer 1964. Millbrook. N.Y. Van Wolfe (left). 
philosopher, and strategist of the drug culture 
conferring with Richard Alperi (Ram Daw) 

mber 1967, Laguna Bern h 
Calif Rosemary and Timothy 
Leary after marriage in Joshua 
Tree by Ameruan Indian shaman 

Summer 1967 Millbrook. N ) 
SI aha Yanlra (intertwined 
triangles) on chimnry wmboltzing 
tantnc fusion, painted h\ 
WflUfimifJ and Iimothy I ear \ 

Top: December 1969, Hidden Valley Ranch. Calif Author and Rosemary Leary in a 
solemn mood three weeks before his sentencing to twenty \ears imprisonment 

Lcfl: August 1967, Millbrook. V Y Author in autobiographical movie about Harvard 
professor who takes refuge on an Indian reservation to escape thought-polu e 

Right: Fall 1969. Poster for California gubernatorial campaign against incumbent 
Ronald Reagan, featuring the slogan Come Together' I later publicized by supporter 
John l.cnnont 

August 1969, Queen Elizabeth 
Hotel. Montreal Yoko and John 
during their Bed-In, recording 
the song "Give Peace a Chance" 
with Rosemary and Timothy on 
percussion and MM tilt, Tommy* 
Smothers on guitar 

Summer 1970. New York Citv 
Rosemary Leary at press 
I • •nference announcing the 
Defense Fund Committee for her 
imprisoned husband Jerry Ruhin 
and Abbte Hoffman were gagged 
and hound to dramatize the fate 
of the political prisoner 

October 1970. Cairo. Author visiting pyramids while 
en route to Amman, Jordan for a press conference with 
Jean Genet. 

September 1970. Passport photo of the author as 
William McNeills, conservative businessman, hair 
\t\lmg by Bernadine Dohrn. (Photo < our if w of the 
Senate Committee Hearings on Passport Fraud, 
Congressional Record. ) 

October 1970, Algiers. Eldridge Cleaxer. Information 
Minister of the Black Panthers' American Government 
in Exile, and author (cap hides shaved head). 

Fall 1970. Cover of Paul Krassner's Realist magazine 
showing Eldridge and Kathleen Cleawr uneasily 
sharing bed with Rosemary and Timothy Leary. in 
a waggish take-off on the movie Bob & Carol Sl Ted 
Sl Alice 



imH *' 

IfFvinH - - 

ttAKtm w/r 

1 TrllTil ""* 

a * 

\rtppi*t it 

■■■■ -- 


l>* X lnlC 

J 1 


¥ v 

x. ^ ^^^^^ 


Top September 1979. Beverly 
Hills Barbara and Timothy Lt> 
celebrate the dropping of charges 
b\ the L A Dittrlt I Attorney after a 
midnight-bedroom police raid 
produced no illegal drugs. 

Left Summer 1979. Springfield 
Oregon. Author, Ken Babbs. and 
Ken Kesey planning a flamboyant 
reunion celebration. 

Right: Fall 1980. Susan bears 
Mar lino and her children, Ashley 
and Dieadra 

Uft Fall 1982. Malibu Or John Lilly, pioneer 
of inner space, and author 

Righl: Summer {982, Hollywood Hi lb. Loving 
reunion with Ram Dass just before he resumed 
some of his identity as Richard Alpert 

Middle: May 1982. Hollywood Zachar\. \on of 
Barbara Leary and step-son of the author, 
computer whiz-kid, video-game designer, and 
star second baseman 

Bottom. July 1982. Los Angeles Prior to one of 
their debates, C. Gordon Liddv and Leur\ 
square off during a press conference 

Top January 1972, Montana- 
Cruns. Switzerland. Author 
celebrating the Swiss 
government's decision to re/use 

Left: Spring 1971, Lausanne 
\/i« hel Ham hard, legendary 
plashov adventurer, and 
smuggler, then a fugttne from 
French authorities* 

Right Spring 1982. Basel 
Author and Or Albert Hofmann, 

< LSD and psilocxbin. 
who it <if" rihinii his legendary 
hu m Ir ride home after the 
world s first deliberate ingestion 
..f ISD 

Spring 1973, San Luis Obispo 
Author, shackled hand and foot, 
beintt ff) "'led bat k to San Luis 
Obispo Prison after the escape 
trial; more than twenty guards 
(eight shown here) and five patrol 
cars were used to transport the 
dangerous escapee. 










by Christopher Makos 






Timothy Leary 


More Around Town 


Timothy Leary's 
Sixty -Three Year Love-in 

FLASHBACKS stays with you because of the charismatic power of its author 
While it is. in itself, a thoroughly fascinating book because of its unique 
perspective on the events that shaped America through the last three decades, it 
is the character of Timothy Leary which makes Flashbacks important book. 
His message of optimism, positive action and love of people overpowers the 
interest he generates about events and personalities 

He is unquestionably a creative genius, reminding me of descriptions I read of 
Pablo Picasso who had stacks of plates and bowls of paint on the floor next to 
him in his dining room. He would paint the plates while he ate and talked. In the 
evening assistants would walk through the house picking up the plates to be sent 
off to the kilns for firing. 

Leary's impact on Western psychology has yet to be fully assessed, but, it is great. 
The reverberations of his impact on American culture haven't yet faded despite 
his being much less in the public eye these last few years.Leary and the 
maelstrom of energy, events and people around him have permanently changed 
the face of America, if not the world. 

Leary is the living metaphor of the Tarot Fool. He remains relatively pure as 
events pass through him. he is Mind at Play, open, accepting, never grasping, 
never demanding, never claiming his right to another person or their power. He 
seems to have reached one of the goals of magical development. Leary claims 
that magic is an archaic technology, that it is unscientific Yet, he has all the 
characteristics of a true magician -he accepts experience over objective knowledge 
he's receptive to the miraculous, he questions everything including his own 
assumptions, he directly applies his gains in knowledge to the everyday world. 
While he may disclaim magical techniques, which all magicians know are 
illusions anyway, what he has becaome and what he has done for other people 
have marked him as a magus without equal. 

I can't dredge up memories of the Sixties and Seventies without feeling a great 
deal of anger. The assassinations, the atrocity of Vietnam, the murders at Kent 
State, police violence, student violence - a lot happened in those days which no 
one can be proud of. Leary suffered incredible wrongs at the hands of various 
government agencies and personnel. His academic career was purposely 
destroyed by them. His family members suffered under the stress of harrassmenL He 
lost friends to death and to phoney scandals created by the government and the 
press. Many of the people who called him a hero were made te believe he had 
betrayed them because of information released by the FBI , all of it false or 
grossly distorted for the purpose of isolating him and destroying his effectiveness as a 
leader in the counter-culture, something he never tried to be or wanted to be. 

If any one should be angry about what happened in the Sixties, it is Timothy 
Leary. But, he's not. Instead he is good friends with the man who built his career 
out of busting Leary- G.Gordon Liddy. He is also friends with the man who 
imprisoned him in Algeria, Eldridge Cleaver. He testified, voluntarily, for the 
defense in a trial involving two of the FBI men who were his pursuers and keepers 
for a time. 

Wide WoikJ P* 

After reading the book, I remembered a story Robert Anton Wilson told about 
his daughter. Luna, in the COSMIC TRIGGER She had been beaten and 
robbed by a gang of black kids one day after school. Wilson's anger overcame 
his spiritual understanding and he began struggling with the problem of why a 
beautiful kid like Luna, whom everyone loved, should be the target of such an 
assault He blamed it on racism and repression against the blacks which has been 
one of the ugliest features of this society since its inception He believed it was 
our national karma, that whites should suffer in backlash, but he couldn't accept 
that someone like Luna should be the target' It wasn't fair, in any way. It didn't 
make sense. 

Luna was back to her old self the day after the attack. Wilson was astonished 
that she had never gotten angry, never said a word against her attackers while all 
the time he was seething with unfocused hatred over the incident He asked her 
why: " I stopped the wheel of Karma. All the bad energy is with the kids who beat me 
up. I'm not holding any of I 

I guess I feel about Leary the way Wilson felt about his thirteen year old 
daughter that day. I am filled with awe and admiration and a kind of love that is 
difficult to acknowledge because in expressing it I have to admit to my failure to 
love, my limitations and hang-ups. It hurts to see how imprisoned by misplaced 
emotions I can be.At the same time, I feel a kind of release that comes from 
being freed from the negative, from being shown the way out of a personally and 
socially destructive paradigm. 

In one place in FLASHBACKS, Leary wonders why it is that everyone calls him 
"Timmy". even his FBI captors, often men young enough to be his sons, called 
him Timmy. I think the clue to the answer is in the Christian aphorism about no 
one being able to come to God who doesn't approach him as would a child I don't think 
they are referring to a child's innocence in that parable or to a child's naivete. I think it 
refers more to that quality of the ego Melita Denning talks about in her interview 
of this issue. She talks about the ego being constructed to be used to receive 
information about the world. It results in the openess that Luna showed her 
father, which he called "the final secret of the Illuminati". and which Timmy is 
trying to show us by the way he loves his life. 

Magic often finds it difficult to survive in the dying days of the Twentieth Century. 
These are hard times for miracles and miracle makers. Practioners of the art are 
caught in archaic languages and rites and they try to speak to old gods who hardly 
come around much any more, many people have struggled to create a contemporary 
magical system, one that speaks the language and deals with the realities of today. Few 
have had success. Leary's path has few rules and rituals, but it definitely seems 
to have worked -at least for him. He would be the last to say it would work for all. 
We are a very priveleged people to have him with us. It is evident after reading 
FLASHBACKS, that he feels that way about us. 

Timothy Leary 

087477-177-3, hardcover, 

$ 15.95 



An unrepentant 
Leary clings to 
his old values 

By Robert Cross > N - * } 

BACK IN THF 1960s, he was known as the 
Pied Piper of LSD. the man who. more than 
anyone else, would blow minds right off the 
Timothy Lea ry c ame across as mystical. Pictures 
in [Tie mcaTa madeTiis eyes seem almost manically 
detached, his smile mocking, his hair flowing, his 
shirts and slacks formless. 

Everyone knew his story: Leary was the Harvard 
psychologist who turned on colleagues and graduate 
students with a synthesis of the psychedelic 
mushrooms of Mexico and, later on. that little 
derivative of ergot fungus known as LSD All in the 
name of science, you understand. 

In 1963. Harvard fired him, and Timothy Leary. 
the "Turn on, Tune in, Drop out" man, was a 
glamorous outcast, a psychedelic scientist with 
scores of local, state and federal law enforcement 
agents twisting themselves into knots in their ef- 
forts to arrest him 

LEARY BECAME the center of a drug scene. He 
was convicted of marijuana possession— then a 
serious felony— In Texas and California, served 
some time and then, in 1970, escaped from a 
California prison with the aid of people from the 
radical Weather Underground Alter nearly three 
years of exile in Algeria, Switzerland and, briefly. 
Afghanistan, he was brought back to the United 
States by federal authorities FBI agents kept him 
In a series of prisons while they Dumped him 
[unsuccessfully, he insists] for information concern- 
ing the radical fugitives who had helped him flee. 
In the mid- 70s, after a series of legai maneuvers 
that blur the exact date, Leary was released. 

He was a philosopher recognized in his own time 
An estate in Millbrook. NY underwritten by 
wealthy followers, became his salon Ken Kesey 
and the Merry Pranksters of Electric KooI-AkI 
Acid Test" fame visited him. When John and Yoko 
bedded down publicly in a Montreal hotel to demon- 
strate for peace, Leary was there He knew Jack 
Kerouac. Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Rubin, Abbie 
Hoffman, William Burroughs. Eldridge Cleaver and 
a wide assortment of shrinks, scientists, gurus, 
county prosecutors, federal agents and prison 

Strangers might expect Leary, by now. to be a 
sort of charismatic zombie with a visionary stare, a 
mystic saint with wild mane and a sneer for the 
Establishment, a self righteous, arrogant, zonked- 
out. aginc hippie He is expected to be floating on a 
carpet of macabre chemicals, emerging from a 
hashish mist, gliding from a past filled with paisley 
tents, hookahs and mantras. 

Not auite Picture, instead, a former lecturer in 
clinical psychology who has reached the age of 62 
and has managed to sustain a certain intellectual 

THAT'S HE WITH the light-blue swecier ItedV - 

preppy style, around the shoulders of a sport shirt, 
the kind that men his age receive on Father's Day 
from tykes who call them "gramps." His hair is the 

I ) I ) ^ ontmued on P*K* 6 

TrOun* photo by «on 

Timothy Leary: Still one of the rowdies." 


Timothy Leary: Unrepenl 
clinging to his old views 

< ontlnued from first Te mjxi page 
the smooth silver helmet commonly 
teen at faculty meetings His blue 
eyes look as if they know a really 
good joke 

Among the half dozen books Leary 
has written since his Ions scrape 
with the law is an autobiography 
called Flashbacks.'' [Tarcher 
$15.95). and that, too, is surprisingly 
accessible One needn't be conver- 
sant with clinical psychology, "The 
Tibetan Book of the Dead or the I 
Ching to grasp Leary's version of his 
role in recent American history. 

LEARY OF LATE has been 
schmoozing around Hollywood, mak- 
ing friends with members of the 
motion-picture colony, appearing in 
a Cheech and Chongopus His 
motives, as always, go beyond mere 
dabbling, even though it might ap- 
pear that Leary is just out for a good 

There's a long tradition in Hoi 
lywood of having eccentric writers 
and intellectual troublemakers 
around," Leary points Out. "Aldous 
Huxley. Chris Isnerwood, Thomas 
Mann, Scott Fitzgerald, William 
Faulkner— thev all checked in 

So there's ofd Tim at the movie 
circuit parties now, and he's still 
cast as "one of the rowdies." The 
rowdies, one is given to understand, 
come into a social gathering and fine 
that no-smoking signs have been 
pasted at the door and that the re- 
freshments run toward cocaine, pot, 
champagne and health food. Leary— 
ever the iconoclast will not do 
drugs publicly He thinks champagne 
is too vinegary and would rather sip 
a martini Whenever he and the 
other rowdies want to smoke one of 
their filter tip cigarettes, they must 
huddle in a group off in a corner 
somewhere, giggling at their 
hellbent transgression 

In short, Leary clings to some old 
values "I'm rea white and blue 
American," he insists. For example, 
he goes to Dodger games and eats 
hotaogs His 9 year <>ld stepson, 
Zachary. wife Barbara's boy, is a 
Little leaguer, and Leary is the 
"team fath. 

rakehell. booze-loving Army dentist 
from Springfield. Mass . who caused 
him to be conceived. Timothy imag 
inrv the night of Jan 17, 1920. "On 
the preceding day. alcohol had 
become an illegal drug," Leary 
writes in "Flashbacks, striking the 
first of many portentious notes 

Leary believes that when the baby- 
boomers who were born after 1946 
start winning high office, they will 
feel more tolerant toward mind 
bending chemicals and legislate re 
peals of their own Some members of 
the Permissive Parent generation 
(Leary's generation 1 will be 
cheenng Those in the Old Timer 
generation, born shortly after 1900, 
will either be dead or so defiantly 
alive that they'll be cheering too. 

Finally, the Whiz Kid generation, 
born after 1965. will be making new 
computer programs [thus expanding 
minds electrically) and launching 
the space stations where pioneers of 
'.ne future will float in self contained 
communities. Leary has drawn up a 
chart about this 

1 make this prediction with confi 
dence and serenity. " he declares. 
"The young ones are ready to lum 
on the'higher circuits of their brains, 
tune in to the awesome strength of 
their numbers, and take charge of 
evolution " 

NONE WILL HAVE to take the 

sort of old fashioned linear route im 
posed on Leary. who had started a 
family and gathered academic- 
credentials in the precincts of the 

University of California at Berkeley 
before getting a Job at Harvard in 

He arrived on the campus with his 
children. Jack and Susan, suffering a 
sense of loss and pangs of guilt from 
the unexpected suicide of his wife. 
Marianne, back in California 
Marianne, it seemed, had not been 
able to cope with a post-Hiroshima 
sense of paranoia, or she found the 
fast pace of liberal politics in Cold 
War America too much, or she 
feared her husband's magnetism, 
which drew unwanted women friends 
into the family orbit She hadn't 
explained exactly why she wanted 
out. but clearly she aid. 

Leary. 39. was considered, in I960, 
to be a potential faculty star His 
papers, including "The Interpersonal 
Diagnosis of Personality, were 
well-known darts thrown at the 
"monastic" Freudians. 

During a fateful summer vacation 
in Mexico that vear, Leary and his 
new Harvard friend Dick Alpert, an 
assistant professor, ingested hallu- 
cinogenic mushrooms. "I learned 
that the brain is an underutilized 
biocomputer. containing billions of 
unaccessed neurons," Leary reporta. 

Excited by their discovery, Leary 
and Alpert returned that fall to insti 
tute a study program, turning on 
graduate students and other subjects 
with a mushroom-derived drug 
called psilocybin. It wasn't long be- 
fore friends were introducing tnem 
to the more powerful and even more 
interesting LSD And soon after that, 
events began spinning out of control. 

"Was I a drug messiah? Was I the 
leader of a drug culture 7 " 

LEARY guesses not. 
I'm associated with drugs, but I 
have nothing to do with heroin, 
cocaine, PCB. valium, that whole 
list I take a drink now and then, but 
I've never even been associated with 
advocating booze. My god. most 
male members of my Irish-Catholic 
family went down the tubes under 

"I've always been involved with 
this very small group of plant 
derivatives— marijuana, LSD, psilo- 
cybin What we were saying about 
LSD was based on our results with 
pure LSD. administered for thought 
tul purposes in very benign, protec- 
tive surroundings I was First inter- 
viewed about LSD at a time when 7 
million young people were using im 
pure LSD— ood knows what they 
were taking— without any prepara- 
tion What I was talking about was 
something quite different, and it took 
time for people to catch on to that " 

G Gordon Liddy. then an assistant 
prosecutor in Duchess County, NY.. 
certainly hadn't caught on. In the 
summer of 1967. he staged a massive 
raid on Leary's and AJpert's 

tant and still 
and values 

Millbrook headquarters To Liddy's 
diseerning eye, the denizens looked 
like anything but serious re- 
searchers There was Leary with a 
flower in his hair, and all manner of 
crazies were running around, play- 
ing Beatles records at full volume, 
makinc love— not war— all over the 
sprawling mansion 

In •Will.- Liddy's best-selling 
memoir, the stoical mastermind of 
Watergate recalls that his darkest 
suspicions about the Millbrook scene 
were well founded "The word was 
that at Leary's lair the panties were 
dropping as fast as the acid We 

hadn t cleared more than 10 steps 
before my worst fears were realized 
Leary was wearing a Hathaway 
shirt Period Since the stairs were 
steep, and we were craning our 
necks upward as Leary bounced 
downward, our first view of the good 
doctor was, to say the least, reveal- 

Recalling the episode, the good 
doctor hoots. "That's cop poetry," he 
says. "I love it. Learys lair.' the 
sexual fantasies." 

LEARY MAINTAINS that l.lddv 
actually had broken into his bedroom 
l"I have 24 witnesses") and that the 
substance troopers found on the 
premises ("obviously a high grade 
brand of marijuana, ' Liddy sur- 
mised) was innocent peat moss. 

Billions of brain cells have been 
expanded since those days Liddy 
and Leary are now good friends. 
They have formed a two-man debat- 
ing society, visiting campuses and 
arguing their radically different 

"I am fond of Liddy," Leary says. 
"I disagree with him 100 percent. 
He's a totally authoritarian personal- 
ity But he's an individualist He's 
Intelligent, ruthlessly honest." 

For his part, Liddy has been 
quoted as saying, just as affection- 
ately, "(Leary) hasn't changed his 
ideas one bit. He's putting forth the 
same ideas to another generation, 
and God forbid he should succeed 
. . . These ideas are very danger- 

It's true that Leary still takes 
drugs, including some of the old 
favorites and a few newcomers to 
the lineup— such "neuro- 
transmitters" as Adam, XTC, 
ketamine and Intellex. 

I TAKE LEGAL and nonlegal and 

illegal drugs in the privacy of my 
own home or in quiet, secluded 
places as part of a life plan of 
growth ana healthy entertainment," 
ne says 

But he does seem reluctant to od- 
vocate such experimentation, and his 
eyes really light up futuristically 
only when he talks about the mind- 
twisters and brain expanders of this 
new age— the space hardware that 

Leary in "68 "What I was talking about was something different, am 
took time for people to catch on to that." 

will liberate people from the damp, 
heavy crust of Earth; the computers 
that will zap the cerebral cortex in 
the privacy of our own homes. He is 
working with some psychologists 
even now on the design of educa- 
tional computer programs 

"Many intellectuals and moralists 
denounce video games," he savs be- 
fore reluctantly shunning another 
beer and ordering a Sanka instead. 

"I know the same criticism was 
prevalent when Gutenberg made the 
personal book available. I'm sure 
critics warned that when people had 
their own personal books, Kids would 
be sitting around ruining their eyes 
reading, instead of getting out there 

learning how to swordfight and pl< 
"I've got a ^-year-old stepson, a 
year-old grandson and an 11 year-< 
granddaughter who are teaching l 
video games I've come to the coi 
elusion that the video arcades are 
the epic story. I'm very very 
high on them." 

And before he departs for his 
hotel, Leary reveals that he has be* 
pushing— almost from the time he 
wore his last pair of handcuffs — a 
concept he labels Space Migration 
Intelligence Increase and Life Exte 

In street parlance, as Liddy prob 
bly knows already, the handle for 
this dangerous idea is S.M.I.I.L.E. 


first quality 

bath size, regular $7 

Luxury comes to life in towe 
Plush sheared cotton/polyei 
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also at White Sale savin 

hand towel, regular 4.50 
washcloth, regular 2.50 
Sorry no phone or mail ord 
Prices in effect through July 
quantities last 


ffaoutA* J 

^pr 1 

Change Nazi-IMF Policies 
or Submit to Soviet Takeover 


About th 

// m /»»/ th, ,,r. m that th, 
imtrn I, 
mim •! fin, I ft m hu th, JHHI that 
th, u *h,ill h, r, tkm 'I 


Nonpartisan National Newspaper of the A 

Gen. Daa Graham and Ike guru of I .si) T u 
Lean— not m strange bedfellows. 

Is Gen. Danny 
Graham Crackers? 

Special to New Solidarity 

Jan. 24 (NSIPS. In a reference in th. ,»• article, 

"An ESP. Gap." Lt. Gen Danny Graham (ret i is quoted on th< 
of psychic research I wouldn't be surprised if the mtelliu* 
munity were following this They would be remiss 

Why is Graham endorsing "paranormal it> ' The answer to tl 
tion may have to do with Graham's good friends in the kooky "L-5 So 
ciety The L-5 Society is aimed at undermining supp. dent 

Reagan's March 23. 1963 proposal to develop and 
ons capable of rendering nuclear mis 

What [i The L-5 Societ 

The key to unraveling relationship of Graham an. 

5 lies with Carolyn Henson. the former Tucson based edi' 
Society magazine I 1 is part of the Mich Frontier Mo\ 
one intemewer High Frontier is tl .lied Space id of 

General Graham and the Heritage Foundation High r i purports 

to be an antimissile defense system hut shuns th. t a( j. 

vanced laser and directed energy weapons, proposing instead to use 
rocket powered veh th conventional explov 

emy ICBMs Dr Edward Teller, the leading weap. t in the 

A and one of the main architect nt Reagan s beam weap 

ons proposal, told Graham in a letter last December that th one 

thing wrong with his High Frontier program— it just didn't work 

The L-5 Society was founded by Stewart Brands i .» evolution Quar 
terly." an Aquarian journal which promoted Gregory Bateson. mind 
altering drugs, and environmentalism during the 1960s This journal 
publishes the Whole Earth Catalog." By prom. ar space 

colonization, and coining the term High Frontier in a book b> 
Princeton scientist Gerard O'Neill. L-5 was rope scient 

backing anti-nuclear schemes compatible with the Club <>f Rome's 
growth thesis (solar space colonies for excess population) In the 
1970s. Carolyn Henson brought Pnn and 

LSD guru Timothy Leary onto L-5 s board Others im d L-5 include 

Robert Anton Wilson. Ira Einhorn, the 1960s radical who murdered and 
shellacked his girlfriend in Philadelphia some years back, and Barbara 
Marx Hubbard of the World Futures S 

Former L-5 president Randy Clemens identil having 

national "security clearance" at the EDI >n in Arlington 

She regularly advises General Graham at High hich 

she recommends for assessments of the admin I 
space-related defense systems. According to one source Benaon, the 

Please turn to page 2. col. 4 

On Soviet C 



h> Linda de Hot us 
Jan 25 (NSIPS)— Nearly every Arab na 
fe from the Pei .If to the 

Stra now under 

he Islamic terrorist apparatus 
Muslim Brotherho. 
campaign of deatal 
to destrogjhg Arab nation-states in the 

i nationalist cult domination p< ■■• 
by the Ayatollah Khomeini, and 
to force the strategic withdrawal of the 
I mted States and it- allies from the en- 
tire Mediterranean 
The centers lor this operation are in 
ad's Syria in Khomeini's Iran, and in 
Muammar Qaddafi's Libya But no mat 
ter what ideology the Islamic 
thi s profess in justifying th- 

at the so-called Islai 

carrying out the on-the-ground dtrt) w» 
of the Soviet Union In its gamepi 
a strategic showdown with U ted 


The open i m 
was delivered by Syrian Defe 

r Mustafa Tlas Jan 20 Bringing to an 
abrupt halt an> illusions m th. tali 

Department that I ,i Hafez Assad 

any out meaningful ne, 
tiations to end the Leban- 
warned that it 

involve itself militarily in th 
*> <ds kamikase pilots ai 

non-piloU who w 
themselves to atta 

Thi Idlethra andBriti 

intelligence sour- >rt that up 

2.000 small planes suitable for onl> Dl 
pilot have arrived in Lebanon to car 
out such suicide mi- i he planes 

re shipped in small parts from Iran 
across uiiin ter 

controlled Baalbek region of Lebanon 
ere the\ re assembled and 

tilled with ezploah 

Tlas's declaration of war was echoed 
two days later h\ fooanOH Druse lead. 
Walid Jumblatt Returning from a trip to 
Mosc re he met with v Com- 

int- K<ins Ponomarev. Jumblatt 

detonated any hopes that he would come 
to terms with Leb;< Amin 

Gei forma national uni n 

merit (or the country, proclaiming that 
if Lebanon is to a tiling 

and perhaps total destruction, then 
mayel must step down and the I'm ted 
States must withdraw its peacekeeping 
forces Immediately. Druse fore 
launched an artillery siege of the 
banese pn al palace killing two. 

and began th mbardn 

of the Christian sections of Beirut 

Stretching Across the Mediterranean 

Lebano: most intense point of a 

! Islamintern deployment tha 
fanning out across the entire southern 
nm of the Mediterranean This mont^ 


ionizations that disagree mutt 'V 

represent farm and food poll- 

in the national interetl Meanwhile 
i attlemen a: n Farm Bu 

reau « hose 

wen ep up a 

m* related to the cold 
Many are a in bankruptcy pro 

and h. d the La Roue he 

concern for the 
course of the nation At the meeting, an 
area teacher Dr Peter Schuller. de- 
clared (< - against incum 
bent Rep Thomas Kindness iR-Ohi 

fe Graham Crackers? 

( onlinued from page 1 

daughter of a N 

close to another nemberand 

popularize! raj Lean whom 

i.rought hoard of direc 

Behind High Frontiers? 

Phi .ipman. the current pr 

searcher at the Arthur D Little Com pa 
leased shock at i 
.raham sta in Time, and 

k there are more 
defense" policies 

>annv <.;afi 
rganization grew out of 
hapman revealed 
What it grev Ad- 


sponsor* > established in 

early 1981. in la: itwttoi 

admi on had 

tional p 

Danny Graham was in parallel with 

tort of thin. 

The CA which Pournelle h* 


ings and discussions on ipace-related 
"*e. people from all the major .< 

space and defense companies. congress- 
Jem l leader who 

the i iving 

writing <1 is tin 

author of a i Her. Lunfer'$ 

Hammer According to Randy Clem 

former L-5 president, u 'ther of 

s 50 memb. tlso L-5 Ac 

cording to Pournelle. his role in these 
discu Bpromil 

on space related defer 
over- nality conflicts" be 

Graham's peo- 
ple. Hunter's from Wallops office, and 

In contrast to Graham's proposal for 
rnment funding. Pournelle la 
ite funding of n of the 

paranormal Citing research done by the 
Stanford Re Institute the I 

nee. and Duke I'm 

ity. Poumell 1 would not die 

were proved to work." 

He belh one has had at least 

experience of psychic phenomena " 

irred when a book by Robert 

Morris fell off his bookshelf recent 

Although L 5 offn | there are 

different fa< ociety— anti 

nuclear, environmentalist freeze l 

proponents of space exploration 
without using nn icnce. those who 

oppose militarization of space", and 
supporters of non-nuclear space 
terns such as Danny Gra- 
ham s High Frontier it appears L-b runs 
a division of labor in a network with a 
great deal of influence over the I 
space related defense policy It appears 
that most L-5ers agree on one thing, as 
does General Graham that Dr Edward 
Teller's proposal for the use of nuclear 
energy pumped X ray lasers for anti-bal 
ssile defense should not be de- 
ed Randy Clemens says 'perhaps we 
should accelerate research, but whether 
or not we build beam weapons, nothing 
jld be deployed in the short term " 

neigh nor ho ar the 

fices of the Club of Life The bombs 
exploded in a four to seven block ra- 
dius around the offices Club of Life 
organisers were not injured, how 
ever, several adjacent buildings we 

The Club of Life has emerged as the 
main opponent group 

in Peru, exposing its creation by the 
Nazi anthropologist Jacques Sous 
telle, the Society for Kndangered Peo- 
ples, and the drug mafia in the Ande- 
an region of South America. On Jan 
12. Sendero Luminoso terrorists 
threatened the life of the newly -ele. 
ed mayor of Paramonga. Peru who is 
a leading member of the Club of Life 

Trudeau, Mathias 
Attack Beam Policy 

Jan 23 1 N SI PS torChai 

thi t Canadian 

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in de- 
nouncing President Reagan's March 
23 beam defense policy and has em- 
braced Trudeau s new role as the 
trusted confidant of Moscow 

1 have great respect and great ad- 
miration for the leadership that the 
prime minister has taken " said Ma- 
thias in an interview with the Toronto 

>r on Jan 21 "We talked about star 
wars and how you get into nuclear war 
in outer space and the whole new 
range of problems that will crea : 
Mathias says that while President 
Reagan's March 23 solution will not 
work, Trudeau's peace initiatives will 

Trudeau claims to have received a 
warm letter from the elusive Soviet 
leader Yuri Andropov, inviting him to 

-it the Soviet Union Next week. 
Trudeau will be traveling to Roman 
la. Czechoslovakia, and East Germany 
to discuss turning central Europe into 
a nuclear-free zone. 

Teller Hits 

Jan. 24 (NSIPS>— Beam weapons ad 
vocate Dr Edward Teller said in a 
cent Penthouse interview that the 
I nited States must make clear to the 
Soviets exactly what IS intentions 
and actions would be in the event of a 
military' attack National security in 


U£ M 

if <)) 


G. Gordon Liddy / Dr. Timothy 

Leary To Debate 

vill bring their intithe! 
sum on March 1 
rdon I prominent figurehead in the W 

intel for Ni< o Re-Elect tl from i 


headlines during thi llexpb 

\ th« >oaad t loon of t Hi- individual and will rake \ 

,m a i 8 p.BR 
I h»- public is invited to attend the event. General admission ticket 
m ., ,-d at ti tamed in ad\ 

Howard Administration Building j^ 

Th. latnboyantpi ach known for h 

the political | ed in a two-part debate. The! ung 

stal di< followed b\ » period of q» J part 

will b« f ■' to "' 

it in whk h rhey comn 

\t th. t of their individual < ichmanw red tor ill* 

I time in prison 1 id. attorney and 

th. of the W. 


ha. o'uiiii a iruii.ii i * ltd .. .i i i asnn 

humanistic"' psychology movement of t 

■prch 1 

.,t Hal n which ionti oiled drue, 

volunteei sul 

huni 1 

People, Perceptions Are The Keys 
To Understanding Mideast Politics 

By Tim Horgan. Sports tditor 


Wedn. mornm 

For. Pbnn lH 

tonhP . ok at how Middle Eastern people P ei 

to understand why problei in that troubled reg 

<\d not iiist the 

Islamdomii It ure more than a 

re |j iut that thelebonai milarly to] 

tholK ion similarly to Ml 

Pn hbor . 

lalconl ompartmentali/eJ behavior, and a tremend the inevitable 

Mrs have that are peculiar to them stated Ion,: I 
Ml tinlike Ame. are very person-oriented and like to get to know the 

pe n| t . th dins with before they work with that person I on* pointed out to the 

JU( rh ,t the , in the army who il related to the d. minister would be in a 

better position to gel ihingi done than the deputy ministei due to the I onnecOTT and 
thi fad they know each other well This tra.t showed itself during theGoodman incident 
duf to i n by the Syrians of Jesse lackeon as a member of the world. 

dl% . he Syrians IN themsel part of that group, they may have te-lt a 

comn nd with lackson and agreed to hit demands said Long 

When talking about compartmentalized behavior. Long said Mideast, keep their 

dealings in po! id bus -rate and do not worry about whether or not their 

nt As an example. Mideasterm Wntly ant. -communist but 

are willing to conduct trade with China and other Commumst nations because of that 

paration m their thinking Also they believe that man has limitations to the things he can 

ftg Stated and other 

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Dr. Timothy Leary 

G. Gordon Liddy 

The History Behind 
St. Patrick's Day 

By Pete Clanlon. Editor-in-Chief 

^ no ,om this hoh med or the 

tradition which 

Inland. *85 

nttan« C ell raised a Rom. 
| IC | n . u-s that St Patrick lived to tl ..f 

, hundred h death is disputed b n the 

161 and 492 A.D It ii not even known whtth« vh 

I" is the birth or death date of I int. 

claimed to h. ' formed man 

in hi- defeat of the Druids to bring < 1 
to Inland However, his most well-noted of 

A| ( m the count i 

St Patrick, s Hay m Ireland's not th. nanimouft party that 

I ,n the- United Si .mar.U 

I. hration ot this ^\ does not invoke- the- m 
quantities 0< ifcohol. Patrick and his followers 

led from liqu< 
TV shamrock or trefoil which much a part 

p., -rations, has much • mbolism It W 

initially uaed in ancienl C eltk fertility rih ed the 

shamrock to Christian ibout the Trinity, each 

m and it 

Th. t st Patrick's day was. n 1737. n Boston 

by the Charitable lush Society of Boston ironically I 

Protestant organization, since Ireland il predominantly 
nee that time, many I with ' 

ntratk Irish C hkago, 

. tc i hold maior celebrations in hon be patron 

inl In fact, this hol.d.. I everywhere. I I 

■c;an puts it be a little 

Irish ^n 

University Union Speakers Board 


Dr. Timothy Leary 

Narionol prominence in rhe 1960s Vond rodoy * 


Hendricks Chapel 

Free Admission 


Your student fee ot work 



Visit With Photographer Cole Weston 

' - \ 

The product of nature 
he lives close to and 
loves, an open, 
unambiguous person 




Istv five- year -old Cole Wilton radiates more 
ewasgv thsn most buys of i7. He u I very comfo. \ 
able man to be with Mis speech is even and artu u 
Ute, he it poised, he listens and he responds to vour 
remarks, and ideas and personal interests pop from 
his mouth continuously in a manner that lets you 
know he has given them some thought Ultimately, he 
is a sinewy personality who comes across as basically 
sensitive to others and quite human 

Like all observers of the passing scene, 1 could be 
mistaken, but I suspect (more tram a (if ling I have 
than any discernible facts) that inside him is a gentle 
soul who — being famous — guards himself against 
misuse and abuse If my observation is true, at least 
he doesn't let it show The day I gathered the notes 
lor this piece was the first day 1 had ever met him 1 
guess It's clear 1 liked him If it s not, let me make it 
clear I liked him. 

To reach Weston's place, 1 had driven 10 miles 
from my home in Carmel Valley down California's 
evetsaweaome Pa< *st Highway 1 Darting left 

off the cliff road through a giant, rusted, old iron 
gale, I bumped a mile over a rugged dirt road 
through a rocky, ragged canyon Kventually. small 
fields sppeared and, after passing several head of 
sheep, 1 c r o ss ed s scampering stream over a wooden 
bridge whose stability was somewhat dubious. 

One hundred vsrds more and I had attained the 
leading edge of Big Sur Henry Miller rountry, home 
of the most elusive muses. Gods frontyard And I had 
found Cole Weston s two wooden cabins, one hsi 
home, the other his studio. 

He has lived here for 35 years. And it is easy to 
understand why Few people OB Earth ean possibly be 
blessed with more Idealistic surroundings His two 
cabins rest between the rich green of two steep 
hillsides In a valley through which a brook rumbles 
toward the nearby Pacific Clone lo the cabin he lives 
in, a trout breeding pond Weston himself created 
some years sgo. mirrors the sky Trees stand tall and 
the winds whistle through them like low. mu I ti voiced 

Standing alone in this minature valley you would 
little guess that an internationally known phoiogra 
peer lives here. More likely you would aspect an 
irascible hermit, the type to hie you off with IBS blast 
of a double- barreled shotgun, instead, when Weston 

noticed I had arrived, he poked his head out ot his 
studio door and yelled for me to DOOM on in My 
visiting friend from Boston and I did Just that 

Weston was very excited by a new enlarger lens he 
had just bought Wrapping his hands about the lens, 
he stood before the enlarger and. without bothering lo 
iniioduce himself, explained whv it was important, 
why it would improve hi* work I watched from back 
a bit while my friend closed in, listened and talked to 
him about it. As Weston talked I noticed an urgency 
in him about his craft which I am at a loss lo explain 
Possibly It is shynev well camouflaged to divert 
attention from himself. 

I doubt he will admit to my diagnosis, bul it is an 
underlying characteristic 1 sensed throughout the 
enure interview In any case, after a 10- minute 
monologue on the virtues of the new lens he seemed 
to relax and understand I had come neither to put 
him down from some lofty critical plane nor to put 
testy questions to him As he relaxed, so did I. 

Weston quickly filled in his biographical data by 
tossing a resume before me, suggesting we talk 
instead about the workshops he conduct from his 
secluded cabins and to major cities throughout the 
world As a leader of trips sponsored by the Cm/en 
Kxchange Council, he frequently vlsiIs Russia and 
many other countries He pointed out he is returning 
to Russia this June, then moving on to Lapland to 
photograph the midnight sun before visiting Italy and 

I asked him if he likes conducting the woikshops 
"Sure he answered They re a lot of fun " When I 
dug for the reason why. the response was simple "1 
think I'm able to give the photographers who come to 
them a lot of inspiration Iiefo e 1 could even react 
to what one might consider an egotistical answer, he 
forged on with the explanation that he felt he VI 
able lo help other photographers l» irn how to see I 
decided it was not egotism talking but, on the 
contrary, was simply Weston « xplainmg that he 
really enjoys teaching others how to take good 

He went into more detail also of how he maneuvers 
workshop photographers' attentions to the intense 
beauty of Big Sur and how he cajoles them into 
looking at it up close through their cameras Beauty 
is a subject Weston is not self-conscious about 
Although he processes and prints all of his own color 
work wilh highly responsive technical competency, he 

admits his eye focuses on what he unaba.hadK 
describee as the beauty of lil< 

Verj muea a Western photographer, he seems lo 

tut IhS product of nature he lives i lose to and lei 
an open, unambiguous ami positive ptraOO pui suing 

experiences relentless!) became tbej aw the « 

reasons to be living He seems to km ever) a , 

life from the sunshine and stars is Lhc giant al 

uminum satellite dish scouring Ult hi DUttJdC 

Ins door through Opening) in lhc canyon walls 


_s he a TV addict 7 1 asked "Not ej all." he 
replied, hut he also made clear in the next I* vn 
minutes that he intensely enjoss having the Ml 

world viiif bis prlvatt canyon, one In one he pointed 

out in printed satellite program guides several COO 

U and movies he has seen and auiu l| il wing 

again for their dramatic power or their pTOfl BUOnal 

performance Swaying in place before ihe ^ 
receiver, he describee] .« specific TV ballet production 
he finds particularly appealing Looking me in 

he Commented on the vitality ol a video play 
had recent 1) seen 

Abruptly Weston uunched into the computet v 

OUS available satellite locations and directed my 
..Mention out the window to the satellite dish 1' 
slowly turned like a giant head peeking out of Ihe 
deep grass, a technological .extension of his I 
silenlly searching the heavens for another cxpciu-n. . 
to present lo its animated own* i 

Weston is predoiinncnlly a serious man As I 
watched him M Cams |fl m> mind that he has had lo 

overcome a lot lo become the sppareuth well 

adjusted and happy man he seems lo b. 1 1.. 

facts his fat he I I dward Weslon, was one Of the 
ly photographic giants lus older brother Brett also 
v OB made a name for himself in the field 

Then came Cole a younger son and brother, 
bearing the double burden of father's and brother s 
success and noleruty It is Ihe sort of situation B/BSCI 
has turned others to depression, drink, drugs and 
devotion to such occupations as parking lot attendant 
and janitor 

!\\t hologually. H must have been an uphill climb 
to make a name on his own as a serious phOtOj 
pher weston did it though and Im congenial I) wears 
an invisible cloak of personal sccomptishmenj with 
confidence and his own distinctive style In a world of 

Howell Hurst is a free-lance writer living in 
Pacific Grv\ s 



A wiry man with silver hair 
and a searching eye, guardian 
of a famous photographic 
tradition, who's knocked 
around a bit here and 
with camera in hand, a man 
with a lesson to teach about 
life as well as pictures 

neurotic failures and over-sensitive, would-be artists, 
Weston seems to have gotten his act together on his 
OWU Very much till own inan. 

Hut resume reads llkt one of Walter Mitty's fan 
tasien N»m in Los Angeles. Navy MR photographer. 
Life magazine photographer, one time congi easlonal 
candidate (1M8 on the Independent Progressive Party 
ticket; he lost to the Republican), thrice married, 
father of five children .is best I can tell, theatr 
director and the proud prisms or of something I have 
been working toward buying ail my adult life — a 50- 
foot ketch. 


►: a f.u mora Limited sailor than ha (but 
none the leas passionate a deck hand, I'll bet) I can 
only envy him the cruises he has taken 

1970. with his wife and five chil.lren to England, 
Mexico rel America. Panama, San bias Islands, 

Colombia. Jamaica, Bermuda. U»e Virgin Ulenda and 
back to Monterey JP73 Filming In the South Seas, 
Costa Rica, the Galapagos, the Marquesas, Tahiti 
1974 Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora Besides taking 
one of his workshop*, Id like to study ocean naviga 
uon with him. 

Throw in his stints aa cultural director for the city 
of Carmel by manager of both 

i Bach Festival an Monterey Symphony, 

add his lectures given all over America about his and 
his father's works, plug in his photograph! publisht d 
in many international maga/in many 

galleries showing his art, and you have a man who's 
lone too shabbily for himself. 

Respectful admiration for his father's genius seems 
genuine As executor for Edward Weston s estate, he 
has printed his father's original negatives since 1958 
In his workshops he still shows i works, 

despite his own fame, a kind move indicating to me 
humility rarely found among en* well known or 

the obscur- 

The workshops he conducts from his secluded 
canyon home, in addition to being educational, cer- 
tainly look to be great fun First off, you bring a tent 
and sleep out in the woods near his cabin unless you 
•oee to stay in a Carmel inn That touch alone 
should help separata the 'lakes from the aficionados. 

On day one he shows you his father's and his works 
and critiques your work with you Day two produces a 
photographic field outing on the beach and in the 
woods Day three centen* mostly on technical mat- 
ters: negative development and fine print making 
Day four is spent photographing nude models along 
Garrapeta Creek, a project of imagination and good, 
healthy California fun not at all comparable to a day 
practicing shooting Vogue covers with Kichard Ave- 

tvery evening provides each student the op- 
portunity to use Weston's darkrooms and discuss the 
days work For $300. it sounds like a fair four d. 

work and I can hardly Imagine jus evolving phoi 
raphers not finding II bit to then is Just 

learning directly from Wanton detail* «»f the photo 
graphic groundwork laid by Ins father with Ins 
negative inspection development tOChllk|tti I -ling 

with your • WOUld be worth the trip, the lime 

and the mom \ 

For any photographer, the workshop expericrx i 
with Weston has to Ik seriously broadening Irtiatic 
ally as well as technically No structured, academic 
discipline is taught hen The discipline is fllfrifll. 
but I am confident it encourages m\ Integrated and 

tactile combination ..! .ill the senses We re talking 
about tapping innate human emotional sensitivity 
applying static textbook technique 

Mere on V»es: oast, where Westerner have 

been brushed by the firm Oriental touch for years, en 

ikening iwalui those who care to try Mmething 

totally different A wiry man with silver hair and • 
searching eye. gu.irdian of a famOUl photographic 

U "iin.-u i man who'a knocked ai ound a bit bore and 
there «iifi camera in hand hen a leanoo n two to 

Urn b about hit i as pictures. 

And like a good Zen master he does it sometimes 
subtly by example rather than polemics, somen < 
obliquely by Insinuation rattier than statement, but 
always with a disenthrall^, attentive pn «- r* .• drawri 
from a cornucopia full of experiences This mature 
but tenaeiously youthful man generates an energy 
you absorb when you are with him He is a gi. 
a laker, whu h probably ICOOUDtl for his success, and 
— eminently p aJ — he belives the photography 

market has vastly Improved and matured, providing 
room for many more talents. 

What does he now seek from life, this i 
physically fit. DliOOl man. this amateur ham 

radio operator who listens to code at breakfast evt 
morning 7 "Health and good life, and the good you 
lady friend I !<>>• A candid answer from a candid 
man you would enjoy passing tune and working witk 

Admiration for his father's 
genius seems genuine. As 
executor of Edward Weston's 
estate, he has printed the 
elder Weston's negatives 
since the late 1950s. 

TNI MlftAlO WttXf NO MAGAZINE. APRIL 22. 1984 


Variation on 
drug them 

Every bad deal ha* its pitchmen, the ones wtio 
stand out front exaggerating the worth of a du- 
bious produrt. and the drug culture n no excep- 


From the amphetamine-packed novela of Jack 
Kerouac. to Ti mothy Lcaxv i LSD testimonials, 
to the drug anthems recorded by doaena of rock 
and bluea aingers, any number of popular fig- 
urea have touted any number of chemical higha. 

But of the bunch, perhapa no two have been 
more open and enthuaiaatic about drug usage 
than journalist Hunter S. Thompson and comedi- 
an Richard Pryor. Because both men are talent 
ed and aucceaaful. they have helped foater the 
notion that the drug life is the good ! 

ach happens to have a new work in release. 
; Thompson'a is "The Curse of Lono." a book os- 
tensibly about the Honolulu Marathon and mar- 
lin fiahing off the Kona coast Pryor's is "Here 
and Now." a film of hia atandup comedy act 
made in New Orleans 

And while the quality of neither work is out- 
atanding. the mena' handling of drug usage ia 
worth a comment or two. 

In Thompson's previous books — "Fear and 
Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972" and 
"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" are a couple 
— the subject! frequently drop into the back- 
ground aa the reporter discusses the drugs he 
claims to have used and hia reactions to them. 

Although the drugs land him in an occasional 
dangerous mtuation. which he escapes aa neatly 
as a hero in a comic book, they magically cause 
him no physical damage, and they do not hurt 
job performance. The implication is clear 
you too can be hip, slick and cool through the 
constant ingestion of chemicals. 

But rehabilitation houses and county morgues 
are filled with people who have used drugs in 
the fashion Thompson describes. He does his 
readers a serious disservice by suggesting other- 

But apparently Thompson is not about to 
change his style. The originator of gonzo jour- 
naiiam. wherein the reporter crashes the story 

*» an tntn»d#r rrawhea a party, may not know 
any other way of working. That is unfortunate. 
His approach once was funny in its outrageous- 
ness. Now it is merely foolish. The world has 
passed him by. 

In "The Curse of Lono." Thompson has him- 
self taking a cornucopia of drugs, yet suffering 
no serious ill effects. It is as if the phenomenons 
overdose and withdrawal limply don't exist. 
Irresponsibility is his badge, and he wears it 
conspicuously throughout this inconsistent. 

runtless book. 
Richard Pryor is a different story. In the mov- 
ie "Here and Now." the comedian tells his audi- 
ence that he no longer drinks alcohol or takes 
drugs, and that he ia able to enjoy life without 
them. At one point he does a chilling pantomime 
of a man shooting up 

This is a welcome reversal from Pryor's previ- 
ous standup routines, when he would strut 
around the stage grinning like a ninny and talk- 
ing about the glory of cocaine. 

It is well known that Pryor's change of out- 
look toward drugs did not come through quiet 
reflection In June of 1980 he made front page 
news, and nearly died as well, when a flash ex- 
plosion burned the upper half of his body. Doc- 
tors at Sherman Oaks Bum Center, where the 
comedian underwent skin grafts, quoted Pryor 
as saying he had been freebasing cocaine when 
the accident occurred. 

Because of Pryor's immense popularity (his 
fee for making a movie reportedly runs in the $1 
million range), there is little doubt that some 
fans emulate him. Thus he can be congratulated 
for this public turnaround. 

There exists among drug users (and drinkers 
too. for that matter) a strong mutual assertion 
that getting high is cool, while non-using is 
square and dull. With his new stance. Pryor 
opens himself to possible ridicule by hia former 

This fact is evident during the "Here and 
Now" performance. When Pryor says that he no 
longer drinks or uses, some members of the 
owd shout. "No. Richard, no " The ranks of 
e stoned do not like to see any of their mem- 
bers leave. 

But the overwhelming majority of the audi- 
ence applauded the new Richard Pryor. 

I do also. 

Mike Wvma's column appears daily except 
Monday and Saturday. 




Leary about Boftware? Few 

members of the Advertising Club of 
Greater Boston would don their Bill 
Blass blazers and pay $17.50 to 
breakfast with the president of a 
new software company at Howard 
TJohnsons But when the chief ex- 
,exrutlve Is Timothy Leary. who Is 
now dropping floppies Instead of 
acid, they'll drop their rate cards 
long enough to get high on cold 
scrambled eggs with their aging folk 
hero. Leary will talk about his new 
drug. 'Very Highly Interactive Soft 
ware" and his 24 module "Brain 
Game.'' Should be mind-boggling, 
Cjalms Glardlnl Russel the Water- 
town advertising agency promoting 
the event. "And you'll think twice 
before you drink your orange Juice." 


Corporate exercise. Two little 
pld ladles, both shareholders of the 

-Gillette Co.. discovered last week the 
company's annual meeting isn't all 
numbers and corporate updates. It's 

; exercise, too: It took about 10 min- 
utes to walk from. the front door of 
the Andover site to the meeting 
quarters. One woman's hearty com- 
plaint: "That walk's at least a mile. 
Why don't you give us roller skates 
to get around." Perhaps the Idea 
Isn't to far-fetched Gillette already 
offers shareholders free lunch and 
bus service. 


Stop, Thlejl Everybody knows 
that professional shoplifters are 
most likely black, young, and poorly 
dressed. Wrong, says a reformed 
thirf who now makes an honest 
buck consulting with retailers on 
how to curb crime. Richard Deal 
says the average "big tlcket'shop- 
liftcr is white. 30 to 50. and Just 
about the spifTlest dresser In thr 
store "A shoplifter's mask Is an air 
of respectability." says Deal 

Anrl fH. 

I_» %*•%- ■> 

for information leading to the 

identity and prosecution of those 

responsible for the deaths of: 

John E Kennedy 
Martin Luther King Jr. 

Malcolm X 

Mary Pinchot Meyer ' 

Philip Graham * 

James Truitt 

John Paisley 



witness wh< 


T- public camp 

cell or unite to km 

il colli 

An i 
mi <*. 


Tl th 



Tune in/ 



urges students 
to 'take charge' 

of fh« Mis»ouhon 

*t Timothy Leary. who rose to national 
1980s' advising 
n on tune in and drop out 

Montana studen 

me in and take char, 
n for his drug expenm 
Leary wa- ibout what hi 

..r hovt ould pr 

Hut be advised good co 

were doing 

ling himself an evolutu 

300 people in the I'm 

which h« 

Montana, wa 


One thing see change. 

We've got to get rid of the Reagan 
• tion he said to mbstantial applai 

in <»ur 

, gov HI does- tmBA \ni« 'ii' I 

d nitwits but 

l they have moi than Reput 

mad) better in 

1900." I m whi 

the governorship of I 

back to 1969 and 1 B sense 

i age and confid Nam 

in 1984. gloom and doom are riding high in tl 

iry Unpl "edta lJ lble 

BC ot delih. 
wn , un of thought also 

• You -young Americans- are fortunate to be . 
time at which jpotl d up on th- 


It learn tl 


• In 1946 the birth «nd 

Ion t g" d doubling the birth 

ing pe< e been rolling tht n so- 

m These people, he adde the 

know in vour bones and your genes 
t be another n 

• \S hen tl > of 

re shifts and changes 
in hist 

• Noted pedi lid. 

• -ally hit the fan in 
• in hit 

46 and 1974 

^pected the best He added You didn t want that 
black-and-white war in Vietnam ^ ou Mid Hell no we 
won t go You Wanted better dm 

• He shamed to read what th. monsters and 
barbarians in Washington are doing 

• The and paranoia and panic in Amen 
governmen epa than lust I tear of the Russia* 

It s ,| |. 

• I be last time then h change in the world 
in 14l>6 when Johann Gutenberg invented the per- 
sonal book 

• There are about 30 mil 

haven't made the ninip to industrial cmuzati 

Timothy Leary calls himself an 'evolution- 
ary agent' and a cheerleader for 
change.' He is shown during a press con- 
ference Wednesday afternoon. 

LSD proves effective in treating alcoholics 


It ma) be hard to be- 
lieve, but the use of 
I SI) the wonder acid of 
the '60s — has actuallv 
pro* t*d effei live in the 

.itnu nt of alcoholism. 

I hi h look pi 

long ' 

' il< 
mg in ihi 

I si) was administered loover 
dies m rhi 
Hospital in 
ind Mum 

\ XdminiNi 

ition Hospital in I opeka. 
ii . Ihc same cvpctimcnl 
aing on between 19 
Supervising the 
<ik was l)i kcnnetl 

who lafei reported that 
nt ol ihc patients 

il drink 
hui were much imp mil 


improved, and 

en I 

I ni 

kind nils 


h Hoi 

oik' sli 
•ii is thai et 

p\> ch 
w it h alcoholics found 

W peri men Is 

l or 
nt (of the 
ble to remain 
Irink much les 

I hough Ihis is a ninth better 

river) rale than vttn an) 
othei fbi m of Ihei apj . it moat 

also Ik noted I S|) v 

• t hi i ••rijum Hun v% Oh 
ort <•( 


I SI) u as ' 

patien his 

.md t«« help 

hui i ol 

without alcohol 

I S|) helped lo speed up this 
put III 

volved vMth i he lestiri 
that I SI ) without the us, 
psvehoth would not 

vith all the facts, the 

public is itill war) about the 

I SI) in therapeutic 

situations People still 

mbei the I leak stories 

i iumping out i>i w indows 
\!«>ni : ly % it ss »n re 

poi led the I I \ used 
I SI) on then ow n agents. 
without then pnoi know 
ledge, to see how the agents 
would react \s v.. m happen, 
one agent. James Olson, 
committed su 
m 1953 

What the m> tiled to 

mention during then series ol 
scaie stones was that, undei 
controlled conditions, people 
can through 

I SI) tiif ssfully 

.mk\ w ith > is 

Man) factors afl trip, 

one heme id ol the 

\. id can hi 
to the fore e* ery action a pet 

son has evei contemplated. 

whethet good ot bai 


tal Stability intelligence 
and ition also h ive tn he 

I sin 

pmi - trip w ill he much 

different than that of .• high 

• pout 

I SI) experiences 
•n the pi 
son not knowing he had taken 
I si) Man) of the oi iginal 

The "Acid Messiah" — Timothy Leary, one of the 
first proponents of LSD, leads a New York City 


Above, an artist's concept of a tower and the changes he saw while tripping 
on 100 milligrams of LSD. Below, Frank Olson, the CIA agent who committed 
suicide while on LSD that was given to him by the CIA without his knowledge 

scare Itories originated with 

•pie who were given I SI) 
w it hunt then know ! 
I hey weren't prepared loi 
whal was ahout lo happ 

\\ hal has tn be mm inhered 
is that it's the knowledge of the 
trip, not whether it is | re- 

ireh assistant or .i man on the 
street tripping, that determines 
whether the experience is posi- 

I here have been .« handful 
ot psychotic reactions, but no 
more on the sheet than in the 
laboratory sod the theory 

that some people become 

getables aftet .i 
bad tup seems completely un 
founded and cannot even he 

\ cnlicd 

Setting in anothet important 
factot I n -st . this refers to the 

user' 9 mental state at the time 
is taken he 
thinks w ill happen .i^\ how he 
feels ahout the entire pio. 
play .i profound p.iri in the 
il tup 

Setting also means sur 

roundings. I he pi. ice needs to 
he comfortable and it helps it 
loved ones oi trusted Ineiuls 
it during the expeii 


I he most distressing n 

lions lo I S|) h S Hired 

when juveniles have K 

picked up hv the police while 
on I si) .md thrown into (ail 

Most users will 

the giH>d tups fai outweigh the 
had hut that 'he p 

ik\ |OV I 

become ulte i despan serenity 

turn t< iv 

that swh\ it's important to 

have a know ledgi Hide 10 

lead the use i through the had 

perience. encouraging him 
to nde with the tide of events 
Reseat lound that the 

harder a person tries to resi 

I trip, the more intense the 

negaii ngs hecon 

I he most frightening efl 
of I si) has been the supposed 

flashbacks' the Midden 

reoccurrences of ■ mp that 

could have taken place weeks 
oi months | \ com 

piehensive study reported 

that M Of 247 I SI) uses ex 

perienced some kind of Hash 

hack, hut not like what has 

been described lc <>l 

these, only eight c i ced 

anything stronger than the 
lypt irring feelit 

so*. 1. 1 ted with anv intense 
emotional occun 

<)f these eight, foe had per- 

eeptual changes 1 1 k > (hose dur- 
ing a trip and the other three 
felt as though th« mind was 
leaving the hod> — a kind ol 

I malls hu I o 

n no 
nificanl evicU uppoit 

the iiimor that I s|) cau 
huth delects due 

white blood cell chromo 

What the i epulis tailed lo 
is that colli 

tuse th. 
feels Beside ihe 

white blood-cell chromo 

is not m anv w 
lated t. lie hnlh d< 

Subsequent studies sho< 
that I S|) 


among their offspring than 


Documentary: m the road 

Wttk tlu debating ham 

Timothv Lean 

( j. Gordon Liddv 

•mewhat unbelievable tight 

■ilege in lure iircuil thete 
daw .m the stage, behind rwo podittma. 
td Timothy Leor> to the left, and G 
Gordon Ltddy to the rtthi Both mem are 
infamous socio political variable **.» m- 
dependents turned the American Kent 
uptuie down and inside out aver the course 

w© decades Their film Return 
gagement document! their debates 
'*' r\ iitetttlrt and 


MMM Home plumber and Water 
rate mastermind G Gordon Ltdd\ ani, ■ 
tales conviction and duty to the Swtem in 
»-> bexixellen < >ia of Control Oftd 
Will Hit sense of absolute honor 
loaded him a 20-vear fail lenience 'com- 
muted by PnTMdeni Carter ,n 1977) and 
placed him outside the system he fought to 
■nd Psychologist ftmotn pty- 

nOl Tune In 
Dmp Out led him trom Harvard ias a 
jrer) m 44) prisons minenu 

Author . - « / books and articles am 

prvchntowi' at diagnosis, personal evolu- 
generaitonal politics and spat e mi 
t ration, his newest book. Flashbacks. " 
Here two of America \ mtm lonirover- 
irurrs indeed, radual txtreme 

r bated over lunch at Inter 
. irn i I nion Squ »ilh r.l, 

Robert Have* acting ui mt*ierator 

N I IDDY The debates we ve 
had did «o well thai Mrs Leary tot the 
idea thai mavhe we ought io film >ne of 
(hem She got together *•>■ nj ut 

hen. Caroline Phielfer. who is a producer 
and( ah >l i ne liked the idea, hut thought we 
ought to go further In addition (•> 
showing the 1 80 degree opposite ideas that 
we two have, and the rather unusual fact 
thai despite that we are fnends now — 
especial I v since in the I960* I arrested 
rirmxrn - tut perhaps w* should 

go further and have a < inema vente presen- 
ralion of our markedly contrasting life 
r\ It |ool what I understand wit 
something like M hour- i the two 

v xcparatelv. together, and with our 
families, and it »a* QUI down to an hour 
.ind a half Essentially, u was Allen Rudolf 
a ho did that, and from what all (he critic* 
have hren saying . he did a remarkable job 
ROBERT HAYES foa were arrested 
twice. Timothy ' 

GGL. TWice by me. numerous times by a 
cast of thousands 

TIMOTH Y LEAR Y Klin.* eh Gordon out- 
\tnpt me in \eart served Gordon served 
almost five \ears 

GGL Timothv. I think I have you on num- 
ber oi felonies 

n A lien Rudolf is a talented director and 
ilm was photographed and CM by top 
Hollywood pr, \f v ,,»,„ reeling 

is that it was a little luperfit iai >»« ause it 
.pent m tot of turn nt am 

tudes ftywards mama re and BONM / 
there was too much emph>: 
euro marital Hfssafl not that 

■ owed out the basic different M be 
rween us »hnh nave to do »uh 
that vou as I tee it represe* ,m 

and I. as an Irish Druid Celtu dnsident 
represent trrexerance to and consistent 
disrespect tor the S\stem I felt the mowe 

i- i ' 

didn i get at this but after thinking it over 
■ Allen Rudolf more 'edit 
sjg I i*mk that .if the treat ■ hanges 
that have taken place in America im djus 
last 20 tears personal 

growth and retmame to aulhont\ ques 
turning ot the e t tabl it hment — the kr 
u the liberation of women and the trrmen- 
dous growth an.. uit has 

taken place in women I have now come to 
feel that this it probably the most impor- 
tant event of the 20th < entury. and I per- 
sonally am mining tor the next two 
vears when women took around, nrc. 
iheir intelligence and power their timeli- 
ness I think that in the 1988 election— 
1984 is too soon — the issues that come up 
in our film about the malei female relation 
<U exprest themselves politically 
I m going to do everything in my pov.* 
urge that women take asm evert aspect of 
government and that no one vote for a 
man The men have had 2 .000 years and 
they vr total I *p I think it would 

be mind-blowing for the rest of the world if 
the American people said Alright were 
• ng to give women two terms, eieht 
rears Thro certainly can t do any wort* 
than the men And what a mind-blowing 
t§ that would be if we sent female dele 
gallons io the I ntted Sations. if we sent 
delegations over to Russia we J iuugn 
those fmmmu >ld trocks n^hl out of ibe 
mtter with their wur games and their Teddy 
Roosevelt World war II tantauet 

m around full , trcssl in m\ relationship 
to that film and I think that it does roue all 
the issues including the resurgence of 
women What do you think <t that. 
Gordon ? 

GGL Well. I bow to no one in my admira- 
tion lor the opposite *ex . and at tar as their 
competence is concerned The first book I 
wrote. Out of Control, which it a novel m 
the spy- thriller genre *hich I attempted 
nake at realistic and accurate at possi- 
ble, had of course, at thes all do. a hero 
and a heroine And the heroine i\ actually 
more intelligent and more competent in 
the specialize J held involved than n the 
hero The thing that I used to criticize Ian 
Fleming for was having lame* Bond. 
who mm characten/ed as a very bright 
fellow, ^onstantl> associating with — 
Tl Bimboi 

GGL Airheads And. as you know, hnght 
people are attracted to bright people, and 
hose to demonstrate thai in my first 
book But. having said that. I do not be- 
lieve thai the United Stales of America or 
an> other nation is about to. m effect, 
create an Amazonian stale 
Tl Why not* 

GGL Because I don't helieve they want to 
and I think (he vast majority of women 
probably would not Bear in mind, it was 
not men who deleated the KRA amend- 
ment. i( »js sVOnM tftsfl Jcfeaied (he 
ERA amendment 

// Vow we get to the next le\el ajjf .»«/• 
debate I heltete there is a i lew 
ferrnte in thi\ i ountry between thote born 

i { Mr> ,md int'\e b,,rn .liter \ 
the bain demograp" 
mme\ tullw mtnet OOttlU \ deter 

there i no qu- 
that »omen born before 1946 SON against 
ERA. but all statistics sho* that women 
horn after l*Mn ha\e 


* /' ^ 

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r* • • • 

~* . 


Timothy Leary 


by 1 

Published by J P Tarcher. 


Lot Angeles. CA 90069 


greatest realn k ever 

made Why settle for /* 

Ti Leary Summer 

1966. Santa Montca 

It could be argued that 
Timothy Laary. by promoting 
the use of psychedelic drugs 
fot the purpose of con 
sdousness exploration, has 
had a greater effect on the 
world, while « q, than 

any other human being in 

"Now's the time to flick on 
the inner switch to full power' 

f.V l!OU" *Alhfir wnH thr 

Sounds a bit like a T V 
toothpaste commercial or a 
professional politician 
The ballot Is sr in on 

ns of people world wide 
experimenting with 

psychedelic drugs and altered 
states of consciousness 
Historically the psychedelic 
experience has been the pro 
vlnce of the high priests and 
the mystery schools, which 
themselves had secret 
sacraments and initiations 
Mass Dsvchedeba was * 
Mass psychedelia was * 

Flashbacks with Timothy Leary 

access to his or her own r< 
has become the mosr 

r al economic and 

lural issue in America 

Timothy Learv 

Leary Is still the hard hit 
promote the 

CHANGE" as he puts it and 
he still uses slogans, acronyms 
and rhetoric like the I 
Madison Avenue (Turn on. 
Tune in. Drop Out and 
SMIII r* ) He points out that 
the psychedelic expen. 
not only capable of 
lummating the theological 
concepts of the past, but he 
feels, even more important, it 
can help map new visions 

What are these new vi- 
sions? SMIILE (space mkj 
rion. intellic urease. ! 

extension ) is a program 
Leary has been working with 
for some time and one h* 
stiD promoting He believes a 
superior species is evolving a 
knowledge and information 
processing species 

Anyone who thinks that 
Timothy Leary has lost his 

mind or been burned out by 

ig use should take a re* 
h' s autobiography 

en< comp j n 

telligenre and em 
the telling of his monumental 
destiny His wry humor and 
lack of bitt. the face of 

severe persecution speak well 
for his spiritual reserve 

psychedelic history of the last 
twenty years an. des 

everybody Richard Nix. 
Jean Genet. Eldndge 
Cleaver. John and Yoko. 
Charlie Manson . Richard B 

Cary Grant and I mean 
everybody Richard Alpert 
(Ram Dass) William Bur 
roughs. Marshall Mclulan. 
Aldous Huxley and many, 
many more Very few people 
lead lives as pivotal as Leary 
and of those who do even 
fewer can u oryaswell 

as he does 

Do you feel bitterness 
towards those In gover- 
nment who set out to 
persecute you? Two 
roaches (leftovers from a 
marijuana cigarette) and 
you get twenty vears of ar- 


Programs begin at 7 30 p m and are free All programs 
include chanting, meditation instruction and prad 

624°32lT 29W R,berl1 R ° ad< Carmel Meadow$ ' C*™ 1 - 
Orientation to Siddha Yoga. Oct 30 and Nov 27. 7 p m 
Oct 16 Swami Akhandananda. Resident Swami Oakland 

Ashram. The Source of Wis<i rk at ft n 

Msnram. ine source ot wisoon ai o pm 

rests In Texas. California 
and upstate New York • 
chased all over the world. 
How do you feel about It 
Timothy Leary: / feel 
nderful In the end we won 
the game' Every one of those 
men • Nixon. Agnew. Ltd 
J Edgar Hoover righ 
the line, ended up disgraced 
Right this minute. I'm more in 
fluential than any of them are 
So. the game is over and we 
won' Now, if the game is over 
and you are doing a locker 
room mtervteu 

torious quarterback then you 
don't feel bitter? We won the 
game The young people and 
the "spirit of the sixties" are 

taking over now ft was a 

lame but I votunte* 
for it I believe in the 
American concept of sp. 
smanship We play hard, but 
after all. we're all Amem 
and it is a privilege to be an 
American There's no or 
country to kve in. and we are 
competing for the future, and 
I'm basically a happy, fnei 
person I don't carry grudges 
You can get ulcers brood 
over things The future is so 
much more interesting than 
the negatives 

•m a telepi: iew 


I wonder what ticket he's 
running on 7 When u 
ballots be counted • 

flutter fly l*r<nluc tions 





A Seminar 

SoqudGrante • 2300 Porter Street • Soquc 

10 a.m. - 4 p.m. $50 with lunch 

S^" 11 " limited. Send a check or a money 

order fur the full amount, or a non refundable 
deposit of SI0 

pot light 

Friday, April ♦, ,9B2 - Santa Cruz Sentinei-13 


Liddy vs. Leary 

Sentinel Staff Writer 

G. Gordon Liddy 

SURE, said G. Gordon Liddy, it was fine to tape record our interview. 
Obviously the former mastermind of the Watergate break-in has become 
more accommodating over the years since he was known for keeping his 
mouth shut, proving his strength by holding his hand in a burning flame 
and serving extra time in prison rather than uttering a single word that 
might damage his old boss, former President Richard Nixon. 

And not |ust accommodating, but you might even say friendly, as he leave* 
behind the covert world of dirty tricks in favor of a very much more visible career 
in show business. In what is probably the most amaiing development of all. 
Liddy has relinquished his ties to the notorious Watergate 'plumbers" in order 
to team up with none other than Or. Timothy Leary, high priest of LSD during 
the '60s, who championed the cause of tuning in, turning on and dropping 


The two call their new oct "The Great Debate." It comes to the Civic 
Auditorium Thursday, beginning at 8 p.m., sandwiched between engagement* 
in Sacramento and Berkeley. They have previously performed the act — 
alternately compared to a debate in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson and 
Alexander Hamilton and a comedy routine (with Liddy playing straight man) 
— on college campuses and on a recent Phil Donahue TV show. 

Contacted by phone earlier this week, the two parties to the debate 
reflected on the changes — ond the unchanges — in their own lives and in the 
society around them since their first meeting in March, 1966, when Liddy, then 
assistant district attorney for Dutchess County, NY, led a mari|uana bust on 
Leary % mansion at Millbrook. 

That raid netted Liddy - likened by Leary to James Bond, or Peter Sellers 
as Inspector Clouseau" — a sample of vegetable matter which Leary insists to 
this day was peat moss. 

Liddy still doesn t know anything about drugs," said Leary on the phone. 
"He still relates to drugs in terms of authoritarianism and the law. And it's scary, 
too — he advocates using AWACS ogainst marijuana user 

In spite of the fact that Leary thinks Liddy needs to avail himself of some 
drug-induced mind expansion, the two m%n — poles opart during what Leary 

Timothy Leary 


^_^JI The NortbnSUr.Thnky, October 13, lm Pige 8 




rie tecnr«V name lor the drug is 
(tyterpc aod aethytemide. but i became better 
knoM) as LSO. or aod tor short To Timothy 
Leary these halucnogens derived from gran fun? 

Leary. a peycrctogvt and former Harvard lec- 
turer, timed on" a whole ganaraaon to the drug n 
the 1960s To many he was me "meMeesmh the 
• Hty PnesI of LSO ' Others cenvdered fam a 
corruptor of youm ' and a dangerous man. whose 
massage of turn on, lune n and drop ouf "wee 
reeponaote tor a genaraaon of drug iseuVaeii 

MU sluderKs wi be at* to judge for 
ttmmeefves whethar Leary is Mesvah or madman 

when he speaks at He u*e Bngton Bavoom (n 
the student center) Tueaday at 8 45pm Adms- 
ston *free 

A former West Pont cadet Leery quit the 
academy and eventuafy earned he Ph D n 
psychology from me University of CaMommat 
Berkeley There he became an assets* professor, 
wntng numerous treabses on human behavior and 
group dynamics, and generate filing the mage of 
the typcaf acadamemn He even developed per- 
sonafry lasts that were later used by the OA 
Leery rwnse* when he was ncarcerated on a rmnor 
drug charge) 

In 1958. despondent over the death of fis vst 
w#e Leery took off tor Spam where he underwent 

ha) first psychedeec experience ft was nduced by 

•ness however, and nof by drugs He later 
rjaacnDeo me experience as an anaent reonn pro- 
ceas mat comas only through the death of the 

Two years later n Mexico he ale "seven sacred 
mushrooms " (fjeytocybm) and discovered that 
beauty, revelation, senauafty. the ceftJv hstory of 
the past. God and me Devi al fe nvde my body, 
outsrie my mnd " 

Leery returned to Harvard where he began to 
e«perment with LSO n a controied envronment In 
one of the expenments, Leery and he assocates 
administered the drug to nmatesat a local prison 
The reaut. according to Leary. was that many of 
the prisoners were abie to see the tudcrousness of 
the cops and robbers game" and vowed to change 
the* Ives for the better 

levy's superiors at Harvard were not as in- 
pressed w*h hs work, however, and t h re at ene d to 
dsm«s run ureses he discontinued he experiments 
Eventuafy Leery was fired, offbaffy for fafing to 
meet hs class schedule 

The psycherJac experotertation that had 
become a consumng pert of Levy's quest "to 
release from the bran (its) ancient energms" con- 
trued ndependent of the academe world Ina 
64-room maroon n Metvook. New York. Leary 
began to "turn on promnent scientists and 

As the decade wore on. Leary became a na- 
tional cut figure and a r jermenent Mure of the 
youth movement, and of our cuture n general He 
became the subject of songs by The Beetles 
(Come Together) and The Moody Sues, and ha 
activities made good copy for a national press 
caught up n the vototie 60s The meda mage of 
Leary was the m*JrJe-aged. beaded guru who 
always got busted by Jack Webb on the old 

Levy's <** exatence was temporarty strain- 
ed n 1970. when he recewed two consecutve 
10-yev ml sentences tor drug posaavon 

What n ml Leary was deserted as a model 
prisoner Howew. » months alter beng n 
eveerated Leary seated the wre fence of hsprson 
and escaped with the help of the underground 
rarJcaf group known as The Weathermen 

Leary was yanted pofcbcai asykm n Algeria 
feter hoppng from Switzerland to Afghanistan 
where he was stopped V the arport by Amancan 
agents and torabry returned to the U S He spent 
the next three years n prison, obtanng release on 
parole n 1976 

Hs tme n prison was not ded away, however 
To date. Leery has written more than 20 books anc 
has developed many of the concepts and theones 
that have become the subjects for hs recent lecture 
tours Wrmthv spaakng on exopsychotogy or 
S M 12 L E (Space Mmrabon. Netgence h- 
creaae and lie Extanvon) the 62-yav-otd 
psyctologst remvns a poputv spaakar on t» col- 
lege lecture orcul 

Whie fewer people ve folowng Levy s lune 
iOvce these days, the man remans a con 
trovarsml figure. Accused by aoma ot oflamg 
sffnpasac sokmons lor world problvw. mere a no 
denymg mat levy vmcoated the rtm^eceoV two 
decades ©arty Back n the piaod 50s he pmnearad 
the new Tiumanste psychology rrcvernent mat 
showed bow role playng' and game pteyng' 
were a factor n how we achmve our govs 
Insofar as aovocatng drug use. one couM 
argue, as Levy rnantans. that dumg the era thai 
he was adnvattrng LSO n a corvosad laboratory 
situation, me CU was admavtering me same drug 
on unsuspectmg vctms Whether Leary can |usvy 
the tott aftermath of the tumon decade rtwght be 
one of the subnets he wi addreas n Tuesday s 
lecture - Uwkd Hill 

(CanHmumd from Pag* It) 

p. little buying. 
rere burned off 
them are still waiting vacant and 
uttered with garbage, occupied only 
by a parked car or two, or kids fool- 
ing around after school, or wlnoa 
sharing a pint In the rarty morning. 
The other day, on one of them, there 
were ground breaking festivities, at- 
tested by a county supervisor, pretty 
high-school girts decked In ribbons, a 
white store owner and his wife, who 
In the true Watts spirit busted a 
bottle of champagne over a rock- 
all because the man had decided to 
stay and rebuild bis $200,000 market, 
the first such major rebuilding since 
the riot. 

VV/aTTS people 
abuut another kind of aura, vaguely 
cvtt; complain that Negroes living in 
better neighborhoods nke to come In 
under the freeway as to a red-light 
district, looking for some girl, some 
game, maybe some connection. Nar- 
cotics is said to be a rare host in 
Watts these day. although the narco 
people cruise the area earnestly, oa 
the lookout for dope fiends, dope 
rings, dope peddlers. But the poverty 
of Watts makes It more likely that 
If you have pot or a llitle something 
else to spare you will want to turn 
a friend on. not sell It Tomorrow, 
or when he can. your friend will re- 
turn the favor. 

At the Deedwyter inquest, much 
was made of the dead man's high 
blood alcohol content, as If his being 
drunk made It somehow all right for 
the police to shoot him But alcohol 
Is a natural part of the Watts style; 
ae natural as LfiD is around Holly- 
wood, The whMe kid digs hallucina- 
tion simply because he Is conditioned 
to believe so much in escape, escape 
as an Integral part of life, because 
the white L.A. Scene makes accessible 
to ***— so many different forms of It 
But a Watts kid, brought up in a 
pocket of reality, looks perhaps not 
no much for escape as just for some 
calm, some relaxation. And beer or 
wine Is good enough for that. Espe- 
cially good at the end of a bad day. 

Like after you have driven, say. 
down to Torrance or Long Beach or 
w h oiet sf It Is they're hiring because 
they don't seem to be in Watts, not 
even In the miles of heavy Industry 
that sprawl along Alameda Street, 
that gray and murderous arterial 
which lies at the eastern boundary of 
Watts looking like the edge of the 

80 you groove Instead down the 
maybe wondering when 
cop la going to stop you 
keraiiif the old piece of a car you're 
driving, which you bought for $20 or 
$90 you picked up somehow, makes 
n lot of noise or burns some olL 
Catching you mobile widens The 
Man's horizons; gives him more 
things he can get you on. Like "ex- 
cessive smoking" Is a great favorite 
with him. 

If you do get to where you were 
going without encountering a cop, 
you may spend your day looking at 
the white faces of personnel men, 

automatic smiles, and listening to 
polite putdowna. "I deckled once to 
ask," a kid nays, -one tint they told 
me X didn't meet their requirements. 
3o I said: *WeU, what are you look- 

ing for T I mean, how can I train. 
what things do I have to learn »o I 
can meet yvur 1. qutrcmcnLs?' Know 
what he said? 'We are not obligated 
to tell you what our requirements 

He isn't That right there Is the 
hell and headache: he doesn't have 
to do anything he doesn't want to do 
because he Is The Man. Or he was. 
A lot of kids these days are more apt 
to be calling him the llifle man — 
meaning not so much any member 
of the power structure as just your 
average white L.A. taxpayer, regis- 
tered voter, property owner; em- 
ployed, stable, mortgaged and the 

The little man bugs these kids 
more than The Man ever bugged their 
parents. It Is the little man who is 
standing on their feet and In their 
way; he's all over the place, and 
there Is not much they can do to 
change him or the way he feels about 
them. A Watts kid knows more of 
what goes on Inside whKe heads than 
possibly whites do themselves; knows 
now often the little man has looked 
at him and thought, "Bad credit 
risk-— or -Poor learner." or "Sexual 
threat," or "Welfare chtseler" -with- 
out knowing a thing about him per- 

The natural, normal thing to want 
to do Is hit the little man. But what, 
after all. has he doner Mild, re- 
spectable, possibly smiling, he has 
called you no names, shown no 
wii|inni Only told you perhaps that 
the job was filled, the house rented. 

With a cop at may get more dan- 
gerous, but at least It's honest You 
understand each other. Both of you 
silently admitting that all the cop 
really has going tor him Is his gun. 
•There was a time." they'll tell you, 
"you'd say. Take off the badge, baby, 
and let's settle It' I mean he 
wouldn't, but you'd say It But since 
August, man, the way I fed, hell with 
the badge— just take off that gun." 

The cop does not take off that gun; 
the hassle stay* verbal. But this 
means that, besides protecting and 
serving the little man, the cop also 
functions as his effigy. 

If he does get emotional and say 
something like "boy" or "nigger." 
you then have the option of cooling 
it or else— again this Is more fre- 
quent since last August — calling him 
the name he expects to be called, 
though It Is understood you are not 
commenting In any literal way on 
what goes on between him and his 
mother. It is a ritual exchange, like 
the dirty dozens. 

Usually— as In the Deadwyler In- 
cident — it's the younger cop of the 
pair who's more troublesome. Most 
Watts kids are hip to what's going 


owThn only illusion 
Watts aawr allowed Itself 
was to believe for a 
long time la the white 

of what a H ogre 
•apposed to be.9* 

m ■ i 

PLAYCR0UND— After school. Watts kids pUy on these abandoned tracks 

on In this rookie's head— the things 
he feels he has to prove- -as much 
as to the elements of the rituaL 
Before the cop can say. "Let's see 
your LD," you learn to take It out 
politely and say, "You want to ant 
1 my LD.?" Naturally It will bug the 
cop more the further ahead of him 
you can stay. It Is flirting with dis- 
aster, but It's the cop who has the 
gun. so you do what you can. 

You must anticipate always how 
the talk Is going to go. It's something 
you pick up quite young, same as you 
learn the different species of cop: the 
Black and White (named for the 
color scheme of their automobiles), 
who are LA. city police and In gen- 
eral the least flexible; the LA county 
sheriffs department, who style them- 
selves more of an elite, try to main- 
tain a certain distance from the 
public, and are le apt to harass you 
unless you seem orthy; the Comp- 
ton city cops, wh« ravel only one to 
a car and come 4 )very tough, like 
leaning four of >ou at a time up 
against the wall and shaking you all 
down; the Juvies. who ride In un- 
marked Ply mouths and are cruising 
all over the place soon as the sun 
goes down, pulling up alongside you 
with pleasantries like. " Which one's 
buying the wine tonight?" or, "Who 
are you guys planning to rob thl* 
time?" They are kidding, of course, 
trying to be pals. But Watts kids, 
like most, do not like being put 
In with wtnos, or dangerous drivers 
or thieves, or In any bag considered 
criminal or evil. Whatever the coo's 
motives, it look* like mean and de- 
liberate Ignorance, 

In the daytime, and especially 
with any kind of crowd, the cop's 
surface style has changed some since 
last August Time was,- you'll bear. 
-man u-cd to go right In, very mean, 

pick maybe one kid out of the crowd 
he figured was the troublemaker, try 
to bust him down In front of every- 
body. But now the people start yell- 
ing back, how they don't want no 
more of that, ill of a sudden The 
Man gets very meek." 

Still, however much a cop may 
•Mm to be following the order of the 
day read to him every morning about 
being courteous to everybody, his 
behavior with a crowd win really 
depend as it always has on how many 
of his own he can muster, and how 
fasL For his Mayor, Sam Yorty, is 
a great believer In the virtues of 
Overwhelming Force as a solution to 
racial difficulties. This approach has 
not gained much favor In Watts. In 
fact, the Mayor of Los Angeles ap- 
pears to many Negroes to be the 
very Incarnation of the little man: 
looking out for no one but himself, 
speaking always out of expediency, 
and never, never to be trusted. 

The Economic and Youth Oppor- 
tunities Agency (E.Y O A.) is a Joint 
rlty-eounty "umbrella agency" (the 
state used to be represented, but has 
dropped out) for many projects scat- 
tered around the poorer parts of 
LA, and seems to be Sam Yorty*t 
native element If not Indeed the 
flower of his eonseimisneas. Btearre, 
confused, ever m flu*, strangely ln- 
efforttve. K Y.O * h >rdly sees a day 
go by without somebody resigning, or 
being fired, or making an accusation, 
or answering one— all of It confirm- 
ing the Watts Negroes' already and 
estimate of the Uttle man. The Negro 
attitude toward B.Y.O.A. ll ore of 
clear mistrust, though degrees of 
suspicion vary, from thi housewife 
wantlrg only to be left in peace and 
quiet, who hopes that maybe The 
Man is lying Jess than usual this 
time, to the young, active dfeclpki 

which cut through the heart or Watts. 

of Malcolm X who dismisses It all 
with a contemptuous shrug. 

"But why?" asked one white lady 
volunteer. 'There are so many 
agencies now that you can go to, 
that cam help you. If you U only file 
your complaint " 

•They don't help you." This par- 
ticular kid had been put down trying 
to get a Job with one of the larger 
defense contractors. 

"Maybe not before. But It's dif- 
ferent now." 

•Now." the kid signal, **"u> See, 
people been hearing that 'nov/ for a 
long time, and I'm Just tired of The 
Man telling you. 'N<»r> its OK. sow 
we mean what we say ' " 

In Watts, apparently, where no one 
can afford the luxury of illusion. 
there is little reason to believe that 
now will be any different, any better 
than last time. 

It is perhaps a measure of the peo- 
ple's indlfferrnre that only 2 par cent 
of the poor in Los Anr -™* out 

to elect representatives to the 
E.Y.O.A. "poverty board." For a 
hopeless minority on the hoard (7 out 
of 23). nobody saw much point in 

Meantime, the outposts of the es- 
tablishment drow e in the bright 
summery smog: secretaries chst the 
afternoons plaintively away about 
machines that will not accept the 
cards they have punrht-d for them; 
white volunteers sit filing, doodling, 
talking on the phones, doing any kind 
of busy-work, wondering where the 
"clients" are; In spi rational mottoes 
like SMILE decorate the beaverboard 
office walls along with flow charts 
to Illustrate the proper disposition of 
"caaes." snd with clippings from the 
slick magazines about "What D 
Emotional Maturity?" 

(Continwnd on FoUo%c**9 Po§%) 



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aiddiq diq Ajnj; b ji 


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